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Parallels One - BBL (Part 1)



April 2005

“Dallas is my best friend so you had better look after her tonight Joe”
“Of course I will! I just can’t believe she wants to go out with me, that girl is so hot!”
My sister frowned at me to begin with and then a small smirk emerged across her face.
“You just love her big tits like all the other guys”
“Not true she’s got great legs and a sexy booty”
“Men, is that all you think about? What about her personality?”
I was now grinning back to my sister as she gave me one of her disapproving looks.
“I’m sure that’s great to, but I can’t feel a personality”
“You know sometimes I can’t believe we are the same age. Dallas is really looking forward to tonight Joe she’s been on about it for ages. I don’t know why she is so into you. In fact she doesn’t stop talking about you at school it’s almost becoming embarrassing”
“Must be my good looks and super charm”
I confidently smiled and then took a more serious note as I wasn’t really the confident guy I pretended to be. Sure I was good looking and girls often approached me yet I was still a virgin at the age of fifteen unlike many of my friends who had pretty much all scored or at least that was what they boasted often enough.

“Hey Deb’s, do you think I should wear my new Globe stars will they impress Dallas?”
Glancing down proudly at my new limited edition cross trainers I displayed them to my sister who clearly wasn’t impressed.
“I would wear something with a heel bro if I was you”
Debbie laughed and walked off leaving me in deep thought at her sarcastic quip which I couldn’t shrug off very easily.

It had been on my mind for a number of days now that I wasn’t quite myself. It was hard to pinpoint exactly when I first noticed but I was definitely gradually loosing weight and the weighing scales at my local swimming pool confirmed this. It wasn’t a lot perhaps half a stone at the most but then half a stone is normally very noticeable. I was a pretty solid build for my five foot eleven inches with an athletic frame that I had worked to perfection over the last year or so and externally I looked the same in the mirror despite this weight loss. 

Debbie’s words hit me hard because I feared that my weight loss was also connected to a far more alarming loss, namely I was beginning to wonder if I was a little shorter than I used to be…….. 

It was the odd things at first like the fit of my clothes, nothing major but everything didn’t seem as snug somehow. Even this morning before my twin sister’s comment I did notice that even she was taller than I had recalled. Yet Debbie had always been short in my view which needless to say I had picked upon when we quarrelled often labelling her as “shorty” because I knew she would like to be a lot taller.

Debbie was one minute older than me a fact she always reminded on many occasions. She was very good looking and half the guys in my year either fancied my sister or Dallas, they had to be the two main babes in our school. Debbie also followed the fashion trends and right now big heels were coming in, although our mother wouldn’t let her wear anything above two inches to school which was a prime conversation this morning as she made Debbie change out of a new pair of shoes. 

“But mum all the girls in my year are wearing them they aren’t that big”
“Debbie you are fifteen years old, practically a woman but you are still a schoolgirl and three and half inch sandals are not regulation footwear. Besides I’m not having you parading around in those things they are hardly practical for school. I will need to re-heel them twice a month it’ll cost me a fortune. Keep them for when you go out”
”But mum you don’t understand Dallas wears heels to school”
“Well I’m not Dallas’s mother, take them off young lady and put some regular shoe’s on”

I watched this go on as mother and daughter went back and forth until my mother lost her rag and shouted at Debbie to comply. 

It was just before we left for school together that I waited for Debbie in the hallway as usual whilst she fussed with her long hair in the mirror. When she finally walked over toward me I noticed she was almost my height! It struck me because I couldn’t see over her blonde head of hair like normal and it had to be attributed to her rebelling and wearing those three and half inch heels they had just argued over.
“You’re pushing it aren’t you sis?”
I said grabbing my bag as my sister was putting her Jacket on.
She acted all innocent.
“Keeping those heels on, mum will go ape if she finds out girl”
“You think I’m that stupid? I took them off”
I paused looking down at her feet to see her conservative black school shoes which had only a couple of inches at best and I was surprised to find them on her feet. Since when did Debbie look this tall? I thought to myself and she saw my confused look in that instant.
“I guess puberty has finally blessed my little sister”
Suddenly uncomfortable I tried to compliment her.
“You’ve grown Deb’s”
Debbie smiled her pretty face at me and noticed the not so evident height difference between us she was probably looking at the middle of my nose level, I think she actually wanted to believe she had grown but she knew that she hadn’t as she quickly made clear to me.
“Thanks for the flattery bruv but mum measured me for a dress yesterday and I’m less than an inch taller since last summer, which is a so typical. I’m not gonna make it to be a model at this rate. And Dallas that lucky cow is still growing, she’s over five foot five now and not showing any signs of slowing down, I bet she’ll be taller than me by the end of this year.”

I noticed Debbie giving me a once over look and her evaluation ended in a smile.
“I always thought you were a lot taller than me? Hey I bet if I was wearing those new heels I could be taller than you”
“Dream on shorty”
I ribbed her and we walked out towards school, bringing me back to the present time and her teasing comment that I should wear shoes with a heel out on my date with Dallas rather than my new cross trainers. It made me wonder all the more if I was shorter now as my sister seemed to be picking up on it.
I got dressed that evening to go out on my date with Dallas. I had butterflies in my stomach she was such a gorgeous girl I grew hard just thinking about being with her, it was a date that I couldn’t blow whatever happened. 

Putting on my new designer ripped jeans and my designer labelled t-shirt I gelled my hair looking at my reflection with satisfaction. My new trainers topped the outfit off it was my best “pulling” gear and cost me everything I had earned so far since working with Professor Jones for the past six weeks but the result was worth it if Dallas took note of my style. 

Dallas had a great taste in clothes, well from a guys point of view anyway. I know my sister teased her now and again that she was a tart but in my books if a girls got cleavage and killer legs why not make the most of them in skimpy outfits. It certainly worked for her at school with most of my friends like my best mate Steve (a confessed boob man like myself ) who regularly drooled over her tits. But strangely enough he had actually begun dating my sister for the last month or so. What are the odds of me dating my sister’s best pal and my sister getting together with my best friend? 

So here I was dressed to kill and making my way to meet Dallas outside the multiplex, she wanted to see the latest flick Scream 4, a horror comedy which was just my taste. 

I tried to hold my eyes in their sockets as they caught sight of Dallas walking towards me from down the street. Even in the distance I could see the action of her sizeable assets jiggling before her with every step and I was careful to keep my tongue from hanging out. She was one of those girls with a body that looked like it had been shaped under the influence of a DC comic artist to reflect the impossible dimensions of a super heroine. Her thin waist was in total contrast to her curvy hips and upper chest that jutted out from her otherwise very slim frame. She couldn’t help it but her walk swayed those hips in an enticing manner and as a fifteen year old guy I was transfixed to all of these attractions not to mention her face which was absolutely beautiful and topped off with a pair of big blue eyes and some lovely long and completely natural blonde hair. 

As she came closer I could see she was dressed in a short brown suede skirt one of those with the ragged hemline with a thin white coloured v neck sweater and some brown suede knee boots, the whole outlook was perfect to show off her figure and I noticed several guys nearby drifting their attention towards her as she walked close to them. “Tough luck guys this blonde bombshell is with me tonight!” I thought to myself with an internal grin as Dallas revealed a mouth full of pearly whites smiling my way.

“Hey Joe”
“Hi Dallas”
I began and consciously had to lift my eyes away from her chest area as she came bounding over to stand by me.
“Those are cool jeans”
She said as if breaking the ice and I proudly looked down at my expensive designer labels with the rips revealing my knees and slashes across my thighs.
“Thanks and you look…..”
I paused a little embarrassed as my eyes once more checked out this heavenly creature before me and then I managed to finish my sentence.
“….so hot”
Dam that little brain between my legs I thought, you can’t tell a girl she is hot even if it is true.
She stuttered caught a little off guard by my comment but beaming with a smile that told me she liked it.

We chatted for a while whilst we ate ice cream waiting for the film to begin and there did seem an instant connection between us, she enjoyed my interests such as swimming and the same music as I did and seemed to know a lot about me just from my sister as if she had done her homework. That was a little disconcerting as I didn’t know quite what Debbie would tell her yet presumably nothing that had deterred her from meeting me tonight.

The evening went better than I would have planned. Dallas laughed at my jokes during the movie and she even forced our first contact by leaning into me as we sat close together. We were definitely hitting it off and I had quite forgotten my earlier concerns about my height. In actual fact as I walked her home with my arm around her slim waist I made sure to note that Dallas was still a good few inches shorter than me in the heels she wore and I felt good about myself.

We kissed that night and this action alone made me feel good in two ways. Firstly I was very pleased that Dallas still had to rise on her tip toes despite her heels to meet my lips and after worrying about my height this was a nice reassurance. Secondly kissing her made me hard and I preyed Dallas didn’t see the tell tale bulge forming in my trousers as we embraced. It was awesome to feel her breasts flattening against my lower chest as we extended our tongue tangle for several blissful minutes. But it wasn’t the first time my member had appreciated her that evening as it was full of such occurrences. I had stolen many glances down into her top whilst we watched the film and some of them I think she was close to sensing as it wasn’t very casual. But with a rack like Dallas had a guy my age was compelled to fantasize about how big they actually where and if it was all padding to exaggerate them? This was something I hoped to find out on our next date…..ZIMMER 
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June 2005

I had been going out with Dallas now for some time and we were quite an item. Steve and I were shooting some pool together and as we played he was openly jealous of my luck, although he was going out with my sister Steve was still impressed by Dallas’s figure and wanted all the juicy details of my first contact with her endowments. Dallas incidentally had recently picked up a nick name in our year at school which was “Double D Dallas”. A name that was half my fault because one of her larger than average bra’s had ended up being hung on the school flag pole after our first playful encounter which Steve tried to prise details upon. 

I remember that day very well. It was Lunch time at School and Dallas and I had snuck into the store cupboard in the English room, not the best of places to get to grips with each other but up until then the building lust factor between us was driving us mad. We started with a heavy session of kissing and inevitably my hands wandered from behind her shoulders tracing down the outline of the wide straps of her bra and then slid around beneath her underarms gliding gently to the sides of her breasts which seemingly struggled to be contained in her school blouse. 

I had never felt such firm or such large breasts as what my hands began to appreciate and there was definitely more than each of my palms could handle. Dallas acknowledged my interest in her chest and removed her school tie and began to un fasten several buttons which eased the tension on the tight material but also unleashed mouth watering cleavage a school boy like me couldn’t resist.
“Girl you are so stacked” 
I muttered as I fondled those round curves with my eager hands.
“These are still growing Joe like your trousers down here”
Her hands dropped to my full salute and began to increase the blood flow between my legs as she said this. 
“Ill need bigger hands girl if these babies get any larger”
“Or a bigger mouth”
She seductively said leaving my trousers for a moment to remove her blouse completely. 

My eyes followed her bouncing chest as her large bra settled into view. I cupped those lovely forms for a few wonderful seconds realised the answer to my question, this was a thin bra with no padding and it was all natural curvy Dallas inside it and she was practically overflowing its capacity!

I soon unclipped her bra and grinned at the thick prominent nipples that greeted my eyes and urged my lips to them as her bra was tossed to one side in our moment of passion. Her nipples were half the size of my thumb and just as wide which really was something to get my mouth onto although this pleasure was short lived.

The school caretaker bashed about outside with his mop and bucket and both myself and Dallas were startled to hear him. Managing to cover herself we both hastily exited with the middle aged caretaker frowning at our presence as we giggled in unison down the corridor. It was only a few minutes later that Dallas realised in our haste to leave she had left her bra behind. I didn’t actually mind this fact as her blouse looked pretty good with her nipples defined in it especially with the fact she was still semi aroused. I assured her I would get it back later when he left but didn’t actually get the time. 

In a lads conversation with Steve I revealed that one of her bras was in the store cupboard and little did I know that he thought it would be funny to get there before me and retrieve it. It was later that afternoon that most of my year saw the prank he had played to fly this large piece of underwear from the school flag pole and rumours circulated around of who’s bra it actually was. Hence Double D Dallas was born.

Dallas wasn’t impressed with Steve’s antics and a little embarrassed by the incident. I actually stayed behind that day to climb the pole and fetch it down with the intention of giving it back the next morning. Its funny but I can’t recall a night that I masturbated more than that very evening when I returned home and studied Dallas’s bra. It smelt of her perfume and was the largest bra I had seen, I’m sure it was a lot bigger than my sisters that I often saw on the washing line and its label read 34 DD. Casting my mind back to what it felt like when it was full in my hands in that store cupboard I had no problem shooting my load time and time again imagining what could have been if we were not disturbed. I ended up hiding the bra in one of my drawers ready to hand back to her the next day.

The next morning I walked Dallas to school and our conversation was quite revealing. 
“Dallas I managed to get your bra back last night but I err forgot to bring it with me today”
She looked pleased at my efforts on her behalf to save her further embarrassment.
“Wow you did that for me? Climbing up that giant pole risking your neck…’re my hero”
I received a great big kiss by way of thanks and couldn’t shrug the smile that left on my face for the rest of the morning.
“Ill give it back to you tonight”
“Why don’t you keep it?”
A grin came across her face
“Its actually getting too small for me anyway I’m still developing in that department”
My jaw went slack as I checked out her bust imaging those breasts still growing upon her small frame she was going to end up very top heavy.
“You are?”
I said rather too interested in her future expansion salivating over a girlfriend who would be even more endowed up top. 

Dallas looked around as we walked and seeing we were alone she took my hand to the side of her breast and smiled one of those innocent dazzling looks she often gave.
“I’m actually a 34 E cup now and they are still growing, I knew you were dying to ask”
“That’s not all I’m dying to do”
She smirked and flushed a little in her pretty features.
“Its not good news for my modelling career though”
We carried on walking and Dallas told me about how she and my sister wanted to be top cat walk models yet two things were not in her favour.

“Dallas you are gorgeous, you look twice as good as any of those skinny birds who strut up and down those catwalks, take Kate Moss for example she hasn’t got a fraction of your curves”
“Sure I’m pretty enough”
She admitted
“But these two things are one of my problems I’m far too busty to be a clothes model and getting bustier. By the time my growth spurt has ended I could be outside of the off the shelf dresses with these big things. And I’m too short anyway at the moment. I need at least another three inches which might be possible given that my sisters 5ft 10 you know”

Again I took stock of her height and it made me feel somehow uneasy to hear she was in a growth spurt at present and based on the possibility of her equating her sibling I couldn’t help but question her.
“So how tall are you now?”
“I turned 5ft 6 inches last week I’m gaining on your sister now and my legs are already longer than hers. Actually you know I’ve noticed that I’m catching you up as well, I bet with a good pair of heels that I could be nearly as tall as you are”
I mentally recorded her prediction but didn’t actually dwell on it much more until things seemed to change in the Summer break.ZIMMER 
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August 2005

Today was a bad day, I went swimming as normal but noticed that the time it took me to complete the hundred lengths of our local Olympic size pool had increased. This was strange as the effort I was putting in had also noticeably increased yet I felt fitter than I had ever been? On arriving at the pool I had an embarrassing moment at the start of my swimming session. I had dived in the pool only to find my swim trunks had left me upon hitting the water and a lady who I recognised from down my street handed them back amused at my total embarrassment. 

I put it down to my decreasing waist line that my trunks didn’t want to secure themselves firmly like they used to and this was something I had begun to notice with a lot of my clothes recently. This very evening for example I was depressed by the fit of my Jeans, yes the designer ripped ones that now seemed to swim around my waist and were getting caught up in my shoes just enough to be annoying and very uncomfortable to wear as baggy as they were. I ended up having to change to a pair of casual cargo style trousers which hung over the tops of my shoes a little but adjusted to my thinner waist with the draw cords inside them. Talking of my shoes they had also taken a turn for the worse and I could swear my feet were down maybe a complete size but that would have been impossible unless I wasn’t just loosing weight and my fears of loosing height were coming true.

I used some paper in the front of my casual slip-on shoes to make them less sloppy and this temporary fix seemed to work. As for my top it was a t-shirt that used to fit snug over my physique but now it was less fitted but looked ok.

The reason I was more worried about my appearance today was simple, tonight Dallas and I were planning to get it together for the first time, I was actually going to loose my virginity to her and it had been something we had planned for the last week. It was our friend Vicky’s sixteenth and she had managed the impossible to actually secure a house without parents which at our age was some going to earn that level of trust. If my mother had known she would be lecturing me right now but I was sixteen last week and Dallas would be sixteen by December we had both held on to our growing lust for far to long and Dallas had been on the pill for some time.

Vicky was letting us stay over and my mum thought I was staying at Steve’s. Talking of Steve he was desperate to get into my sisters knickers and they were going to the party for just the same reasons, so my little sister wouldn’t be so innocent for much longer.

I styled my hair and then shoved some breath mints into my gob before going downstairs with my over night stuff packed into a bag. Debbie was going to walk with me but as normal she wasn’t ready.
“Come on sis its time to go!”
I shouted upstairs impatiently and so very eager to leave.
“Hold your horses”
Came her reply and I saw her on the top of the landing fixing her little top into position. I hadn’t realised my sister had blossomed so much you don’t often notice how your sister develops but she was packing some very noticeable forms under the little red top she wore. As she came down the stairs I heard the unusual clomping sound of her footfalls and checked out the large platform wedges she had on.

“You two off then?”
Mum called from behind the living room door and I shouted yes.
”Have a good time, and Joe no drinking at Steve’s you hear?”
I didn’t answer but grinned to myself at what lay ahead at the party, namely plenty of booze and hopefully a lot of fun.

When Debbie reached the lower steps of the stairs she began giggling.
“What’s the joke Debs?”
I asked hoping it wasn’t something strange with my outfit.
“Nothing really I just thought you look very short tonight bro”

I noticed as she said this that she was still on the lower step and in those steep wedges she was looking awfully tall.
“You’re funny shorty. Try saying that without standing on the stairs”
I found myself bantering and rising to her provocation as normal between us yet I didn’t feel very confident in my challenge for some reason because Debbie did look extra tall tonight? I turned my back to her about to walk to the front door when I felt Debbie speak to me from over my shoulder which was kind of odd.
“Who are you calling shorty?....Shorty”
Debbie spoke with a hint of superiority in her words and I turned around only to confront my taller sister! 

Debbie was grinning wildly, stood there in her little flared skirt, skimpy party top and with her hair stacked up on her head she was a good three inches taller than me. I just looked on in a disbelieving manner seeing my eyes were somewhere level to her mouth and then did a double take on her shoes to see she had them flat to the floor. Debbie raised up with her back proud and straight and made a big deal about letting me know her eyes had to lower in order to connect with mine.

“What’s the weather like down there stumpy?”
She burst into a laugh and I was speechless looking up at my sister for the very first time in my life. Debbie must have noted there was no witty retort but continued to amuse herself with the situation.
“Come on then shorty your big sister will take you to the party”
Again she laughed at my expense until she saw that I was genuinely concerned.
“Deb’s those are big shoe’s aren’t they?”
I so wanted her to tell me that the shoes boasted a platform beneath them that was six or seven inches high but my sister simply turned her ankle for a second holding my shoulder to brace herself so she could display the side profile of the wedges attached to her feet. 
“These are four inches…..”
She put her shoe back down and then something struck her the way it had me.
“….wait a minute that can’t be right? You’ve never been so short to me before”
“I know”
Was the only statement I could make which promptly compelled Debbie to slip her heels off for a second for a reality check removing the artificial advantage that they provided. 

This action was probably worse because I expected the top of her head to drop below my eye line but it didn’t! My sisters big blue eyes settled but an inch away from my own and I watched those eyes widen with disbelief.
“Joe, have I grown or something bruv?”
She questioned checking herself out in comparison to me. My eyes followed down and I could see that our waists were equal, our knees opposite each other and our shoulders not far from alignment.
“You must have, I mean you must be over six foot in those shoes of yours”
Why did I continue to deny it was me? Debbie smiled at my comment.
“Six foot I wish. I’m five foot seven, which makes me five foot eleven in these which is pretty tall I admit but I was still shorter than Steve when I wore them yesterday”

I knew Steve was a six footer and the reality of the situation came crashing down on my shoulders as I looked at all five foot seven of my sister and appreciated I wasn’t much taller than her now.
“How tall are you?”
Debbie seemed to click in the same train of thought knowing she hadn’t suddenly shot up in height.
“I always thought you had a good few inches on me bro but we are almost the same size. I’ve never really noticed you were this short before”
Why did she have to keep using that word short? It hit me hard every time she said it in jest but now its meaning went deeper.
“Neither did I”
I returned a little unsure of what to say.
“And you are still wearing your shoes”
Now I felt even worse as she pointed this out, at least half of the inch advantage I appeared to have over my sister could be attributed to my slip on shoes.
“Is your back ok? Or are you just shrinking?”
She joked and I cracked a half hearted smile urging for us to get going down the street. 
“Guess I’m must be shrinking”

I said as we began our walk and I tried to pass this off as if it didn’t bother me. However Debbie didn’t let up on the subject as she walked by my side seemingly enjoying the situation at my expense. Of course she really didn’t think I was shrinking that was impossible but she must have been revelling a little in the fact that she hadn’t noticed how tall she was over me in a good set of high heels before.
“I really have caught up with you Joe, I remember back when you used to tease me and hold things above my head a couple of years ago and now I could probably do that to you with heels on like these”
“Yeh, I guess you could”
I tried to cease the conversation as my mind was busy labelling my height. Was I five foot eight now? Surely that was impossible. But if I was shrinking as chilling as that term sounded could I have lost over 2 or 3 inches?

I was determined to change conversation, tonight I was going to be with Dallas and enjoy myself and I could figure all this height stuff out later on. 
“Deb’s has Dallas mentioned anything about tonight to you?”
“Yeh, she’s looking forward to it. I mean really forward to it”
She elbowed me in the ribs and I grinned.

“Hey Joe, speaking of Dallas has she ever commented on your height before?”
Dam the conversation was back again.
“erm what? What do you mean?”
“Well, I was just thinking she isn’t that much shorter than me nowadays”
What was she getting at I thought to myself.
“It crossed my mind that if she continues to grow like her older sister Jody did, Dallas might end up taller than you are” 
That was a revelation, was I really prepared for Dallas to be taller than me? Had I even contemplated a girlfriend who might put me in the shade toe to toe?
“Wait I’ve met Dallas’s sister I’m taller than her”
My mouth shot back but of course that used to be true, she had an older sister Jody who was about eighteen and I used to be taller than her.
“Joe, you’re only just taller than me, her sister is way taller than you. When we went out with Jody she towered over me in a modest pair of heels, she would tower over you easily”
“I guess I never really compared myself I’ll take your word for it”
I said in a rather quiet manner absorbing this all in. Debbie noticed my subdued attitude she could tell something was bothering me.
”Hey bro, you’re not worried about Dallas becoming taller are you?
“What me? No, course not I mean she’s only five six and I’m……”
“Five eight?”
Debbie interjected and then continued.
“I don’t think that I have ever dated a guy as short as you are I mean it would be odd to dance with Steve if I was looking down on him, then again I guess it could be fun to tease him if he was that short. Don’t worry bro Dallas has dated shorter guys before”

My sister seemed to have a real knack for saying things I really didn’t wish to hear.
“Like Jerry Simpson for example”
“Dallas dated Midget, I didn’t know that?”
I knew Jerry and always thought of him as an extremely short guy. His nick name was Midget and kind of deserved as puberty was unkind to Jerry he must have stood 5ft or 5ft and an inch tops and looked like he should have belonged with the fourth year pupils if it wasn’t for the facial hair he sported. I had no clue that Dallas once went out with him it was quite something to imagine them together.
“Midget called it off but that was years back when they were an item, kids stuff really”
I said and noticed we had talked all the way to the Vicky’s house.

Debbie and I separated at the party I didn’t want to hang around with my sister especially because she seemed to dwell on the topic of my size a lot, I only hoped she wouldn’t gossip with Dallas at School next week on the subject. 

Luckily Steve whisked her away and over to the makeshift bar for a drink of strong cider. I couldn’t help staring at Steve for a moment noticing he was a couple of inches taller than Debbie in her heels. I now knew that my height had definitely altered because standing close to Steve his presence had never made me feel like I did tonight which was puny a word I wouldn’t have associated in reference to myself before. Steve was too busy salivating over my sister’s outfit I think to really take note of me and for that I was glad as I slipped away in search of Dallas. 

I discovered Dallas was already having a good time, she was in the corner upon the edge of the sofa drinking some home made punch with Vicky and Tamara laughing their heads off at some jokes. They made a nice trio, Dallas was the buxom blonde whilst Vicky was her opposite with long dark hair, green eyes and a slim athletic build. Tamara on the other hand was a cute red head with freckles and a body that wasn’t as defined as my girlfriends yet more developed than Vicky in her hips and bust.
“Hey it’s my man!”
Her voice was strange and I recognised she was particularly merry. 
“Hi Joe”
Tamara and Vicky both chimed in and I said my greetings itching to get some alone time with Dallas. 

After half an hour of listening to girlish chatter mainly about clothes, make up and shoes I managed to grab the opportunity to share the sofa with Dallas after Vicky and Tamara circulated themselves within the small gathering. We talked a bit and kissed as we both made our way through a bottle of strong cider. When we had polished it off most of the revellers had begun to flag or had hit their curfew times which left only Vicky, myself Dallas and one or two others present amongst a living room that bore the scars of our teenage enthusiasm for the night. A bit of minor damage here and there and a few carpet stains that might prove tricky to remove but nothing of a grand nature compared to parties I had been at before.

“Joe, shall we find our room big boy?”
Dallas whispered in my ear although in her half cut state it was quite loud.
“Oh yeh!”
My enthusiasm showed as I couldn’t wait to get my hands on that body of hers. Moving off upstairs she stumbled a few times and it wasn’t due to any heels as she currently wore nothing on those cute feet of hers. I knew she was a lot more gone than me as I didn’t have a problem walking and was at that stage of feeling less inhibited and very relaxed. Taking my hand in hers she almost pulled me into the spare room which consisted of one huge bed and a couple of pine wardrobes.

Dallas was looking every inch my fantasy tonight with a short black dress on that just managed to cover her best parts with a slinky skin tight surface. For me all it did was to emphasise her assets and how big they were underneath the black exterior. Turning to me and kicking the door shut with her extended leg I was plunged into a marathon kissing session but one that told me something I had already suspected. Dallas had to slightly rise on her toes to lock her full lips to mine yet she didn’t have any shoes on. I’m sure that our similar embraces (even last week) she couldn’t have done this without me tilting my mouth down to meet hers, but tonight we connected all too easily. Luckily I don’t think she noticed this difference at all in her current state. 

Our clothes came off very rapidly as our teenage hormones were unleashed and very soon I had the full glory of Dallas exposed which was almost enough to make me blow my load then and there. Her breasts were suspended by an invisible shelf sticking out defiantly with their full heaving masses laughing at gravity which failed to have an impact on their extremely pert appearance. Talking of pert, her backside was a beautiful smooth masterpiece which felt so nice to cup with my hands as we kissed and her legs, boy they were a lovely shape at the bottom and at the top. I had never seen so much of her flesh before but it just kept getting better and better the more that was revealed. 

Dallas was keen to get her hands on my member and bent down as she fondled me although she wasn’t very steady on her feet. She licked at my helmet and sent major thrill messages to my every nerve ending before she attempted to take my length into her beautiful mouth. Man her lips felt good on my shaft I was so close to blowing just looking down at this gorgeous babe sucking on me like crazy as if she held her favourite lolly pop and just couldn’t get enough of it. 

Its always hard to tell as a guy if you measure up to other men as we don’t check each other out like women compare breasts sizes and that sort of thing but I think I had perhaps more than an average length and it certainly looked like it as Dallas gagged a little when she got over enthusiastic trying to fit more of me in her mouth. I held several inches outside and it restored in me a sense of feeling big
at least about that one area.

“You are so yummy I could eat you all up”
She slurped with my pre-cum starting to leak. This was a warning sign for me to withdraw as I was having far too good a feeling right now in her mouth. 
“Got to come out”
I said panting a little afraid I would burst in our foreplay and never get to go all the way.
“Awww I was enjoying that”
Her voice said in a cute manner as she then stood up and pulled me onto the bed. I assumed a dominant position feeling my throbbing end rubbing delightfully around her upper thighs in a search for its home. Lucky I saw sense to hold myself back long enough to grab my protection before we connected but with only that thin rubber sheaf between us I didn’t last long nor did she.

It was hardly a marathon session perhaps a couple of minutes at best but that was our first time. The actual event was a touch uncomfortable for Dallas as she revealed to me the next day but she enjoyed it all the same. She actually joked over the phone that maybe I was a little too big for her not that she minded and this gave me such a confidence boost.ZIMMER 
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by ZIMMER on Tue Oct 16, 2007 11:01 pm 

October 2005

We managed a few times to find opportunity to make out again over the next month or so and it got better and better with Dallas enjoying it more. My major concerns about my height had left for that time period as I resided myself to the fact that as peculiar as it was I had become 5ft 8 inches tall or maybe just a little less and perhaps it was a freak of nature. It was nothing to worry about as I was more than healthy in general terms. 

Dallas hadn’t worn any major heels in all of our encounters over those weeks
so I didn’t have to contend with her equalling my height although I had admittedly noticed that with our school shoes on she wasn’t far below me. I don’t think Dallas noticed this or at least she never mentioned my size having altered it didn’t seem to bother her. 

I had talked my mother into buying me some new clothes and shoes which she wasn’t suspicious of because it was a new school term, and I rarely asked for her to buy my clothes preferring to earn the money with my part time job working for Professor Jones. As my mother was a single parent I felt it was my duty not to burden her with my needs for looking good with designer tags. Mum was great and let me free with a nice wad of cash which I turned into some new casual and school clothes. 

Shoe’s wise I learned through this exercise alone that I had dropped two sizes going from my regular size 9 to a size 7, my trousers were approaching a 30 inch inside leg which sounded kind of short but at 5ft 8 inches tall I was probably just an average guy and not short by description. One thing I had done was to pull all the labels from my new gear as I didn’t want my mum noticing things and prying into my business as she washed my new clothes I wasn’t ready to tell anyone yet that something had happened to me and having purposely damaged my old school shoes it was easy to fool my mother to let me have the cash for the smaller shoes. So my secret was safe for now.ZIMMER 
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November 2005

My life had settled into a normal routine and the loss of my inches still haunted me every now and again when things prompted my concern like for instance when I went to work for Professor Jones this week and she commented on my appearance.

I tried to squeeze in a few hours here and there at the request of Professor Jones, she was a family friend who ran a huge research company not far from my house in the industrial estate. It was a very security conscious organisation but I had full clearance for the labs and would earn some good money simply filing things, cleaning up the various labs and doing general laborious tasks mainly because they didn’t trust outsiders and I was an accepted source by Professor Jones who knew my mother very well being a single parent herself. 

What went on at the lab I couldn’t say but it had some real sci-fi looking equipment strewn about with one awesome looking laser like device that I had seen powered up only once and hadn’t a clue what it actually was used for. Professor Jones always promised me a job as an assistant in the lab when I left school and I enjoyed science so I was interested to see where that might lead. 

The Professor was a woman in her late thirties with red hair and a pretty face although she wasn’t my type as I preferred the buxom blondes like my Dallas, yet admittedly for an older woman she was attractive and very intelligent to go with it. 

It was as I was stacking a shelf at the back of the lab with some electronics parts that she mentioned my height seeing that I had struggled to get a box of data chips onto the top.
“You know your mum always said what a growing lad you were but you’re not much taller than your sister Joe, she does tend to exaggerate that mother of yours”
“You know mums they like to brag I’m just average”
Professor Jones walked over to me, she was a short woman barely 5ft but I did notice with her two inch work heels she wasn’t that far below me anymore. She handed me a box of parts and seemed to look me over and I felt conscious that perhaps this woman of extreme intellect had noticed the change.
“Funny I used to think you were taller too, you can put those on the shelf below it’ll be easier for both of us"

Cycling home on my mountain bike later I did notice that my seat needed adjusting again, I had done this a couple of months back but the dam thing must have ridden up somehow. Being on my bike reminded me of my lost inches every time because I had one of the larger framed bikes and used to sit on it with the ability to stop and use both legs to stabilised myself yet now I had to use one leg and tilt the bike just a fraction over to one side or the other. It was the action that some people did when they had been specified with the wrong sized frame for their inside leg measurement and my inside leg was far from where it had once been.

Halfway home I met up with my sister and Steve, they were both roller blading through the park and whilst Steve just gave me his hand to slap as we passed each other Debbie grabbed onto the front of my handle bars to halt me in my tracks as she obviously wanted to speak.

“Hey shorty”
She began with a grin, shorty seemed to be her nick name for me now and I hated hearing it from her as it always sounded like a challenge but one I was struggling to defend.
“Cut it out Deb’s, I hate it when you call me that”
“Just teasing my little bro”
“What do you want?”
She skated up to my side and I got off the bike so she wouldn’t notice me leaning it in a stationary position. When I looked back at her I had the fright of my life as my once little sister was nearly a full head taller than me on her roller blades!
“Now how can I not call you shorty? Just look at you down there”
“You’re wearing skates”
I said feeling very uncomfortable as my view lined up with her neck.
“Oh, so I am and there I was thinking you were shrinking again”
“Ha, ha you’re so funny”
“Actually bruv it was kind of that topic I wanted to speak to you upon”
”I’m sorry?”
“Your height”
“Wwwhat about it?”
I stuttered an unsure response.
“Dallas and I were kind of chatting in class yesterday about the Schools annual fancy dress dance”
”She was wondering what costume to wear and such but she didn’t want to wear any real heels”
“Why not she likes heels? She looks great in heels”
“Yes but she’s kind of noticed that’s she is catching you up now and didn’t want to embarrass you”
“What do you mean embarrass me?”
“How do I put it?”
My sister grinned and skated very close up to me and bent at her knees to lower her face in order that we could see eye to eye. 
“Dallas is nearly as tall as you like I am now.”
I frowned a little at Debbie for talking to me like a kid and didn’t like the fact she was having to bend her knees whilst she balanced on those skates just to be at my level.
“But my little brother, if your girlfriend put some decent high heels on she’ll go up and up and up…..”
Debbie rose inch by inch above me with every “up” she relayed until I watched her chin rise over my eyes and her neck fill my view as those legs of hers straightened up so she could look clean over my head.
“Get the picture shorty?”
I was strangely stunned by seeing my sister teasingly raise herself that way as if she was growing before me, it felt weird to see a girl so much taller than I was and especially my little sister who just wasn’t little anymore stood in a pair of simple roller blades.

“She’d be taller than me”
I said in a dumb fashion and it had suddenly struck me that regardless of my sisters teasing she was right Dallas probably could make herself taller than me now if she wanted to and she hadn’t been wearing anything like her characteristic large heels for sometime. I hated the thought that Dallas was altering her preferences for me and knew sooner or later it would impact on our relationship if she couldn’t be herself. 

I was very concerned as I made my way home that Dallas was probably feeling awkward around me and I hated the fact that I was no longer the tall confident guy that went out with her that first night.
We were going to be meeting at her house tomorrow night which was Saturday evening. Dallas wanted me to walk her to the dance but I felt the need to talk to her first and confront her feelings about me. I thought if she might be having second thoughts about us being compatible that maybe having her let me down over the phone would be easier. Truth was I didn’t like confrontation and knew this conversation could mean the end of us or was I being over dramatic? Did she actually mind having a boyfriend who was only slightly taller than her? I had to get the answers.

“Hi Mrs Carter, its Joe is Dallas there please?”
I asked politely a little tense to speak to Dallas as I lay on my bed with the cordless phone to my ear.
“Hello Joe, sure I’ll tell her to pick up her phone extension, Dallas! It’s Joe on the phone!”
Mrs Carter bellowed and I held the phone out for a few seconds as it blasted my ear.
“You know she is so looking forward to this Dance tomorrow Joe have you decided what character you are dressing up as?”
“Well we talked about it Mrs Carter but I haven’t rented a costume yet”
“It’s a little late don’t you think?”
“Yeh I guess my choices will be limited”
I admitted knowing she was right.
”I’ve been helping Dallas with her outfit tonight not that I fully approve I haven’t heard of….”
“Mother! Don’t spoil things I haven’t told Joe yet.”
Dallas cut in on the extension and her mother said her goodbyes.
“Hi Joe”
She sounded buoyant and fresh which through me a little as I was having such reservations about what she might be thinking of me.
”Hey Dallas, I thought I would call you about tomorrow”
“Oh I’m glad you did I wanted to talk about it as well”
Here it comes I thought, the part were she tells me we are not suited and lets me down. Perhaps I should go first I thought and make it easy for her.
“Dallas I spoke with my sister today she told me your dilemma”
“My dilemma that’s a big word”
“She said you didn’t know what costume to have because you might need to wear some heels”
She went a bit silent waiting for me to expand.
“And Deb’s said you didn’t want to be embarrassed with me on your arm”

I was kind of lying but thought this would test the water and bring things out to the surface.
“I said nothing of the sort? I just wondered how you might react with….”
A pause lasted for a few long seconds between us.
“Joe, have you noticed that I’m a little taller than when we first started seeing each other?”
“Sure, you said you were 5ft 6”
“That was a few months back I’ve shot up a bit since then I’m now as tall as your Debbie is”
“You’ve grown an inch in a couple of months that’s great”
I said half heartedly not that I was displeased as I liked tall girls but perhaps it felt strange when she was going up and I was aware that I had come down or so it seemed.
“You really think so?”
“Of course, you wanted to be taller Dallas you told me, so you can be a model it’s your dream and Debbie’s dream for that matter”
“I know, I am pleased, really happy about it but I didn’t want it to be a problem with us.”
Another pause and I waited to hear where this was going.
“I haven’t been wearing a lot of my higher heels for a while Joe”
“Debbie told me but why? I mean you look great in some of those shoes and….”
“They make me quite tall now, probably taller than you and I didn’t want you to feel awkward with me being a little taller when we go out”
“I, I don’t have a problem with you being tall. I’d like to see you in them once in a while”
As I thought about my admission it was true, I did like the look of tall girls although I had never dated a very tall girl, one that could rival my size anyway. Dallas was still shorter than me but Dallas in reasonable high heels what would that be like having to look up to her? 
“You would?”
Dallas sounded very encouraged and shrugged off her previously sheepish tone.
“Even if your girlfriend is a little taller than you?”

I had to admit since Debbie had started to rise above me in her dress heels I had begun to feel a touch intimidated yet in a nice way, a way that intrigued me with new feelings that I was only just beginning to explore about a guy being shorter than a girl.
“The more I think about it yeh, I would like to see that”
My words slipped out and it was an honest admission of my curiosity.
“But what about you Dallas, I mean if I don’t quite measure up to you when you wear your heels how are you going to feel? Most girls look for taller guys to date and I would be well practically the same size as you”
“I was so worried Joe that you might dump me for growing so tall but now I know you don’t mind it, I’m so relieved”
Her voice quivered a little as she explained.
“Joe, I really do like you a lot and I have been so scared that you might want a shorter girl, that you might leave me just like Jerry did”
I was a little shocked and yet comforted by her concern. Here I was imagining she might want to leave me for some tall jock yet Dallas seemed to be concerned that I was considering an alternative to her.
“Deb’s told me you dated Midget”
“Hey, don’t call him that it’s not nice”
“Sorry, but he is very short”
“That was his problem when we went out with each other, he was my first real long term boyfriend on and off before you”
“And Jerry didn’t like that you were taller than him?”
“He hated it, well in public”

She sounded very glum as she recalled her history, I must admit it did feel strange discussing her past flame but I was also intrigued about this and their relationship having a challenge in my head to picture the two of them.

“When I first went out with Jerry we both were twelve years old, kids really. Jerry was about my size then which was just under 5 foot I can still see the mark on my Giraffe.”
She chuckled.
“My mum put this silly measuring chart on the back of my wardrobe door when I was a kid, its kind of stayed there ever since, that’s how I know that I have grown a little recently because I’m close to the top of the Giraffes head now”
I laughed as her tale rolled on.
“But anyway I kept growing for the next few years and Jerry…..well he didn’t really grow much at all. When I was thirteen I had crept up to 5 foot 2 and a half and Jerry was still barely 5ft. He was just starting to come to terms with his size and it didn’t help when he was looking his girlfriend in the nose. We finished for a while and then dated again six months later, when we were fourteen. Jerry was still under 5ft tall and I kind of grew a lot like now. I was four and a half inches taller than him in my bare feet and he insisted that I wear flats everywhere. I think he kind of liked me being taller if it was just us but he couldn’t handle it in public, especially when people teased us about the difference. The reason I was a bit sensitive about the dance….”
She paused with a long sigh as she raked up this childhood memory.
“…..Well Jerry finished with me at the schools annual fancy dress over my height and I really didn’t want us to go the same way”
“Dallas it’s not going to happen”
I reassured.
“Jerry said he could handle it, that he would grow soon and catch me up. I guess it was my fault we split as I wanted to wear heels to the dance, at fourteen it felt so grown up and I needed them for my Cinderella outfit and Jerry was going to be Prince Charming.”
“Should have been Snow white and the one dwarf!”
I interjected making her laugh but realised this wasn’t that funny to her.
“Mum got me these crystal heels just like the fairy tale only they were three inches which put me almost eight inches taller than Jerry”
Dallas laughed.
“Cinderella towered over Prince Charming that night and he would have needed a box to stand on just to kiss me in my ball gown”
She laughed but then settled her humour to a more sombre note.
“He couldn’t handle seeing me so tall and finished with me at the beginning of the dance.”
“So you were afraid I might finish with you tomorrow night?”
She said bluntly.
“Don’t worry Dallas I wouldn’t mind seeing you a bit taller especially with those legs of yours”
I smiled as I said this to reinforce my sincerity.
“You might get more than you bargained for I am going to be pretty tall tomorrow”
A kind of subtle warning came from her but I shrugged this off.
“Remember I’m not Jerry, Dallas for starters I’m taller”
“Oh Joe this is so cool, I was unsure of my outfit but now’s it’s going to work out perfectly!”

Dallas seemed very excited and upbeat having got everything off her chest and to be honest I was really relieved to know there wasn’t a real problem between us. It would be strange to see her maybe a couple of inches taller than me tomorrow but I figured I was ready for this and she seemed to like the idea.

“So, what is your outfit then, Cinderella again?”
I pushed my luck knowing she wanted this kept a secret.
“No, I will be far sexier than Princess Cinderella”
She teased.
“Oh really, like one of those cat outfits all skin tight and…”
“You’d like that huh?”
“Well if it shows off your body”
“Oh it will do that alright”
“Come on just a hint, I have to rent mine tomorrow morning and it would be nice to follow the same theme…”
“Mmm, I don’t want to spoil it but ok. I’m going as a comic book character”
“Wonder woman!”
I guessed and the pitch of my voice increased as I said it with the image of Dallas filling out a wonder woman outfit with her bust thrust forward on full display in one of those corset type get ups and her legs in a pair of sheer tights. It made me aroused just to think of this.
“I bet you’d get off on that eh? Have you seen the cartoon Justice League?”
I admitted not ashamed that I still watched the odd cartoon and drawing my mental image of Wonder woman from the impossible dimensions of those animated super women. The truth was she had the figure for it.
“Well, why don’t you dress as one of the men?”
“Ah, then you are going to be a character from the Justice League then like Wonder woman or maybe Supergirl?”
I almost salivated over the phone at those skimpy outfits.
“Not saying but you would look good in one of those skin tight lycra outfits the men wear”
”Ok then who should I be? Superman? Or Batman he likes Wonder woman…”

I could see my physique in one of those costumes and thought I would pull it off very well after all I worked out a lot and my muscles were nicely defined.
“No disrespect baby but you’re not really tall enough for them”
“Oh am I not”
I pretended to be offended which she laughed at.
“You could be the Atom though”
She giggled.
“You know the man that has the power to make him self really small, that way if I’m taller than you tomorrow night we can tell people that you used your special powers to shrink down a little”
Dallas teased and I laughed along with her finding myself liking the thoughts this conjured up.
“You know I’ve seen episodes where the Atom often gets to stand on Wonder Woman’s shoulder”
I offered as I lay back on my bed feeling my growing arousal on this subject, but why was I getting hard discussing a cartoon?
“She probably puts him up there on purpose”
I noticed Dallas seemed equally to be day dreaming extending my vision as she added this comment.
“You figure?”
“Yeh, I bet she likes to tease the little guy, he would be able to see right down her cleavage from up there on her shoulder and to him that would be a lot of cleavage. He probably has a job to fight crime because he’s hard all day”
I didn’t know what to say but for a moment it was me stood like the Atom upon Dallas’s shoulder with her wearing that famous Wonder Woman costume. I was holding onto her blonde hair and peering lustfully down at her very large cleavage. Cleavage far bigger than I was. 

My enjoyment of the conversation went to another level I was now really turned on and my erection was uncomfortable in my jeans. 
“Hey Joe did you catch the episode when he shrinks down in her hand? The one with those alien things attacking the world?”

I had actually seen that episode but something inside me held back from the truth wanting to hear Dallas elaborate and describe the scene.
“No, err cant say I have but they always save the world from aliens”
My voice was a little heightened like my arousal and I wondered if Dallas could suspect this conversation was getting to me.
“Well you know what a babe Wonder Woman is?”
I encouraged.
“In this episode she stands there and picks up this Atom guy in the palm of her hand and he’s like doll sized to her, no actually he is a lot smaller and cuter than that”
Strange but I almost thought Dallas seemed to be enjoying the topic as she enthusiastically continued.
“Then and get this, she has to carry him in order to fly. So this Atom guy has to get real tiny in her hand, like an inch tall, you see him shrinking down in her palm”
Was all I could muster as this conversation had my trousers painfully restricting me yet I didn’t know why. Was it Dallas’s enthusiasm to the subject or my vision of standing upright in her hand?
“That’s not the best of it, she’s really busty isn’t she?”
”Like you”
I accidentally slipped out and I could almost feel Dallas blush over the phone if that was possible.
“Thanks but I’m not quite as well endowed as her YET”

The way she stressed “yet” left much to my interpretation and I was now more than ever feeling the urge to take my member in my hand but at the same time trying to resist. Did she know what she was doing to me? I was that little super hero in Dallas’s fingers looking across at her impossible boobs as she wore her sexy super heroine costume.
“So she’s stood there all busty and giant compared to him and he’s so little that she has to protect him whilst she fights, she tells him that she needs to use both her hands”
“And that outfit of hers doesn’t have any pockets”
I joked trying to side track my growing enjoyment for a second or two.
“She didn’t need any, she does what any busty woman would do with a little man that tiny. She lifts him up in her fingers and slips him right down in her cleavage, right smack between her big boobs!”
Now I was close to coming especially when she said “what any busty woman would do” as if it would be her natural decision to engulf a little guy between her own breasts given the situation.
I stuttered not meaning to but I was very distracted now.
“For a kids show I was surprised. I mean can you imagine if that was an adult show?”
I didn’t dare to answer. 
“I mean a little tiny man that size would have been in boob heaven, suffocated by a woman as big as her don’t you think Joe?”
There was more silence from me I was just listening now and I think she knew it. I was desperately trying to relieve the pressure in my trousers, trying to unbutton the fly and fumbling as I did so. Then she finished me off with a very sexy tone as she innocently continued to tease me on the subject.
“Hey if you do come as the Atom tomorrow night Joe perhaps we can try that. You can shrink yourself down into my hand and we’ll see if I can fit you in my top whilst I dance. Would you like that Joe if I tucked you in my cleavage, in between a pair of giant E cup’s all night?”
There was no hope to stop me from lining the inside of my trousers and hot cum pulsed into my boxer shorts and then out onto my belly where it could escape.
I managed to answer and Dallas giggled. I could hear her mother shouting something about taking a shower in the background.
“Dam, I’ve got to go now my little superhero, Ill see you here at six sharp tomorrow”
I said meekly and dropped the phone to sort myself out. 

How embarrassing I thought as I sat there in my mess. I had never exploded in my trousers before and especially as a result from a girls mere words. But combined with my imagination that topic really did rev my engine like nothing I could think of. 

When I had calmed myself down a minute or so later I had to avoid my mother’s suspicions and craftily washed the worst of it off my clothes and soaked them with a cup of tea pretending I had had an accident and hoping the tea would mask any smells or stains.

I dwelled for a while on the whole conversation replaying it in my head and trying to understand why it had me so stimulated? I could only conclude it was the thought she conjured up of me being so tiny next to be burgeoning bosom. 

Saturday came and I found myself sifting through a large selection of costumes on the computer inside the fancy dress shop. This was an awesome shop, because of the local school hosting an annual dance they had built up the business to a very high level. You could now go in and browse from a number of terminals all their selections searching by name and even a whole catalogue of accessories.

I typed in Superhero but the list was vast full of names I had and hadn’t heard of. As corny as it was I did fancy an Atom costume just to extend last nights discussions and bring out that teasing side of Dallas again but they didn’t produce such an outfit and I guess he wasn’t popular or mainstream enough. Finally after much debate I ended up going for the Robin outfit.

The computer printed out a ticket and I took it to the counter only to be greeted by a very attractive brunette assistant who must have been about eighteen. 
“Ok the Robin costume”
She typed into her screen.
“Ah, I’m afraid we only have the old versions left is that ok?”
I frowned a little realising it wasn’t the modern outfit as per the recent films.
“Can I just measure you sir”
“Um sure”
I said not expecting her to come out from behind the counter with a tape measure in hand. I noticed in an instant this pretty girl was a whisker taller than me and I felt a touch uneasy about her taking my dimensions. 
“You’re shorter than you look”
She said politely scribbling down my various sizes and disappearing to the vast warehouse to return.
“There you go”
I was presented with a box.
“And we always recommend you try on the shoes, what size are you an 8 or 7?”
It was a little strange for me to hear her observations and I was about to say size nine indignantly but realised I was a 7 now.
“Very good sir”

A box was produced and I looked at these slip on green shoes that matched the outfit. There was absolutely no heel on them at all which meant I would have no advantage from my costume to match my date for the night. The shocking thing was that the shoes didn’t fit well perhaps it was because they were made of a stretchy flexible material , whatever the reason she felt my toes like a shoe sales person and remarked that I was closer to a size 6 than the 7 I professed to be. 

Walking home to change I was surprised by this as I knew my sister was a size 6 and my mother for that matter, were my feet really as small as theirs? I instantly felt my toes did seem to have room in the new size sevens that I convinced my mother to buy me which wasn’t a good sign that my size problem had ended.

Several hours later I stood before the mirror in my bedroom. With the yellow cloak, red bodice and green tights on there was Robin staring back. Although I filled this outfit well I had to laugh at myself in the little black eye mask that I wore and hoped people would recall the older look Robin.
I performed a couple of silly poses when my sister entered my room without knocking and I felt as daft as I looked.

“Holy little brothers it’s Robin”
Debbie imitated the corny voice and catch phrasing from the old Batman series and stood giggling in the door way.
“Very funny and who are you going as?”
I muttered and looked towards the door to suss out her costume. I could see a band in her blonde hair and the hint of a blue dress. She stepped into the room and there was the perfect replica of Alice from Alice in Wonderland only my sister’s more womanly figure was prominently displayed in the girlish blue dress. Her natural blonde locks pulled back with the hair band made her look the part yet I didn’t imagine Alice so tall. Was it the sock like slip on shoes from my outfit or had my sister grown? I quickly checked the shiny thick black baby doll style shoes she was sporting and recognised they had but a modest two and half inches on the heels at best. 
“I’m going as pretty little Alice”
She said in a cute voice and gave a curtsy.

Debbie smiled as she walked up close to me and I’m sure it was to compare our respective heights. I of course was looking across at her lower nose almost opposite her painted lips and Debbie grinned with delight.
“You know bro I swear you’re getting shorter, I’m starting to feel really tall around you unless these heels are deceiving? Are you sure you can fight crime being that short without Batman to protect you? I mean cat-woman might eat a little Robin like you for breakfast”
“You’re hilarious Deb’s”
I felt uncomfortable as she continued to look me up and down and wondered if she finally had realised that something was up or rather down.
“Boy are you in for a surprise tonight little bruv”
“How so?”
“Oh, I ran into your girlfriend this morning she was buying some bracelets for her outfit tonight, she’s got big plans for her outfit”
Debbie laughed.
“Bracelets I knew it! She’s going as Wonder Woman”
I smiled or rather showed a look that said how perfect I felt that costume would be on Dallas.
Another laugh escaped my sister’s lips and she then proceeded to measure herself off against me by drawing a hand over the top of her head so it floated in the void between my size and hers, the void that told of the inches I had lost and the inches she had assumed with her heels.
“Your definitely going to be shorter than your girlfriend tonight I would put some heels on that outfit if I were you shorty”
“I’m comfortable with my size thanks and Deb’s will you please stop calling me shorty I’m taller than you without those things on your feet”
“I’m not so sure about that anymore bro, you know I swear I’ve grown a bit. I’m gonna have to measure myself when I get home tonight I might be getting closer to being a model at least more than I thought.”ZIMMER 
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by ZIMMER on Tue Oct 16, 2007 11:06 pm 

Nov cont....

It was strange how Debbie figured the difference was down to her and part of me only wished it was her acquiring those inches she so dearly wanted. I failed to correct her allowing her the thought she might have grown.
“You know bro, Alice kept eating things that made her taller maybe that’s it”
With a final grin having boosted her own self ego she wandered off leaving me in my room trying to regain my confidence about the evening.

As I walked downstairs ten minutes later and my mum heard me.
“Let’s have a look at you then?”
She said cheerfully and I walked into the living room to see my mum was stood by the fire place adjusting her necklace and wearing a long evening dress. She glanced at me briefly and smiled
“Hey it’s Robin! You look great son. Very athletic but I’m not sure about the cod piece that’s a little indecent”
My eyes dropped to my crotch to see the external underpants over the tights I wore and I did have a reasonable package displayed which wasn’t an issue except I knew it would have to be kept under check tonight.
“It’s just part of the authentic costume”
I declared straightening my top.
“Where are you going mum?”
“Out. I have a date tonight, would you mind helping me with this clasp honey my nails are still wet and I’m having difficulty.
I walked up behind my mother, she was had a good figure for her age and probably could have passed herself off as my an older sister rather than our parent. I hadn’t seen her go out in ages since my father divorced her and I was happy to see this tonight. 

Standing behind her I was surprised to reach for her necklace to find it higher up than expected. My mum I knew was 5ft 5. I had read this from seeing her gym card yet she was taller than me by just a little tonight, enough that I noticed straight off. Her heels accounted for those additional inches and as I clamped her necklace catch shut I made sure to move off so she wouldn’t notice that she was taller than her son tonight.

Walking down the street later I couldn’t help but think how weird it was to be living with two women that now were very capable of making them selves taller than me with the simple act of putting heels on. I would have to get used to this in time and my sisters taunting.

When I arrived at Dallas’s house it was her mother who opened the door.
“Hi Mrs Carter”
“Hello Robin did you park the bat mobile outside?”
“No Batman has it booked in for a service”
We grinned at our lame humour and she let me in. I noticed Dallas mother was not quite as tall as me which made me feel better as I could just peer over her head.
“Dallas! Joe is here and I’m meeting your father to stay at Auntie Beryl’s make sure you two girls look after the house!”
“Whatever mother”
Came the reply from upstairs which I knew belonged to Dallas’s sister Jody.
“Have fun at the dance Joe”
Mrs Carter smiled and left leaving me in the hall way awaiting my date.

Suddenly a loud motorcycle engine roared up the driveway and the doorbell rang. Jody came bounding down the stairs before me darting to answer it. I only saw her briefly but that was enough to see just how leggy Dallas’s sister was. She was a fake brunette in contrast to her sisters’ vivid blonde and dressed tonight in a leather skirt and a t-shirt that revealed her smooth abdomen not to mention her wobbling cleavage. As she passed me she gave me a quick smile and said a simple
“Hi Joe, bye Joe”
I heard the engine of the bike speed off into the distance almost instantly. In those few seconds of contrast as she walked around me I was surprised at Jody’s size. Of course I knew from Dallas that her sister was 5ft 10 inches tall and in the past I had always more or less looked eye to eye with her given her choices in footwear but tonight the Jody that strode rapidly to the door was wearing some open toed high heeled sandals and I could only estimate that she was a good six inches taller than me!
I don’t think she noticed in her haste but I certainly noticed this attractive girl who I could have stared in the neck. Sooner or later I thought one of these women in my life are going to notice I was shorter it was becoming increasingly obvious to myself.

I walked into the living room to wait and paced the floor excited by the prospect of seeing Dallas 
as Wonder Woman, what man wouldn’t want to see his girlfriend in such a costume especially if the girl happened to be naturally stacked up top and would do justice to such an outfit.

I didn’t hear Dallas walk up behind me on the carpet but I did just hear the stifled laugh as her hands came over my eyes from the rear.
“Guess who?”
She said still trying to hold back a small titter of a laugh.
“Could it be Wonder Woman?”
I smiled to myself knowing she obviously wanted a dramatic reveal when she would let me turn around.
“No Robin I’m a bad girl tonight”
Again her voice was enjoying the suspense of the build up.
I guessed or rather hoped for a slinky outfit.
“Think a little bigger”
What did she mean bigger?
“Poison Ivy?”
“No a lot bigger than that”
She laughed and I got the distinct impression that her voice was almost over head.
“I tell you what just keep still and I will give you a couple of big clues”
I did as I was instructed the anticipation almost killing me. I then had the oddest sensation as I felt two large forms rubbing beside my head, they were yielding to its shape just a little as they proceeded to press delightfully against me. It felt uncannily like a pair of breasts large full breasts but up at my head level? Perhaps it was part of her costume I thought a hat of some kind especially that high up? 
“Keep your eyes closed I want to spin you around…shorty”
Did she just call me shorty just like Debbie now does? I was smiling as I turned around my eyes fixed shut to humour her and I could feel whatever part of her it was brushing against my face with some silky soft material.
“You can open your eyes now”
She seemed to speak from above me which was quite disconcerting. 

As my eyes opened all I could see was a creamy coloured wall of material before my eyes? I stepped back and that material took the form of my girlfriend’s prominent bosoms projecting their ample outlines right in my face!
I gulped a little dryly and looked above what had to be the most exciting display of cleavage I had seen in my teenage years and up further the slim outline of her neck to the underside of her chin. My neck now tilting back more to see her beautiful face looking down at me. Her big baby blue eyes looked even larger with her make up that forced her eyelashes to appear very thick and full. The deep red lipstick she was wearing made her lips inviting and exaggerated how plump they were. She looked simply breathtaking with her hair pulled back and up high into a thick ponytail. 

I couldn’t speak for a moment as I tried to comprehend just how tall she was tonight realising that I was no where near to equalling her statuesque presence. She commanded the sensation within me of feeling like a small boy looking up at grown woman who happened to be very voluptuous. Dallas beamed a proud smile with her white teeth dazzling between those luscious lips and I could tell she was aware just how stunned I was by her and how surprised I was to see the difference between us.

She said softly and in a very sensual manner
“The names Giganta”
Her impression of the villainesses breathy voice continued as she assumed her character and my eyes wondered down her body to check out the delights in store. She had replicated the tight toga style outfit of Giganta with some silky fabric held in upon her slim waist with a gold belt. This ended in a short skirt at the bottom with slits either side that revealed a lot of the extents of her bare thighs and maybe a hint of her rear defining its pert shape. She had some sheer tan tights on that stretched down her now long seeming and very shapely pins until I could see some yellowy gold coloured ankle boots with tremendous high heels upon them. 

Dallas let me breathe in her appearance as my eyes journeyed back up to see how the material of that dress pulled sharply out to accommodate her large breasts and then settled into a wide scoop neck that showed mouth watering cleavage. I recalled Giganta from the Justice League cartoons and apart from Dallas’s natural blonde hair she looked every bit the part right down to the gold neck band and gold disk shaped earrings and bracelets on her arms.

“Ddd…dallas you look amazing!”
I offered unsure of what else to say
“and so incredibly tall?”
Dallas stepped forward finishing her posing and once more I was looking at the outline of her breasts , the hint of her nipples and bra defined under it but all of this level with my eyes because she was so extremely tall.
“Wow, I really feel like Giganta in these high heels. I tower over you little guy”
“Just how tall are you?”
I stepped back a little intimidated by her breasts wobbling in my vision so close and Dallas being so tall over me, it was very distracting.
“Well, I stand five foot seven and a smidge in my tights now and with these heels I’m topping six foot five inches tall. Isn’t that something I almost feel like Giganta looking at you down there”
“Six foot five? Woah no wonder you look so big tonight”
“Does it suit me, being this tall?”
What could I say she looked fantastic dressed this way with her curves and figure displayed to optimal effect and with the extra height her presence was dramatic, awesome even.
“I haven’t quite got over it, you look like an amazon to me now”
“I do, don’t I shorty?”
She teased and ruffled the hair on top of my head in a playful manner something from her height that she could do so easily now.
“Am I going be called shorty all evening?”
I had to ask not that it seemed as bad coming from Dallas, in fact from my girlfriend it was kind of a nice tease reminding me of her superior height.
“That depends on whether you can manage to kiss me whilst I’m standing up or not?”
Her gauntlet was thrown down and it did feel mighty odd wondering for the first time if I could reach a girls pair of lips or not.
“no problem, this looks like a job for….Robin”
I said dramatically and lifted my head to see that I was well short of my target. Dallas didn’t alter her posture she stood straight and tall waiting to see what I would do. Feeling a little pathetic I did what I recalled her doing to me when we first met and rose onto the extent of my tip toes to bridge the gap. Even this wasn’t close enough as I struggled to push another inch or so up only to find her lips close but unobtainable. I held this position in hope for a second but then wobbled and fell into Dallas with my face bouncing off of her chest as she laughed at my failure.
“Tell you what shorty, Ill bend my knees and come down to you because I’m much too tall”

As her knees bent she placed her hands on her knees and her face lined up with mine for a smacker of a kiss.
“You’re enjoying this aren’t you? You like the idea of being taller than me for the evening”
“Can you tell?”
She straightened up and once more loomed loftily over me.
“And how about my boyfriend does he mind looking up at me for the evening, hanging out with an amazon on his arm?”
“I certainly don’t mind the view from here, your height does have certain advantages”
I smiled in a lustful manner looking not at Dallas’s face but directly at her cleavage.
“Oh wow, look at you down there you’re only just as tall as them. Looks like you’re going to chatting with my boobs all night I might get jealous up here.”
“Boy I’m really gonna have a crick in the neck by the end of tonight or I’m going to be staring at those all evening and this cod piece is already tight enough”
“I noticed”
She glanced over her breasts and down at my crotch. 
“You are in for such a tease tonight, I’m really going to milk this”

I walked out with Giganta a little while later enjoying her teasing which started with our walk as she bumped her swaying hips into my side every now and again and I could see her high waist well above mine as the side of her perfect butt nudged into my waist. Just putting an arm around this beauty was a challenge tonight and I was glad she hadn’t opted for the fourteen inch heels she later told me about.
“So with this outfit they gave me three choices of shoes, six inches heels, ten inches and fourteen inches. You get to choose how much of a Giganta you really want to be”
“Tell me you didn’t consider the fourteen’s”
I smiled up to her looking at how high her bare shoulder was which almost came level with the top of my head.
“They were my first choice! Can you imagine that I would be over seven foot tall, what a scream that would have been. You would have been shorter than my boobs staring up at my bust ha!”
I could sense her enthusiasm she did seem to get a buzz out of being taller.
“Dallas, you are going to be head and shoulders above most people tonight like you are, even Steve is going to be shorter than you.”
“Yeh, well I would have gone for the fourteens but I couldn’t balance on the dam things I need more practice they are like stilts”
“And these ones aren’t?”
I grinned slapping her backside and making Dallas giggle.

The school hall where they held the fancy dress disco was buzzing. Looking around the outfits went from crazy to the ridiculous. This night was an eye opener for me however, I could handle Dallas looking like an amazon because that was her costume and down to her over the top high heel boost but as I look around the hall everyone I knew seemed that bit taller. Most of the guys in my year seemed to be very tall and worryingly many of the girls I hadn’t noticed the size of before now seemed as tall as me and some even taller. I shied away from direct comparison to any one I knew trying to sit or slouch around when I had to talk, luckily for me Dallas drew all the attention away as she danced in her huge heels with her revealing outfit trying to hold on to her animated breasts in full swing. She looked so good that I had to roll my tongue in on many an occasion, the outfit was perfect for someone with such a striking female figure and I am convinced many of the guys I knew would have been very envious of me. 

As the evening drew on some people left but Dallas and I were having such a great time having met up with Vicky and Phil and even chatting with my sister and my best friend Steve who joined us. Of course Dallas’s costume warranted much chatter and she seemed to be lapping it up.
“Gosh Dallas you look so tall stood next to Joe, doesn’t she Phil?”
“She’s tall next to me”
Phil added looking at the two of us and I was quick to sit down to avoid further comparisons being drawn. 

Dallas sat down next to me and conversation switched to the observation from Debbie that Jerry Simpson was studying her, she added that he had snuck some beers in and was a little drunk so he’d been a bit of a jerk tonight. It was only a minute or so later that he wandered over chatting to Phil and Steve acknowledging myself and Dallas in the process and clearly showing he was a touch under the influence, although to all of the sober crowd around me it was fun to listen to his stupid talk. He was dressed as Robin Hood and it was a good outfit aside from the fact that he looked far too short to be the hero type, yet his goatee beard did suit the image I thought although it was normally friar tuck that was the drunk of the merry men.

The evening was beginning to draw to a close and the traditional slow dance music began playing encouraging couples to the dance floor and prompting those men brave enough to ask the single girls to dance. I was very surprised when Jerry who couldn’t take his eyes of Dallas asked her for a dance. All of us must have had the same thought, Jerry in his compromised state probably hadn’t realised the difference between my girlfriend and himself as she had been seated for quite some time. I could see in Dallas’s blue eyes the mischievous light that sparkled as she was about to have some fun at his expense.
“Are you sure Jerry?”
“Of course I am, are you gonna dance with me or not Double D?”
He added her nickname which fuelled Dallas to tease him even more.
“Ok then but a big strong guy like you will have to help me up to my feet ok?”
A grin came to his face as he thought he had won the opportunity to dance with Dallas the object of his desire tonight. I was starting to stifle a laugh as I knew he wasn’t himself and didn’t know what he was doing. 

His unsteady hand reached down for Dallas who took it gladly and pulled herself up elegantly and so slowly to exaggerate every second of her body rising above her potential new dance partner. Up Dallas went until she stood tall on her heels and was looking clean over him whilst everyone else was amused to see how short she made him look. Jerry at a scrape over 5foot tall was fifteen inches shorter than Dallas tonight and that was a world of difference between them as he was now facing a beautiful busty blonde looking up at the chest he was previously admiring from below!
“Were did you go Jerry?”

Dallas pretended to look around for him not letting her head look down over the swell of her breasts.
By this time the rest of the group and I were all laughing at the spectacle of Jerry confronting
this blonde bombshell who towered over him so dramatically. Poor Jerry was stunned even in his half cut state and he couldn’t at first come to terms with the fact that those breasts he had been admiring moments ago were now hovering above his head threatening to rest themselves upon it which Dallas could quite easily have done if she chose to step forward. Despite his alcohol fuelled confidence to ask her to dance he suddenly began to retract his offer very rapidly.
“I don’t think this is such a good idea”
He muttered stepping back and looking up at her wide eyed as if trying to believe what he was seeing.
“Oh there you are Jerry. I didn’t see you down there with these big things in the way little guy.”
“Your huge!”
Jerry backed up and looked for a way out of his commitment to dance with her.
“That’s because my new boyfriend lets me wear high heels Jerry, don’t you think they make me look so tall and sexy?”
She stepped forward to intimidate poor Jerry and that was it for him as he watched those heavy breasts bobbing above his forehead.
“I gotta go!”
He snapped and almost ran away with most of us in fits of laughter at this time. 

When things had calmed a little Dallas decided to remain standing and offered her hand down to me.
“Care for a dance shorty?”
Her invitation was for all to hear and my sister especially smirked hearing Dallas copying her use of the name shorty when addressing me. I really didn’t want to get up before all the others yet Dallas had put me on the spot and it was the last couple of slow songs before the close of the dance. Standing up there was a few chuckling sounds from the group as they all saw my view lining up with my girlfriends very ample chest. Sure I was taller than Jerry but it was still belittling to 
show all my friends that my face was practically in my girlfriends cleavage when we stood opposite each other tonight. I didn’t have to wait long for my sister to comment.
“Dallas, be careful he won’t thank you for giving him two black eyes!”
“Hey Joe, there’s a step ladder in the caretakers office mate do you want me to get it?”
Steve joined in and I laughed along with them although it did make me feel a little inadequate.
“I’d say for a boyfriend he’s just the right size tonight”
Dallas said and tousled my hair once again leading me to the centre of the packed dance floor.

It was a first for me to be in the situation that I did not know where to look as Dallas took hold of me and we tried to assume the customary embrace for a slow dance. My hands rose awkwardly to her waist and my eyes didn’t know where to settle as her cleavage was thrust tantalizingly into my vision as I looked forward. Her beautiful face hovered above me and I lifted my neck to catch her pretty blue eyes and sweet smile glowing my way.
“Its ok you can hold me lower down”
She whispered and my hands sunk onto her firm rear settling upon those swaying hips that seemed wider than I recalled but in the nicest way.
Her hands dropped to my shoulders as she began to gyrate her body before me in a subtle but enticing manner that kept the ends of her breasts threatening to rub across my nose and eyes with the smooth material of her top. Keep your eyes up my mind said but the lust gravity was pulling them down to her cleavage which looked so much bigger tonight than I’d fantasized about before. Maybe it was the revealing outfit or maybe she was wearing a bra to enhance those fabulous inches. What ever, I was treated to those full E cups rising and falling, shifting and swaying before my eyes.
I had to look away but where? Her face, look at her eyes my mind said when Dallas seemed to note my predicament.
“Joe, don’t fight it. You can look at them I don’t mind in fact I insist”
Dallas purposely exaggerated a grand exhale and for a few exciting seconds the softness of the thin material that barely covered her breasts came into contact with my face. In that fleeting moment I was appreciating her firm yet giving bust as it made room for my features to smother into its alluring exterior. She knew what effect her body would have on me and I was at the mercy of her two most prominent weapons as they announced their existence very sexily.

“I bet you are glad now that I didn’t choose the six inch heels?”
Dallas grinned as she removed my face from her bosomy embrace.
“If you did I might have a pretty good chin rest right now”
I tried to joke to break the feelings she had just induced, trying to curtail the flow of blood that was surging downwards within me. 
“Oh boy, Dallas, we should stop dancing now”
I tried to warn but Dallas saw this as a perfect opportunity to accelerate her tease.
“I like being this tall and having your face down there”
She whispered lowering her head slightly down towards my ear and speaking in a manner that was intended to drive me wild.
“Look at my dress Joe, see my big nipples are hard because they know your lips are only inches away from sucking them”
Her sexy assault continued and I could see the indentations of her nipples asserting themselves beneath the thin dress and bra.
“It’s so sexy to think you could so easily kiss and suck at them whilst we both are standing up like this.”
More and more she whispered in a soft seductive tone and now I was feeling the uncontrollable and unstoppable results of her playfulness.
“Dallas, babe I need to sit down…..your making me so…”
I didn’t finish the sentence but Dallas did.
Came the word from her oh so innocent looking lips and once more she pretended to adjust her hold on me and briefly ploughed my face into the front end of her cleavage. I could smell her sweet perfume upon her tanned orbs and I could just see the evidence of a thin almost transparent pair of bra cups stressing to contain her impressive dimensions at the base of a deep dark line of womanly glory.
“Bet you are wishing that you were the Atom right now eh Joe?”
I was surprised by her reference to the Atom once more but she was using my imagination to good effect and very much against me as she carried on her barrage of teasing knowing she would get me totally hard. Truth was I found her teasing an extreme turn on and my imagination was so vivid as her words allowed me to form very real images in my mind of me standing there before Giganta as the Atom.
“You know you could shrink down at my feet Joe. Imagine standing right down there between these high heels waiting until your big girlfriends soft hand comes down to lift you up and to hold you in her giant palm”
I began to say don’t but she shushed me with a smile on her face and her words continued.
“But I wouldn’t leave you stood on my big hand for long. I wouldn’t be able to resist putting you right where you are fantasising about being at this very moment. Right where you eyes are staring, right where it’s so warm and so sexy for a little man to dream of being”

I was for those few seconds in that fantasy land held in her fingers and dangled over the open neck of that dress.
“I would just have to part these a fraction to make room for my little boyfriend”
She slipped a finger gently into her dark cleavage to emphasise the gap that she would produce, to everyone who might have been watching it was as if she were fixing her dress but at the same time Dallas offered me a glimpse deep into her top tilting forward just slightly so I could loose my eyes in there.
“You would be so small, so tiny that I could squeeze you into this dress and between my big , big enormous boobs….my giant boobs to you my little superhero”
That was it. All my resistance, my self control the things I relied on to keep me from embarrassment she had overridden with her womanly wiles and my Robin costume became very restrictive. The tent that had risen so evidently in my tights was brushing against Dallas’s thigh. I had no choice but to push closer to her to shield other dancers nearby from spotting my predicament, using my girlfriend’s body as a barrier. But that fact on its own was a mistake as her thighs felt so good. She could easily feel my arousal and my eyes lit up with the fire of passion and widened with fear of the moment. It told her how effective her actions and words had been and how her boyfriend was mere putty in her hands. All I needed was her to slow her movements to dull the contact between us, for her to stop being so sexy. But all six foot five inches of Double D Dallas in her tight revealing silky dress could never deny what came so natural to her and that was her gorgeous exterior forged by the dreams of a thousand men and unleashed tonight as she got inside my head planting these images that I couldn’t shake.ZIMMER 
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by ZIMMER on Tue Oct 16, 2007 11:07 pm 

Nov cont....

I only needed a few minutes to combat her to distract my train of thought but I knew that Dallas could tip me over the edge with just one action or one additional sentence. 
Her eyes fell mischievously to her cleavage thrust forward as it now was an inch from my face and my eyes joined where she was looking. Her dress had shifted just a little as her shoulders pushed back expanding her bust and apart from swelling her chest this action also revealed a few centimetres of the lacy trim of her white bra cups. With both our eyes transfixed for these few seconds she pulled me closer and my face met her cleavage once more as she spoke.
“Can you see yourself in there Joe, can you feel yourself slipping down inside this big bra with my giant sexy boobs surrounding you. I am Giganta, your Giganta and now I can use my powers to grow and make my boobs even more enormous around you, can you see them growing Joe can you see how tiny you are in my bra and getting so much tinier by the second?”

That was the last stroke and I had released in my costume, my manhood pumping hot liquid into my underwear and beneath my cod piece. It was a wonderful feeling as normal yet horrible at the same time because as this high I was experiencing began to wilt away I was going to face the results of my inability to resist Dallas. 

I think she was surprised to realise that she had achieved her goal and I knew that she was aware because it was so obvious as I shuddered in her arms a little and flushed in my face like a furnace was lit.
“Oh dear”
Dallas said in a half concerned yet half proud fashion looking into my scared eyes wondering what to do. I was in a state of shock as if I had been wrapped up in the best dream of my life and then thrown into a nightmare. The hot goo that was settling in my under garments felt awful and I’m sure it was going to begin seeping through to the outer layer if I didn’t attend to it fast.

Our dancing was almost at a standstill yet we couldn’t cease it or that would draw attention to us. Dallas took the initiative seeing that I was incapable of figuring an easy method of getting off the dance floor without exposing my accident. As the dance floor was packed my main friends couldn’t see us at the heart of the action and little by little Dallas began guiding our dance through the crowds keeping me close to her at all times and heading towards a side exit with the corridors beyond. I was so glad of her size as she concealed my bulging front by staying so close trying not to step on my feet with her shoes. 
It seemed an age before we made it through the double doors and into the corridor. 
Dallas said and laughed, I for one wasn’t laughing and quickly looked for the boys toilets. This side exit of the hall wasn’t supposed to be open access from the disco as the main entrance to the hall was the channel to the main toilets and that meant no one was around much to my current thankfulness. As we found the male toilets there was a banner across it labelling it closed and I rattled the door knob with no effect.
“Dam its shut!”
I cussed and felt things getting worse in my underwear as the slimy remains of my enjoyment now threatened to make their way out of my underpants and down my left leg.
“This one”
Dallas said and ushered me into the girl’s toilets which I didn’t like but it was a necessity to sort my self out.

“I’m so sorry”
Her slightly insincere voice chuckled uncontrollably whilst I dived into a cubicle and pulled away my tights and shorts. Yes it was a mess and a fine one at that because there was no way for me to put back on my underwear.
“Oh man, that’s disgusting”
I muttered and Dallas kept outside still chortling heartily to herself which seemed so insensitive but then I guess in reflection it was pretty funny. 
“Can I see?”
Her laughter had ceased allowing her to look around the door to see me half naked holding a pair of my boxers which were stuck nicely together in a horrid little bundle. 
“Joe, I was so naughty back there but I couldn’t help myself it’s so easy to tease you now”
“Yeh, I know….oh man look at me, what am I going to wear now?”

I looked at my costume and the green tights had a nice dark stain down the leg area where things had seeped through, the green codpiece was displaying a nice large dark green patch and both were impossible to wear. Throwing them on the floor I asked Dallas to lock the door to the toilets just in case and I stepped out to the sink basins and did what I could to wash them through. Having cleaned myself and the items off I looked at the sopping material and then tried the hand dryer.
“It doesn’t work”
I said defeated.
“I think both the toilets in this wing are closed for refurbishment”
Dallas began as I wrung out the material still feeling the residue of my liquids in some places it was impossible to shift without a real wash.
“But you look great like that Joe”
She sauntered over to me her heels click clacking on the tiles as she eyed up my now flaccid manhood hanging shamefully between my legs.
“Man this is so embarrassing you are such a tease, that body of yours should be made illegal”
“I don’t think it was just my body. I think little Joe down there liked the game we were playing.”
For now I didn’t go into things but changed the subject, I should have been mad at Dallas but how could I have a go at her for giving me such a sensational day dream correction wet day dream.
“You can’t wear these”
Dallas held my disgusting tights and bottoms in her fingers.
“Any suggestions?”
Looking around there was nothing to improvise with.
“We’ll sneak out one of the class room windows down the corridor and go to my house, I can clean your things up there”
”Sure one problem”
I pointed out my body was half naked bringing a large smile to her face.
“I’ve an idea”
She grinned and began removing her huge high heels. I watched in amazement as she came down to a more normal size and then she leaned against the litter bin and started to pull off her sheer tights and then through them in a ball across at me.
“Put those on”
“no way!”
I refused looking at the smooth nylons in my hands.
“What choice do you have Joe?”
She did have a point.
“They won’t fit me”
I said and regretted that I did as Dallas looked down at her legs and then across at mine.
“I think they will my legs are longer than yours and those tights fit me”
Should I challenge her observation? I decided not to but as I slipped on the soft tights keeping an eye on Dallas she was bending over removing some black panties.
“and you can put these on over the top”
There was a laugh in her suggestion but she was serious and her freshly worn underwear landed in my hand.
I questioned but looked down to see the short tunic like top of my Robin costume ended only a few inches below my waist and my full tackle was exposed much to the delight of my girlfriend as it was visible through the tights.
“Come on Joe you cant go home half naked and no one will notice in the dark and from a distance it will still look like the Robin costume”
Her arguments made sense as much as it pained me to slip on her underwear over the tights but I was lucky this wasn’t one of her skimpier thong type pairs or one of the lacy ones she tended to wear so often. 

I felt daft or worse than daft yet my get up was only temporary whilst we made it back to her house. As we exited the school by a class room window Dallas couldn’t help but comment as I positioned my legs ready to drop down from the window. 
“Hey Joe, don’t snag my tights will you, I want to wear those again”
“You’re a comedian”
I answered and helped her to the ground after myself noticing a flash of her bare sex as her skirt fluttered in the wind with her jump.

When we made it back to her house I was so relieved that we had seemingly gotten away with it and my mind for the last few minutes was thinking about the fact that she was wearing nothing under that short skirt. 
“Good Jody isn’t back yet”
She said as we let ourselves in and made for her bedroom.
“You can borrow my dressing gown it’s hanging up over there and I’ll wash your gear.”
Dallas seemed to delight herself in offering yet more of her clothes for me to put on but it did cover me whilst I stripped off her tights and panties. I waited in her room for Dallas to return and sat on the bed. Nosing around this very girly environment consisting of almost pink everything I couldn’t help but find my eyes drawn to the open wardrobe door and the sheet of cardboard stuck upon it displaying the height chart she had mentioned. Curious I walked over noticing as I stood my girlfriends fluffy pink dressing gown was well below my knees and not small on me in the slightest.

The cartoon giraffe told of Dallas’s steep rise to her current level of 5ft 7inches and the extra bit as she had proudly pointed out in conversation. This mark looked taller than me and I stood there fixated on it for a moment wondering if it actually was. It was at this point that I heard Dallas return.
“Want me to measure you shorty?”
Did I dare say yes? I knew it would put me out of my misery if she did and it would lay my cards on the table, sharing this with someone could really help. I took a deep breathe and simply said
“Then put your back to the door and stand up straight”
I stood straight as possible, my spine pressed flat to the wooden door and it was never straighter. I fought for every possible fraction of my size to get the best measurement. Dallas walked towards me with a thin smile, had she seen the result already? No that wasn’t the cause of her smile it was the thought of what she planned next. With her enormous heels still on she closed the gap between us and suddenly her face became a pair of breasts or rather her face and neck rose above my forward view leaving her large chest to fill my vision. Closer still she moved and I felt her bosom flatten against my face as she reached over me to mark my size.
“Oops sorry babe, I forgot you were down there.”
She stepped back with a giggle knowing she had just plastered me in her E cups once more.
“I hope my boobs behaved themselves they have a thing for short guys. Like their owner”
I didn’t complain it was more than nice and distracted me from the results of the measuring.
“I forgot to mark you off silly me, lets try that again”
As planned she assumed the same position and once again treated me to the delights of her oversized bust rubbing it lovingly in my face and blotting out the rest of the bedroom around me.
“No way!”
Her voice squealed from above and a half excited and half stunned Dallas stepped back with her hand over her mouth.
“What, what is it?”
“Your height Joe”
Here it comes the moment of truth I thought to myself.
“Without these heels of mine we are practically the same size, look for yourself!”
I turned with her head peering over my shoulder and there it was her new red pen mark freshly applied and it corresponded with 5ft 7 inches almost spot on. A small few millimetres above it was a blue line with Dallas 16yrs Nov 2005 written beside it.
“See there, that’s me and that’s you a smidge below. We are the same size that’s amazing isn’t it?”
“I’m 5ft 7 inches tall”
I read off the chart.
“We both are Joe isn’t that great?”
“You think so?”
I needed her assurance that she wasn’t disappointed with my size but I also wondered why she didn’t click that I used to be taller, should I say something?
“Yeh, I haven’t told you before but I have a thing for short guys, that’s why I dated Jerry originally”
That was revealing I thought.
“Wait a second I was a lot taller than you when we first went out”
”I know, you were an exception to the rule but only because I fancied you so much and figured I was growing and recently well wow, just look at how I’ve shot up. I used to need heels on to kiss you standing?”
She leaned down and removed her Giganta shoes a strange curious look on her face as she stood level with me for the first time.
“But I haven’t grown that much?”
Her face screwed up in thought
“ Didn’t you used to be up here?”
Our eyes met, we were equals squaring each other in the face as her hand gestured a few inches above me and then fell.
“What gives?”
I had to come clean she didn’t seem to mind my size or lack of it and her puzzled expression needed to be addressed as much as I need to confide in someone.
“I used to be 5ft 11 inches tall, well when we met”
“Joe don’t be so stupid you would have been really tall like my sister”
“I was taller than Jody when we first met. I remember coming around here last spring she was in your garage trying to reach down some camping gear stowed in the roof and I managed to get it without a ladder for her.”
“that cant be?”
She went silent.
“Oh Joe you are such a kidder! I really don’t mind that you’re my size honest it’s nice, makes kissing even easier”
Our lips locked and she pressed against me which proved to me that this wasn’t the petite girl I first met. That girl had to stretch up on her heels to flattened her healthy bust against my lower chest but the girl that I now held compressed her two sizeable assets upon my upper chest and we were chin to chin.
“Kissing is better but I wasn’t kidding, I really used to be 5ft 11 ask Jody when you see her”
Dallas didn’t know what to say, she couldn’t work out what was going on and thought was my lame humour.
“Hey Joe, joking aside do you realise I might grow to be taller than you in a few months at the rate I’m shooting up. Wouldn’t that be something looking up to your beautiful girlfriend for real”
Her words had more meaning than she knew and this was something I hadn’t really mentally prepared for. Dallas backed her words up by elevating on her toes and rising a few inches over me bringing her open cleavage to the base of my neck teasing the top of my collar. 
“Can you imagine me up here Joe?”
“Part of me is looking forward to it”
I let that comment slip out before I had even processed it. But part of me, a large healthy part of me did find her increasing size appealing and she could see the look in my eyes.
“Still I am going to be the taller one when we go out from now on, by at least three or four inches”
She smiled and her eyes strayed to the open cupboard behind me where there was row upon row of shiny high heels in all varieties waiting to be adorn her pretty feet.
“After tonight those will seem a little short”

We both laughed and kissed again when the sound of a motorcycle engine broke the meeting of our lips.
“Great it’s Jody, let’s see what she has to say on the subject of height eh?”
Her challenging look was presented to me and she expected me to admit I was lying before but of course I wasn’t. Stood in my girlfriends pink dressing gown I didn’t feel ready to meet with her sister.
“Um, in case you haven’t noticed I’m wearing your gown”
I warned but it didn’t deter Dallas.
“And it looks good on you.”
Her hand pinched my rear and I felt every second of the next few minutes as we waited to hear Jody’s heels tip tapping up the wooden stair case. With each step I receded into the bedroom away from the door until I sat on the bed ensuring to cover my naked lower half up with the gown.
“Jody? Sis, will you come in here a second?”
“Sure what is it?”
Jody strode in and stood at the doorway looking very hot in her leather skirt and tight top. I noted how her little sister shared similar curves yet where Jody had the advantages of a few additional inches in height Dallas excelled with a few additional inches on her bust. Not to say that Jody was flat chested far from it, she had a healthy pair of D cups if my guess was accurate yet that paled in comparison to her little sisters assets.
“Joe? Why are you wearing my sisters dressing gown?”
“Um…you know….well, I erm…long story”
I said uncomfortably
“He had an accident, I’m washing his leggings”

Dallas stepped in for me and I was concerned to see what she would say.
“We cut through the park and he fell into that stagnant marsh water mucking about pretending to be Robin”
Wow, how inventive I thought, this girl can deliver a lie well.
“That’ll teach you to show off. How was the dance?”
“Good! Very good, this Giganta costume stole the show. You were right sis I was taller than nearly everyone there. It was fun to look down on the people I know for a change especially Joe here”
“Bit of a role reversal having my little sister tower over you eh Joe?”
Before I could answer Dallas chipped in
“Well he might have to get used to it sis, since I’ve been growing it seems Joe and I are the same size now”
“Dallas stop dreaming, you’re not as tall as me yet shorty and Joe’s definitely taller than me”
Jody’s statement had Dallas confused, she knew that I hadn’t set her up.
“Jody why do you think Joe is taller than you?”
“Because he is dummy. I think that I would notice if he was shorter than me after all this time you’ve been dating him. Are you tripping here or what?”
”Joe, show her”
Dallas gestured for me to stand and I really didn’t want to compare myself with Jody yet knew it would be the only way I would be believed. 

Slowly I stood and Jody looked at me strangely up and down went her eyes until she knew I wasn’t holding any of my height back. Slowly she walked up to me and as she did so my eyes rose up to meet hers finding them way higher than my own. 
“What’s the trick?”
She smiled and walked around me suspiciously as if we were applying some illusion to her.
“Wait a minute I’m wearing five inch heels, so I’m six foot three inches tall in these….”
I listened to her trying to make sense of the situation, openly reasoning with her thoughts.
“You’re at least five foot eleven so I should only be four inches taller tops?”
She seemed to be counting down the inches between us, my head was starting somewhere below her chin.
“You should be up here?”
Jody drew the side of her hand to her nose area and couldn’t work out what was going on.
“That’s what I’ve been trying to convince Dallas, I’m not as tall as I used to be”
”Wait a minute you’re not saying that you’re four inches shorter than you used to be?”
”Look at me. I’m a squirt compared to you and we used to look more or less eye to eye”
A look of shock rippled across her features and she turned to Dallas.
“Sis, your boyfriends shrinking!”

I left the company of both Jody and Dallas sometime later when my clothes had dried enough for me to wear. We had spent a lot of time discussing my stature or lack of and theorising how it could have happened but of course no reasonable explanation presented itself. Jody was intrigued by my predicament whilst Dallas was concerned for me yet decidedly excited by the prospect that she could be end up taller than me without heels, she made no effort to hide this and how much it appealed to her. I for one didn’t know how I felt. It half scared me that I had lost four inches but things did look better from my current perspective. Dallas’s body seemed so much more substantial, her legs longer and her hips fuller and of course my favourite part of her anatomy being her chest just seemed a touch bigger which all combined made things interesting.

When I returned home my mother had just been dropped off by her date and we exchanged pleasantries as we met on the garden path. Stepping in doors I quite forgot to conceal my size and to avoid direct comparison as mother was still wearing her heels. It took her only seconds to notice this.
“Joe, stand up, don’t slouch its not good for your posture. You will end up with a back like your grandfather”
That was all I could say as my mother suddenly did a double take.
“Jeez I thought these were conservative heels? I feel huge in these”
“It’s not your heels mum…..”
I poured out my heart to my mother and like the trooper she was I found myself comforted with sympathetic words as she came to terms with the fact that her son was shorter than he had been.
It was then that I stepped out of my Robin shoes and showed her that they were size six yet fitted me perfectly.
“This is too much! We have the same size shoes now!”

It was Debbie and she must have been eaves dropping into our conversation. She was still dressed as Alice and still looked very tall and now very smug.
“I knew something was up or rather down”
Debbie smirked and shifted herself so she was as tall as she could manage.
“My brother is officially a shrimp”
“Debbie leave your brother alone this is difficult for him can’t you see that?”
I watched Debbie remove her baby doll shoes and much like Dallas she was my size now.
“Mum look we are the same size! Quick measure us back to back”
With an insistent tone Debbie didn’t waste any time manoeuvring both of us into position and I felt my sisters shoulder resting upon my own, her backside touching mine and her head leaning onto my own.
“Well mum? Who’s taller? Your son or your daughter?”
My mother hesitated and then answered.
“You are Debbie only just which means Joe needs our support there’s definitely something wrong here Joe, people don’t just shrink”
Debbie was taller than me now? This was an awful conclusion her ribbing would never cease.
“You mean he is really shrinking? My brother is becoming my little brother?”
“Debbie cut it out”
“Mum do you think this is going to go away?”
My question was posed unfairly but I was hoping beyond hope that my mother knew the answers.
“I don’t know son, I really don’t know….”

That night I didn’t sleep well. My mother was concerned about my condition as she now called it and it made me more nervous about it as I looked in her face which was blank and devoid of any answers. Tomorrow we would go to the doctors for an emergency appointment.

Next morning I was up and ferreting through my newer clothes trying to see what fitted best. I didn’t recall the waist’s being so generous or the elastic in my new boxers but maybe I had opted for slightly larger sizes than were appropriate? Or at least I told myself that this morning. My mother cooked breakfast she was dressed by the time I came down and so was Debbie who I really didn’t want to face this morning. However she seemed to be engrossed in a soap opera she had taped from last night as she ate her cereals. When I had finished my breakfast I ask if my mother wanted a hand with the dishes and got up to help, that’s when I first noticed that my mother seemed taller than yesterday and she wasn’t wearing any shoes in the house.

“Joe? Oh no it’s happened again hasn’t it?”
I just nodded and looked my mother in the eyes. 
“What has? Did he shrink again mum?”
Somehow Debbie just tuned in on our chatter as if her gossip alert sensors had kicked in. I could see she was dressed casually in a long flowing skirt and a t-shirt but upon her feet she wore some slip on wedges with a cork style heel that must have been three inches high. Rapidly she seemed to cover the distance from the tv in the living room to the kitchen and if I thought she was tall yesterday in heels she looked much bigger today, a good five inches taller than me.
“Mum, Joe’s as short as you are!”
“Thanks Debs”
I frowned at her obvious delight.
“Sorry little brother I didn’t mean to but you just look so short it’s amazing! Hey lets do what we did last night to see the difference”
Again she assumed a back to back position with me but I could sense the differences in an instant.
Her waist was higher, and her shoulders rose above my own as I looked back.
“You have definitely lost a couple of inches over night Joe, you poor thing”
My mother pulled me to her and I felt uncomfortable as she tried to comfort me. For now I felt numb to it all and it hadn’t really sunk in yet.
“Come on lets get you down to that doctor”

I struggled with my shoes for a while the size seven’s seemed to slop on my feet and I was contemplating my trick to pad them out. Unfortunately both Debbie and my mother saw my current challenge.
“Those are the new ones, the smaller ones aren’t they?”
My mother stated the obvious.
“Yeh, it’s like they belong to someone else”
“mmm, well maybe a couple of pairs of socks?”
She suggested trying to be helpful when Debbie butted in delighted to be of help.
“Try these bruv”
A pair of her white tennis shoes were handed my way and I took one look at them and pushed them away.
“Honey she is trying to help, they are her tennis shoes no one will notice”
Reluctantly I tried my sisters shoes on and they fitted perfectly if not a little roomy although I wouldn’t admit to that. It felt mighty odd to find my formally large feet accommodated by my sister’s footwear. She laughed and was cut short by my mother’s protective streak.
“Debbie don’t it’s not funny”
“But his feet are like my size, it’s really weird to see my big brother wearing my shoes”
“Not as weird for me standing in them”
I added and grabbed my oversized jacket but decided not to bother with it. As we were about to leave my sister couldn’t resist a little wise crack.
“Hey Joe, seeing as you can wear my shoes now you might want to borrow a pair of my high heels for your date with Dallas tonight”

Dallas I hadn’t thought about her this morning in relation to my size but Debbie was right she was taller than me and our date tonight could be more than interesting. I occupied my mind on this matter as we walked to the Doctors surgery and my mother just smiled when I looked at her walking beside me. She was taller again but only due to the small heels on her court shoes. I hadn’t looked up to my mother since I was thirteen and it did seem really odd to be thinking of her as tall again.

Doctor Vash I had never been to see before, she was Swedish and a woman with impeccable English and unfortunately for myself a very tall woman from what I could tell from the top half of her that sat behind the desk as we entered her room for our appointment. It was extremely embarrassing listening to my mother explain my condition and worse in the fact that Dr Vash was a good looking blonde, a little thin for my tastes but attractive for a doctor with her platinum blonde hair and big green eyes.

When my mother had finished telling my tale the Doctor seemed openly sceptical but she went through the motions of measuring me upon her laser based device much like the ones you now see at airports. I was a little speechless to see that the Doctor was a good six foot two in her modest heels which made me uncomfortable as she stood so close to me adjusting some buttons on the measuring device.

“Your son is sixty four and a half inches tall, there is no cause for alarm he may be on the short side for his age but it’s nothing unusual to be concerned about, with luck he may yet grow another few inches. He is as we term it on the slow timetable, puberty sometimes follows a shallow curve before it finally spikes.”
“You don’t get it Doctor”
My mother said firmly and then calmed a little.
“He used to be five foot eleven inches tall”
“Like I said before and with all due respect people do not shrink it is medically and scientifically impossible”
The air of frustration from my mother was clear and what didn’t help our case was the fact that my height had never been recorded on my official records. They seemed to argue for a long while as the Doctor must have been humouring my mother to test my blood pressure and ask me some questions about my general health, diet and other such areas.

“Joe you are in excellent health, you are physically fit and nothing about your current state of health concerns me in the least, now I know you might be anxious at your age because a lot of your class mates are growing around you and I am sure that it is especially noticeable in girls of your age.
Girls do tend to accelerate in their growth patterns much earlier than boys and you have a few years yet to catch them up.”
“Doctor he’s a twin, his sister is over two inches taller than him since yesterday alone”
“Look I really don’t wish to enter into this conversation again, Joe is not shrinking perhaps he is just not as tall as you imagined he was”
My mother let rip with some words that I won’t repeat but the Doctor kept a cool professional air and calmed the situation by conceding that she would record my results today and that we should monitor any changes. Frustrated we left and my mother cussed repeatedly about the Doctors attitude all the way home. We discussed my condition for a long time and with the Doctors insistence that I was very healthy we decided to leave things for now and see if I did start to grow back.

That evening I was going to meet Dallas at the local café before we tried to get into a club, the Starlight was a very cool club and a lot of the guys in my year had managed to get in with their girlfriends despite the 18 years of age restriction. My mother wouldn’t condone what we planned this evening but everyone did this type of thing and I didn’t want to let Dallas down as she was going to meet Vicky and some of our friends inside.

Sat in the Café I wondered what she would think of the fact that her boyfriend was shorter than her now and it made me a little anxious as I waited sucking at the milkshake before me and staring out of the window. I was unhappy with my clothes tonight, the trousers I wore were held with a belt on its last notch and my mother had kindly tacked some stitches into them to shorten the legs. My shoes were padded out and threatening to leave me if I moved too fast so I knew any wild dancing was out of the question. My top was a polo shirt with a designer label but more than a bit baggy even though it was from the smaller clothes I had bought not so long ago.

I caught sight of Dallas bounding up the steps of the café and wolf whistles sounded in my head. She was drop dead gorgeous a knock out tonight and wearing a very short red dress that was tight everywhere. It was one of those little numbers that would have her checking it hadn’t ridden up her rear every few seconds not that I minded at all. Her boobs looked huge in profile as she walked up the stairs and I imagined they would enter the café well before the rest of her! With her hair up in a neat style that simply dangled a few loose strands down the front of her cheek bones she looked very sophisticated and easily able to acquire the few years of additional age we needed to portray tonight. What I hadn’t seen yet were her shoes but I knew an outfit this good wouldn’t be the same without dress heels.

Hearing the tip tap of heels against the polished floor of the café a moment later Dallas approached the table where I sat and she was drawing more than a few admiring glances from the older men nearby. I saw some very sexy open toed strappy high heels upon her feet which had those thin leather bands that crossed in a pattern up the lower part of her legs. 
“Hey Joe”
“Dallas you look fantastic!”
“Can I get you a shake or a coffee?”
“I’ll have a chocolate shake with the sprinkles on it”
She smiled lighting up the room and slid herself into the seat opposite as I ordered her drink. 
“Cant wait to get there tonight Vicky tells me they went last week and they have three dance floors each with different themes”
“Sounds cool”

I was a little reserved wondering how to break the news of my recent reduction in height to actually inform my girlfriend that I was officially shorter than her now.
I began slowly looking into the blue eyes of her angelic face.
“I need to tell you something”
“What is it Joe? Is something wrong?”
”Remember last night when your sister said that I was shrinking”
“You’re not still bothered by that are you Joe? It really doesn’t bother me honest. I know it may be frightening for you to have lost four inches but I’m here for you and I’m not going anywhere….shorty.”
“Dallas how would you honestly feel if I was actually shorter than you, I mean without your high heels on?”
I looked into her eyes as I asked trying to detect any slight concern yet I’m sure that the look she returned was one of excitement which was consistent with her attitude to the topic last night. This girl of mine seemed to be happy with the idea of me being shorter than her.
“Joe, I love the fact that I can be taller than you in a pair of my heels but to be taller than you naturally would be really something. I like being taller than my guy and who know’s, if I grow a couple of inches over the next year like Jody did and if you don’t grow at all it might really happen”
“Is that why you dated Midget because you liked being taller than him?”
She instantly flushed a little in her face and looked like I had caught her out some how.
“I can’t help it but I do find being taller than a guy turns me on. I know it’s not the norm as most girls in our year want the big tall hunks but I don’t like it so much when a guy looks down on me. Yet when I look down on a guy like when I was so much taller you last night it makes me all tingly inside I can’t explain it”

Her eyes sought some kind of acceptance from me and to be honest it was a relief to know that she wasn’t liable to ditch me for my lack of stature but on another level it was strange to be shrinking and to be dating a girl who might just love this fact.
“Anyway Joe, I know you enjoyed my teasing last night”
She sipped her milkshake licking her lips in a seductive manner as those eyes began to flirt with me.
“I mean that’s the second time I’ve made you loose it just teasing you about me being bigger than you….that is a whole lot bigger than you”
It was my turn to flush red but I couldn’t lie there was something inside me that enjoyed the way Dallas would paint a sexy scene with her words.
The beautiful face across from me just smiled at my admission.
“So Joe what is it that you want to tell me, I figure there’s something that’s bothering you tonight?”
“Dallas, last night I measured 5 foot 7 inches the same as you but this morning I was shorter”
A look of shock fell on her face but only for an instant as she pushed her milkshake aside giving me her full attention.
“Now you’re teasing me right?”
“No, I’m shorter than you today it’s like you got your wish”
There was a look of guilt and concern that met my answer and Dallas placed her hand over mine upon the table which was odd as I could swear my hand was almost eclipsed by hers.

“Joe I’m so sorry, believe me I’ve nothing to do with your shrinking honestly. I won’t deny it doesn’t excite me, or that I haven’t dreamed about you being shorter, I mean really shorter than me. But this isn’t a dream and I know you must be scared to death.”
Her hand squeezed gently onto my own
“It doesn’t really help having a girlfriend who finds it a turn on does it when you are worried sick about loosing those inches?”
“Actually it does”
I smiled
“I’m just so glad you are ok with this and still want to be with me.”
A more flirtatious grin formed on my lips and I added a compliment.
“And I have to admit looking tall suits you, especially with those long legs of yours”
“Oh really, you like these legs of mine eh?”
I felt the end of her shoe rub the inside of my trousers under the table as she sipped innocently at her milkshake finishing it off. Then her tongue slowly ran over her plump lips removing every trace of the chocolate and putting on a nice show for me at the same time.
“So these long legs of mine that you lust after…how much taller do they make me, I mean compared to my boyfriend today?”
“About two inches in your stocking feet”
“You’re five foot five?”
“Can I see?”
Her face lit up eager to compare our stats and I felt the insecurity of my height creeping up on me.
“Come on Joe, stand up lets have a look at you”
As I stood up Dallas appeared almost disappointed.
“You don’t look any shorter from down here”
I offered a hand to her and she rose to her feet standing a full six inches taller than me.
“But you do look shorter from up here”
She smiled and I found my eyes staring just below her chin. 

As we walked off towards the club that night I couldn’t help but notice how she proudly strutted around on her heels revelling upon the difference between us. 

I told Dallas of my trip to the doctors and she didn’t seem surprised that the doctor failed to believe my story and in reflection neither was I. People just don’t shrink period. 
“Do you think you will get any shorter Joe?”
“I know you’d like that Dallas but it scares me to think that I could end up less than 5 foot tall.”
“Poor baby”
She placed a long arm over my shoulders and leaned down a little to kiss my cheek.
“Still just a bit shorter would be nice”
I couldn’t believe her comment and looked up into her big baby blues as we stopped walking just in sight of the club across the street.
“Dallas you already look like your six foot four in those heels tonight at least from my perspective”
“Do I?”
A small giggle came from her lips.
“Just how short would you want me, given the choice because you already tower over me”
“I know, but it would be kind of sexy if you were say down here”
Her hand levelled at her bust which didn’t seem that far away as it was.
“You know so my boobs were in your face for real, and don’t tell me you didn’t enjoy that at the fancy dress the other night as much as I did”
“But that’s pretty short Dallas”
“Just a few more inches they aren’t all that far down from you right now”
“I think that I would rather you wore some higher heels”
“That can be arranged”
Dallas said teasingly and leaned down to kiss me.

As we approached the club there were some seriously tall bouncers stood either side of the double doors vetting some of the small procession of people lining up to go in. As we took our turn to queue I heard a voice from behind the bouncers.
It was Vicky and she must have gone through just prior to our arrival.
“Vicky, be there in a sec, you can get the drinks in!”
Dallas chirped and confidently walked between the bouncers with me until I felt a huge hand clamp down on my shoulder from behind. I looked up to see the gorilla sized proportions of one of the bouncers holding me back.
“You can go through miss but leave the kid outside, run along squirt this clubs for eighteens and over”
“But I’m nineteen”
I lied as convincingly as I could manage but this man the size of a professional wrestler just shoved me to the side and shook his head.
“Scram shorty you’re trying my patience”

I watched as Dallas was ushered through and told not to hold the progress of the line up and she mouthed “sorry” and flashed a sympathetic look my way.
“Don’t worry about me, you enjoy yourself!”
I projected my voice and didn’t see any reason why Dallas at least couldn’t enjoy her evening but I walked off with my head hung low realising my height was beginning to alter my life in many other ways. I had always been able to slip into clubs with an eighteen restriction since I was fifteen but that was six inches ago.

The next day I readied myself for school, my shirt was baggier than I would have liked making my collar look oversized whilst my trousers fitted well thankfully to my mother who had spent last night modifying some of my clothes. I noticed several inches of the trousers legs had been tucked inside and neatly stitched whilst the waist band was if anything a little tight where my mother had lined some elastic inside it. My school shoes however were simply too large and I grimaced when I noted how sloppy they felt.
“Darling we need to get you some more shoes and clothes”
My mother was aware of my ill fitting shoes as she poured me a cup off coffee.
“I might have a pair for him”
Debbie had already eaten and was rummaging through the small collection of shoes we kept in the hallway. She held up a pair of dark blue women’s court style shoes with a small heel upon them.
“Here you go bro but don’t scuff them ok?”
I barked not in the mood for her teasing and my mother chided her for not being sympathetic to my condition. 
“Ready to go shorty?”
Debbie called a while later waiting for me to join her which I reluctantly did as we headed off for school together. As normal I found Dallas waiting for me beside the library as she sat on the cold stone steps looking through her shoulder bag. 
“Good time last night Dallas?”
“It was fun but not so much without you there. I’m so sorry that I left you outside Joe it made me feel guilty all night”
“It’s not a biggy”
I pretended it hadn’t bothered me to ease her feelings and was happy when she changed the subject swiftly.
“Can I go swimming with you tonight?”
“Yeh I’d like that, I normally go around 6pm we could meet at the entrance”
Dallas could probably see the inner smile her suggestion made as I would do practically anything to see her in a bathing suit. My regular routine and lengths could easily be broken just for the pleasure of having her to feast my eyes upon. I also made a mental note that I would have to pick up a pair of new swim shorts on the way home.
“Joe, can we sneak around the back of the library a minute?”
I smiled knowing fore well she wanted to find somewhere more secluded so we could kiss, the rear access way to the library had been a regular spot for us to find some private time together as it was for many couples at school now and again. 

Watching Dallas walk in front of me I was struck once more upon just how much a difference two inches makes, she was wearing some fashionable black ankle boots with at least three inch heels and certainly not appropriate footwear for school not that the rest of her outfit was conforming to regulation either. Her skirt was short and in this winter season she wore some thick tights whilst her blouse was simply tight and definitely bulging under her jacket. Dallas never looked like a real school girl she always appeared to resemble a very well developed woman who had tried on her old school outfit to find it a little revealing and this I loved about her.

No sooner had I turned the corner to the access way at the rear of the building did Dallas plant a major kiss on my forehead. This was strange because she had never kissed me like that before and it amused her to no end.
“Hey I’m still a bit tall for you even in my school shoes”
She beamed loving her new vantage point over me.
“Do you wanna take those off for a minute?”
I suggested knowing I stood a better chance of kissing her without the additional three inches.
“Not a chance shorty I’m enjoying feeling this tall”
Our lips collided only due to the fact that Dallas bent down enough to meet mine which meant that she commanded the kiss deciding when she would withdraw and take those luscious lips out of my reach.
“About last night Joe, I’ll make it up to you at the swimming pool this evening”
She whispered sultrily and I wondered what she intended to do knowing it could be a long day at school.
“How about a little taster for your boyfriend right now?”
I pushed my luck a little and made sure both our eyes followed my quick scope of the impressive formations beneath her blouse.
“There’s nothing little about these shorty, feel for yourself”
The zip came down upon her jacket and I reached an eager hand inside to cup what I could of her right breast. It was then that I swear her breasts seemed to swell in my hand noticeably getting larger as if they were expanding on purpose to challenge my grasp.
“Woah!That was really hot, your boobs just got even bigger!”
I almost dribbled as I could now see her mounds were larger than before in relation to my hand as it glided across her smooth blouse noticing the evident increase.
“Joe, it’s not just my boobs that got bigger”
She said in a breathless manner as if she was suddenly very aroused. I broke my lustful stare tearing my eyes away from her chest to see that Dallas was right she had grown several inches taller and my eyes comfortably settled upon her lower neck and the open collar of that blouse. 
“You’re so tall!”
These obvious words fell from my mouth in a natural fashion as I looked up at a girlfriend who appeared to be three of four inches taller than literally a few moments ago. Half biting her lip Dallas looked down at me from her now lofty height and softly spoke.

“Baby I’m still the same height, you just shrunk before my very eyes it was incredible. One minute you were up here to me and now……my boobs are getting closer to you just like I fantasized”

It all struck me in an instant my waist band was now slacker, my shoes struggling to stay on and my recently altered trousers covering the best part of those shoes with the excess. I couldn’t have been much more than 5ft tall and her observation was spot on because her boobs would surely serve as a neck brace if I needed the support.

“I didn’t feel anything only you seemed to get bigger?”
“I am a lot bigger but so is everything and everyone else, Vicky is going to flip when she sees you.
I don’t think you are any taller than she is now!”
Was I really the size of Vicky Parsons? Of course I was, she was always standing just proud of Dallas’s breasts which I had noticed on several occasions wondering what the view was like when she conversed with her buxom pal, well now I shared that view and had my answer.

“No, I can’t go into class like this Dallas, man everyone is going to be taller than me now, Vicky is a so short….man now I’m really short!”
This label seemed to have a different meaning when applied by myself but it was true and very relevant to a guy who would be shorter than every girl in his year and most of those in the year below.
“Oh but you are so cute like this just think with a bigger pair of heels on I could do this”
Dallas was getting carried away and rose onto her toes adding a few instant inches and bumping her blouse into my face just to fulfil her ideal size for me.
“Woah Dallas this is great but, girl I’ve just lost three or four inches in a few seconds, hell I could under five foot by the end of the day or worse!”
“Hey calm down Joe”
She tilted my head onto the slope of her chest which was supposed to comfort me but did quite the opposite and made hard in an instant.
“Dallas I’ve got to get out here, I need to see the doctor again”

Almost reluctantly she let me leave and I bunked school for the day. I was sure Dallas wanted to make me stay so she could see everyone’s reaction but I needed time to adjust, the thought of school with all those girls towering over me was a lot to get my head around.

I found myself back in the doctors surgery several hours later, my mother had left work following my call and after she had picked herself up off of the floor having noticed she was four inches taller than me, she was very keen to expose me to the doctor. I think in some ways my mother was pleased that I had shrunk so much as it was indisputable evidence that we were telling the truth.

“It’s phenomenal! Absolutely astounding…amazing!”
Doctor Vash continued like this for sometime as she measured me on the laser scale and announced that I was officially 5ft 1 inches tall and quarter of stone lighter to boot. I was having a hard time just being in the same room as the Doctor because her six foot two in those modest heels converted to a near seven foot tall Doctor in my eyes.

After blood tests and an x-ray or two she took several photographs of me against a more traditional height chart affixed to the wall in the corner of her room. Following copious notes upon the tests she ran her summary was less than swift showing her evident fascination of me.
“Joe’s condition here is unique, there is no other word to describe it. It’s unprecedented and breaks all the laws of medical science I have studied. Yet he is healthy and in every conceivable way normal. His body has reduced in a perfect fashion just as if some thing had scaled him down. I am going to recommend that Joe visits the Lutron growth foundation, they are the only specialist centre that could possibly attempt to find out what’s causing his astounding condition.”
I didn’t like the sound of being sent to some formal research facility I was nobody’s guinea pig and feared the thought of a hundred geeky professors probing every inch of my body. My mother had similar thoughts and sought other alternatives. There was nothing she could offer but appreciating our thoughts and fears she offered.
“Joe I’m going to follow up your samples taken today and will have the lab results by Friday. If there are no answers there we have to take this further in case it gets”
She paused
“any worse”

My mum was concerned for me and placed her arm around me as we walked back home. I didn’t mind my mothers comforting but it only served to make me feel small as my mother was so much more substantial stood at my side.

On the way home she took pity on my appearance and forced me into some shops to buy a load of new clobber that matched my current size, but what also surprised me was her insistence to purchase some smaller clothing just to be on the safe side as she put it. My clothes were early teens now and my shoe size was barely a five which made even my sisters shoes too big. 

Talking of my sister she was the last person I wanted to see that afternoon but avoiding Debbie was difficult when her bedroom was next door to mine. As I lay on my bed contemplating the changes in my body I could hear her downstairs, she had just returned from school and my mother had broken the news to her.
“He’s how tall!”
Her voice carried up the wooden staircase and I cringed. Next minute her footsteps came bounding up the stairs and she burst into my room her eyes inquisitive to see her shorter brother.
“Hey little brother”
She grinned walking over to my bed.
“Deb’s I’m not in the mood”
My tone was grumpy.
“Awww come on half-pint I just wanna see how dinky my brother is”
“I’m not in the mood Deb’s”
I noticed Debbie was undeterred and as I lay there with my mp3 player gently playing in the background, she then grabbed my feet and slid me down the bed.
Her action surprised me not just because she grabbed my ankles, it was more the fact that my sister seemed strong.
“Come on stand up titch I want to see the how short you are”
Now was the time to make the decision should I stand up and man handle her out of my room or just comply and take her teasing on the chin? It was funny but the hint of my sisters noticeable strength seemed to challenge me inside and I decided that anything physical could result in worse humiliation than her mere mocking so I reluctantly stood up to show her my new size.

Debbie was of course roughly the same height at Dallas so I knew my view would be of her lower neck and the thought of permanently looking up to my sister was quite chilling, she would love this role reversal and the mileage she could get at my expense. With her modest school heels upon her feet I was staring at the open neck of my sisters blouse and very conscious of the fact that like my girlfriend her chest wasn’t far below. Debbie almost jumped up and down with excitement of the moment.
“I’ve really got a little brother now, look how short you are!”
“I can see”
“Hey this officially makes me your big sister, don’t worry little bro I will protect you from those school bullies just you come and hide behind your big sisters skirt ok?”

The tormenting went on for some time and I had to endure it all until my mother came into my room to remove Debbie. It was then I recalled my commitment to meet Dallas to go swimming so I picked up the phone to cancel our date as I really didn’t feel like going out tonight.

“Joe, I know you’ve just shrunk but you said your mums bought you some new swim shorts and I was looking forward to our swim tonight……….”
My attempts to say no to Dallas were going the wrong direction and I found myself agreeing when her persuasion stepped up another level.
”…….besides it’ll be your first chance to check me out in my new bikini, my new itsy bitsy bikini”

Needless to say I was waiting at the leisure centre for her at the agreed time and Dallas came into the building full of life.
“Hey big guy”
She smiled my way and I didn’t really take note of her greeting because she was looking so good in her tight three quarter length jeans and her yellow crop top. I later changed into my swim shorts and was a little put off to find a kid who had to be ten or eleven years old was wearing the same pair of shorts. 

Stepping out into the pool area I was pleased to see that there was hardly anyone present so I could get straight in and start my lengths. Having completed ten or so my face emerged from the water to see the spectacular sight of Dallas parading her curves with those hips shifting side to side as she walked towards where I was swimming. With her Hawaiian towel around her I could see lots of lower leg but not the full glory of her body yet. 

As I came to rest at the edge of the pool gently treading water due to the depth, Dallas planted her two pretty feet near my head as she stood on the very edge of the water looking down at me. Ensuring she held my full attention she pulled away her towel and that drop dead gorgeous figure just looked even better with the smallest bikini I had ever witnessed trying to cover a fraction of her.
A little triangle of red sat at the top of her legs and it was obvious she had masterfully trimmed her blonde bush to ensure it didn’t creep outside of this small covering. With only a thin band of material coming out from this triangle and resting on her hips she looked practically naked from a profile view yet absolutely spell binding, this girl of mine had no flaws what so ever and she knew it. My eyes wondered up further still and were stuck upon the tiny excuse for a bikini bra top that I had ever seen, surely no woman could think of paying for this outfit as it used hardly any material. Her breasts jiggled happily holding their lovely rounded shapes out proud from her relatively slim frame and this top revealed almost every inch of her breast flesh bar a few inches around her nipples. I was surprised the male attendant didn’t just tell her to leave or warn her to wear a more conservative or appropriate costume in a public baths but like me he was probably drooling. 

From my vantage point below I could see the underside of her firm bust pushing out and she seemed taller than ever with legs that just went on and on. My mind wondered if my shrinking continued whether I would appreciate her from this angle for real one day yet I didn’t seem bothered at all by that prospect for now because I was fighting the bulge that was starting to appear in my shorts.

Dallas sat down on the side dipping those lovely legs half into the clear water and bringing her beautiful face closer to me. 
“What do you think handsome?”
“Dallas you look like a Baywatch babe”
I said with a broad smile and Dallas laughed as she pretended to adjust the knot behind her bikini top serving only to jut those full breasts out forward to strain against the small cups that retained them.
“I’ll take that as a compliment only I’m all natural, no peroxide and no implants”
“and no complaints from me”
I grinned as she slipped her curves into the water.
“I thought you would like it, I bought it with you in mind Joe.”
“Oh really?”
My eyes darted to the water surface noting the water glistening over her boobs and how temporarily water had managed to catch itself in the long line of cleavage.
“Yeh. You see now that you’re naturally closer to my biggest assets they are going to be in your view more and more often so it’s more important than ever that I wear clothes that really show them off to you”
I felt my swim shorts bulging and needed to change the topic for fear that I would have an unwanted rudder hanging below me when I swam.
“And that bikini really does show them off….come on lets swim to the shallows and do some lengths”
Dallas giggled at me and I wondered what was so amusing when I stopped to take note that whilst I was treading water she wasn’t! Worse than that we were already in the shallower section of the adults pool.
“Can’t you touch the floor here baby?”
She grinned and stood up straight in the water her feet practically flat to the patterned floor of the pool. At this depth her neck was half covered and I simply grinned back and planted my own feet on the bottom to find myself underwater! Lifting up on the very extent of my tiptoes my mouth gathered a breath braking the surface and once more I was forced to begin treading water again before Dallas who seemed very amused by my antics.
“Awww baby is it a little deep for you here honey? Shall we go to the kiddie pool?”
I splashed her in the face with a wave of water and Dallas and I ended up in a water fight.ZIMMER 
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by ZIMMER on Tue Oct 16, 2007 11:13 pm 

January 2006

I didn’t return to school in December as the Doctor signed me off. My Christmas break was well extended due to this reason and Dallas was quite jealous of my free time although my mother hired a private tutor to keep my education up to date. This was embarrassing because this young tutor was totally gorgeous and very tall. Well actually Miss Darson or Alice as I comfortably called her after these weeks was 5ft 9 inches tall which does seem very tall when you’re looking up from barely 5ft. 

By the end of January it was planned that as my height had stabilised I should attend normal schooling after a small stay at the Lutron foundation for growth.

At the doctors insistence I was sent off to this grand building somewhere in the remote countryside and settled close to a large forest, it was a very tranquil setting. I had a room for my stay which was well equipped with satellite television, a playstation and practically every creature comfort. I didn’t want to go, neither did Dallas want me to leave but it was only for a week and I didn’t have to study whilst I was there so it was very relaxing if not a bit boring. 

They assigned me a specialist Doctor called Doctor Kaysung a Chinese gentleman who seemed very fascinated with my condition and reminded me of the old man in the Karate Kid movie, it was also nice that he was 5ft tall and we could eye to eye.

I made a good friend at the foundation during my stay in the form of a nurse a rather sexy nurse not that I admitted that to Dallas when we exchanged emails in the evenings. She was only nineteen a mere few years my senior but she was the best looking nurse I had ever laid eyes upon. She was incredibly tall exactly six foot ten inches to be precise which I recall she told me when we first met, a day I will never forget….

“Hi, you must be our star patient, Joe isn’t it? I’m Carina and you my lucky lad have me as your nurse and councillor for the next week”
I was playing on the games console and hadn’t heard this nurse enter and took little notice until I saw a pair of extremely long lovely shaped legs wrapped in some tights and stood beside me. From the chair I looked up and up again to see the woman that fitted so well those regulation tights and the short white dress above them. With very long dark shiny looking hair held back in a platted ponytail she looked like a leggier version of Angelina Jolie and from what I could tell she was better endowed in fact just how Angelina should have been to portray Lara Croft.

“Hi Cccarina”
I struggled out her name much to my embarrassment.
“So good looking what are you in here for?”
“Um…it’s because of my size”
“No kidding Einstein that’s what this place is all about, what I mean is that you don’t look particularly small or very big, well depending on your age that is?”
“I’m sixteen” 
I offered wondering just how tall this nurse was she seemed to have legs that went on forever and very nice ones at that, not skinny like many tall women I had seen. Her nurse’s uniform was bland and unflattering yet she filled it out very well making it more than interesting in the right places. I would gamble it was regulation length yet on her long limbs it rose well above her knees something I doubt it was intended to do.
“Curious, would you mind standing up for me a second?”
“Do I have to?”
My reluctance was clear in my face and she saw it.
“Don’t be shy, I have seen all sorts here, very short guys and extremely tall guys and you don’t look very short or very tall and until I get your case notes I’m eager to see for myself”

That sounded nice to hear at least whilst I was sat down. With a renewed courage I thought what the hell and decided to stand up before this statuesque nurse perhaps partly to check out how tall she was compared to me. As I slid the chair back and stood up Carina didn’t seem to get much shorter at all, this girl was huge! My eyes darted to my feet to check that I wasn’t stood in a depression or down a secondary floor level and of course I wasn’t she was simply that tall. My head didn’t even reach her shoulders or her breasts beneath that white clinical dress. There I was looking under her breasts whilst she was peering over them in order to see me from this close range. It was like being a child again to have someone so huge before me, I panicked a little fearing I had shrunk once more but my clothes seemed ok the sleeves remained where they had been and my trousers at the right level.
“Don’t look so shocked little one. I’m a very tall girl just a smidge over six foot ten inches to be exact, oh and add another three inches for these heels I’m wearing. Ever seen a girl who can top 
Seven foot in a pair of regular heels?”
I said softly a little reserved to cast my true reaction she was amazingly tall and yet still very attractive to me. This experience made me wonder what Dallas would look like if she were this tall or if I was this short to her?
“And you must be about 5ft?”
“More or less”
I admitted weakly and just carried on staring up at her. She leaned down a little resting a large hand on my shoulder so she could whisper at my ear level.
“I thought so, I can usually guess pretty accurately when I see a guy is shorter than my chest. Which means I need to step back a little when we chat so I don’t loose sight of ya!”
She giggled and I laughed at her humour half turned on by her joke and very much liking her friendly manner. As she stood back up again she walked over to my bed in the corner of the room and fixed the sheets straight as she spoke to me.
“In case you are wondering I’m actually an ex patient from this facility. I felt so at home here I wanted to work here helping others with their unique size related challenges in life.”
“You were a patient here?”
“Let me ask you something Joe, how many girls at your school do you know that are close to seven foot tall in their tights?”
She grinned looking back at me and I pulled my eyes away from the curvy backside that I had been focused upon as she adjusted my bed sheets.
“ They first called me in here at fourteen, I was just over six foot tall back then and growing fast. When I was your age there wasn’t a boy in my school who I couldn’t put in the shade, by the time I was seventeen I stood 6ft 8 inches tall and I tell you it’s hard to get nice clothes when your legs are this long.”

Carina finished with the bed patting it flat and then opened the window in my room to let some fresh air in. Meantime I had sat back down feeling very intimidated to be in her presence but part of me liked her playful and friendly banter and wanted her to stay and tell me more about her growth.
“So you grew another two inches from then…”
“Yup, the treatments I had here stunted my growth spurt it’s a good job because the Doctor estimated I would have been around Seven foot six if they hadn’t intervened and that would have meant back trouble and all sorts. So now I’m nineteen and a lofty Six foot ten and a bit”
I listened to her heels sounding off against the floor as she came to stand behind me looking easily over my head to see the game I was half playing.
“You err don’t mind your size?”
My curiosity got the better of me I really hadn’t imagined a girl so tall who seemed so comfortable with her size.
“I love it! Well, door ways are a bit of a pain I used to bump my head a lot when I didn’t take care and finding a car with the right headroom and leg room is a challenge but other than that yes I like being very tall.”
“And you still wear high heels?”
I paused my game looking at her shoes which didn’t match her outfit they definitely were not nurse’s issue.
“Oh, these”
She smirked and stepped around the back of my chair then leaning with a hand against the wall she slipped off one of her large shoes as if to show it to me.
“Size twelve, custom made. They cost me a fortune I don’t have many pairs so I get away with heels like this when I’m working. As part of the therapy I received here they teach you to be comfortable with your size and to enjoy it. This year I have passed as a basic councillor to add to my duties so we can chat about your size a lot more over the next few days. Anyhow where was I? Oh yes, I like wearing heels they make me a seven footer it’s nice to stand out in the crowd and get noticed above my girlfriends when we go out and if you think these are big heels wait till you see what I wear on a night out!”
“And what about you Joe? What’s your story you may be conventionally short for your age but in here you are pretty tall compared to the real short ones we have”
“Oh, I’m kind of unique I used to be 5ft 11”
“No way!”
She looked amazed as her large shoe was slipped back on.
“Really, just take a look at my records”
“I will, that’s some dramatic loss I’ve never heard of anything like that before, we usually just get teenagers in here who haven’t managed to grow but you actually think you are shrinking?”
“I don’t like the word but yeah that’s it in a nut shell”
“You are going to be an interesting patient”
Her face lit up in a smile that brightened up the whole room and I felt myself flush a little but didn’t know why.

The next day was a barrage of tests including sliding into a body scanner which I didn’t much care for being cocooned inside and it was boring I nearly fell asleep in the dam thing. However I did get to meet some of the other patients afterwards which proved interesting. 

There was a communal area down the hall from my private room and I hadn’t ventured there until later today. It was empty except for two people a boy and a girl chatting together. 
“You must be Joe the new guy?”
The girl said and I took my first look at her. She was petite almost doll like in her facial features with short black hair and a pale complexion in my opinion she looked like one of those super waif like models only this girl was clearly no where near model size, the arm chair she lazed in seemed to leave room for two people of her width. The boy in the arm chair beside her was also small, a midget if I wasn’t mistaken based on his body outline.
I smiled to be polite and stood there nosing to see what they were watching on the tv. 
“I’m Chrissie and this here is George” 
Chrissie smiled and gestured for me to sit in the empty chair beside her, she was kind of sweet but as I found out she was overly chatty the sort of person you would find hard to tolerate if you wanted any peace.
“So you are the special case I’ve been hearing about?”
Her eyes looked me up and down as I sat and it made me wonder who had been discussing me.
“Yup that’s probably me, my situation isn’t normal”
“Carina said you were very cute, she was right”
I tried not to blush as it felt good to hear Carina’s opinion of me.
“So how tall are you?”
“About 5ft and you?”
“I’m 4ft one and a quarter inches from head to toe”
“Like a quarter of an inch makes a difference”
George mumbled as she finished declaring her size.
”That’s all I’ve grown this year and I’m proud of it”
Chrissie snapped back playfully and my attention settled on George.
“He’s not very cheerful today, they are going to add to the drugs he’s taking so he has a chance in puberty to catch up with me!”
George walked off sighing and left me with Chrissie.
“So how tall is George?”
“He won’t tell me but he only comes up to my neck so less than four foot that’s for sure, he has a rare case of dwarfism that kicked in when he was seven, he wasn’t born a dwarf”
“Never heard of that”
“No, they only take special cases here like us”
“And what’s your story if you don’t mind me asking?”
“Oh I’m a regular seems puberty has missed me somehow, but with these things on my legs and the new hormones they are giving me well I have a new chance!”
“What’s with the gadgets on your legs?”
I looked down to note the metal contraptions on her legs having paid no attention to the ends of the steel bars coming out of the base of her skirt.
“They break my bones and stretch my legs periodically it’s supposed to be done when you are younger than me it’s dangerous at my age but my body is in a time warp anyway”ZIMMER 
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Jan 2006 cont...

We chatted about the centre for a while and then the subject of my condition came up again but seeing what this girl was going through and how cheerful she still seemed I felt my condition was nothing in comparison, I was in no form of pain it was just an inconvenience to be shorter.
“So is it true that you are shrinking? That’s what Dr Kaysung said?”
“Whatever happened to doctor and patient confidentiality?”
“Oh don’t worry you’ll find I know everything around here, I’m number one gossip and good at pumping for information”
“So I’ve noticed”
My reply came and I tried to show her that I wasn’t particularly happy about people discussing me.
“But to answer you no I’m not shrinking, I have shrunk and I hope it stays in the past tense”
“How tall were you?”
”5ft eleven”
“Wow that’s so tall you must really miss it huh?”
“Its certainly different I used to look down on a lot of people but now most people I know are looking down on me”
”Still you are lucky at least you’ve known what it was like to be tall, some of us may never get that experience and you are still a lot taller than me and George that should give you a confidence boost”
She was right and I needed one, it was depressing discussing my size and I wanted out of there.

Managing to extricate myself from the barrage of questions that flowed from Chrissie’s mouth before she could draw breathe I was back in my room and on the pc looking for any emails from my home or from Dallas. I was in luck, Dallas had sent me a message and it was only moments old so she might even be on-line as I typed back.

“Hey beautiful, got your message. I’m doing ok met a few new people here but it’s a pretty boring place.”
I tapped onto the keyboard and sent the email to see a response return minutes later.
“I’m really missing my man and I can’t wait to get my hands on you. Joe, have you shrunk anymore since last time?”
She was to the point and even across the email I could tell her burning curiosity.
“No, still around 5ft”

We ended up sending dozens of messages talking about everything and anything but mainly Dallas wanting to tell me about the new bargain boots she bought from the mall on the way home. They were leather retro go-go style boots in white and irresistible as she described them because they had a two inch platform and a seven inch heel. She seemed to have no problem in the height difference between us and continued to elaborate just how tall she figured I would be stood next to her in them as if she couldn’t wait to discover this for real.
“So they will make me six foot three which will put your little head right were I want it my little lover”
Confused I corrected her mistake.
“Cant wait to see you in them but you actually mean six foot two”
My mail went off and I wondered if I should be encouraging her to wear such heels given my current height yet remembering how good she looked being so tall I couldn’t help myself it was a vicious circle. Part of me wanted to be taller than her yet another part of me was loving how much taller she was getting to look and how much bigger that made certain parts of her appear. Her reply was swift.
“I didn’t tell you but as of yesterday I’m just a scrape under 5ft 8 almost eye to eye with my Giraffe now”

Her news wasn’t shocking as I knew she was in the midst of a growth spurt but again it pushed her another natural inch above me extending the difference between us to a full eight inches or sixteen given her new taste in over the top heels!

“Wow, if you keep growing at this rate you’re going look like a Giraffe to me”
I tried to joke and Dallas replied with great enthusiasm.
“Well, seeing as you’re not shrinking anymore I have to be the one to make the difference, only I need a lot more inches to put you face to face with your best two pals”
Her obsession with me lining up with her gorgeous assets was growing and creeping into most of our conversations, I guess it was fun for her to dream of me only stood as tall as her tits but the more I imagined it reflecting back to that night on the dance floor, it was a nice dream to share.

The next few days of my stay flew by and I got to chat more and more with Carina, she seemed to extend her visits to my quarters or maybe that was my imagination. Sometimes she just came in to have her tea break so we could chat and I began to like the company and felt less intimidated to be around someone her height even managing to stand up by her now and again rather than darting for a chair to sit on. I learned that she had a current boyfriend who was six foot and that she didn’t mind dating shorter guys not that she had the choice given her abnormal size.

“Morning little Joe”
This was her nickname for me, I had walked back into my room following an early morning body scan the second I had endured so far. I felt a little stupid wearing the oversized white operation style gown they had provided me with, it was one of those that secured at the back and exposed your butt and I felt very underdressed to be in the presence of Carina. 

As I walked on the cold floor in my bare feet I could see that Carina was sat by my computer. She had heard me enter and was looking at the screen which made me uneasy figuring she was checking my emails. 

She spun her lovely legs around with the swivel chair and they extended a long way across the floor to meet me, more than I remembered as she wasn’t wearing her nurses outfit today. Instead she had on a pair of cut off jean shorts that looked fashionably broken by the front button allowing them to gape slightly open. I could see her stomach it was well defined and out on show, she definitely was in great shape as my eyes glanced at her pierced navel and then up to the pale blue vest top she was wearing that ended just above her belly. This off duty look was very casual and very revealing of her true beauty. As I admired the view a little longer than necessary Carina laughed as she saw what I had on.
“That’s a nice dress you are wearing Joe!”
My eyes looked down at the gown which was nearly reaching my ankles and I shared the joke.
“Yeh, it feels like one. You would think they would cater for us vertically challenged folk especially in here”
We laughed and I just stood there wanting to get changed but not wishing to walk around her in case she would see my exposed cheeks in the rear of the gown.

“Tell me about Dallas how tall is this girl of yours?”
“She’s five foot eight”
I began and then decided to elaborate a little more.
“But like most girls she is into wearing big heels. So she is anything from 5ft 11 to over six foot plus in the ones she chooses”
“Cool they are all the rage you know, big heels are in so you had better get used to looking up at her. Believe it or not I even have a couple of big pairs for special occasions, depending on what you call big”
My mind tried to envisage Carina in anything larger than she wore now, it seemed almost ridiculous that a girl built like her would wear anything but flats yet she was extremely comfortable with her size as I knew.
“Do you like it that Dallas and most other women are taller than you now?”
“I really don’t have a choice”
I said as I sat on the edge of my bed looking across at her and how smooth her legs appeared. 
“No I guess you don’t but that’s not what I meant.”
“Oh, well yes I like tall women”
“That’s really good Joe and very healthy for a guy in your situation and I see your girlfriend is quite taken with the new you and she wants to be even taller”
“You read my emails?”
My alarmed voice showed every bit of my embarrassment at her intrusion.
“I’m a nurse and partly a councillor I have to get a gauge on how you are doing physically and mentally”

It seemed dam nosey for her to be into my private stuff but I guess it wasn’t my computer and that did give her every right to log on.

“I take it that your girl is pretty busty?”
“You could say that”
I grinned at the question but felt awkward discussing Dallas’s anatomy with this fine female sat before me.
”She can’t wait until you are as tall as them can she?”
I didn’t answer but felt a warmth under the gown.
“Joe come over here I want to show you something”
Gingerly I walked across to Carina who strangely got up from the chair and crouched down before me so we were at the same level for the first time since we had met. I couldn’t believe that her legs were folded up beneath her and yet we could look face to face it really drove home that she was seriously tall.

“When I was thirteen my boyfriend at the time was about equal to my size like we are now”
She giggled and I was wondering where this was going. The next year my height rocketed and by the time I turned fourteen and a half the highest love bite be could give me was on my lower neck without a pair of step ladders that is”

I marvelled as Carina began to slowly extend herself rising up before me and now I was sharing her boyfriends point of view this was becoming a very teasing display from her and my body was beginning to react accordingly which I didn’t want right now especially in this flimsy gown.
“Like you and Dallas around this time we began to wonder what the difference between us would be like if things went further. What if I the girl became a lot taller than him? He seemed get a kick out of how tall I was becoming and I really loved it when I started to tower over him. In the summer when I turned sixteen I had grown out of all my trousers and was forced to wear skirts because these legs of mine just grew like crazy not that he minded of course as I do have a cracking pair of legs”
As if to emphasize her point a half bare thigh seemed to extend even in its semi folded state and accidentally brushed my manhood or was that on purpose? My mouth began to drop open as if my jaw had a will of its own. 
“But at that time my boyfriend was just starting to become an interesting height to me like you are now.”
Her blue top rose inch by inch into my view and I stepped back a little for fear her heaving bosom would collide with my face. It was a good job I did as they just missed me on their way up leaving me staring at a dark line of cleavage that was framed by her plunging neck line. The material was stretched so thin I could just make out a cream coloured bra beneath. Should I look away? No I couldn’t what man could? This was a babe before me and I was too weak, my feet failed me as if they had been set in concrete and they refused to evade her show wanting to see her rise even more.
“How’s that Joe? How do you like measuring up to a girl this way? Especially a big girl, this is what Dallas wants, she wants to know that she has your attention fully captivated”

Carina’s voice was increasingly seductive and so was the view as she closed in what had to be double D cup sized breasts before my face.
“I know why your girl desires you this size because I enjoyed it myself having a boyfriend just tall enough to take my nipples into his mouth and to suck on me whilst I towered over him still…its
so exciting Joe so empowering for a woman”
As if reacting to her words I swear her nipples pressed themselves into the thin blue exterior of her top swelling with her induced arousal.
“But these legs of mine kept growing Joe. I became even taller, higher than my boyfriend and nearly all of the people I knew around me”
By now her chest was an inch from the tip of my nose and then it climbed above my forehead and I gulped as my eyes had to look under these jutting rounded forms that pushed out so nicely in her tight top with a deliberate sexiness.
“Can you imagine if we were dating Joe? If you were my boyfriend just how little would you be when I stand up nice and tall?”
Just when I thought her legs had come to their full potential she seemed to rise impossibly further, alarmingly higher until my eyes that had been trained upon the blue expanse of her top found a new and very enticing sight as her bare navel with its simple gold piercing was settling into my view!
“Well hello down there little Joe! Wow, this is even more dramatic than I intended!”

Something was very wrong, I was as tall as her belly button and she wasn’t wearing much of a heel today only some casual training shoes that were virtually flat? I must have shrunk again this morning and not realised due to wearing the gown and my heart was now thumping in my chest at this whole situation of facing such an incredibly tall female.
“I was just thinking that to your girlfriend you will soon be the perfect height to suck upon her breasts whilst she is standing, but for me you are closer to having my panties in your face..…”
Carina seemed to stretch just a fraction taller and I was totally in her shadow now dominated by her presence and she was definitely enjoying the difference. As her soft voice came from above it held a tone of excitement
”Do you realise Joe with a pair of my party heels on you would be…..ooooh Joe you are a very sexy, very interesting size to a girl like me”
I backed off as Carina seemed to be stepping way over the mark her eyes above dreamily fantasizing clearly about the two of us. She noted my reservation and stepped towards me until her chest once more presented itself like a shelter over my head and my lips were dangerously close to the taught flesh that covered her lower stomach area. 
“Don’t be shy Joe, I know that you are attracted to me, you’ve hardly kept those eyes of yours away from these long legs of mine and just think they are almost as tall as you are. How wonderful would that feel to check these out when you’re so close to them and when there’s so much of them?”
“Carina please I…”
My feeble protest began but she closed my sentence by lowering her large hands upon the back of my head as she pressed my face into her flesh my chin almost dropping into the space provided by the parted zipper of her shorts. The words I spoke ended in a mumble as they fought against her warm skin but I could clearly hear her words above.
“Mmmm Joe, you are just so small, such a perfect little man. Kiss my belly Joe let me feel your lips upon me”

Guilt, tremendous guilt raced through my system as this amazon buried my face into her toned abdomen. I could feel the top of her tall legs resting against my shoulders and her knees below so much higher than they should have been. For the sake of my faithfulness to Dallas I managed to break free of her alluring ways and retreated towards the wall behind me.
“Don’t fight it Joe. Think of this experience as part of my counselling, I’m teaching you how to be comfortable around a tall woman, and more importantly what a little guy like you can do with a big woman like me”
Things became worse as Carina stepped up a gear and slowly removed her top to bare her lacy bra and her impressive assets that gently bounced with her actions. Stepping forward she slid her training shoes off and ensured that I watched her jean shorts edged down her thighs. A pair of skimpy matching panties now commanded my attention and my gown was beginning to catch on my manhood as it rose harder and harder.
“You see Joe, you do want this to happen, you’re just nervous because I’m so beautiful and so very tall”
“But Dallas”
I managed to say trying to deter her advance , trying to remind her that I had a girlfriend yet this amazon just smiled a predatory smile and unfixed her long dark locks shaking them free so they fell down to the small of her back. As she closed in upon me I backed away and felt the wall upon my back mocking me as it announced that I was trapped.
“Dallas isn’t here Joe, it’s just you and a giant girl”
Her thighs and hips were moving wonderfully to a hidden rhythm as she sauntered across the floor and I felt my heart thumping in my chest seeing her pretty panties lining up with my face. I was staring into the cream coloured flowery swirls of the lace and through the holes there was the suggestion of her womanhood.
“Isn’t this what you want Joe, to be this small to a woman? Isn’t this why you’ve been shrinking? Are you still shrinking for me Joe? Getting smaller to be with big Carina?
I struggled to say as her thighs blotted out the room around me and then I saw those panties rise above me until my mouth was level where her pussy would be. Had I shrunk again! My eyes darted down the long length of her legs to see a shiny black pair of shoes upon her feet with high spiked heels that she balanced so elegantly upon.
“You’re wearing heels?”
I said flustered and bemused squirming against the wall to avoid contact upon my face from the lace that threatened to kiss it.
“Of course I am Joe, you wanted me to wear my high heels so that you could kiss me”
“I…can’t reach”
Her laughter exploded above and I witnessed her fingers slipping into the thin bands of her underwear as she rolled her panties down those thighs until her pussy exhaled its sweet aroma upon my nose.
“oh yes you can Joe, kiss me….make love to me”
My face was buried in her wetness as her pussy began to kiss my face. I had succumb to her temptations and this whole irresistible situation burying my tongue into her deep succulent interior…….

Carina’s voice called out to me.
“Oh Carina you are so big so very big and sexy!”
I answered in blissful contentment but where had she gone? Why was my head so groggy?
There was some stifled laughter from Carina and I opened my eyes?
Oh dam! This couldn’t be possible could it? I had been dreaming and I was still inside the body scanner with the Doctor and Carina looking down into the cylindrical confines of the machine at me.
Had she heard my last words? Of course she had and I knew it which added to my current embarrassment, I was so relaxed in the machine trying to keep still like the Doctor had specified that I fell asleep and was taken under by that erotic dream. 
“Err, hi, err I think that I kinda fell asleep”
My voice rambled and I could hear Carina snigger once more.
“Better get you out”
She said and the familiar electric motors sounded drawing me into the open very slowly.
Before I fully emerged it dawned on me that my gown was pitched up with my full arousal the remnant of my day dream and soon I would be exposed before Carina and the Doctor.
In seconds there I was laying on the padded conveyor in my flimsy gown and with a great boner sticking upright in the white material shouting out for everyone to see. My hands closed over the offending area trying to conceal it from their notice and the Chinese face of the doctor just grinned he couldn’t help it. Carina for that matter seemed to be embarrassed flushed in her cheeks and she tried to look away with an equal grin emerging upon her beautiful features. I soon exceeded the shade of crimson that even she had turned and felt so stupid as I sat there willing my inches to deflate.

“Well Joe, time you hopped off the machine and go back to your room to get dressed that will be all for today young man”
I agreed and then sat there looking at my dangling legs over the edge. I instantly knew at that moment that I had shrunk! The gown was over my ankles and the floor wasn’t close to my feet anymore like it had been earlier today and the times before. In fact my feet should have been touching the floor as I sat.
“Oh no”
My manhood seemed to retreat into the gown as my current surprise and partial fear took hold.
“What is it Joe?”
Carina said concerned and then looked at me almost doing a double take.
“You are smaller aren’t you? Look at him Doctor he’s actually shrunk”
“I can see”
He turned away to his console and looked at the computer panels as if verifying scientifically what his eyes were telling him.
“Carina can you see this?”
They both turned their backs to me huddled around the display as I stepped down to the floor in my bare feet.
“Its like a double image Doctor?”
“Yes, the larger image is Joe’s body signature when he first entered and sometime during the process he reduced in a perfect manner to this second image here, look at the transitional blur its conclusively shows that this boy is shrinking without any doubt”

I listened to them but my head was bowed looking at the sight of this gown that was dress like upon me and tickling my ankles when it should have been closer to my knees.

“Oh my, Joe you are so small”
Carina said from what sounded like a long way above and it was!
My face straightened to see just below the black belt upon her uniform that showed her slim waist was as tall as me!
Even the diminutive doctor looked like a tall guy and I was gob smacked unable to articulate anything as I just looked around to see tables and chairs and everyday items noticeably more significant in size than I last recalled.

“Carina, take young Joe back to his room spend some time with the poor lad he looks a little overwhelmed by all this. We don’t need any more tests today.”

Excused by the doctor Carina looked sympathetically down at me and motioned for me to walk with her. I stepped out of the room feeling like I was just being accompanied by a pair of legs as that’s all I could see in the corner of my eye. Each of her great long pins seemed as tall as me and like my dream she had become very distracting without even trying. At my new height if her hips had swung out with each of her steps like Dallas I would have been knocked over with the impact of her skirt upon my head.

When we reached my room I sighed in a grand manner and sunk my smaller body into the chair feeling how much more accommodating it now was. A half smile to boost my feelings was offered by Carina as she then pulled the spare chair across the room to join me.
“You really have shrunk this time Joe I’d like to measure you if you will let me?”
“Do I have to Carina? I know it was a big drop this time everything feels and looks a lot different”
“I bet it does, it must be hard to acclimatise to your surroundings when they keep getting larger”
”and all the people, even Doctor Kaysung seems tall to me now”
“I hate to think how tall I must look to you, perhaps it might help if I wear something flat for the next few days that way you might feel a little taller when I’m around”
“You think giving me back three inches will help?”
I had to smile and Carina shared the moment.

She left a few hours later and said that she wanted to obtain my measurements from the body scanner results and I dwelled in my room for some time managing to get dressed in the smaller set of clothes that my mother had insisted upon buying and packing for me. I didn’t even attempt my previous clothes as they all looked several sizes to big. Staring at the time I figured that I would call my mother and tell her and maybe Dallas for that matter, but none of them would be home so it would have to wait which meant no one to share it with. It was then I heard a knock at my door and I expected it to be Carina.

“Come in”
I beckoned and in walked Chrissie.
“Morning Joe”
She said in a bright and breezy manner as she walked in the room.
“Hi Chrissie”
“This whole place is buzzing with the news about you shrinking in Dr Kaysungs lab is it true?”
It didn’t take long for my story to get out and I wasn’t really in the mood for discussing it yet here was gossip central stood in my room waiting for her scoop like the best media reporter in the world.
“It’s true but I don’t want to make a big deal about it”
“So how much shorter did you get?”
Typically she was straight to the point and with me laying down on my bed it was hard for her to gauge.
“I dunno a few inches less than I was yesterday…”
“Let me see, will you please Joe?”
Her cute little face and big eyes tried to appeal to me and I didn’t have the heart to be rude to her.
I stood up and it struck me that Chrissie wasn’t that short certainly no where near as short as she first appeared when I met her.
“This is so crazy! Look at you I feel like I’ve grown overnight, you really are short now”
“Gee thanks for that”
My glum reply came
“Welcome to four foot club it’s nice to have another member”
I knew that my size was in the four foot realms and judging by Chrissie I had to be a scrape under four and half foot as there was little difference between us given her casual shoes.
“I bet your 4 foot seven?”
She offered but the door which she had left ajar opened up to allow the tall figure of Carina to enter who corrected her.
“Good guess but he’s actually 4 foot four and a half inches. Shouldn’t you be going for one of your treatments Chrissie?”
“Yeh, I was on my way but I wanted to check on Joe first. Hey Joe did you know something, Carina here has an inside leg measurement of forty something inches that means her legs account for over three quarters of your height”
Chrissie giggled at her statement and then began to walk off offering a last comment.
”Hey Joe keep me posted if it happens again will ya? It’ll be neat if we were the same size then I would have one less person to look up to for a change”

With Chrissie gone Carina walked up to me and smiled down it was such a long way up to her face and I had to look at her legs based on what Chrissie said because I knew it was true.
“Sorry about her Joe, she means well but she does have a habit of making people feel shorter than they really are. You are still a tiny bit taller than my legs”
“You really are something from down here Carina”
I didn’t mean to say that but my mind was skipping around having been checking her long legs out and I couldn’t help reflect on my day dream. It wouldn’t take a lot of imagination to know that I could have serviced this huge female with my tongue whilst she was standing. That was a scary thought but also it turned me on.
“Well thanks Little Joe, we have to talk about your height now so why don’t we both sit down so both our necks wont ache”

Carina began to ask me about all sorts of things, but mainly dwelling upon my reaction to my condition and how I was managing to cope. I could almost tell that she was skirting around topics waiting for the appropriate moment to discuss something more sensitive with me.
“Joe, the Doctor has a hypothesis he wants testing…”
”A hypo-what?”
I said dumbly and saw that this was awkward for Carina as she was trying her best to be sensitive with me.
“Doctor Kaysung has a theory about the catalyst, you know the trigger to the reductions in your size.”
”He does?”
“Well according to your records you have shrunk mainly over night when you are asleep”
“That’s true”
I agreed not understanding where this was leading.
“Can you recall any dreams you may have had during those nights?”
”None that strike me”
She paused
“Are you sure? You can tell me Joe even if its you know an embarrassing dream”
Carina looked at me and smiled a reassuring smile that I could trust but there was nothing to say.
“No, I can’t remember any dreams really. Anyway what’s a dream got to do with anything?”
No answer came but another question.
“The time that you consciously shrunk you said it was just you and your girlfriend Dallas at school one morning”
“That’s right”
“What err…..”
It seemed Carina was exploring the right approach with me.
“Joe, I’m not going to beat about the bush with you. The occasion when you shrunk when you were awake and with Dallas would you say that you were aroused at the time?”
Holy moly did she just ask me that? I felt very embarrassed as I thought about my answer.
“Well….I…was um, yeh”
I felt my face colour and I added
“Just a little we weren’t you know doing anything”
A smile was quickly hidden by Carina as she heard my reply.
“You see Joe, that fits with the Doctors theory. When people fall asleep they often dream and sometimes we don’t have total recall from our dreams but a guy your age probably has some well you know healthy dreams now and again”
“I don’t have wet dreams Carina”
I jumped in rapidly to save any possible humiliation as I didn’t want this babe thinking that I was staining my bed, hell I had only done that in my early puberty and then it was just the once.
“I’m sorry Joe but when you were in the chamber being scanned you were obviously enjoying your dream, for a little guy it’s still very noticeable you know”
She complimented and gave me a look that well I didn’t know what sort of a look it was maybe a little flirtatious. Leaning forward she rested her hands on her knees as she sat and moved her face closer towards me.
“We think that when you get aroused it might trigger your shrinking somehow”

What a revelation and a strange theory. I knew that it was possible yet did that mean I would be banned from having an erection? Would I have to be careful of my lustful feelings in case that I shrunk? Worst of all they would have to stop me seeing Dallas because I couldn’t get enough of her body and she could make me hard just by being her sexy self. Surely this was the most terrible conclusion of what could be triggering me to get shorter.
“I suppose it could be but……”
“Don’t worry just yet Joe”
I was interrupted as Carina leaned forward and took my hand in hers. Those large female hands felt soft and nice upon my own but totally covered them in them process.
“We need to test this theory, I know you don’t want to shrink any further but the Doctor thinks if we can isolate the cause then at least we might be able to begin dealing with this”
Her words made sense but how were they going to test this?
“Now, I’m supposed to ask you to….”
She grinned.
“……Play with yourself. So would you like me to leave?”

My heart began to race, was she offering to stay and watch me? Or help me! Her hands were certainly holding mine very firmly right now and her eyes, boy her pretty eyes were penetrating my mind trying to read my very thoughts.

Suddenly she stood up and that long body of hers towered over me as I sat in the chair my own body frozen in the moment. This time it wasn’t a dream, this time it was real.
“Tell me to leave if you want me to Joe”
My lips trembled trying to mouth something but failed. A larger smile crossed her face and she walked over to the door of my room sliding the privacy bolt shut. It was silent in the room now just Carina and me and the sound of her heels as she stepped away from the door and towards me.
“Don’t look so nervous Joe, you are a great looking guy and I know that you enjoy looking at me”
She unfixed her hair shaking it out of the formal restrictions beneath her nurse’s hat which was tossed aside.
“You dreamed of me in the chamber didn’t you Joe, you dreamed of me and not your girlfriend”
“No don’t explain Joe, you don’t have to explain”
She rested on one hip a provocative stance that cut a fine outline in her white uniform. 
”Come here little Joe, you know you like to stand up against me to be close to tall Carina”
I was drawn to her almost trance like and found my feet. Once more she loomed her amazonian proportions over me and I was looking up, way up over her pronounced bust to see her eyes and white flashing smile falling my way.
“That’s what you said when you were dreaming of me wasn’t it little Joe?”
Carina moved her hands over her body, slowly working them along the tops of her hips and then to her thin waist and rising them over the ample swells of her chest. I was mesmerized by her actions looking up at a woman who stood practically twice as tall as I was as she began to tease me. 
“You said… you are so big Carina so very big and you like that don’t you Joe, you like a woman to be so much taller than you like I am, you like feeling small next to me”
Her fingers had finished their ascent to her breasts and found the buttons upon her top. Way above me her eyes had fallen into her top as she began to release those buttons one by one. How frustrating it was to be so short unable to see what she had revealed above but then Carina opened more buttons slowly making her way down towards her waist and the white dress began to open a great wide v of flesh unveiling itself.
“Care to help little one? You can undo my belt if you like so I can slip out of this dress”
I was just staring up at her display caught in the moment and unsure of what I should do, this was wrong but she was so enticing. Carina could see my deliberation understanding that I was caught on the fence between what was right and wrong. The temptation to release her belt was strong as I knew this was the only barrier to retaining her nurse’s uniform upon that body and I so wanted to see beneath. 
“It’s ok little Joe I don’t bite”ZIMMER 
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Jan 2006 cont...

Gingerly my small hands reached towards her belt and I could see myself shaking slightly as I took hold of the fastening and released it.
“Let’s see if my long legs are nearly as tall as you”
The white dress dropped to the floor and collapsed forming a circle at her high heeled feet and now I faced a woman who was seven foot tall wearing nothing but her black bra and a matching black g string. Like my dream her panties what there was of them hovered very close to my face, so close I could smell her sweet juices. I was just a pawn in her teasing game and waited for her next move as my attention settled upon the striking figure she had now revealed. 
“You could almost walk between my legs Joe, you are such an amazing size, I wish my boyfriend was as tall as you so I could trap him between my big thighs and force him to kiss the insides of them whilst I stood towering over him…ooh that would be so nice Joe”
I stepped back snapping out of the hold she had on me for an instant when she mentioned her boyfriend reminding me that both of us in this encounter were attached to partners whom we cared about.
My voice mumbled as I backed off.
“Oh sweet little Joe , there is nothing wrong here, just think of this as a professional service we need to test out our theory for your own good my little man and Carina is here with her big sexy body to help you”
I watched her sink to her knees bringing herself closer to my height yet still this beauty towered over me kneeling on the floor.
“Now this a better view Joe, it will save you looking up at these”
This temptress now lined my face up with her large breasts, they definitely were not as large as Dallas but at my scale they seemed very substantial in that pretty black bra that was hovering before me.
“I know your are aroused little man, I know the sight of a tall busty chic turns you on and you know that you wont find a bigger girl than me Joe, I’m the tallest woman you’ve ever seen and you want me to dominate you…don’t you Joe?”
Her face loomed over me behind those breasts with an increasingly sexy and provocative look as she gently licked her full painted lips looking down towards the quivering impression my manhood was forming behind the material of my gown.
I tried to resist but my hands were already half way to that large bra that danced in a mesmerising manner before my face, my palms ready to appreciate but a fraction of her generous curves.
“Then don’t little Joe, allow me.”
Lowering down further I noticed she was now sat on her rear with her long legs circling around me as if containing me in her presence with her knees almost as high as my hips as the rest of her shapely limbs disappeared behind me. Two very long sets of fingers reached behind me for a moment letting her large breasts bump gently into me and her long hair came splashing its shiny length around my face. She unfastened my gown pulling it off in one purposeful action leaving me surprised. 
I was naked, exposed before this amazon nurse and not at all in control of the situation, she spotted my hard member and was delighted to see my reaction to her.
“I bet you used to scare the little girls with this when you were normal sized Joe, mmm?”
Suddenly her fingers, those long fingers travelled to my shaft and one single hand circled it in a closed fist and I gasped to see my length disappear in this girls hand.
“First time a girls been able to do that eh little Joe? Does it feel nice with my big hand holding you all, holding you like this, mmm?”
My mouth dropped open and I swallowed hard as her other hand cupped by balls and held them gently whilst her thumb travelled in circles around my helmet.
“You know everything is big upon a girl my size Joe and I know that you’ve noticed these big boobs of mine on more than one occasion, haven’t you little Joe? You like it when the big tall nurse leans over you with her big boobs in her tight dress…. You like peeking inside my top don’t you Joe?” 
I was afraid to speak or even move, her touch felt so great upon me and I so needed the release.
“Well now I’m even bigger to you Joe, even sexier, so much bigger to do this”
In a slow motion she guided her bra over my manhood so that it was touching my stomach and pressing upon me demonstrating just how firm her chest was and how sizeable as she sexily manoeuvred her cleavage over my member and guided it up from below. I felt her breast flesh give to my shaft , surrounding it , embracing all my inches with soft feminine skin touching every tingling part. She pushed down and deeper it slipped in-between these female pillows until it was consumed. With all of my excitement trapped in her bra we gave each other a look that I would never forget. I was surprised to see my entirety was taken so easily and eclipsed in her cleavage unable to break the surface making me feel so small, yet also making me excited by the size of the large boobs that covered it so effortlessly. Carina on the other hand looked so in command as she realised this fact and how sexy this must have been for me to be taken so completely by her busty form. 
“Ooooh I am a big girl a very big girl”
She sighed as she began to work my inches in her cleavage gently masturbating me as she rose up and down. The fit was nice perhaps a little loose if anything but maybe because the girth of my offering was so much narrower than an average man yet the sensation was incredible to be taken so fully by a pair of large breasts. 
“Joe’s dick likes to be between the naughty nurse’s boobs eh?”
Carina breathed down on me as she sunk my manhood even deeper still almost trying to take my testicles as well. With a short pause she reached behind her back and the her bra seemed to slacken for an instant allowing room for my excited soldier to take breath until I gasped as she managed to force her breasts very tightly around it by adjusting the catch of her bra to the next setting. In and up came her cleavage into a tight long line as those lovely forms collided together and down beneath the surface my manhood was trapped even more firmly than before! 
I managed to say as she worked on me again, shifting up and down, pumping me relentlessly between those sexy breasts and still containing everything I had in this tighter warmer environment.
Eventually I came and felt my fluids pulsing endlessly, expecting a fountain to burst out of her cleavage but it didn’t. With a wide smile upon her pretty face she leaned across and kissed me on the lips before easing my spent equipment out. 

Nothing was spoken for a while as she cleaned herself at my sink and put her clothes back on. I settled back on my bed feeling the heady sensation of my pleasure ebbing away as I lay there naked.
The clicking sounds of her heels strode back towards me and I looked up from the bed to see her smile had not withered as she fastened the top of her dress.
“Thanks little Joe…”
She offered sincerely.
“But I didn’t do anything?”
My voice came across very quietly.
“Oh but you did….you were perfect such a perfect little size…I could never have taken my boyfriend like that. You’ve made me feel so big and busty, bigger than I’ve felt ever before and I like it. No, I loved it”
Another smiled and a wink fell my way as she walked off letting herself out with a final comment.
“Don’t worry Ill be back later after I finish my rounds to see how you measure up to my long legs”

I was stunned laying there on my bed feeling guilty that I had allowed Carina to do that but knowing that I probably wanted her to and put up no real resistance at all. I pushed the experience to the back of my mind as I washed and dressed and focused on the reality of my recent size reduction. Carina did come by later on with the doctor in tow but nothing had altered about my size, nothing at all. My clothes were once more baggy and this was my smallest set of all the ones my mother had fortunately chosen to buy me. 

Three days went by and nothing had changed in terms of my height and I had begun to get used to my new view point on life surrounded by the small bunch of misfits in the Lutron foundation. Carina became increasingly close to me and was sorry to see me leave when my stay finally came to an end.

I waited outside in the car park for my mother to arrive and knew it would strange settling back into my life as the abnormal was accepted so well in the facility I was leaving. I had to admit that I was keen to see Dallas albeit nervous about it. When my mother’s car pulled up she popped the boot and helped me with my cases into the back. This was the first admission of my proportionate loss of strength as I allowed her to do this without a challenge, the large cases were awkward at my size and my mother didn’t say anything and just seemed to try and make me feel completely normal.

When I returned home it was a good feeling to be back in familiar surroundings where I was comfortable. Debbie was out and I could chill out in my room for a while as I contemplated what returning to school would be like. My mother could no longer afford the services of my private tutor which meant a return to my school and facing the embarrassment of my new size amongst friends. 

I was waiting for Dallas to call round, she had been desperate to see me and I admit that I really missed her a great deal whilst I was away. My current stature would also be a great surprise to Dallas because I decided not to tell her by way of a surprise. Talking of surprises, I went downstairs to fix myself a drink and suddenly found the top cupboards beyond my easy reach. This was strange to put it mildly as I was used to this house and grew up in this house yet as I stood there on tip toes reaching for the orange cordial bottle it was as if the house had grown around me and now I couldn’t reach certain shelves that I would have taken for granted.
“Let me help shorty”
Debbie offered making me jump a little as I hadn’t heard her return. I watched her hand easily reach over my head and grab the bottle. Turning around there was my sister, little Debbie stood before me in her bare feet and she towered over me!
“Thanks Deb’s”
I meekly answered and went to take the bottle but Debbie quickly raised it beyond my reach at the full extent of her arm looking down at me with a confident grin.
“Here you go shorty”
I began trying not to loose my temper.
“Awww cant you reach it shorty pants? I remember when you used to taunt me like this Joe”
“Leave your brother alone”
My mother stepped into the room to calm the situation before Debbie and I fell out and she didn’t get the satisfaction of me jumping or begging for the bottle but her point was easily made of how the tables had turned.
“I’m only teasing him mum, its good to have you back little brother give your big sister a hug”
Her voice was very patronising and she put the bottle down and grabbed me in a full on hug before I knew what was happening. Suddenly I was in my sister’s arms and my face fell instantly against her breasts as she held me there knowing fore well that I was going to confront them head on. I pushed back instantly and for a few moments she countered me and fixed me to the spot knowing it would demonstrate her superior strength. 
“Oh bless him, look at this mum, Joe’s only as tall as my boobs now, how embarrassing for you little bro I really am your big sister now”
“Leave him Debbie”
“But he’s so cute”
“Deb’s let go of me!”
I spat out frustrated and walked off hearing her chuckling away and my mother giving her a speech about easing up on me. As I closed my bedroom door forgoing my drink of juice I could hear my mother all too clearly.
“Debbie he is your little brother now and it must be very strange for Joe looking up to his bigger sister and his mother for that matter, we both need to help look after him”
“But it’s so much fun mum, and it’s so easy being this much taller than him. I like seeing him squirm a little”

I didn’t wish to eaves drop anymore and put my stereo on to drown everything out, of all the things that had changed for me listening to music wasn’t one of them.
A little while later I felt soft words spoken in my ear and a sweet kiss upon my cheek? I had fallen asleep and my eyes opened to see the beautiful blue gems of my girlfriends eye sparkling down into my own as she leaned over the bed. Her long blonde hair had fallen forward and surrounded both our faces in a golden tunnel fixing both our gazes.
“Hey handsome did you miss me?”
“Of course”
I smiled up and our lips locked bringing me that sweet taste from her mouth into mine. Dallas seated herself next to me and I could tell she was trying to assess my height as she looked me over with a drifting stare. Shifting myself up the bed with my back to the headboard I could tell her upper torso was easily longer than mine but it was her legs that stretched out much further on the bed making the difference all to obvious.
“Look how much longer my legs are than yours! Baby are you even shorter?”

Her voice almost trembled with anticipation of my answer holding nothing back about how excited this made her.
“Yeh, I shrunk a little when I was away”
”Really! Joe, you didn’t tell me!”
She almost squealed and shifted her position evidently allowing me to get down from the bed.
“How short are you?”
“Not sure really but I think around 4 and a half foot, maybe more or a little less”
“Oh let me see!”
Almost jumping to her feet, her face lit up as she waited for me to join her. I had been wondering about this moment myself and just how tall she would be. I slid my legs over the side of the bed and looked at her body taking note of her outfit. 

Luckily she was bare foot and only had a pair of jeans on with a tight t-shirt. This white t-shirt clung to her chest and a distorted print of the stars and stripes flag was stretched over it.
How I had missed those lovely forms that elongated the detail on her top and focusing on them from below I swear they looked just a touch bigger all over than before I had left, then again I was shorter which would have altered my appreciation favourably to reach this conclusion. Dallas must have tuned into my train of thought and associated my current gaze as she was very quick to tease.
“Do you think you are as tall as them now?”
“Um…I err don’t know”
She caught me off guard and giggled as she held her hands to the side of her breasts and shook them a little for effect forcing my eyes to bulge as these large sexy mounds danced playfully for a few seconds before they settled firmly once more.
“Care to find out if you measure up?”
I stood up and inches before Dallas who didn’t look at all like her 5ft 8 inches which I knew her to be. In my world all sixty eight inches of my girlfriend made her look seven foot two inches tall in her bare feet! Just as she had hoped for my face was perfectly aligned with her sizeable assets and having a good close up of that American flag as it sighed under the pressure imposed upon it from behind. 
“You’re perfect! Look at you way down there, its just like when I wore my Giganta shoes only this is all real, my boyfriends just tall enough to kiss my boobs”
Backing up her words she slid her breasts side to side across my face and I grinned wildly as I reached up with my hands to test just how big those magnificent swells actually felt.
“Let’s lock the door”
Dallas whispered and moved out of my range to slide the bolt across. As she turned around to me with her back to the door her hands took hold of the lower section of her t-shirt and pulled it up over her head. 

Stepping slowly back towards me I could see a very thin pink lacy bra hugging her breasts closely together creating an eye popping amount of shelf sized cleavage. Dallas gave me one of her sexy looks and began to inch down the shoulder straps relaxing the bra’s hold. She stood closer to me again and brushed my cheeks with the soft exterior of the bra as she fiddled to release the back clasp. In a few sensational seconds the bra traveled up lifted like a pink curtain on a stage only there was one person in the audience to applaud the spectacular bare breasts at this show and that was me. 

I goggled wantonly at her majestic breasts hovering in my view and watched Dallas cup the left one offering a thick erect nipple towards my lips. My mouth opened instantly covering her nipple and feeling how warm and firm it was, I had sucked before upon Dallas’s nipples but never like this. The nipple felt so much more substantial easily the right size to push well back into my mouth. I kissed and sucked at her hungrily as if coaxing some phantom milk to appear and enjoying every second I was in contact with these huge breasts.
“That’s it sweetie suck hard, suck really hard on me”
The encouragement seemed to flow from her mouth above and I alternated between her breasts not allowing either to be disappointed from lack of attention. 
“ooooh I feel so sensitive…….”
Dallas was quivering a little to my touch and I felt her hands push the back of my head into her flesh spurring me on.
“Suck my tits little man….suck..them hard!”
She was getting off and becoming rather loud with her voice making me a little conscious that my sister or mother might hear us.
“I’m just so tall for you….ooooh…so very tall….my little…little…man!”
Her words echoed on the walls of my bedroom and then Dallas backed away and I could see her flushed face and dilated pupils relaying that she had actually reached an orgasm just from my attentions to her nipples that now glowed with the heat I had caused.
“I need to sit down”
She said almost dreamily and slumped into a chair that I used when playing on my computer. 

I felt like such a stud, there I was no taller than this girls boobs yet I managed to get her off simply by sucking on her it bolstered my ego a thousand fold. As I watched her feeling into her jeans I had to smile thinking that she may have very damp panties right now and I had got my own back for the times she made me cum in my underwear.
“Joe that was indescribable”
“That good eh?”
My confidence was at such a high and I stood there proudly licking my lips.
“The best…”
“You got off on the fact that you were taller than me didn’t you? The things you called out about being very tall and me being little?”
“I really did love it Joe, I felt like you were worshipping me. You are so short to me now. I just love seeing how I tower over you…I’m so naughty aren’t I?”
“I liked it to Dallas, hell I can’t think of a better size to be to you than what I am now. Your breasts are just there for me begging for it in my face”
Dallas was now composed and stood back up retrieving the bra she had cast off onto the floor below.
“Did you enjoy how big these are? I bet they look much larger to you now don’t they?”
I couldn’t deny this and just watched her lean over for the bra salivating upon how her breasts dangled and swayed. Dallas stood back up and ensured I watched as she began to put her bra on yet she stopped half way and with a cheeky look the bra came back off again and a single cup was placed on top of my head! 

Man, she had such big breasts! The bra cup spread out and almost covered the top of my head and could have made a great cap to wear, the fact that half my forehead and a lot of my head of hair fell into it drove home just how big Dallas was to me. 
“Definitely a lot larger eh shorty?”
Dallas laughed and pulled the straps of the bra to collide my face into her bare bosoms whilst they gently moved with that laughter. This for me was a very hot experience as my face was lovingly smothered in her flesh as it slapped around on both side of my cheeks.
“a lot bigger…mmmmm”
I mumbled contently into her boobs until she decided I should come out a minute later.
“Joe would you and Dallas like a drink?”
It was my mother and she was coming up the stair case. Dallas swiftly pulled on her t-shirt and sat down as I un-locked the door and ran back to the bed crossing my legs so as to block the view of my bulging trousers.
“Joe the bra!”
Dallas whispered loudly and I grabbed my large pink hat and stuffed it into a nearby drawer just in time for my mother to enter.
“You two ok?”
She asked seeing my red face.
There was a knowing grin from my mother and she took our requests for refreshments and wandered back down. 

That evening Dallas and I chatted and had a good time listening to some new albums of mine cuddled up on my bed or rather Dallas seemed to be cuddling me which was kind of new but very nice indeed. It wasn’t long before she needed to leave and the subject of my return to school came onto the agenda.

“So your mum is buying you some new school clothes for Monday then?”
“Yep she said that she would but I really don’t want to go Dallas”
“Hey, it won’t that bad, people have missed you, Steve ask’s a lot about you and Vicky “
“Yeh, but Dallas look at me I’m going to feel like a little kid going to big school, can you imagine the teasing that I’m going to get?”
”Behind the library? Oh yeh! I can imagine what teasing I’m gonna do to you Joe, wearing my tight school blouses opening them up just a little for my short boyfriend so he can get a nice eyeful all day”
My erection had passed from earlier but Dallas was beginning to work on it again.
“That’s not what I meant, what about other people I’m going to be the shortest guy in our year or the two years below us for that matter. Hell, even Midget is going to feel tall around me”
“Perhaps your mum can get you some elevator shoes or something?”
“I would need high heels like your party shoes Dallas to make up this difference”
I frowned and she could now see how this was really bothering me.
”Hey I’m going to be there your big girlfriend will look after you”
“Thanks Dallas”
It was nice that Dallas was acting protective towards me and given my short stature probably a natural reaction under the circumstances, yet I didn’t share any of her confidence about my return to school. 

I walked Dallas downstairs to the door and there was Debbie just coming through the hallway.
“Hey Dallas did you show him the new boots?”
“Actually no, not yet”
I looked up to see Dallas’s face redden slightly and then she bent over to retrieve a pair of white go-go boots. These were the ones she had raved about with the seven inch heels and I only just managed a smile thinking how ridiculous I would look stood next to my girlfriend wearing these in public.
“Still you couldn’t make little squirt here feel any shorter than he does already, eh little bro?”
Debbie walked behind me and rested her chin upon my head.
“Joe likes having a tall girlfriend”
Dallas put forward on my behalf trying not to smirk at my sister’s current position as she talked over me.
“Yes and he likes having a bigger sister, talking of which little brother can I have some of your old clothes to wear?”
“My clothes?”
I turned to see her explain.
“Well its not like you need them now and some of your tops are nice baggy ones for me to hang out in now and again, might as well get some use out of them before mum takes them to the charity shop”
“Deb’s I might grow back into them, at least I hope that I will!”
My tone was a little stern as she had struck a raw nerve giving up on me ever reclaiming my height.
“Still she can’t hurt wearing them for now?”
Dallas interjected to help her best friend.
“And I wouldn’t mind borrowing a few of your old tops to chill out in”
So there it was, even Dallas was taking advantage of the situation but perhaps I was being over sensitive, in the end I decided to go with the flow.
“Whatever you guys but I’m having them back when I grow ok?”
There was a silence from both of them to my comment and this sealed my opinion that neither of them had any faith.

Dallas used my shoulder to lean upon whilst she slipped on her knee high boots and zipped them up on each side. Suddenly my already towering girlfriend was raised to another level as the additional seven inches took her to a lofty six foot three inches tall. With Debbie giggling at the sight of us as she walked off I could see what amused her. The seven inches had taken Dallas’s bust over my head much like Carina except with Dallas’s more ample inches I could have sheltered under them from the rain!
“Man those boots have a serious high heel”
I tried to smile and Dallas took it all in her stride loving her new elevated look.
“I can even look down on my sister in these aren’t they great? Only kissing you could be a problem”
She grinned and bent at her knees to lower her lips within my reach.
“Meet you behind the library tomorrow morning cutie”
Dallas added teasingly as she kissed me and made for home.

It didn’t seem long before my return to school and I had never felt so nervous in my life as I put on my new uniform, it was a snug fit as my mother had guessed my sizes and must have pictured me shorter than I really was. There was no way my collar would fasten around my neck without choking me and my trousers were close to being classed as ankle tappers. Despite my ill fitting uniform at least my shoes didn’t slop about. My reflection in the hallway mirror downstairs offered a regular looking guy in his school uniform with nothing out of the ordinary and this did make me feel better until I noticed the two large white lumps growing out of my dark hair either side of my head?
It was my sisters breasts! As I stood there fixing my tie with my eyes trained on my neck I looked back up and there they were. Two large blouse covered female forms rising just over my head as she stood directly behind me in her school shoes and pretended that she was casually fixing her blonde hair in the unused mirror space above me. Her eyes settled well over a foot above my own and from this vantage point she could pretend that she didn’t even know I was below her as she looked straight ahead.
I shuffled uncomfortably to the side to break the image of my towering sibling and Debbie just smiled looking down at me as if she had only just noticed my presence.
“Morning little brother, sorry I didn’t see you down there. Still we can both use the mirror together cant we”
“It’s all yours”
I answered and waited for her to walk with me wishing she wasn’t quite so tall. 
“Don’t be nervous about today son, it’ll be ok”
My mother said walking up to me and leaning down to fix my tie so that it covered up my open top collar button.
“He’s alright mum his big sister will take care of him”
Debbie patted me on the head in a manner I didn’t much care for and my mother just half smiled as we walked out the door.

“I wonder how much taller Vicky will be than you now bro?”
“I’m trying not to think about it thanks Deb’s I’ve been dreading today as it is”
“Awww look on the bright side bro”
“What bright side? Debs it may be funny for you sis but have a heart will ya? How would you like going to school if you were suddenly 4 foot odd tall?”
Her arm came around my shoulders and hugged me for an instant as she was trying to see things from my point of view.
“Sorry bro but look at it this way you may be shorter than all the girls in our school but what teenage guy would have a better perspective of our boobs! You are going to be in boob central down there and every girl you meet is going to be pointing them in your face all day!”

It was funny but as much of a breast man as I was this hadn’t really occurred to me on a grander scale. Debbie may have pointed this out as a tease to me but she was right, if her breasts were anything to go by my day was going to be spent amongst hundreds of them bouncing and jiggling in my view with no where for me to hide my eyes!

I met Dallas outside the library and she was wearing some new clothes, if I didn’t know her I would have labeled her as a prick tease just from how she was dressed today. Her skirt couldn’t have been shorter it was a little black number with small pleats which made it float around the tops of her thighs and increased the length of her legs beyond what mortal man could handle. As for the top half her crisp white school blouse was tucked into that skirt and tensed across those striking breasts like a second skin. Her school tie was fashionably used around her waist as a belt which was something the teachers had begun to clamp down on but this left no way to hide her serious tanned cleavage breaking out of the neckline which had at least the top two buttons unfastened and with her hair tied up behind her in a long golden tail nothing obscured this healthy display.
“Hey baby”
She smiled down at me and hugged me instantly into oodles of breast flesh that wanted to escape her blouse. With her arms locked around me I was completely hard in a micro second as she pressed me up against that awesome body of hers.
I replied with my morning greeting suffocating into her flesh.
“Welcome back to school”
Dallas continued as she relaxed her grip letting me step back to look up into her eyes.
“Boy, Dallas you sure are showing a lot of skin today girl”
I sounded like a concerned father but really it was my jealous side kicking in as I knew every guy in my year would be pleased to see her today.
“Well I figured you needed cheering up and it looks like my little school uniform has done the job”
She said feeling down at my trousers and the evident lump she had produced. It was just then that a group of girls descended upon us led by my sister of all people.

“There’s my little brother”
I heard her gleeful words emitted as she led Tamara, Vicky and Diane towards me like a tour guide presenting a local attraction. I managed to sit down on a nearby wall, one to hide my current state of arousal and secondly to avoid the inevitable comparisons she was bound to begin.
“Hey Dallas, Joe”
Tamara greeted looking at me in a strange manner as if for the first time in her life. We both answered politely and Vicky also made small talk. It wasn’t long before the bell sounded that we had to attend registration and none of the girls made any attempt to walk off until they had seen the sight that they had all presumably been promised.

Having shrugged off my arousal due to the situation around me I nervously stood up to see a circle of tall schoolgirls around me that made me feel like I should have been in primary school. Dallas was easily the tallest of the lot given her preference in shoes but Vicky, little Vicky in her ordinary shoes stood a good seven or eight inches above me!
“Oh Joe”
“Look at your brother he’s so little”
“This can’t be Joe”
All of these comments and many similar I heard repeated during that day many times. There was a reaction from everyone teachers included and so many embarrassing situations seemed to arise from my height. The first of which was my encounter with April Havard a girl I didn’t much care for, on the outside she looked like a rebel teenager dressed in a her short skirt that had slash marks down it and was roughly feathered at the base as if she had taken a knife and made a protest with its appearance. Above this she refused to wear a blouse and had taken to wearing a white t-shirt, her make up was heavy and over the top on her eyes giving her a wicked look although she was actually a pretty girl if you could see through it all. Her body wasn’t at all un attractive and that included her legs. 

April usually picked upon some of the shorter girls in our year the ones that were too weak to stand up to her bullying yet today I was her target. I came down the corridor to see my bag and the contents of it strewn over the floor with a gloating April busy laughing as she was filling my locker with her own gear in its place. It was clear that she had forced the lock and as I walked up I had a major sense of humor failure.
“You bitch! That’s my locker!”
I venomously shouted out almost marching over to her with my face screwed up in an aggressive look. All of this was reactionary and quite normal for me to get so instantly outraged ready to confront her but that was a problem when I found myself stood way below all five foot nine of this aggressive school girl. Five foot nine I may add plus the nasty looking spiked heels she wore taking her closer to six foot which from my vantage point looked a lot taller than I had expected!
I had momentarily forgotten my size as my rage took over me but standing not that far up from this girls stomach regions I was soon to discover just how short I really was.
“Oh look it’s the school shrimp! How scary”
She laughed and continued to throw my books down as my locker was emptied. Of course I couldn’t hit a girl not that I could actually throw an effective punch upon someone so tall but I had to do something.
“Cut it out now! That’s my locker!”
I stood my ground inches away from this girl feeling nervous for the very first time in my life in such a confrontational situation.
“And what are you gonna do about it tiny? Kick me in the ankles?”
Her wicked voice bellowed down and her groupie friends gathered around which made me feel even more uncomfortable as I couldn’t back out.
She said stopping her current actions and turning towards me in an aggressive stance. Looming over me with her hands firmly on her hips I watched her excessively made up eyes narrowing upon me.
“Not so confident now are we?”
I made a foolish attempt to budge her out of my way but this girl was solid and didn’t move or was it that I was too weak to make much of an impact?
My answer came loud and clear as April grabbed me by both of my wrists and lifted me clean off the floor! I was astounded and completely amazed to find myself hanging a good foot off the floor held by this girl. Her friends laughed and I could see April straining to hold me but doing a good job of keeping me there all the same.

“Look how puny he is girls….I bet my kid sister could whip him!”
I was speechless what could I say? I couldn’t kick her or retaliate because that wasn’t the done thing yet neither could I let her humiliate me this way as a growing crowd gathered to see the entertaining spectacle of a guy being put in his place by a mere girl.
“Put me down!”
I barked feeling so inadequate in her hard grip.
“Say please”
She said forcing a grin as my weight was getting the better of her strength.
“Put me down!”
I shouted but she was ever determined to hold me there.
“Say please and I’ll consider it weakling”
“Put him down! Now!”
A familiar voice interrupted from behind me and I couldn’t turn around but knew it was Debbie.
“Oh how cute big sister has come to rescue her little brother”
April taunted and dumped me onto my backside on the floor as she let me go abruptly. I then began to stand when I felt the hard base of a shoe planted firmly on my chest pinning me to the floor, it was April of course and I was held firmly as I tried to push myself up.
“Get off him you cow!”
Debbie boldly stood up to April and pushed her off of me and into the lockers with a denting sound of metal ringing down the corridor. April thought about continuing but obviously couldn’t judge my sister as an opponent. 
“I’ll leave him for now blondy but that lockers still mine, besides its far too high up for your baby brother!”
With a scowl from my sisters face April and her groupies left and the gathering crowds dispersed. I picked myself up off the floor and dusted myself off and found myself in the awkward position of having to thank my sister for her actions.
“Thanks Debs”
“No problem bro that’s what big sisters are for, let me know if that slag bothers you again ok?”
“Um, sure”
I said unconvincingly and picked up my gear finding a convenient locker lower down to place it into. The irony of the situation was that April was right and my old locker would have meant tip toes for me to access.ZIMMER 
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May 2006

Months rolled by and I adapted to my new stature, things at School were tough, I had been bullied by April on more than one occasion and had not revealed this to my sister. She found it fun to take my bag and hold it above me with the other girls chanting for me to jump and more embarrassing than that was the encounter at the school pool were she dunked and held me in the water several times until I let her have my mp3 player. 

As for general things my sports prowess suffered as I was the slowest in my year and actually a touched frightened to compete in the rugby amongst my male friends who were all shooting up and filling out whilst I remained the same size. The coach eventually saw that I was avoiding encounters head on and asked cheekily if I would like to play with the girls instead. Academically my performance hadn’t altered for subjects so that was at least one stable area. Dallas and I privately enjoyed my size more and more, she tended to dominate me in our love life and I let her take the lead as if passing up the reigns upon who was the stronger between the two of us. 

On the positive side my part time work for Professor Jones was increasing as her secret projects seemed to be getting more exciting for her, I still didn’t have a clue what she was actually doing in that building but I did enjoy helping out and learning what I could. My laborious duties had altered over the last few months for the Professor and to be honest partly due to the fact that I was less capable physically to lift items and to use a lot of the racking in the warehouse. I was now finding myself in the office more and more doing administration tasks on her computers and I was even able to use some of my developing computer skills to create reports and charts from the data she supplied me, even if I didn’t understand what all those figures meant in this scientific world. 

As my height had been so stable the Lutron foundation had signed me off of their books and my wardrobe of clothes had expanded as my wages from working with Professor Jones was growing.
This was also good news because Dallas had planned a naughty weekend for us both in the heart of the city, it seemed that she had a chance to be placed on the books of a modeling agency and they were happy to pick up the hotel expenses for a weekend in the city as long as Dallas attended the appraisal session during one of those days. 

We traveled into the city by rail it was a short journey and it began with some minor embarrassment 
as the ticket office official presumed I only needed a junior ticket to ride. Dallas played along with him and offered that I was under twelve years old and worse still that I was her little brother. I didn’t stay annoyed at her for long as she had saved us both a fortune on the ticket prices which incidentally we had to pay for.

As we entered our hotel and checked in the lady on reception gave us a strange look and I guess we did look an odd couple, there was this tall blonde in her heels and a short guy stood an inch or so below her chest height and clearly both in love.

The hotel and the room was plush, not overly so but its huge bed and spacious interior was the best luxury I had come across to date. After unpacking we both stood on the balcony which was old fashioned and cast in stone. Dallas could rest her arms and peer over it but I had to use my tip toes to do the same. 

When Saturday morning arrived Dallas was up early fussing with her hair and applying various oils to her fine skin she was excited about this opportunity to have the chance to be placed on the books of this well known and reputable agency and apparently they even had a major client at the vetting session today who was desperate to secure young models for some campaign.

Whilst she beautified herself I lay in the grand bed listening to her humming happily in the bathroom and I sat up and looked at the sheer size of the bed around me and was shocked at how generous they had made it. It was several times my length and I thought to myself it was odd that they made it so enormous it certainly hadn’t appeared that large the night before? 
No it definitely wasn’t this big! My mind was now fully awake and comprehending the real situation. I went to climb out of the bed and instantly noticed my legs didn’t reach from the side to the floor. With my heart beginning to thump in overdrive I dropped down a few inches out of the bed to the carpet and saw that the bedside unit was only just shorter than me. I needed something familiar for reference and quickly, looking around the nearest things to hand were Dallas’s clothes that had been strewn upon the floor prior to our love making session last night. 

My hand reached down for her denim skirt and I picked up what felt like a heavy piece of material that surprised me with its evident weight and its cumbersome size. As I held it out before me suspending it by the waist band it dangled down and this skirt, my girlfriends skirt was huge! What to her was enough material in order to cover her from that thin waist to just a few inches above her knees was now over half my entire height! I couldn’t believe Dallas would fit into this large garment but it was real and it was wider than I was. I dropped the skirt and then noticed her white go-go boots laying down on one side. Lifting just one of them upright my eyes couldn’t believe what they were seeing as this boot which was knee high to Dallas came up to my lower stomach level. Surely this wasn’t real? All of this? Perhaps I was dreaming but the smell of the leather and the sound of Dallas’s voice in the distance were all very convincing. How tall was she now to me? How small was I if these were her boots and skirt?
The questions swam around my head and I could only guess that a woman of giant proportions could wear such items, her legs alone had to be seven or eight feet long which meant Dallas was probably a fourteen or fifteen feet tall woman from my perspective.

Dare I call her and face this head on? I debated pacing the floor in my naked state of dress when suddenly I heard Dallas walking into the room she was bare foot and dressed in a cream sleeveless summery top with a long thin brown skirt that fell to her ankles and she looked incredibly tall! Taller than I expected, taller than anyone I had ever seen! As she strode towards me occupied in the task of brushing her long blonde hair she was looking towards the balcony area and not where she was walking. I stood there rooted to the spot in awe of this huge amazon, my girlfriend who was well over twice my size and who hadn’t even noticed me yet.

Dallas narrowly missed me with her long legs and swished my face with her skirt stopping inches from my position looking at the bed to see that I wasn’t there. I was truly dwarfed by her and found myself facing the middle of her thighs which I could just make out through the thinness of her long skirt, her legs were taller than me and she never looked sexier. There was a lot of woman before me right now and she looked like some fantasy female with her bust above taking on a much larger appearance than I was ready for. It was hard to contemplate that she hadn’t grown and that it was me who was different because right now Dallas looked larger than life and it was only the room around me that reminded of my own plight.

“Joe? I’m running late where are you baby I need to leave now?”
I watched her turn three sixty presumably looking around the room for me as I looked up to see the underside of her bust at this close range and her blonde hair as it twirled around. My mouth seemed disabled by the view and I couldn’t speak, leaving Dallas to the conclusion that I must have popped out of the room for some reason. As amazing as this situation was she then walked off clutching her handbag and left the room slipping on some heels left by the door and all without even noticing me, her now diminutive boyfriend. 

I sunk to my knees in the carpet overwhelmed by all this and noticed the strong erection between my legs, I was turned on by this situation. Turned on, very turned on, just by those few seconds of looking up at my beautiful girlfriend as she towered so high above me. Was it also the feeling of being so terribly short in relation to her and wondering just what touching her at this new scale would be like? Yes, it was and I needed to shrug off this reaction between my legs so that I could think clearly. 

I walked towards the bathroom where we had started our games last night about to take a cold shower to quell my desire when something very soft fell underfoot. Peering down I couldn’t miss the circular shaped piece of soft black silk that I had stepped onto. It was wider and longer than my whole foot in all directions and it was just one of two very large cups upon a bra that looked so very big!

I stepped off the material and was compelled to investigate this innocent find picking up this piece of Dallas’s underwear by the two long shoulder straps. Man it was so huge! The holes for her arms to fit through I could have placed my whole torso inside and each of those cups which now fell forward returning towards their normal shape seemed capable of holding breasts each easily much larger than a basket ball from my current appreciation. What would breasts that size feel like? I ran my hand across the exterior of one cup and saw how small in relation to it my hand was, I could never attempt to hold a breast that could fill this amount of material and Dallas could fill it so very, very well. 

My erection soared upwards with these thoughts of my girlfriend’s breasts as I clutched her seemingly oversized almost comically out of proportion bra in my two hands. I lifted the bra holding it out as best I could and presented the view of staring those twin cups in the face and now I considered the possibility that my whole head might even squeeze into her cleavage. That was it for my manhood the final straw as it called for its master to take it by hand and beat it for all it was worth. I dropped the bra and it accidentally fell over my rigid excitement with one silky cup covering everything I possessed between my legs and this only served to fire up my imagination of how small my offering would be if Dallas let me make love between those breasts. Leaving the bra in place I clasped my pleading hardness and wrapped it all up in the thin sensual material and began to jerk myself off thinking of nothing but my next encounter with my super tall girlfriend and appreciating all of her sexy super sized assets. Before I could take away her bra I felt myself release into it and it caught my mess in full flow. 

I cleaned myself up and attempted to wash her bra as best I could leaving it in the same position on the floor but even managing tasks like this were a challenge. I couldn’t see over the sink unit and had to man handle the chair from the other room into the en-suite in order that I could use the taps. The shower was impossible to use, I could switch it on of course but climbing reaching the end nozzle so high up the wall was beyond me. The bath was also close to my chest level and climbing into this was like scaling a wall to drop down the other side. Simple things in life were going to present themselves as hurdles to overcome and this was all too obvious to me as I sat upright in the deep bath unable to peer over the side. 

As I bathed in the warm water I suddenly heard the sound of a vacuum cleaner coming from the main room! I knew it had to be the maid, this wasn’t good news but I should have expected it because it was routine and she was oblivious to my presence as neither of us had made a sound up until now. I stood up in the bath and attempted to climb out, I say attempted as I slipped on the sheer smooth wall a number of times before I could manage to throw my legs up and over the side. The drone of the vacuum cleaner had stopped and I hurriedly sought the refuge of a large towel to cover myself which actually was the foot towel. I stood there preying she wouldn’t enter when a pair of dark tights and some long legs walked in on me and I looked up to see the startled face of a good looking maid in her black uniform.
“I’m ever so sorry sweetie I didn’t mean to make you jump”
Her polite apology was aimed at a youngster which she assumed that she was looking down upon.
I put my face downwards not wanting to engage her eyes and hoping she would leave without figuring that I was a very short man. The fact that I wasn’t a hairy guy was valuable to me as I guess at a glance I could have passed for a small child.
“Is mummy or daddy here?”
She inquired and began to kneel down before me cornering me within the space and our eyes met.
I saw her eyes bulge as round as a pair of saucers when discovering this was a very short teenager before her, my defined muscular arms and legs coming out of the towel giving me away upon her closer inspection. She shuffled away yet still kept on her knees and softly spoke.
“I’m so sorry sir I didn’t mean to disturb you I thought you were a little…I mean a…I’m dreadfully sorry”
Her face projected her discomfort with the situation and I had to speak, although I was now drawn to the fact that kneeling this woman was still taller than me. 
“T-that’s ok, people often mistake me for a kid I’m not very tall”
“No, you are a very unusual size if you forgive me for saying sir”
I watched her stand up and she was a skinny woman perhaps in her twenties, shorter than my Dallas and fortunately pleasant to look at.
“Yeh, unusual”
I repeated her description and saw that curiosity had taken hold of this stranger as she boldly asked
me a question.
“Sir if you forgive me for asking but how tall are you? I’ve don’t think I have ever seen a man quite as short as you before”
Well that was the million dollar question that I had contemplated during my relaxation in the bath and the truth was I didn’t know myself.
“I don’t rightly know being this short you don’t tend to measure yourself often I get a bit sensitive about my height and all, how tall do I look to you?”
My answer was unexpected as was the question and with a puzzled look the woman stepped forward to compare one of her great legs in relation to me. Her hand slid above her thigh and produced an answer. 
“thirty six inches, maybe?”
I hoped she wasn’t being generous as polite as she appeared, three feet sounded scary especially when translated into inches.
“I guess”
Came my reply and I was a little shaken by her next sentence.
“Sir, with no disrespect but we do have alternate accommodation suites more suited for people such as yourself”
“I’m sorry?”
“Our disabled suites sir you will find all the light switches at a much lower level and we are well equipped with lifts and such to help you in and out of the bath, you probably struggle in this standard accommodation”
I was gob smacked, she was trying to be helpful but labeling me as disabled? Of course what she said was probably correct and more ideal for a guy my size but I was far to proud to admit I couldn’t get on in a normal room”
“should I make arrangements to transfer you sir?”
”err, no thanks. My partner, my girlfriend is staying with me and she’s big, you know um normal size like you”
Normal size, those words trickled out very naturally as I looked up at this huge maid towering over me and thought to myself that everyone wouldn’t look at all normal to me from now onwards, they would all be abnormally tall and intimidating without trying to be like her.

The maid dusted off the sideboards and fussed with the curtains as I milled about pretending to be busy, I needed to put some clothes on but I knew nothing would fit me. Recalling that Dallas had worn one of her short summer tops which was cropped just beneath her breasts the evening we traveled up I found it and put it over my head. This top was big and fell down on my body like a conventional t-shirt except the arms and the width of the thing were far too roomy to look normal. Still it gave me something to wear instead of the towel whilst this maid continued about her business. I also found some very short shorts that Dallas had packed and these were lycra black ones. I knew they were tight on Dallas of course I had checked out her legs in them and her backside for that matter and I liked her in these shorts because they looked like someone had painted them on, but this meant they might also fit me. As I put the shorts on I was wrong and they came down to my knees and looked very baggy, my body was simply not as solid as my girlfriends in any area to fill them out but the waist band held yet only just.

The maid gave my attire a strange once over and I’m sure that I saw a small smirk forming on her lips as she excused herself and finished her duties shutting the door to our room behind her. Walking to the full length mirror by the far wall I could see what produced her reaction, I looked pretty stupid. It was obvious that I was wearing a woman’s t-shirt as I forgot this top had writing upon it. 
In the reflection the little muscular guy with the baggy black t-shirt had large white letters that read “Girl Power” somewhere around my middle. How embarrassing was that? The maid must have known I was wearing my girlfriends top and probably thought I was extremely little and kinky.

I heard my mobile phone ring and discovered it was up on the vanity table which was beyond my arms reach to grab it. Again I found myself using the chair almost climbing into it and boosting myself to reach across the surface to retrieve my phone.

“Hey handsome!”
A bright and breezy voice that could only be Dallas burst through the speaker.
”Hi Dallas”
“Sorry I had to bolt this morning without finding you baby but we both overslept I only just made it here! Still it’s all going very well I can’t wait to tell you about it. They are taking lots of pictures of me and this important guy I think he’s from some manufacturer , well he’s singled me and two other girls out. Joe they are all gorgeous here and….”
Her patter was in full enthusiastic flow and I felt very bad as I interrupted with my news.
“Woah slow down Dallas, that’s all great baby really it is but I have some important news of my own I shrunk again this morning”
“You did, how err short are you now?”
“A lot by the looks of it, I just wanted to prepare you…..”
“This is so great!”
Her true reaction cut in before she corrected herself.
“I mean err, that’s not good news for you is it? Are you ok honey? Do you want me to come back now?”
Dallas felt guilty about her initial reaction and tried to cover as best she could.
“No, you stay there it could be the break you are looking for I don’t want to get in the way, besides I’m fine just shorter that’s all.”
“Sure, look Joe they are calling me now I’ll be back by five o’clock they said they would drop me off in a cab”
There was a pause.
“I can’t wait to see you…shorty”
Again her inner feelings rose to the surface and I had to admit it was good to know she didn’t mind what was happening to me.
“I know you can’t”
I added and she laughed.
“Must go my little man, I love you”
The phone cut off and I spent the rest of that morning and afternoon watching tv and waiting for Dallas to return 

Boredom had truly set in by four o’clock, my original plan was to spend the day whilst Dallas was away by visiting the music shops but my current state of dress didn’t make me feel like venturing out at all. Having exhausted the offerings on day time television I found myself once more interested with Dallas’s large clothes. I stood the two go-go boots upright and the tops of these white platform boots came somewhere above my stomach given the seven inch heels and in my world they looked over three feet tall and closer to four feet. Imagining a girl who was tall enough to wear them and made even taller by them was fueling my interest. 

Leaving the boots I found that she had another pair of shoes placed in the base of the wardrobe. It was so typical of a girl to bring too many clothes and a pair of different shoes to go with her various outfits but I did recognize these more conservative court shoes, she wore them a month or so back when we attended her sisters party with a little black dress. I picked them up and found their weight deceiving like a lot of things that suddenly weighed more than I expected today. Placing them down on the floor they were not as imposing as her tall boots but still I could appreciate it would take a big foot to fill their interiors.ZIMMER 
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May 2006 cont...

Ladies size six the label read inside one of them and I thought to myself it should have been more like size sixteen in my new world! For fun I stepped into the base of the shoe where it was lower and using the open cupboard door I shifted my heels back up to stand in my girlfriends shoes. I instantly felt pretty high in them and guessed I was, because four inches for me was a significant boost right now. My ankles didn’t break the tops of the shoes which was odd to see but not as odd as my little bare feet extending less that half way down the slope of these shoes and no where near to touching the sides. Talk about big foot, these shoes looked like a novelty pair of ski’s upon my feet. I couldn’t have filled them if I had ten pairs of socks on! I stepped out of them and laughed at how impressive I now thought Dallas’s simple clothes and footwear were, it was like when you attend one of those world record museums and look at the huge mutant fruits people have grown or closer still when I saw the shoes and suit that the world’s tallest man had once worn. Looking at Dallas’s shoes they held the same odd yet impressive awe about them.

But I had to keep reminding myself that Dallas’s height was nothing special and these things around me were normal it was just my mind playing tricks on me. The irony was that I was probably closing in upon the record for bieng the world’s shortest living man, that thought entered my head for the first time today and it was truly something to think of myself as potentially unique.

I was tempted again to provide myself a comparison to Dallas and stepped back into her shoes and stood there for a couple of minutes marveling at the size of my girlfriends feet or rather the amount of room around my tiny feet as they were drowned by the space in this pair of high heels. I couldn’t have walked in them even if I wanted as my toes were no where near to slipping under the front toe section. 

As I continued to balance on these heels the door burst open and in came Dallas much earlier than expected! She stepped through the door with a couple of bags in her hands and dropped them in reaction to the first sight that fell to her eyes. I don’t know what she must have thought in that instant but there I was dressed in her crop top and her lycra shorts and stood balancing in a pair of her high heels with a stunned look upon my face.
I said showing my surprise and just stood still and very awkward thinking to myself why on earth had I been fooling around like this and what the hell would Dallas think of me? I was hardly a transvestite dressed the way I was but there was no excuse for me to be standing in her high heels or at least being caught in the act, all reason for my actions failed me.

Dallas was equally surprised but very soon got over her initial shock and a massive cheeky smile was directed at me as she walked across the room with a look that openly expressed “I’ve caught you!”

“Well hello down there my little man or should that be my little girl?”
She laughed walking around me and taking in my new height. Even with the heels under me I failed to reach the waist band of her skirt and Dallas was just incredibly tall and more intimidating than ever before.
“Um hi babe…I guess that I should explain…..”
I started but Dallas just kept on smiling down at me enjoying my unease.
“It’s ok sweetie, you were just enjoying trying on my big clothes I understand baby”
Dallas taunted.
“Although one of my skirts would have gone better with those high heels you’re wearing, would you like to try this one I’ve got on for size?”
Boy this girl knew how to make me feel smaller and now she was laughing at her offer.
“On second thoughts no, I don’t think this skirt would fit you…. it’s taller than you are, you might need a periscope to see out of it!”
I said half laughing with her, drawn in by the contagious fit of giggles she was now in. Then Dallas contained herself enough to draw a line across from my head to just below her waist band.
“This is so funny I’m dating a guy who’s shorter than my long skirts”
She tried to contain herself and grinned down at me
“But it does make you such a cutie!”
“And so incredibly short, man just look at you Dallas you must be way over twelve feet tall”
“Only to you baby”
She knelt down and we could now see eye to eye almost.
“You look amazing Dallas”
“Not as amazing as my little man, this is like a dream you are so short, such a tiny little boyfriend. I think that I like you a lot this way”
”Yyyou do?”
I stuttered a little and she reached out a hand which looked larger than life to compare against my own.

Spanning our fingers together my hand was outmatched in all directions by her feminine digits and she clasped my small hand enveloping it from view with her own.
“Woah, you’ve got big hands now”
I spoke a little nervously realizing how this big hand of hers would now cover my manhood. What would that feel like? I wondered.
“That’s not all that’s bigger about me”
Dallas said very seductively and was emphasizing her chest which was wider than my whole body and squeezed into her summer top they were very prominently displayed.
“Bet these look twice as big since last night eh?”
I watched Dallas cup her breasts and heft them upwards until they squared me in the face blotting out all of her face with ease.
Letting them fall so they naturally bounced my eyes eagerly followed every motion of her top until it settled. Yes, I thought to myself my head would just about fit between these large breasts of hers.
All of this was enough to make me hard as a nail and my little member pressed stiffly up against the baggy lycra bottoms I was wearing.
“You don’t seem very upset by your recent shrinking Joe? Not at all upset?”
Her eyes had locked on to my current arousal and she was right, for some reason I wasn’t feeling sorry for myself. I wasn’t worried by my situation or thinking about what it would mean to me. I was just lustfully staring at the awesome sight of a girl towering over twice my height with the longest legs and easily the biggest pair of tits that I had ever the pleasure of gawping upon.
A large hand settled between my legs parting them with its width a little and then rose slowly up between my thighs to cup my balls whilst pressing against my throbbing shaft all at the same time.
I almost shuddered and lost myself.
“Not such a big boy down here anymore are you baby, does this feel good?”
“Mmm I think someone wants to come out and play with a big girl like me”
A set of long finger nails traveled up under my top and found the loose top of the shorts that I was wearing and worked their way into my shorts peeling them down to my ankles.
“Everything about you is just the same only so much smaller….so much smaller in my hands”
Dallas delighted in freeing my inches and then wrapped a set of long soft fingers around it covering all that I had just like I predicted she could. It still made me draw in my breath sharply as a reaction but it felt so good.
“You like that huh? You like feeling my big soft hands around you?”
“Dallas I want you”
I said directly and watched her stand up releasing her grip on my shaft and pulling my oversized top off as she resumed a towering stance over me.
“Let’s see just how short you are eh?”
She grinned and her hands reached down under my armpits and lifted me out of the high heels and into the air. Easily she held me at arms length and then pushed me to her full lips, such large lips that consumed my own as her tongue laid claim to its dominance of the kiss. Being lifted by her in this manner far off the floor with my feet dangling in space whilst she passionately kissed me was just wild and my excitement was reaching out for her yet far from her body.
“I feel so strong Joe this is wonderful, look how easily I can hold you like this, you weigh little more than a baby”
”woah, that was some kiss big woman”
Reeling blissfully in the moment I could do little but smile and want her more than ever. She was in charge of this situation, holding my naked body and positioning me where she wanted me and I was loving every second of it.
“I want you Joe”
Carrying me over to the bed I was placed on my feet upon the sprung surface as Dallas climbed on and laid back wanting me so much that she didn’t bother to cast off her shoes or even her skirt as she simply hitched the material up to show me my objective. I was surprised that she allowed me on top, but didn’t refuse to take command and what man could refuse a huge blonde laid on her back with such a sexy body.

I crawled between those endless legs and ran my hands along her silky thighs so powerful and so firm. Her knickers held a large damp spot on the material her excitement clearly presented as she anticipated my arrival. My hands pulled away the sexy underwear and rolled it down her long legs over her large shoes until it was free. As I turned back to her those legs parted wide and allowed me to kneel between them and offer my member to her hot sex. As we were about to connect I noticed how large her sex appeared from the outside , even her neatly trimmed blonde bush, once so small now looked wide enough for my fingers to run through. My dick pushed easily into her flesh, far too easily and almost plopped inside her wetness swiftly finding its full immersion as flesh contained all that I had to give. Unlike times in my memory before there was no wincing from my size, and no gasp from her voice. I slipped into her as easy as one of my fingers would have and this was lovely to feel as her large pussy lips kissed up against my balls and slowly wanted to suck them in to join the rest of me. There would have been enough room as with everything I had pushed hard into this girl I was no where near filling her. 
“That’s it Joe push deep……push deep”
I bucked into her flesh as deep as my reduced manhood could travel but felt no tight connection between us, her pussy felt enormous.
“Don’t hold back my little man fill me up….give me everything you got…hard!”
Yelled an enthusiastic Dallas as she waited for me to give her more, little did she know that was everything inside her. I pumped fruitlessly into her wetness and she didn’t react with any satisfaction. Peering over her large chest she could see that I was at full penetration and trying but the result wasn’t the fulfillment she required. 
“Oh Joe, I’m so turned on by how little you are but …but…’re just too little for me….my pussy is just way too big for your dick baby!”
Dallas sat up and I pulled out with a slopping sound from below, her eyes held the excitement of the moment but I felt that I wasn’t man enough to pleasure her conventionally now as much as I desired her. I was officially too small for conventional sex.

I climbed down off of the bed without a word, my hardness unsatisfied and feeling totally inadequate to my girlfriend like I had let her down in the greatest possible fashion. I turned my back to her in an attempt to disengage the situation from my mind, I didn’t want to see a look of disappointment that was bound to fill her face any second. My little body turned her on to an extreme but this little body was useless to her, I was useless to her. Stepping out onto the balcony I was so short the solid wall shielded me from view but I just had to get some fresh air and to calm down. 
“Joe, come back baby”
She called from the room.
”No, Dallas I’m so sorry but I’m not man enough for you anymore, you’ve outgrown me baby, you need a man who can satisfy you a real man”
“But you are my man and I don’t care how big I am or how small you are, I still want you baby”
Her sweet words fell onto my deaf ears I didn’t feel that I could be consoled.

As I stared directly up out of the balcony all I could see was the sky above with the evening clouds drifting past and then the two large blimps that were beginning to travel over head in formation. Blimps? I looked more closely and it was Dallas or rather the underside of her chest that I had mistaken for distant airships for that fraction of a second. I turned around to see my huge girlfriend stood over me and without the aid of those high heels I had stood in earlier I was now four inches shorter making her a whole lot taller.
My head looked into her thin skirt and above me her thin waist. That beautiful face so high up beamed a warmness down upon me that I felt I didn’t deserve. 
“Joe, look how tall I am, take a good look. I know me being this big turns you on and you know you like being this short to me”
I started only to be interrupted by her louder voice.
“I’m your girlfriend Joe, even if I was fifty foot tall I would still be your girlfriend and I would still love you. Right now I’m towering over you bigger than I have ever felt in my life, I feel stronger, sexier and want you more than I’ve wanted anyone. I don’t care if you can’t fill my pussy there are so many other ways to please me, so many other ways we can be together.”

Dallas was still very fired up I could see her nipples boldly poking hard bulges in her top and she was moving ever closer to me restricting my space until I was caught in the corner and her presence was unavoidable. My interest was renewed as was my arousal because it was clear that she was going to have me one way or another.
“You are such a little man, so short against a girl like me and I’m just so tall….look at me Joe I’m a female goliath and you are a little David”
Dallas stepped so close that her legs surrounded me, boxing my body against the wall of the balcony as she let her skirt brush into my face. I could smell her arousal through that thin shield of cotton and almost tasted her excitement in the very air.
Suddenly her skirt raised like a theatre curtain offering me a glimpse of two perfect legs, so sexy, so shapely and so long that they towered over me. My hands had to touch them to feel the flesh upon those firm thighs and the smoothness of these gorgeous female pins that confronted me, and as I was lured into her trap by the temptation of those lovely legs, she dropped her skirt over me trapping me under it in the company of her sex that now kissed itself across my forehead. 
“That’s it little man you belong under my skirt where you can love me and worship me”
I was actually standing beneath the veil of my girlfriends skirt and witnessing her large pussy as she gyrated her hips moving it across my face. She stepped out of her heels retaining me in the captivity of that skirt but bringing down her sex so it now kissed me full on in the face. She was bending slightly forcing her sex to touch me leaving its sweet trail of juices across my features as she buried my face into her.
“Eat me little man”
She begged
“Eat my big pussy before it eats you”
Her words spurred me on and I was soon eating her with my tongue diving into her wetness and my nose and mouth meeting all of her lips and exploring every part of her I could reach and she tasted so good. I held onto her legs with my arms wrapped around them and felt Dallas stagger in reaction.
“oooowww joe!...little….joe!”
Dallas screamed my name as I was reaching the right spots. Two large hands then came down from outside the skirt and pushed me harder into her encouraging me to continue. She began to grind me into her sex as she was reaching a real high. Now I was regaining what it was to be a man as all of this tremendous woman was on the brink of an orgasm. Her legs I could feel were weakening and about to buckle and soon I felt the thin skirt slide over my head as Dallas could stand no more and lowered herself spreading that gorgeous body across the balcony’s cold stone base. I dropped to my knees and pulled that skirt up about to use my tongue once more when Dallas halted me with her words.
“Your fist…use your little fist on me”
Was it possible? In her heightened state she must have visualized this and I lowered my hand between her spread legs, my fingers soon entered her. First one, then two and then my whole hand which was tight but she took it all and some of my forearm! 

It was sure something to see part of my arm going into my girlfriend and she was loving it! She called out my name several times very loudly and I hoped the neighboring rooms were not occupied as her voice rang out without a care. It only took a few strokes with my arm and Dallas was in ecstasy and held my hand inside her as she rode the wave of her orgasm. She lay on the cold floor for a few minutes whilst I cleaned my arm and was still there when I returned only she was sat up with her back to the balcony wall.
”Did that really just happen?”
She smiled contentedly
“Yeh it surprised me too”
I admitted
“This shrinking just make’s our sex better and better, you’ve got no worries about satisfying me baby believe me that really rocked my world and its time for me to return the favor”

The smile of anticipation was firmly fixed on my face and I walked up to her my dick in a semi-flaccid state since washing my hands and I waited to see her next move. 
“Mmmm you gave me something different so let me be a little imaginative as well”
“I’d settle for a hand job right now especially having felt those big hands of yours earlier”
I suggested and noticed my erection was returning at the mere thought of those long fingers wrapping around my length again.
“And maybe I could check out what’s under that top of yours at the same time”
I added
“You want these huh?”
Dallas shimmied her boobs under the top from side to side and I was about to reach out for them when she stood up and took them way out of my reach.
“Hey no fair”
She knew what she was doing as she prolonged my hunger for her.
“Let’s see what can a girlfriend as big as me do with a little guy?”
There must have been an answer in her head as her hands lifted me under my armpits and up to her face.
“Put your little legs over my shoulders tiny and let me eat that little cock of yours”
Her large mouth pretended to bite with her white teeth chomping as she positioned me around her neck looking like she would eat my now rigid manhood. 
“How big does my mouth look to you now honey, how well does it measure up?”
I watched her tongue stroke across her red painted lips and that mouth did look big.
“I bet that I could give my little boyfriend the best blow job of his life now he’s so little compared to me”
“Oh please!”
A slight plead came from me wanting her to lift my hardness into that huge mouth of hers.
“So little and so yummy”
She teased and took my shaft swiftly in between those luscious lips and literally gobbled up my entire length covering it with her hot wet mouth. Holding me up like she was resting my legs partially on her shoulders as she sucked on me, it was the craziest position for oral sex but the best I had ever experienced by far! I held on to her thick blonde hair to steady myself and looked down at her head as it gently moved bringing all of me in and almost out of that mouth. Her teeth raked on my shaft teasingly whilst her tongue a very long tongue explored my helmet and just made me want to explode. Having a girlfriend who could take all of my worth in her mouth was in one word awesome and I lasted less than a few minutes bursting a load into the back of her throat which Dallas comfortably accepted and greedily lapped up. I held onto her hair with my fingers gripping it through my climax as Dallas milked me for every spare drop and kept me there in her mouth until I was almost flaccid. Watching my reduced member slip out of her mouth and through those full lips was really something from above as I peered down. It looked tiny to her especially in its current state as it relaxed. 

I was once more lifted by Dallas and a large smacker of a kiss landed on me before she put me down on my feet. She could easily tell I was more than impressed in fact I was completely blown away by the whole experience. 
“That better baby?”
“I’m drained! You’ve never given me a blow job like that before”
Dallas laughed
“I’ve never been this much bigger than you before”
“and man are you ever big”
Another laugh came my way and we both cleaned up before deciding to rest on the bed together.

“I know its wrong of me but I love what’s happening to you Joe”
“Doesn’t it bother you that I’m small?”
We began to have a heart to heart and it felt good to be discussing our new relationship because our roles had been so dramatically reversed by my dwindling size.
“Well we can forget getting you into nightclubs and I don’t think you would ever get served in the pub not at this new size, so it is a little challenging for our social life to remain normal. But I love what it feels like to be so much bigger than you Joe, I adore looking down on you and knowing I’m the one in control”
“I wouldn’t argue”
I smiled looking at Dallas flexing her toned bicep for my appreciation, it wasn’t muscular or very pronounced like my arms yet she yielded far more strength than I could hope for.
“So no it doesn’t bother me that you are small, given the choice I would like this to go further”
Her words tailed off and I pondered on the meaning of that sentence before questioning.
“You’d like me shorter?”
”mmm, that would be quite exciting”
“Don’t you think you are big enough for me already?”
Dallas turned to me with her pretty blue eyes and breathed sexily down to me her answer
“Not for what I would like to do with you”ZIMMER 
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by ZIMMER on Tue Oct 16, 2007 11:19 pm 

May 2006 cont...

Before this conversation could continue further I noticed a flash of light coming from the evening sky outside and it was strange enough to grab my attention. Dallas followed my view and we both were drawn to walk out onto the balcony just to peer up into the heavens at this weird phenomenon.
Way up in the dimming light of the day this clear sky was interrupted with the presence of a fairly intense green jagged line of light. It wasn’t the trail of an aircraft using the coloured smoke its shape was too sharp and fixed for this and it was glowing in this almost fluorescent green shade that made it stand out so well.
“What the hell is that?”
I said
“Beats me but it is sure weird”

That night we watched the tv in our hotel room and the news broadcasts suddenly erupted with the news upon the emergence of this strange “feature in the sky” as it was called. The late programs invited some scientist to speculate upon it and one of them was convinced it was something to do with the atmosphere and global warming yet it was clear he couldn’t explain it. 

Before we retired to bed that night Dallas told me that she had an excellent session with the agency who wanted to evaluate her. They took lots of video and photo stills of her from all conceivable angles and introduced her with some other candidates to a lingerie company called Goddess who were seeking a fresh face and a buxom model to represent their latest product promotion campaign. Dallas had been singled out with another girl as the two most likely choices and she would be told of their decisions later in the week. I was made up for her but also a little jealous if I was honest as I didn’t want anyone seeing Dallas’s body in her underwear unless it was me.

We decided not to inform my mother of my recent drop in height that night as she would only have panicked so we chose to keep this to ourselves for a while until we returned. That night I found myself cuddling into Dallas as we shared the large bed together and she commented that I was close to being the size of her favorite teddy bear she had when she was very young. 

When morning came Dallas woke me up with the hot breath of her words whispering gently into my ear.
“Good morning baby”
I opened my eyes to see that she was no longer in bed with me yet crouched at the side of the bed in her pink dressing gown. She had obviously been up for some time as her blonde hair was immaculately pulled back into her normal high ponytail and she was wearing some lipstick with just a touch of makeup around her beautiful eyes, her very large beautiful eyes which struck me instantly!
“Don’t panic baby but you shrunk again”
I was suddenly very alert and trying to assess the situation, she did look larger than yesterday and I hadn’t fully settled myself to be that size. 
“Yes you did baby and it was fantastic, I woke up and pulled the covers back and just watched you getting shorter and shorter next to my long legs”
“Oh boy, so how bad is it?”
“You mean how cute are you today? Very”
Her reply came back with her enthusiasm and I just lay there wondering how much I had reduced overnight.
“I didn’t want you to wake up and be shocked by the size of me so I slipped out of bed whilst you slept”
Dallas explained her considerate action although perhaps it would have been nice to wake up next to an even larger girlfriend and to marvel at her scale.
“I wanted to break this gently to you”
“Thanks, but judging by the size of your face alone I’m a lot shorter than yesterday”
“Your voice is a little squeakier as well”
I saw her amusement and couldn’t notice the change myself although her voice seemed a little deeper perhaps not overly so but noticeable to my ears.
“Wanna start by seeing the size of just one of my hands?”
Her innocent question sent a small shiver down my spine as I agreed. Her hand slowly came over the bed surface as she walked her long fingers towards me. It seemed larger and larger as it came closer to my body until she landed the flat of her palm across the width of my body and it covered all of my chest and a good portion of my stomach with its width alone! Length wise this hand spanned across me and more. I could feel its weight upon me and it was considerable, the sleeve of her dressing gown that stretched away from this huge hand looked way longer than I was tall which I could tell all too easily from this angle.

My hands touched the sides of these fingers that settled on my chest and looked smaller than a babies hands especially considering mine were not pudgy and thick like an infant. Dallas slid the hand down my body in a playful manner until she covered my manhood and part of my upper thighs. The warmth emanating through her fingers was amazing and I could just imagine her trying to circle me with that hand to pick me up with just one arm, as impossible as this might have sounded I began to wonder if she could actually do that given how large she now was to me.
“Pretty big huh?”
“It’s unreal, you are unreal”
My words gave away how impressed I was and hinted at how good this huge hand felt as it rested innocently upon me. 
“I only need a couple of fingers tips to handle you now”
Dallas seductively stated and proved her point by capturing my manhood between her thumb and forefinger which hid most of my shaft from view, I was positively tiny in her fingers!
She gave me a quick stroke or two just to tease me before that hand slipped away, needless to say I was hard now and she had awoken my sexual curiosity to its fullest.

“I’d like to see more of you now Dallas, man your body must be huge!”
“It is baby, and all the sexy parts you will see are huge as well”
I sat up to notice Dallas was well covered in her pink dressing gown and knelt down by the bed to reduce her presence as much as it was possible.
“Show me”
This request trickled off my tongue as my hungry eyes tried to visualize the proportions of her body but Dallas wasn’t ready to reveal herself in entirety just yet.
“I will but first I have something else of mine to show you, something I know you are going to like even more”
I felt the excitement build inside of me and couldn’t bear her teasing yet this girl knew how to tease so well.
“Close your eyes I want you to feel something and tell me if you recognize what it is ok?”
I played along with her game and closed my eyes, something soft then brushed against my body touching many parts of me at the same time. I went to grab for it but it was gone.
“No you don’t my little lover just relax and keep those tiny eyes of yours shut”
Again this soft material contacted with my skin. I sat up straighter and the material ruffled my hair and settled over my face with its smoothness. 
“Feels great, what is it?”
“Something very big compared to you Joe, something very big indeed”
My hands slowly came up to touch it and probe the material but it once more withdrew.
“Open your eyes and look up”
She gently teased and as I did so there was a circle of black silk hovering over me. It was like looking into the underside of a huge umbrella until I recognized what it was. Dallas dropped the massive bra cup over me and my head and shoulders fell deep into the material before it rested upon me blotting out my view of the world around!
“It can’t be”
I said in denial at how this silk encased most of my upper body.
“Oh but it is Joe, this is how big my bra’s are compared to you now”
My hands shot up and felt the material it was the bra that I had played with the day previous only many times bigger to me. I pulled the mass of material over my head and it fell to my lap covering the majority of my legs with only one cup. 
“I did say it was big didn’t I?”
“Dallas this is your bbbra”
I faltered with my excitement understanding only just the enormity of a pair of boobs that could fill this sexy underwear.
“Yes it is, my big bra Joe to cover a pair of very, very large boobs. I knew that this would get you fired up, you like my bra’s don’t you Joe?”
I didn’t answer but lifted the material feeling the hard under wire which was larger than half a hula-hoop seeking to really appreciate its size or rather Dallas’s size.
“Yes, you certainly do like my big sexy bra’s because I found a little love stain on the other cup Joe”
Oh no, my secret was out!
“I think my little boyfriend has a thing for my big bra’s”
I looked guilty and couldn’t keep eye contact with her as I looked at her hand showing me the vague outline of my dried juices that I hadn’t managed to successfully wash out.
“I’m picturing you now Joe, your big amazon girlfriend has just stepped out of the room and you are so turned on by her size….you need to satisfy yourself just how big she is…how big my boobs are and there is this bra laying on the floor able to offer you all the answers….you pick it up and hold it in your hands and it so much bigger than you expected it to be, wasn’t it Joe?”
Dallas held the bra up from my lap and dangled it before me. I struggled a nod to acknowledge her so that she would continue.
“I can see you pulling yourself off Joe as you think about how enormous my breasts are, you couldn’t help yourself dreaming about a girlfriend with boobs the size of your head. I cant blame you for getting excited Joe because it makes me wet just to think about how small you are to them now and what we could do together”
Dallas grabbed a hand upon my legs and shifted me one hundred and eighty so that I faced the side of the bed.
“But now my little boyfriend things have changed, these same bra’s of mine are a whole lot bigger than they were yesterday” 

She raised up upon her knees and the pink dressing gown exploded into view with two mammoth rounded forms filling it out and bringing it across the side of the bed towards me. She was taller than me even as she kneeled and I sat there just watching her every action as that dressing gown was peeled away. Slowly the tanned flesh of her neckline plunged deeper and then cleavage emerged, cleavage on a scale that just enthralled me! I was entranced as her bra entered the scene, a bra that appeared even larger than the one beside me. It was white and half the cup was trimmed with soft lace allowing my eyes to find the shadow of her areola’s behind it, the rest of this bra was a satiny white exterior that bulged with the heaviness of her ample form. 

Dallas let the dressing gown slip from both of her shoulders and leaned over the bed until I was staring at the underside of her neck and facing this oversized bra and her almost giant sized assets it contained.
“How do you like this for a sexy bra little man? Make’s me look a whole lot bigger than before don’t you think?”
I reached out and my hands landed on just one of her womanly orbs feeling its gorgeous shape and appreciating the weight of her female form. Two tiny hands upon a single breast and I couldn’t cover even half of what gently wobbled before me.
“This is a new bra Joe, this is a sample of what they want me to promote if I get the job….its called a booster bra designed to fit us bigger than average girls and to really show our curves off.”
Dallas moved even closer to me threatening her breasts to engulf my face and I felt surrounded by them as my face lined up between the two cups and watched those curves pushing out beyond my vision. 
“Your boobs are so huge!…..”
“And you’re so tiny….so small Joe….so small under my big, big boobs”
I was pushed back onto the bed as Dallas leaned down and pressed my face with her breasts until they seemed to land on top of me, I could feel the soft material touching most of my upper body and my face all at the same time expanding across my body and far beyond as they pinned me to the bed sheet smothering me in their closeness. Her weight of course wasn’t for me to bear but it was evident that even her breasts may weigh more than my entire body now. Playfully Dallas lifted a little letting those breasts fill out her bra swelling it with gravity so she could rub my naked form with them. I felt the sensation of one breast running up between my legs and over my hardness as it crossed my entire body and then the other breast pushed into my face for a few seconds so I could feel the hard nipple through the material, a nipple that I simply had to see to believe. Straightening back up Dallas looked down upon my small body and gave me one of her smoldering looks as she reached behind to loosen her bra parting that perfect cleavage just a little to widen the dark valley of flesh.
“Stand up little man, I want to show you just how small you are compared to my boobs now”
I stood up and noted I was still not as tall as Dallas who remained kneeling with most of her body below the bed and away from my sight. 
“Step forward”
Her voice beckoned in an irresistible manner and trance like I did as she commanded. I now stood there with those massive breasts hovering over my head. 
“Look up Joe, see how little you are beneath these now? Do you see how big my bra looks up here? I have a confession Joe, do you remember when I teased you about being so small to me that I would one day put you inside one of my bra’s?”
Of course I recalled her endless teasing on this subject it all stemmed from that day she made me loose myself at the fancy dress when she imagined me as the fictional size changing Atom.
“Well I know how much that thought turned us both on and now you are so close to making that possible I think we need to try”
I didn’t have time to react when her large hand circled the best part of my body and answered my question of could she actual lift me as small as I now was with just one arm. 

The answer was yes. I felt my feet leave the bed whilst her other hand pulled out her bra enough that my head and shoulders could squeeze up and slide between those wonderful breasts. She had turned me around to face outwards and as the bra was relaxed it snapped back into place trapping my upper body in her full warm cleavage! My legs dangled below with just her body touching the backs of my legs but above the waist I was trapped lovingly in place by her breasts that partly molded themselves to my body on either side. My small head broke the surface of her cleavage line along with my shoulders and I was now in total wonderment at my position, I was practically in my girlfriends’ bra and sandwiched between the two loveliest features upon her gorgeous body.
She said softly from above and stood up which was a major surprise as I seemed to rise upwards well above the carpeted floor below. To explain my view I couldn’t do it justice but her breasts cradled me on either side and extended forward some way beyond my slim frame. Above there was the underside of her slender neck and the smell of her freshly applied perfume and fragrant skin was dazzling my senses with its power but in the nicest possible way. Walking over to the mirror in the bathroom I felt her body’s every movement translated through the large breasts around me.

It was then I saw our reflection, a man half consumed by his girlfriends breasts as his little form peeked out above and below her massive bra. Dallas looked like a giant woman now as I could see just how tall she was in comparison with her body stretching below beyond the scope of the mirror but enough for me to make out her large g-string and shapely hips. If I could have freed my arms I would have run them all around the surface of her breasts but I was completely restricted yet so content to be trapped like this and to be so close to her.
“Wow, look how tiny you’ve become, I’m practically carrying you in my bra Joe, you make my boobs look humongous!”
“They are humongous look at me I’m drowning in them and I love it!”
I cried out feeling my manhood searching for a release it was in overload from this sensory stimulation.
“I could just squish you for the fun of it you feel so good in there”
Dallas emphasized her words and pushed inwards the sides of her bra blowing up the curves either side of me until they eclipsed my vision and I felt the pressure of her flesh starting to cover my whole head.
“Oh my!”
I shouted muffled by the amount of boob flesh that towered over me and Dallas released her grip laughing at the effect she had produced.
“If only you were smaller then I could squeeze you inside the cup of this bra, just think a little smaller and I could carry you properly in my bra’s underneath my clothes so nobody could tell you were with me….oooh that would be so hot!”
She dreamed and walked around just for the fun of carrying me this way as we both enjoyed every second.

“I’d love to be that small to you, man I love to be carried like that…right against your nipple”
I couldn’t believe it but I was willing myself to be smaller inspired by the feeling of my current position yearning to be overwhelmed by those breasts even further.
“I…want you to be a giantess!”

There it was I committed myself openly to Dallas letting her know I was happy with my shrinking and wanted it to continue until she was my entire world. I knew that I had enjoyed her big body so far but big was different to giant and now as I was contained in her cleavage I could taste a little of the feelings that my girlfriend being a giantess would really bring.
“I want that too baby, I so want that it makes me so very wet! I’ve wanted you to share this for so long and now you see how it could be between us, how I could be everything you’ve ever wanted.”
I knew Dallas was playing with herself her arms dropped beyond my view converging below and she was beginning to pant a little showing all the tell tale sounds.

Moving us both back to the bed she laid down on her back and pulled the shoulder straps of her bra so they went slack and slid off the slope of her shoulders. I wiggled down and out of her bra feeling the warmth of her torso beneath me and I sat up to see her fingers penetrating her underwear in a furious manner.
“Suck my breasts Joe…..please suck my breasts!”

Her voice was loud and her state of arousal hurtling towards fever pitch as she spoke. I was almost there myself sat on her body atop a woman who had to be close to thirty feet tall!
I knelt down on her lower rib cage my weight or lack of it was no problem for Dallas as I contended with removing this impossible bra. Her breasts revealed their sexy shapes and pointed upwards with her thick nipples, there they were over three foot tall in my terms sticking out from her chest wobbling delightfully to my caresses. I toured my hands along their outlines and then simply had to try my lips upon those nipples. I leaned forward allowing her left breast to take my weight. My mouth connected with a nipple that was so thick I could only fit the end of its bulbous form between my lips. I sucked on it, licked at this nipple which was thicker than a chair leg to me and as I broke contact briefly I couldn’t help but express my enjoyment.
“Oh Dallas baby these are the biggest sexiest boobs in the world!”

Dallas lost herself and I felt the ripples of pleasure roll through her body as she almost through me off of her chest. When she settled down I was still peering over those breasts as they once more settled. 
“Oh Joe…it just gets better and better! Now for you my baby, stand up on me its ok I can take it…stand up and push yourself in here”
I stood up amazed at Dallas for taking my weight without any discomfort did I now weigh so little? She was pressing her boobs tight together from both sides and they suggestfully collided to offer 
her intentions. I leaned deep into her boobs and pushed my hard rod so that that I penetrated the underside of her cleavage which now stood up like a tall wall reaching past my waist. Leaning deeper still I began to pump in between her breasts and made love to them. Of course making out with breasts over half as tall as I was and several times wider was all too much for me and I unloaded after only a few strokes much to the sheer delight of Dallas who insisted on trapping my member for a lingering few seconds by clamping her breasts even tighter upon it. 

As I withdrew those breasts parted into a wide valley.
“Your little dick is nothing compared to these now, how did that feel little guy?”
”Like something I couldn’t live without!”
“Oooh you are just too cute like this”
Dallas grabbed me and kissed my face which was a more accurate description because her big red lips managed to cover a good part of it, something that was evident when she pulled away and laughed.

I stepped down the drop off the side of her body to the bed clothes and grinned from ear to ear in reaction to her kiss yet still she laughed.
“What is it?”
“Your face…..and my lipstick”
Again she laughed and then lifted me up circling me once more with a huge hand to walk me over to the mirror. The lower section of my face from the chin to the bridge of my nose was one vibrant red mess of women’s lipstick. I was compelled to laugh but also found this appealing on another level the fact that the impression told the story of just how large her lips had become for me.

Gently Dallas wiped the remnants of the lipstick from my face with a moist tissue and then just held me at arms length as if admiring my body.
“You are just too adorable like this, look at me I’m holding you with one arm”
To me her show of strength was so impressive yet she wasn’t abnormally strong I was just abnormally light.
“I should be panicking about how small I am Dallas but I’m not, its starting to be like a magic adventure like I’ve stepped into a new giant world to explore”
“I guess everything will be giant sized to you now like I am for instance”
She held me close and then let my naked form slowly glide down her body across her breasts and under them, over her hips then down her long legs until I reached the floor. 
“So do I look like a giantess from down there?”
Standing between her feet I noticed Dallas was wearing those retro white boots and the seven odd inch platforms made her rise beyond my expectations, the view was incredible. I was actually looking up at a woman who appeared taller than a house to me! 
“You are a giantess…Dallas you must be way over thirty foot tall!”
“Do I really appear that tall to you?”
“You look amazing!”
I said in awe of her giant legs rising above me, I didn’t even reach up to my girlfriend’s knees and even her boots towered over me which she was quick to point out.
“And you look really amazing so titchy down there, even my boots are taller than you…look”
Dallas compared me to her boots and I could see the shiny white leather structures that ended several inches below her knees were far too tall for me to look over even on tip toes it was a new wondrous world I had shrunk into where women would tower over me like giantesses and simple household objects and possessions became monstrous in size and looked so different yet so much more interesting. 

I walked about the hotel room seeing furniture from a totally different angle, I was looking below chairs and underneath tables and unable to see what was upon any of the higher surfaces which was weird and yet strangely gave the world a total new appeal to my curiosity. I found myself walking under the chair in the room just because I could without ducking and then the table in turn.
“Having fun down there little guy?”
Dallas grinned and then parted her legs as she stood teasing me to walk underneath her in the same fashion and between her legs which I promptly did looking up at the underside of her panties above where those long legs met each other. 
“That’s cute”
She laughed as I circled her left boot and then stared once more back up at the spectacular view of her naked bosoms which blocked most of her face.

After this fun we requested breakfast to our room and I had to then face the question of what I could wear. Nothing would fit my much smaller and thinner frame and it was obvious that as Dallas put it my clothes size would be in the toddler ranges and she threatened jokingly that a romper suit would make me look adorable. 

Being a man the size of a baby was certainly something wild to contemplate but my new outlook on life at present was sheer wonder at how everything had changed. Dallas left me that morning to go and buy some clothes that had a hope of meeting my new dimensions as I milled around the hotel room waiting for her. Before she departed she had insisted on playfully demonstrating how her clothes could no longer be donated to me by standing my body in the middle of the long skirt she had worn yesterday and pulling it up like an elongated circus tent. It was a dramatic demonstration of the difference between us and hit home that message as I estimated there was nearly fifteen foot of material over my head showing easily how I was drowning in her clothes! 

As I paced the room bored out of my mind whilst she shopped I recalled the strange light in the sky last night and wondered if this phenomena was still present in the light of day. It was and still managed to be visible with the green glow offering a mystical feel to the otherwise clear blue sky. 

When Dallas returned she was very chipper and smiling broadly as she settled a bag down upon the floor. 
“Joe, do you think I could dress you?”
Her question slightly shocked me, sure I was small but to allow my girlfriend to dress me? 
I couldn’t think of an excuse before Dallas continued to embellish her request.
“Oh come on Joe, it’ll be fun. We can pretend that I am your pretty mummy and you’re my little baby”
”What clothes have you got for me?”
I said changing the subject as she knelt down on the floor and reached into the bag.
“Come and find out”
When I walked over Dallas picked me up and suddenly there I was on her lap and laying across her taught red mini skirt. I didn’t resist her hands not that I had a choice but it was a nice view of her huge chest from this angle as Dallas was still wearing that bust enhancing booster bra combined with a very tight white t-shirt and it hung over me in a tantalizing manner.ZIMMER 
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by ZIMMER on Tue Oct 16, 2007 11:20 pm 

May 2006 cont...

“Keep still don’t wriggle about and let your big mummy dress you ok little baby?”
Her voice was sweet like treacle and part of her new role play, laying on her lap like I was with her big hands attending to the task of dressing me I could almost believe that I was her little baby.
A pair of yellow shorts which felt a little rough came up my legs, they were baggy and a little girly to look at with the bright yellow exterior.
“I couldn’t see anything your size in the baby section, babies are just a lot fatter than you are they don’t have your wonderful little muscles or toned body”
She explained.
“So what are these?”
I sat up but was pushed back by her large hand on my upper body.
“Lay back and behave whilst mummy dresses you”
More curious I sat up straight away again to look at the shorts in more detail.
“You are naughty, mummy may have to spank you and you wouldn’t want that would you little one, mummy’s big hand slapping that sensitive little bottom of yours?”
Her threat was delivered in a joking fashion but underlying it I wondered if she would actually do that to me if I persisted, could I really imagine her hand spanking me? She could do it so easily I knew that as I lay there in her huge lap and I could feel a new respect for her forming in my head a respect for her size and her power.
I found myself saying and I was sure she was giggling above those huge breasts as they started to jiggle distracting me.
“Here you can feast your eyes on mummy’s big boobies in her big bra and behave yourself”
Her top was peeled over her massive chest and now that sexy bra jutted out giving me a much nicer appreciation of the shape of those lovely breasts. She knew that this was like sedating me whilst I gazed up at them.
“Did you know my little baby that mummy’s bra is bigger than a 34 E cup now?”
I listened hardly taking note of the top she was slipping upon me as I was eager for the update upon her expanding chest.
“They measured me professionally yesterday before giving me this new bra. They said I was wearing the wrong size and I’m actually a lot bigger than the vital statistics on my records, this is a 34 double E cup I’m wearing baby….isn’t that sexy?”
A double E cup sounded so large to my ears even if she wasn’t a giant woman that was a big cup size for a girl with such a thin waist making her look top heavy but in the most dramatic and sexy way. Most of the more endowed girls I knew could only boast a C or D cup like my sister for example and I always thought of these sizes as large yet Dallas would make them all look like they were closer to warranting a training bra.
“Very sexy”
I said watching them like a good little boy as she completed dressing me. 

Of course there were no shoes for me to wear and as she finished I was very disappointed with my outfit.
“What’s this?”
The t-shirt I was wearing was also yellow with a picture of a big flower on the front and this was very baggy also. A slight restrained laugh came from Dallas as she revealed the origins of the 
“I had to buy a little teddy bear and it was dressed in these I thought it would fit you better than baby clothes….more your size”
I couldn’t believe that I was wearing the clothes borrowed from a child’s toy.
“This is so embarrassing” 
“Awww I’m sorry honey but it’s the best I could manage from the toy shop, you aren’t quite doll size yet….”
Dallas picked me up and placed me onto the surface of the table in the room and admired my outfit.
“Still with any luck you could shrink down to the size of a ken doll then we could buy you an entire wardrobe of clothes and maybe a little car and a house”
Her voice was full of humor but the reality of it was I wasn’t far off a regulation doll size and toy clothes were far closer to fitting me than any adult clothes.
“Do you think that will ever happen?”
”Would you be mad at me if I said I was hoping for it?”
She grinned pulling her top back over her breasts to hide them once more. 
“I wandered around that toy shop checking out the little soldier dolls and I even picked one up wondering what it would be like to have a boyfriend so small. Just think Joe, I would be able to dress you every day like my own little man doll and you could at least have things like tables and chairs that would be the right size for you and all the little accessories, hey I’ve even got some old Barbie stuff in a box that I was going take to a car boot sale. Better hang on to it now eh little guy?. I’ve got a nice pink Barbie convertible you would just love to drive?”
“Very funny…..look what are we gonna do today Dallas I cant go out like this?”
“Mmm your right, we will get some stares with you in those clothes”

Next minute as we contemplated the rest of our day to spend in the big city the sound of keys entering the hotel room door gave an alert that someone was about to come into our room uninvited!
“Dallas! Dam it’s probably the maid, get me down off here I don’t want anyone to see me like this”

I was panicking just a little feeling stupid in my teddy bear outfit and stood on the table like I was it made me feel exposed. There was no time for Dallas to think of where she could hide me and suddenly she grasped me around the middle and lowered my whole body straight into the confines of a tall cylinder somewhere near the floor. I heard the door open at that instant and a number of people entered the room. 
“Who the hell are you?”
Dallas said with an annoyed tone of disapproval to who ever it was entering our room. 
“Hi, I’m Bob this is Anita were from 5 o’clock live”
The man’s chirpy and very slimy media voice bubbled happily with information.
“So sorry to burst in like this but we had a tip off that there is a certain young man staying in this room who is shall we say extremely unique?”

I shuddered in the shelter of this almost claustrophobic environment realizing it was one of small news channels and presumably a reporter and camera person trying to get the scoop on the little man, namely me! Who could have told them? Who knew about me especially here? 
“I don’t know what you are talking about but I suggest you get out of my room right away before I call security!”
Dallas threatened.
“No, need for that Miss, we are just here for the publics interest where is your boyfriend?”
“My boyfriend?” 
Dallas said as if trying to throw them off.
“Come on Miss we are looking for an exclusive, we’ve got reliable information that your partner is well as I said a unique individual that the public is just gonna love the story upon….”
“What story!”
I heard Dallas bark loudly an aggressive tone to her words.
“The smallest man in the world? Little guy dates girl three times his size?.....should I continue with other headlines?”
This slimy creep I could have swung for him but instead I cowered inside this thing I was hidden within. 
Looking closer at the tight wall around my body it suddenly struck me that my hiding place was the interior of just one of Dallas’s knee high boots! The smell of the leather and the trace odor of her feet which was so familiar to me and confirmed my conclusion along with the words printed beneath my feet that I could just make out in the dim light. “Fem wear Size 6” it read and I was very surprised to find myself able to squeeze into one of my girlfriends boots which was still several of my inches taller than me. 
“I have no idea what you creeps are talking about! Sling your hook! How dare you disturb me like this!”
“Oh come on Miss, we have it on good authority that your boyfriend is staying here, he could be famous, headline news, you both could. These are the sort of stories people crave for, it’ll be an inspiration for little men across the world that they have a chance to date a tall girl like you. I can see it now, size doesn’t matter.”
He began and I could hear them walking around coming very close.
”Where are you going? Get out of there! Now!”
Dallas backed up and I could see her as I peered out of the circular top of the boot, her long legs traveling up and under the canopy of her skirt. It was clear she was shielding me.
“Calm yourself Miss we mean no harm its just news!”
“Cant see him in here bob?”
The woman said, obviously she had entered our bathroom. I could hear Dallas reaching the phone on the table and calling reception for security.

“That’s it security are coming! Now get out!”
Her voice was very angry now with her patience total eroded and I was quite scared of Dallas listening to her voice boom above me. I was also frightened of the press getting hold of my story and plastering me over the media as some sort of super freak of nature.
“Miss be reasonable if there is a story here we will gladly pay for it, you could pose for pictures a pretty girl like you, show the world how your longs legs tower over that man of yours. Guys out there will lap it up imagining being that little man with so much woman……”
”For the last and final time I don’t know what you have been told but my boyfriend and I are here on business, he is out at the moment shopping and he will kick you butt if he finds you harassing me and believe me he’s a very big guy. A very big guy indeed!”
Her lie was convincing and flawlessly executed that even I wondered who her big boyfriend was, and I believe they bought it.
“Bob I told you it sounded fishy, she just wants another commission remember her last tip that Madonna was here and it turned out to be her one of those doubles”
The woman began convincing her partner it may have been a hoax upon my existence.
“I’m sorry Miss, looks like we got a false one…hell I’m sorry”
He began to retract and then I heard other people enter the room..
“Madam are these the intruders you reported”
”They certainly are!”
Dallas said firmly.
“I suggest you follow me”
A gruff voice rumbled, from what I imagine this was a burly security officer belonging to the hotel.
”You’ve taken enough of this good ladies time, we don’t tolerate anyone disturbing our guests and I’ve seen you guys in here before, where did you get that key from?”
There was more chatter as the guard muscles them out of the room and the door shut.

“Baby you ok?”
I felt the boot lifted up as a large face peered inside.
“Yeh sure, thanks to you”
“You sure look funny in my boot”
Her face melted into laughter and I had to join in.
“Wanna come out or do you like bieng in there?”
Standing the boot on the table the large full length zipper was opened which was easier for me to step out of the side of the boot rather than to climb out the top.
“You sure handled that well, I even believed you myself”
I complimented and Dallas flicked her long hair back over her shoulders with a confident look.
“Well who would have believed me if I said my little boyfriends hiding in my favorite boots”
“Your smelly boots”
I added and pretended to hold my nose from the rich odor and Dallas just poked her tongue at me and dug me in the stomach with a big finger that knocked the wind out of me. She really didn’t know her strength I thought as I stumbled back and tried to pretend it didn’t have so much impact.

The majority of the remaining day was spent making out once more as we knew time alone would be tough when we returned later that evening. After another satisfying session the hotel manager actually dropped by to apologize for our unexpected visitors and explained the maid I had encountered was discovered as the inside snitch to the press. She had supplied them with a set of keys and he assured Dallas she had been fired that very day. Luckily I was once again hidden when the manager came into our room but this time I found myself hiding inside Dallas’s small suit case. The press hadn’t believed her story so my secret was safe for now. We discussed later that I would have to face publicity given my new stature but that was something I had to get my head around and didn’t wish to address just yet.

When it was time to leave the hotel and check out I wasn’t sure what we should do.
“Dallas I can’t walk into the train station like this”
I said looking down at my silly clothes.
“You do have a point, besides I don’t think you could keep up with me…my strides are a lot bigger than yours now and I’d probably loose you in the crowds”
The picture she painted made me feel nervous to imagine the hustle and bustle of thousands of giant people rushing around me.
“Well you do fit inside my suit case….”
She began but I fired that suggestion down in an instant.
“Oh no you don’t and besides I could suffocate in there.”
“So what do you suggest shorty?”
”I um….there isn’t anything I can think of”
Dallas tried to be sympathetic and gave me a warm smile, she knelt down before me bringing that large bust down towards as she rested on her hands and lowered close to my level. Apart from the shower of blonde hair that fell from the sky around me I was very aware of that huge vertical line of cleavage that was now very well defined due to the open neck line of her t-shirt.
“Well I would love to smuggle you down in-between these but you just aren’t small enough not to show and as you’re not pocket size YET….”
She emphasized the yet
“it’s my case or nothing.”

Dallas packed my sports bag with her spare shoes and odds and ends, and I watched her transfer all of her underwear and soft skirts into the case.
“These will protect you it could get a little bumpy”
A thin smile crossed her lips as she then placed me into the upright suitcase and let me stand with my back to this soft wall of her giant clothes. She then tilted the case down a little and kissed me hard on the lips.
“Be good, I’ll be careful I promise and you can use the padding in this to protect your head”
A large bra came out of no-where and smothered me with its enormous padded lacy cup and Dallas giggled as she closed the case on me allowing the twin zips not to meet at the side leaving a gap for air.
I almost felt sick during the walk to the station as the motion was so strange and I seemed to be getting more tangled up in my girlfriend’s underwear which smelt great but this was yet another embarrassing chapter to my life.

After the short train journey I felt lucky not to have been battered and bruised and was thankful that the whole trip was only the best part of half and hour to be cooped up in the darkness of her suitcase.
Still it was more preferable than walking into a bustling station with hundreds of giants around me whilst I tried to keep up with my girlfriends pace.ZIMMER 
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May 2006 cont...

When we reached my house the case was lifted in the door and I could hear Debbie greeting Dallas. For a few minutes they chatted and I guess Dallas had forgotten about me for that brief period as the case had stopped moving but I could make out their voices in the distance. I was kind of hoping beyond hope that somehow I could get out of the case by myself and slip upstairs to my room without having to endure Debbie but I wasn’t that lucky. 

The case was tipped on its side and placed flat on the floor which tumbled me onto my back covering my body once more in Dallas’s things. When light poured into the case and the zips eased back I was still peering through a white screen of underwear and instantly heard Debbie and Dallas giggling from above. I attempted to stand up and found myself still half mixed up in the underwear as it covered me and I was forced to struggle to find my way out through Dallas’s giant sized bra’s and panties as they seemed to cling onto me. 
“No, way is this Joe!”
I heard Debbie almost scream with the joy of seeing me emerge from Dallas’s things. I stepped out of the case taking some of its contents with me as I tried to escape them and now I was confronting two pairs of very feminine knees as my sister and my girlfriend both loomed over me knelt on the floor.
“Oh this is just too cool!”
Debbie smiled down.
“Hello my teeny tiny little brother, care to give your big sister a hug?”
I tried to step away from Debbie to avoid her advance. Yet I tripped up on a thick bra strap that had entangled around my ankle and the girls laughed once more at my expense as I tumbled on the carpet before them. I then felt two hands circle me from behind as I was chewing the carpet and expected this assistance to be Dallas but I was mortified to find my sisters giant hands wrapped around my mid section as she held me up before her and without any further pause I was pulled helplessly into a hug that plastered my body over her large chest. I felt my frame fall neatly into the recess between her breasts as Debbie’s shirt softly gave to me and I really didn’t wish to be there. 
“Oh he is soooo dammed adorable like this Dallas”
My sister cooed over me and stroked a large set of fingers nails through the top of my hair as she held me pressed to her body like some pet.
“Put me down”
I said muffled by the material.
“So Dallas, when did this happen? When did my little brother become my baby brother?”
There was a laugh from Debbie which rumbled her chest around me and still she didn’t release me yet continued to talk to Dallas.
“Oh, that was yesterday and a little this morning he’s tiny now isn’t he?”
”Ill say, he really is no bigger than a little baby aren’t you my cute wittle brother”
Debbie put on her best baby talk and I began to squirm in her grip.
“Debbie I think he wants to get down”
Dallas pointed out seeing my legs and arms trying to push off against my sister but Debbie kept me there on purpose probably as a show of strength.
“It’s a bit dangerous for a little one to be allowed to play on the floor in this big house he’s safer on my lap where we can watch him don’t you think?”
My view was broken of her shirt as my sister allowed me to turn around and then lowered me to her skirted lap with two hands firmly across my legs restricting me from shifting the position she had chosen. Staring across at Dallas I could see that my legs were out straight yet they didn’t reach even half the length of my sister’s thighs not even clearing the edge of her mini skirt as I sat there. Worse still I was aware of those large breasts of my sisters hovering overhead each many times bigger than my own head. With the ceiling light above they even cast a shadow over me!
I attempted to remove myself from her lap but Debbie held me there.
“He’s so wriggly just sit still little brother you will be safe with you big sister”
“Deb’s let me go now!”
I demanded a little fed up by her display of power and surprisingly she released me. I stepped down from her knees to the carpet below and looked back at these two giant women.
“Ok, Ill let you have a little wander but only if you are careful”
Her voice and tone was like speaking to a tiny toddler and it wound me up with every sickly sweet word she delivered.
“Deb’s you will upset him”
Dallas warned seeing my current state wouldn’t tolerate much more of her teasing.
“Sorry little brother, only having a bit of fun with ya. Like the clothes, toys r us are just the height of fashion nowadays don’t you think Dallas?”
Dallas stifled a laugh and then attempted to bring my sister to a serious note.
“He may have to see that specialist centre again, this is the biggest change so far that we’ve seen”
“How tall are you now bro?”
“I don’t know”
I said with a shortness letting them chat and not wanting to be drawn in as I simmered down the temper Debbie had raised within me.
“Oh how was the interview Dallas any luck?”
“Deb’s it was so good they have this company Goddess launching a new range of bra’s to encourage us larger girls to show off our cleavages rather than minimize them. Oh and they down selected me and this other girl, hopefully I’ll hear if I get the contract very soon and that means poster campaigns and catalogue shoots…you name it and these big tits of mine will be in it!”
I looked back at Dallas and wondered just how a giant poster of an already giant girl would look from my perspective, I recalled the old Wonderbra billboards and imagined Dallas’s breasts would be about fifty foot tall to me if she was plastered on the advertisement board outside the local railway station.
“That’s so great, things might really take off for you”
“Yeh, but I’m being level headed I’m still focusing on my secretarial skills and what about you?”

My sister relayed that her own modeling ambitions had taken a shaky start, she was still only 5ft 7 and not cat walk material. Much like Dallas her larger than average bust was also a hindrance to the mainstream industry so glamour or niche modeling was really all she could hope for. Apart from a few shoots she had paid for herself to begin a portfolio there were no hard offers of a career emerging just yet.
“I’m going to stay on at school and fit in some modest modeling part time until I’m noticed or until I grow a little more.”
She announced and then their conversation was interrupted by a baby monitor blasting out a few gurgling sounds.
“Oh that’s Cheryl’s little one from next door, she’s paying me fifty pounds for a few hours looking after her whilst they go out…not bad money eh? I might take this up professionally she’s no trouble at all, just sleeps all the time”
“Ill say”
Dallas turned to me with a smile.
“I had better get home so I’ll call round tomorrow on my way back from school because I guess you won’t be going there for a while?”
I hadn’t thought about school but she was right it would be perhaps a little impractical. I would struggle to climb into a chair or see over a desk besides the other dangers that would lurk in the school corridors like April for instance.
“Yeh ok babe”
I smiled and then was surprised as she leaned over on the floor bringing her face to hover before me as she rested on her elbows propping her chin up. I felt those enormous lips kiss my face and almost lift me up as she withdrew. What a kiss!
“See ya little fella”
She grinned and then both girls stood up making me feel really small between their two pairs of legs.
“Is your mum in Deb’s? Should I explain about Joe’s condition so it isn’t so much of a shock to her?”
“Mums out in the garage tidying up I’ll break the news to her”
”Bye tiny”
Dallas blew me a kiss from her lofty thirty foot something height and disappeared from the room.

I decided to head upstairs as I didn’t wish to be around Debbie or my mother right now although I knew she would be out of the garage like a flash when my sister let her know. I heard the front door close as I turned to face the staircase. What a sight just a plain normal staircase was to me, it was colossal like a real obstacle on an assault course. Each step alone was just lower than my mid section and that meant that I would have to literally climb them! How I wished my mother had bought a bungalow as I scaled the first of many steps to come. Five steps up and I was actually partially enjoying this challenge as it was like a work out without having to leave home. 

“Oh let me get my camera this is just too good!”
Debbie’s voice broke into my space with its unwelcome sarcastic note. I turned to look over my shoulder as I was half way up the seventh stair and she was standing there amused by my slow but steady ascent.
“Need a hand little bro?”
“Not from you”
I snapped back and made the next step pausing to turn her way.
“Oh but I insist”
Suddenly Debbie lunged forward and her hand was around me before I knew it and simply plucked me up in the air. Holding me at arms length facing her she took me away from the stairs with one swing of her long arms. I could feel her fingers gripped into the scruff of my clothes as they pulled around me and I was hanging there from my top in my sisters grip some twenty or more feet from the ground.
“Oh this is going to be such fun having you this tiny”
“Put me down!”
I shouted at her and my sister smiled thinking about it before responding.
“Sure, down you go”
Debbie placed me at the foot of the stairs which also happened to be between her own feet which looked pretty large right now as her bare feet where very imposing along with her large legs that towered over me. 

All my effort to get a quarter of the way up the stairs was reset with one simple action from my big sister and I had to repeat all that effort again. I looked up at her and noted I was staring under her skirt which made her laugh.
“hey, I’m your sister tiny its rude to look up a girls skirt, but then you cant help it being that short can you? Bye, bye see you later”
She chirpily said leaving me to climb the stairs again. What would stop her from putting me back down when I was one step from the summit I thought but it didn’t deter me. Without so much as a comment I watched my giant sister walk away smug in her new power and I set about the staircase. 

By the time I was three steps away from the top she returned and I could hear her stepping up behind me.
“Now what is a little baby like you doing climbing these big bad ole stairs, this is far too dangerous a place for little you. I am going to have to remember to fit a stair gate for your own good”
Her voice I noted had reverted to baby talk and I ignored it for now and scampered up the last of the stairs as Debbie overtook me. What took me a minute or so and a lot of effort Debbie completed in seconds and with one last large step she made it to the top and I watched her legs bump past me. As I made it onto the landing area I went to walk past her but her long leg descended before me blocking my way.
“Now where are you going tiny?”
I looked up and regretted doing so as once more my view was under that skirt.
“My room”
The answer came showing my evident displeasure with her.
“I don’t think so”
Debbie said and her other leg came to block my path as good as any solid wall.
“Deb’s get out of the way will you!”
“Make me”
Her voice challenged down and I reached out to her legs grabbing hold just around her smooth calf muscles and I tried to shove her with my full strength combined with the adrenaline of a little anger.

Did I really expect to topple this giant? Did I really think that a guy shorter than his sisters knees could knock such a girl out of the way? Of course I really didn’t have a clue quite how strong my sister was until right there and then as I shoved with the same force I would once have used to fell the biggest guy in our schools rugby team and Debbie didn’t budge one inch. Her legs and her feet stayed firm and all it did was to repel myself onto my own butt as I bounced off her with a thump to the carpet.
“Oh how funny you are. Time to learn some respect for your big sister I think, time for some payback eh?”
What was she talking about payback? This didn’t sound very good from my current position. 

In seconds she picked me up again at arms length using both hands and although I battled to free her grip I really didn’t have a chance to break my arms free as she pinned them at my sides.
“Remember all those times when we were kids and you were nasty to me?”
“Nasty? Me? No?”
I defended but Debbie elaborated opening up both our memories.
“You remember when you locked me up in the garden shed so I wouldn’t annoy you and Steve whilst you played? Or the time you took the ladder away from the tree in our garden so I couldn’t get down for an hour until mum save me?”
Debbie reeled off a list of childish incidents that happened several years back as we grew up, siblings always fought and did stupid things but was I to pay for these now?
“Debbie that was a long time ago”
“I know but you were always the bigger one, you could always push me around and keep little sister in check. Only now your little sister is a great big sister and I can do whatever I want with you. It’ll be fun Joe, you know thinking back you would never play mummies and daddies with me and my baby dolls, but now I think you don’t have a choice do you?.”
“What are you talking about were practically adults now, sis this is childish!”
“Coming from a little brother the size of our next door neighbor’s baby you don’t warrant the term adult in any shape of form which brings me to our fun. Now my wittle baby does your nappy need changing? Did little baby do a poo poo?”
“Debbie! Cut it out put me down! Now!”

I cried out as Debbie took my helpless form into the spare room where I knew Cheryl’s baby resided. She then tucked me under one arm so my body was clamped firm to her side as she grabbed some items that I couldn’t quite see. My head was restricted and lining up so the profile of her large left breast was thrusting out in my peripheral vision, man she was big this close up and the outline of my sisters shirt was very impressive as it bobbed up and down to her steps. I shouldn’t have taken notice of her breasts but how could I miss them!
“Be quiet you wouldn’t want to wake little Lucy here now would you?”
My sister warned as I grunted and groaned trying to free myself, not that this was a good idea as I was above her hip and still a good twenty feet up in my terms.

Stepping out of the bedroom away from the sleeping infant she made for the living room downstairs and I could hear the jingle of something in her other arm. I didn’t call out allowing her to enter the room where I realized my mother would have much more of a chance to hear my calls from the garage. The next thing I knew there I was staring up at my sisters big face which was peering over the two massive curves of her chest which meant she had laid me down across her skirt as she sat on the sofa. 
“Now its time for little baby to loose those dirty clothes, yes it is.”
She smiled a pearly white toothy grin.
“and let big sister change your nappy little fella”

Oh no, of all the humiliating things was this her plan? I cringed at the thought and then let out the most shrilling ear piercing cry of my life.
“Mum! Mum!”
I called out and took Debbie by surprise but instead of looking concerned she just burst out laughing as she fought with me to remove my top.
“Mummy isn’t here its no use crying for her it’s just you and me”
Debbie delighted in revealing.
“But, you said…”
”I lied, Mum’s gone out with her new man she’ll be late tonight which means its just you and me my helpless baby brother and what an evening we are going to have”

With her strong fingers set upon my clothes she easily overpowered me and resist as I tried there I was naked on my sisters lap and just like she said absolutely helpless.
“Oh dear we have got a small pee pee haven’t we? I really don’t know what Dallas must see in you? Although she does like those little teeny cocktail sausages not that you are even a mouthful to a real woman”
Again she laughed at my expense and exposed as I was there was no way I could combat her as she continued to relay how small parts of me where.
“And look at those skinny little arms and legs there’s more meat in the sandwich I had for lunch today…that’s it Joe you try to fight me I love to see those itsy bitsy muscles of yours straining away at my big hands”

I ceased fighting her it was futile and she knew it, now I was along for the ride and letting her finish this lesson if that’s what it was.

Seeing my resistance had all but left she felt triumphant as a cloud of white talcum powder was dumped over me and then a huge nappy was fixed between my legs and firmly secured with its sticky tapes. I wont forget her laughter as she stood me up on the surface of her taught skirted lap and turned me around, I must have looked ridiculous a man probably well under 2ft tall with a massive nappy just about hanging upon my thin body. Patting my backside Debbie lifted me and moved over to the corner of the room where a new horror awaited. She lowered me inside what appeared to be a small room surrounded with pink and white patterned walls. As her hands left me she peered over the open ceiling from way above and smiled down.
“Now you just be a good little baby for your big sister and enjoy yourself in there wont you? Here have a little rattle to play with”
Tossing in a plastic rattle which looked more like a huge barbarians club made out of solid plastic I was suddenly left alone. 

Mad as hell I stomped around this portable play pen looking for a way out. I was a man not a baby I couldn’t be trapped in this childish prison surely? But it was a good as any real prison to a man my size and as I paced around looking at the smooth towering walls printed with a pattern of pink and white fluffy white clouds there was no escape, nothing to hold onto, no way to climb.
“Debbie! Debbie! Please!”
I began but other than hearing a small titter of laughter in the distance there was no response. 

She let me contemplate life in that toddler sized cell for the best part of an hour whilst I could hear her favorite soap opera on the tv. When she finally came back I had given up hope of escaping this simple prison and I was much more willing to be co operative with Debbie to avoid further humiliation. But what was becoming more important to me than ever was the need to relieve myself and I wanted out of this prison fast. 
I gently called to raise her attention.
“Debbie, I err need to you know, go to the toilet”

Minutes later I watched her giant figure blocked out the artificial light as she stood looking down into the play pen at me brandishing a broad smile upon her pretty face.
“Little baby wants a pee pee do you?”
The sickly sweet baby talk I didn’t allow to rile me, I needed relief and my goal was to get on her good side.
“Please Deb’s I am getting kind of desperate could you lift me out please?”
“awww that’s so cute you asking for my help I love this. Well don’t worry little baby big sister is here to look after you but you don’t need my help for a pee pee”
“Deb’s I can’t get out of here without your help”
“Well of course you can’t sweetie you’re too small to climb out that’s the idea. That’s why big sister put you in the play pen it’s where babies stay”
“So you aren’t going to help me?”
I said very directly and watched her large face and blonde hair falling into the pen before me as she leaned right over. I held my arms up instinctively waiting for her hands to circle me but they didn’t.
“Oh you are so sweet when you do that. But big sister isn’t going to pick baby up, baby doesn’t need the toilet not when baby is wearing his little nappy already”
Debbie walked off with another round of laughter at my expense settling herself back down before the tv.

Did she really expect me to urinate in this thing? What choice did I have? I held myself for about another twenty very long minutes and called out in desperation.
“Debbie please I’m bursting you’ve made your point!”
“Sorry little one I’m busy. If you can’t get to the toilet you know what to do, and don’t you dare soil that play pen or you’ll be scrubbing it clean believe me”
Her threat echoed in the room and once more she ignored my plea. Eventually I had no choice my bladder was bursting and I through myself at the walls in one last ditch effort to scale them yet my hands didn’t get close to the top. I had to release myself as awful as it was into the nappy, and felt the warm wet sensation before this disposable locked it away from my skin just like the adverts say. Yet now it was heavy and hanging much more than before between my thin legs. 

I was absolutely pissed and fired off a volley of swear words aimed at my sister, a mistake I now know but who could blame me.
“You bitch!”
I shouted as my last release of anger seeing that she was still ignoring me. It was then that I literally heard Debbie walking over to the play pen and she loomed over me menacingly.
“You mean big bitch!”
She barked and I actually felt a little scared of my sister for the first time as her raised voice made me step back into a corner defensively.
“You still haven’t learned your lesson Joe, do you actually realize how small you are to me now? Doesn’t my sheer size command any respect, I’m a giant woman compared to you, a giant and you are calling me names you little worm!”
I suddenly felt the color drain from my face and realized I had rattled her.
“I could kick your butt so easily Joe and yet you are answering me back? Time to show you the reality of your new size don’t you think little baby?”

Next minute I was in her very firm grip, lifted up and then whisked at a blurring speed across the room until I was settled across her skirted lap face down. I knew what was coming as the nappy was pulled away so I began to fight yet a heavy hand held me in place with considerable ease.
“Don’t do it!”
I begged but Debbie wasn’t about to be stopped.
“Oh now you’re scared are you? Big sister is about to give you the spanking of your life. One that won’t ever forget little man!”
As her words left her mouth a large flat hand slapped hard on my backside with a sting that left a very red impression and I cried out.
“owww! Deb’s!”
Again another slap with her large palm covering all of my backside and the tops of my bare legs.
“Now say you are sorry for being nasty to me in the past”
I said nothing but another slap crossed my rear and I could feel the tears welling in my eyes.
“Ok…ok…I’m sorry”
My words came out a little broken and I could feel the skin on my rear tingling with heat.
“Say, I’m sorry giant Debbie the all powerful one”
Was she milking this or what? I gritted my teeth and repeated her sentence much to her great pleasure.
”You see, that’s a good little brother”

After the spanking incident and having forced my respect the rest of my evening was spent alone in my room and thankfully without my sister’s interruption. My backside still felt the tingle of powerful hands a good fifteen minutes after the last strike and it convinced me that until I grew back to normal Debbie was to be avoided at all costs. I didn’t tell my mother when she returned of her daughter’s treatment to me as I knew that would be like waving a red flag to a bull and she would seek out the first moment that we could be alone again.

My mother took the recent shrinking rather well and insisted that we get the doctor to come round to the house early the next day, actually she wanted to take me to the doctors clinic but I flatly refused.
“Oh come on Joe, I’m not expecting you to walk there with your little legs. I will carry you on my hip like I used to when you were this little”
This is what she said and I could just imagine the embarrassment of it all flashing before my eyes. So with a lot of persuasion I managed to convince my mother to get the Doctor to make a house call.

Doctor Vash arrived early the next morning, I was in bed and absolutely swamped by my massive sheets. When I awoke it was to the sound of the Swedish twang of the Doctors voice as she sat on the side of my bed and pulled the bed clothes back to reveal my body naked and half awake!
“This is really beyond all my training your son certainly has shrunk significantly”
My eyes opened wide and there was the huge doctors face running her eyes over my form with a look of amazement mixed with professional curiosity.
“Good morning Joe”
She greeted and I sat up in an instant noting my nakedness.
“Oh um hi Doctor Vash”
I searched for some of the covers but they were a long way from my reach so my hands lowered to shield my privates.
“Don’t worry I’m a Doctor there isn’t anything I haven’t seen before”
Her words did little to make me feel comfortable baring all and I remained protective of the view I afforded her.
“Can you lay down flat Joe so I can measure you please?”
Complying I saw a long plastic tape measure draped onto the bed beside me and it was drawn out of the housing to match my length.
“Fourteen and a half inches”
Came her conclusion.
“That’s a record, a miracle”
A smile crossed the Doctors lips as she jotted down my stats and I was gutted not even to be one and a half foot tall.

Her following questions were formal and covered every aspect of my current health and the conclusion was that I exhibited no traces of any ill effects related to my size, if anything my physical condition was optimal and this made the Doctor decide that no treatment was applicable.
“Nothing, absolutely nothing is wrong with your son here, despite his size he is in the peek of health, but I would strongly recommend we send him to the Lutron Foundation once more they can run a battery of tests, something is making you shrink Joe but I cant even theorize what that could be.”

Needless to say my mother made the arrangements and that evening they would admit me to the care of the Foundation. When I arrived part of me was disappointed to discover that Carina was working part time now for them although they didn’t really explain why, I guessed that when I met up with Chrissie all would be revealed but even she wasn’t there initially.

Dr Kaysung arranged for some small straps to be fixed on the door of my room so it was within my capability to pull the door handle open. Actually this was one of the worst things about being in this giant world, doors were now my enemy and the handles and sometimes the weight of them laughed in my face. 

I underwent a lot of tests once more with Dr Kaysung and over the next few days I was just bored and he didn’t seem to be telling me anything different than before. It was clear he didn’t have a clue what it was that made me shrink.ZIMMER 
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by ZIMMER on Tue Oct 16, 2007 11:23 pm 

June 2006

Having spent weeks in the Foundation I was going out of my mind with boredom and it was mostly my own fault as I didn’t feel like venturing out of my room to meet any new patients. Dallas I was missing so much but she was very busy with her schooling as it was getting into exam time. She also told me that the job to promote the booster bra’s didn’t come off as they selected the other girl she had competed with. Who was better looking or had a fitter body than my Dallas that’s what I wanted to know! I guess her dreams of modeling and hitting the big time had now begun to falter and she was residing herself to the back up of becoming a secretary or personal assistant by focusing on her office skills. 

The press had also finally caught up with my story for real as Dr Kaysung explained to me one morning, although the foundation was a secure premises he said it would be better for me to have a conference with them and get the story out and my mother agreed. So very reluctantly we selected one media team a reputable news program called The World live. They would have the rights to my story and I was very pleased to receive a handsome sum of money for the experience, it would certainly help to address all the negatives of going public, like my old friends seeing me as a man no larger than a baby. I just hoped I wouldn’t be presented as some sort of freak.

The press had been very well managed by my mother negotiations, if I had this long interview a new legal agreement would prohibit other media types from approaching me and thus leave me alone for a while, I really didn’t want a celebrity status that just wasn’t me.

The day of the interview was one I won’t forget and the foundation had booked a private room where the camera and such could be set up and where the program would be conducted from. Luckily it wasn’t a live broadcast so I didn’t need to feel so nervous. Dallas came up on that morning so I felt much better about facing the world with her support. The reporter Lisa Storm who was going to interview me was a babe which also helped. I had a crush on her when I was younger and used to see her as a weather girl but didn’t know what she looked like now. It was clear she had been promoted over the last few years and had made it to her new presenter and reporter role. 

I sat in the room on Dallas’s lap, where she now often made me sit when we were together, I guess it was natural and I didn’t really fit a chair on my own anymore. Trouble was as much as you try to get used to sitting on your girlfriends lap its very distracting and I always had a challenge to not enjoy it too much. Dallas’s legs were well on show today a short skirt saw to that and some serious tanned and shapely legs stretched out beneath me. Above her breasts just hung in space as gravity defiant as ever and outlined their gorgeous huge forms inside a plain summer t-shirt which was more conservative than normal as the neck only hinted at her never ending cleavage. This was quite a feat as actually on a regular girl that top would have shown no cleavage at all but Dallas was able to wear it and make it far more sexy without trying. 

So sat there I was surrounded by long legs underneath me and extending before me combined with a pair of huge breasts above making my concentration rather difficult as Dallas innocently chatted away unaware of what her body could do to such a small guy like me . 
“Are you nervous?”
Dallas asked and a huge hand crossed her lap and landed upon my legs as a comforting gesture.
“I’m more nervous about sitting like this on your lap. If you’re not careful I will be hard before I get in front of those cameras”
I truthfully admitted and Dallas just laughed.

When Lisa Storm entered the room I was somewhat bedazzled by her, not that she was more pleasant to drool over than Dallas it was just that I had never met a true TV personality and you don’t often get to meet the girls you have had a crush on as a young teenager. But meeting such a personality when they are seemingly a giant is something else.

Her manner was warm and very friendly as she tried to shake my hand which ended up with me holding a couple of her fingers which was all I could manage. She smelt great and her perfume beat away whatever Dallas had on, she must have showered in the stuff! As she briefed me in a very professional manner I found myself looking her over trying to be casual as I was on my girlfriends lap yet Dallas couldn’t see my eyes or most of my body under those great big tits of hers and how they were uncontrollably straying at this point in time.

Lisa was a fine woman in reality and not just on the screen, she was in real terms I predicted around 5ft 11 inches tall although I struggle to be accurate given my own height. She cut a very slinky shape in the short formal pink business suit she was wearing. A long set of legs came out of her knee length skirt and down to her high heels and there was a nice lot of activity under her blouse when she moved which didn’t escape my notice. Her long dark hair was also very attractive shining under the artificial lights as it bounced with her steps across her shoulders and down her back. With her mannerisms I would say that she was definitely flirty as she seemed very taken with my size and asked Dallas if she minded her picking me up during the interview and kept flashing her large green eyes my way, batting some seriously exaggerated eyelashes obviously false but made to look so natural.

The interview started and thankfully the large camera man kept his distance, I really didn’t like seeing men at my size so this suited me fine. Dallas was out of camera shot as Lisa wanted to start the program with an opening shot of her towering over me.
“It’ll be more dramatic if you stand between my high heels down here and the camera pans down upon you when I’m ready”
She added and seemed to like this idea so I went along with things it was “show biz” after all. 

Lisa was at lot larger than expected up close and very sexy to admire from below with that flawless figure.

“Today I have an exclusive interview with a rather unique teenager, Joe Smith. Now as many of you regular viewers will know your presenter here stands a statuesque 6 foot one inches without the aid my high heels and for some shorter guys it can be rather daunting to be in the company of a woman as tall as I am. But for Joe Smith every woman in the world is a real life giantess. Because you see viewers my little friend Joe stands just a little taller than his girlfriend’s ankles when she is wearing her favorite heels. Don’t believe me? Well let me show you”
The camera pans down on me following all of that great body of Lisa’s, the kind of shot I would have replayed on my hard disk recorder many times when I was younger. Six foot one indeed I thought to myself how was that for a miscalculation. I smiled to the camera and then noticed Lisa bringing her pink high heels very close to my body yet I trusted her.
“This is no camera trickery I assure you, little Joe is in fact standing beneath me barely taller than a ken doll from your local toy shop”
I looked up and flushed a little as I did because my view was directly under Lisa’s skirt and she wasn’t wearing anything under it at all! Wow, how unexpected! I was now beginning to fight my arousal on camera and had to keep thinking that thousands of people could be watching this recording when they finished. That thought alone calmed me down enough to converse with Lisa.
“Hello down there Joe I’m pleased to meet you”
I said a little shakily trying to throw off the images I had just seen, namely this babe presenter’s large pussy in all its glory. Why on earth wasn’t she wearing underwear? Still only I would know this unless she sat down and didn’t cross her legs Sharon Stone style towards the camera.

“So Joe, I think that I should pick you up and place you on top of the table here so the viewers can learn all about you whilst we chat, my ankles are just not that good at presenting the show down there”
I gave a laugh and I could hear Dallas giggling in the back ground as Lisa stepped to the side and then attempted to kneel down. I say attempted as she misjudged her decent to her knees and my head was caught with the edge of her skirt and taken under it for a brief second as she lowered. It offered me a glimpse once more of her nakedness at the very top of those long sexy inner thighs of hers. I could smell her from this close and it was noticeable that she may even be a little aroused, she was getting off on this whilst still keeping a professional outlook. 
“Cut! Strike that”
A man from the back said behind the camera guy and laughed as Lisa stood back up.
“Lisa, give the little guy some room he was just about to loose his head up your skirt”
The man in his fifties said amused and another round of laughter came in applause of Lisa’s mistake. Looking at Dallas she seemed convinced like the others in the room this was all innocent. I was red and flushed in the face by now waiting to commence the shot again.
“Sorry Joe you know you are even shorter than you look”
Lisa smiled down and went back to her initial position standing over me. The camera’s started to record again and she stepped aside and was now crouched down before me rather than in a knelt position. Again my view was between her legs due to the slight parting of them which was visible under that skirt. From the side angle it would have looked very innocent with her large knees just hovering by my head level but surely this was her flashing me very subtly.
I gulped hard and tried not to show that my eyes where drawn to look down the passage between those smooth thighs but looking up was just as distracting as her sizeable breasts pushed her blouse out of her tailored jacket and I had to look up and past them to find her face. Her hand reached down and grasped around my middle and soon I was airborne being transferred towards the table surface.
Half way there she paused to present me to the camera.
“Wow, I’ve never picked up a guy so easily”
She quipped.
“Here I am viewers holding young Joe almost like a doll in my hand, its truly remarkable how small he has become if you look at him in comparison to me”
Lingering her pose a little longer she held me before the camera for a close up, and I noticed those fingers of hers crossed my crotch area and she was gently easing one of those fingers against my male equipment. It wasn’t enough to show outwardly but I could feel the extra pressure as if she was trying to feel the resistance beneath my trousers, it was a subtle grope of a kind and not unpleasant. 

Lowering me to the table I took a deep breath to calm down any reaction and sat upon the pillow that was waiting to support me. Lisa sat opposite and was giving her best presenter smile as she started the interview. 

She asked me many questions about my circumstances and how I became so small but obviously there wasn’t anything I could offer reason wise or scientifically which made it sound very mysterious as Lisa stated.ZIMMER 
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by ZIMMER on Tue Oct 16, 2007 11:24 pm 

June 2006 cont...

The way Lisa spoke to me was with great interest and I couldn’t help but wonder if this was more than just an interest for the public’s sake. My clothes came in for much comment as I was currently using some outfits my mother had found from some large Elvis dolls she had once collected, what I was wearing for my television debut seemed conservative. Namely a pair of synthetic leather look trousers and a white shirt which I didn’t mind compared to the outrageous costumes from some of the other king dolls in her old collection.

Eventually questions came out upon how I was coping with everyday life.
“So Joe, you have a regular sized girlfriend who is extremely pretty I may add, but how did you feel when she suddenly became a giant girlfriend has that put any strains on your relationship?”
“Well certain things like going out together in a conventional manner are difficult now but Dallas, my girlfriend, she seems to be ok with the new me”
I didn’t know how else to put it.
“Well I guess arguments are one sided now she’s the boss”
Lisa joked.
“Yeh you could say that”
My answer came and the conversation went on for the next ten minutes through different aspects of my shrinking until Lisa began to wrap up the interview.

“So this was Lisa Storm with the cutest and shortest guy in the world”
I sat on the pillow and smiled at Lisa and the camera when she leaned forward on her chair and I watched in awe as her chest rose over the table towards me bringing what looked like four foot wide breasts encased in her tight blouse and I lost sight of her face until two plump lips descended upon me with a smacking kiss. The result of this gesture left me with a pink complexion and forehead courtesy of her vivid pink lipstick. What lips, what great big lips my mind called out for my member to hear, I preyed it wouldn’t respond.

“Cut…cut! Lisa, look what you did. Ha! Let’s clean him up and try that end segment again shall we? I don’t want the audience laughing at him looking like an Indian with face paint on, so try land a dainty kiss on his cheek, a lipstick mark is good to leave the viewer with a lasting impression of your size different but let’s not overdo it again ok?”
The same man as before spoke holding back a laugh and Dallas came over to dab my face with a tissue, she was grinning from ear to ear.
“That’s easily done Lisa, I’ve covered him in my lipstick on many an occasion”
“Sorry Joe”
Lisa offered and then looked at me as Dallas retreated out of shot.
“I think my lips are a bit on the large side to just plant upon Joe’s little cheek without smothering him again, don’t you agree Joe?”
”I err”
I couldn’t spit out a response but the man suggested an alternative.
“Well let Joe do the kissing just lower your head so he can reach it”

Again we went back to our previous poses and Lisa moved in. Her long dark hair this time didn’t get brushed aside and over her shoulder and I was suddenly engulfed in a fragrant silky jungle which was arousing but caused the man to cut once more. Was she teasing me now or just making a lot of mistakes to keep in contact with me a little longer? Or was it all my imagination? The lack of underwear a simple wardrobe miscalculation? Or intended as a thrill for a man in her life later today? The incident with the skirt purely innocent? Was it actually that part of me that had wanted this woman so much in the past and idolized her like one of those fantasy babes and untouchables that I was prepared to believe she might like me. Who was I kidding?
We tried again and this time she held her long locks back and I was presented with a large flawless beautiful cheek to kiss which I promptly did and her big smile emerged right before me with those star quality teeth on display.

“And that’s a wrap, lets get back to the hotel. Many thanks Joe and you Dr Kaysung”
The man led the camera guy out of the room after waving to us and shaking the Doctors hand. Lisa looked at Dallas and then asked.
“Mind if I pick him up and bring him over to you?”
“That ok with you Joe?”
She turned her back to Dallas and leaned forward with her hands resting on the table. Tilting her herself down to be close to my level the shape of those huge breasts dropped forward and parted her jacket again with a proud display of the female form in giant sized proportions stressing against her cotton blouse. If this wasn’t enough her cleavage came into full focus at this angle, my eyes had to be indulged and there was a deep line of pure womanly curves colliding in such an enticing way just wobbling before them. Oh boy, I had to look away but how could I, how big were those? She never looked like she had these monster tits on television but there they where all natural and so enormous in the flesh so to speak! She caught my gaze and I was so glad Dallas couldn’t see my discomfort but a smile remained on Lisa’s face and she winked one of those huge Green eyes down at me before picking me up and lifting me over to Dallas very slowly and gently I might add.

She stayed for a while longer chatting to us both and then departed and finally I could relax. I had done the media thing and now I would be able to get on with my life.

Dallas left later that day as she had school to attend with exams on the horizon, as for me my education was suffering but there wasn’t much point in focusing on my exams considering the range of careers a man my size could opt for were very limited. Thankfully I was still keeping in contact with Professor Jones and she was more than happy for me to work full time at her facility when I was ready. Using her computers with the voice operating system would make me as useful as anyone with a keyboard and mouse so at least there I would be an equal.

The next day I was waiting some results from the latest tests by Dr Kaysung, I was feeling a little down as I wanted out of the institute. I was also frustrated with my size for simple things like using the toilet and having to admit a regular sized toilet was now difficult for me and using a child sized potty was the best option at least I didn’t have to climb onto it. Other things annoyed me like getting around, my room wasn’t large but to me getting off the bed was a climb and I was too proud to ask the Doctor for some steps, same case with the playstation as I couldn’t reach to switch it on and see the screen properly from the seat. So I moped around my room until a knock on my door disturbed the boredom.
“Come in Doctor”
I said with my back to the door as I was just finishing putting on my Elvis Hawaiian shirt. I really hated these large doll clothes the stitching was so uncomfortable.

“Fee Fi Fo Fum!”
A female voice boomed above me in a jolly fashion and I heard loud clicks of high heels landing on the tiled floor until a massive pair of women’s shoes dropped down either side of me. I looked left and right to see these dark blue open toed strappy high heels and recognized them before their owner. 
I turned to see just legs. Then more legs and even more legs reaching up to a short skirt which seemed higher than it should be but then this girl had the longest ever legs I had seen shrunken or not. Above as sexy blue mini skirt a vest like summer top shielded some major attractions from view and above this there was the best look alike of the actress Angelina Jolie’s face beaming down at me with a great big smile formed by those thick kissable lips.
“Hi little Joe, did ya miss me?”
“Hey Carina”
I smiled and stepped back to see her better, she was so huge it was startling but then standing over seven feet in her heels I was not even a quarter of her size, of all the giantesses I had seen since reaching my current fourteen and a bit inches she was by far the most incredible to stare up at.
“A bit taller than you remember eh little guy? Why don’t you close your mouth”
She laughed at my expression and I was gawping big time!.
“I saw your interview last night on the television and I was busting to see you today, I didn’t realize you would get so small, you are totally adorable like this”
“Thanks, I think”
“And still very sexy for a little dolly”
She grinned and I smiled back feeling a little happier than I had for a while, it’s was so strange what company could do for a guy especially in the form of a flirtatious amazon. It brought back recollections of our encounter those months back and I felt a stirring in my trousers already just being in her proximity.
“Where’s the uniform?”
I asked seeing her casual but very welcome attire.
A twirl was provided so I could feast my eyes on her form before she continued.
“Well, I’m part time here at the moment that’s why I wasn’t here for you before and I’m only here today because we are going on a day trip”
“We are?”
“Dr Kaysung needed a hand with the lot of you, he feels being cooped up inside this facility isn’t healthy and makes patients dwell on their problems. So we are off to see a bit of nature. Oh and guess what little Joe you are my responsibility for the day”

I looked up at her and smiled this would certainly break me out of my stale and bored state of mind it was just what I needed a day trip and a bit of good company. Carina seemed delighted to handle me and picked me up off the floor and sat me on her lap, the first thing I had noticed was her incredible bust it was almost bursting out of this summer top with a lot of flesh showing in her profile view trying to escape the sides of this flimsy top and pushing up and out of the low neck which was stretched to capacity. Those boobs looked larger than Dallas’s which surprised me as Carina was smaller before.
“Notice anything different about me, anything you like little Joe?”
“You’ve grown…boy have you grown!”
I said almost salivating at her breast size, each of them must have weighed many times my weight and I doubted if I could even move one of them. Carina loved my comment and hefted one of those breasts from beneath wobbling it before me, shifting the material tighter so her nipple was very evident and my eyes ballooned.
“Wanna guess my bra size?”
What a question, I used to pride myself on my accuracy on this subject but now things were different, my appreciation distorted by the giantesses around me with wonderful giant breasts.
What was supported in each cup of Carina’s bra right now looked extraordinarily big, if she was a real giant woman she could have overwhelmed the interior of our garden shed and split it sides open wide!
“36 double E?”
I gave my best shot and Carina proudly came back with the answer letting that boob settle free from her hand.
“Try a couple of letters above that”
“Dddouble G cups!”
I trembled in response sounding more impressed than I had reason to be and hinting at my excitement.
“Yup, double G’s its like carting two basketballs around I haven’t seen my feet for weeks”
She laughed jostling those boobs in an awesome display I couldn’t tear my eyes from.
“And now that my boobs are way bigger than you are I think you need a name change. Lets call you tiny Joe not little Joe”
“Are they real?”
My inquisitive side jumped into my mouth and asked without thinking.
“What do you think? Have a feel”
I didn’t dare move as much as I wanted to jump up and hug one of those breasts I had to control my desires. 
“Oh come on Joe, I can see you are dying to feel them. My boyfriend can’t even handle them now they dwarf his big hands and to tiny Joe they dwarf you now don’t they? Fancy feeling a pair this big? Just think Joe here’s a giant pair of double G’s just waiting to be explored”
My manhood betrayed me with a solid iron like bump in my trousers and I was so turned on, so weak to this sexy creature and her words. I remained confused by lust, desire and spell bound by boobs so enormous that they intimidated me without trying to reveal their full giant size.
“I shouldn’t”
My weakest voice said and Carina just took charge.
“I insist little Joe, come and check out these giants”
Her hand scooped me up from my backside and then pressed me onto the slope of her top so I sunk into the exterior of her material allowing me to be partially consumed by her busty frame. My hand reached out I couldn’t help it, they were firm and perhaps even warm through the thin cotton and bra she wore. Suddenly I heard the door handle rattle and Carina dropped me gently to her lap with a cheeky smile as Dr Kaysung entered. 
“Come on you two its time we set off the mini bus is waiting, Carina I assume you have a change of clothes young lady? Something a little more practical?”
“Of course we’ll be right there wont we Joe? We were just catching up, Joe here had a big interest in a couple of things I was talking about we completely lost track of time didn’t we little one?”
“err yeh”
“Meet you on the bus in five”
He darted out the door as Carina laughed, she lifted me to the floor and we walked out of my room and down the corridor. Man she covered ground so fast, each stride took her twenty of my paces maybe a lot more. 
“Come on tiny”
She called and when I caught up with her she was in the communal area bent over a sports bag and already stripped down to her white knickers and a mega sized bra. I watched from a distance , I should have turned away I know but who could when a near forty foot giantess was in her sexy underwear! Flicking her long hair to one side she smiled down at me and saw I was enjoying the show and she turned in my direction head on. I could see all of her from this distance and the word
“wow” simply summed up my view. She had filled out and was curvier on her hips and maybe a little loose around her stomach but with those contrasting boobs jutting forward like torpedo heads I wasn’t focused on her stomach at all. Even larger they became as she reached behind her head to fix her hair into a ponytail but my view was interrupted as she slipped on some green shorts and a white short sleeved t-shirt that looked two sizes to small for her chest. With her ankle length mountain boots and the thick black belt she wore the outfit screamed Lara Croft with the same over the top physique. A quick check of her hair and re-application of her red lipstick and Carina was finished.
“Not quite as sexy as before huh?”
She smiled but I wasn’t so convinced.
“I don’t think you can walk with that hard on tiny Joe, let me give you a lift”

Once more in her hand she rushed down the corridor as fast as those long legs could carry her and I felt a little dizzy. As we boarded the minibus along with ten others not known to me she sat me on her lap at the back so we were alone. 
“So real or false?”
Her voice whispered.
I said in a manner that showed I was pleased of this fact.
“But how?”
“When we last met I didn’t know that I was actually pregnant”

Carina went on to explain that a month ago she gave birth to a baby girl, a pregnancy totally unplanned and unexpected with her boyfriend as the father but she was happy and thrilled once getting over the shock. This explained the extra curves and weight she had put on and hadn’t fully lost and the increase in her bust which was most welcome, it made me wonder how Dallas’s breasts might swell during pregnancy but then again I wasn’t capable of fathering a child or was I?
Carina’s little baby was with her mother for the day who baby sat to allow her some part time earnings. 

The next few hours were spent in the mini bus on the way to the Newland Forest area which was a very expansive natural forest to the east of the country and where many orienteering and some climbing clubs frequently went for adventure weekends. I recalled my last experience here was with the scouts when I was ten years old. 

Strapped into the rather dangerous bus seat I was having an adventure of my own bumping and slipping around with the huge seat belt failing to restrain me adequately. Carina placed a very firm hand over me in the end and held me effortlessly into place for the rest of the journey until the mini bus ran out of road at the inner wood camp. 

The idea was to split into groups of two and make our random ways towards a mutual goal which happened to be a clearing five miles away at the top of Cresmon Valley. At the valley we would eat and Dr Kaysung said there we would follow a trail he knew to see the glorious scenery upon the valley’s rim overlooking the Golden lakes until the mini bus picked us all up three miles further on.

The thought of walking miles seemed impossible to me, what was five miles to these giants was certain more like triple that to me and more. I suddenly felt less happy with this whole nature thing and complained to Carina that I wanted to stay with the bus.

“Oh come on tiny it’ll be fun you are with me remember”

We each had a different trail map to follow with reference points at spread intervals and off we went the others far more enthusiastically than me. 

Making my way through what felt like a jungle in the wake of a giant Carina I shouted to her to slow down.
“If I walk any slower tiny I’ll be going backwards, what’s keeping you down there?”
“Five foot twigs, fifty foot branches, grass that’s six foot tall in places…bugs the size of my fist!”
I muttered in annoyance as I walked around a fallen branch that was too large to climb over, I always found myself comparing things to my old measurement scales but that was to be expected.
“Oh how funny it’s like a jungle for you down there isn’t it sweetie, let big Carina help you”
I watched her boot come crashing down on a branch and it split in two huge pieces under the pressure with crack! What power, what strength! I walked through the new gap she had created between the broken sections. Standing between her boots I was suddenly very nervous of what she could do.
“Up here tiny, looks like if we are going to make it for lunch I had better carry you”
“Man and am I ever starving, no breakfast no nothing”
I added as she lifted me to her head and allowed me to put my legs around her neck. This was hard as my legs were stretched to the limit and I had to hold tight to her thick ponytail to stay up there.
But the view was great. Carina’s boobs down below putting on a display as she walked and a flash or two of her long legs every now and then. Her hair smelt gorgeous this close up like it was washed in rich coconut oils and I was quite relaxed taking in the sights of her and the fresh air of the forest with its skyscraper trees. We or rather she walked for a good hour until she rested to get our bearings.
“Enjoying it up there tiny, bet its pretty high up for you huh?”
“It’s a long way down”
I answered looking at the ground below hoping I wouldn’t fall.
“So tiny Joe, where are we exactly? Have you been taking note or just ogling my body from up there?”
I hadn’t a clue my eyes had been in her top for the last fifteen minutes wondering what it would like if she squeezed me in there like Dallas had, I was surprised my erection hadn’t been poking her in the neck.
“Sorry, it all looks the same to me”
She looked at the map and frowned.
“I haven’t seen a marker on a tree or any of these landmark for ages, I guess we are lost. Better use my mobile”
Reaching to her back pocket it had slipped out of her shorts unnoticed.
“Dam! No mobile, shit we are going to be late for dinner”
“Blast, I’m so hungry I could eat a horse!”
I could feel my stomach grumbling.
“More like a guinea pig you mean, think about how big you are”
Carina laughed and kept good humor.

We wondered in what we thought was the right direction to connect with the route for another ten minutes when we came upon a dense area of thick bushes and low slung branches that Carina had to negotiate. I held on hard as she ducked the odd branch when suddenly the ground gave way beneath her!

We started to fall and Carina managed to grab a branch as a reflex reaction to hold us both up in the air? Looking down the ground had collapsed into a big pit like outline obviously man made and in real terms around six foot by ten foot square dug deep into the terrain. But Carina was stranded in the middle of the hole and clutching to this weak branch that was buckling to her weight.
“oh my!”
She shouted
“Joe what do I do?”
I was helpless clinging to her ponytail and hanging along with her the fall looked a long way to me and was fairly serious for Carina, there was a lining of thick leaves and bushes so it was hard to tell how far above the floor of this depression we were. Crack! The branch gave a little and lowered us both into this pit yet still suspended. Crack! It finally snapped and we both fell.

As luck would have it Carina fell on her back and was only a little winded and bruised for the experience thanks to the pile of leaves that had accumulated below. My fall was broken by her body, I had flipped off her shoulders and fell forward tumbling onto her bountiful breasts and then landing in her lap. Disoriented I stood up and saw that Carina was a little dazed by our ordeal. Checking we were both in one piece we assessed the situation.
“Look at how deep this is, where on earth are we?”
My head was taking in all the four earth walls towering over me.
“Looks like you will need to use those extra long limbs of yours to climb out Carina I couldn’t get up there in a million years”
She said confidently until she stood up and found that despite her statuesque statistics the top of this hole was a good six feet higher.
“I don’t think we are going anywhere”
I watched as Carina failed to find any foot or hand holds it was just crumbly earth that broke away in her hands.
“Dam we are stuck little guy”
Came her conclusion after a good ten minutes of effort upon each wall face in turn.
“I could lift you up over my head pretty high up the wall”
A plan formed but I shot it down.
”And what can I grab hold of? That’s another forty feet still to go at least in my view”
“Well we can’t just stay here”

Frustrated Carina cleared some of the ground to find a small empty metal box to sit upon. The writing which was weathered on its surface offered that it was an army supply box. 
“Looks like we stumbled into some abandoned army dig, they used to run maneuvers in the forest years back before protestors complained about the damage they were doing.”
I informed recalling what my scout leader once said and how fascinated we were as little boys hoping we would stumble upon a used shell or bullet casing in this very forest.

We remained in the pit or army dig for hour’s, way past the rendezvous time and sat there chatting about how we would soon be discovered and hopefully before night fell. By eight pm and with daylight fading we were not so hopeful of our rescue that day although one helicopter did buzz swiftly over head without seeing us it was pretty dense in terms of the over hanging tree canopy of branches high above. 

Famished and completely bored by now Carina and I talked about food and tortured ourselves until it was late. 
“I think we are here for the night tiny Joe, you had better give me a cuddle it might get chilly”
Her offer was genuine for practical reasons and I think she wanted to get her hands on me so as she made a makeshift bed using some leaves my body was led upon her stomach as her hands covered me and held me in place. 
“That’s nice”
She said and then I felt her hands begin to press upon me like lead weights making my breathing more difficult and restrictive? 
“Um Carina can you ease up on the cuddle your hands are getting heavier”
It wasn’t her hands it was me shrinking! I slowly watched as her hands began to expand and she removed them instantly to release me but perhaps more to watch me. Standing up on her stomach I turned to see her large face peering over those impressive breasts and all of her was getting larger by the second, the face that watched me and the boobs before me. I walked up to the base of those boobs and now they were beginning to rival me in height even as she laid back! When it stopped I was still taller than them but not by much and they looked even more gigantic, correction Carina their owner was gigantic!
“You were shrinking in my hands…oh little Joe you are so tiny!.....”
Her mouth dropped open as I felt my trousers slip into a pool at my feet followed by my shirt just hanging on my much thinner body threatening to slip off my shoulders. 
“…….And I am not just talking about what’s between your legs”

My shrinking having now settled allowed my mind to comprehend the changes around me, the shirt I was wearing with its wide Hawaiian neckline just dropped down my body and there I was naked and stood upon Carina. I didn’t hide my nakedness because it seemed so insignificant to such a giantess and to be honest it was the least of my concerns the world had dramatically increased around me once again.
“Geez Carina you have grown!”
It was a dumb comment from me but under the circumstances true from my perspective, looking behind me her legs stretched on forever to those boots she wore.
“Here let me put you down on the ground so we can see how small you are”

Gently a set of giant feminine fingers extended before me and circled around my body meeting in a fist shape. Before a typical woman’s hand holding me this way would have covered just over a quarter of my body from view it now accounted for over a third of my body! Her fingers were noticeably larger and stronger and handling me was even easier for her than before. I was truly a doll sized man something Carina affirmed later. 

Stood on the ground the worthless plastic shoes I had worn courtesy of the Elvis toy accessories slopped off my feet, they were padded out before so it wasn’t a surprise. I was rather chilly being naked but there was a certain fire inside that sustained me for the moment as I anticipated the rise of this beautiful giantess. And rise she did, like a curvy building pulling itself up straight and staggeringly tall. Her boots had only an inch thick heel under her and yet her legs soared upwards like two towers meeting way above in her short shorts. Those breasts, still enormous looked smaller due to the perspective of distance as they wobbled to a halt some forty odd feet up above me. This girl, this woman was probably sixty foot tall to me without her high heels! 
“I sure put you in the shade don’t I? You look like a real live doll down there like a real GI Joe only smaller I think”
“Do you know how tall you look to me now?”
I began
“I have gotta be pretty enormous I mean you are barely above my ankles and that’s in these flat things I’m wearing”
”You look like a sixty foot giant, a real giant woman”
”And I wasn’t a giant before?”
“Well yeh, but now you are so much bigger”
“Good job I’m not a bad giantess then isn’t it or you could be mushed under my big boots”

She raised a boot and I was startled at how easily she moved, something this big shouldn’t move that quick or so my mind reasoned. The dirt filled sole of those hiking boots was like the undercarriage of a small aircraft teetering above me and I was nervous to realize she could stomp me out so casually if she so desired.
“Ok put it down will ya that’s scary enough!”
I called up showing how unprepared I was to see her from this angle, that foot could kill me so easily.
“Did I really scare you?”
She laughed at the thought of such a simple movement making me uncertain.
“Sorry tiny but you had better get used to seeing women like this, I may be extra tall but any average woman’s going to top fifty feet to you and you are going to see a lot of big shoes around you”
“Woah that is a scary thought, how big do you think I am?”
She knelt down making me back off as those knees folded like the arms on a big mechanical digger, so impressive to me yet such a normal action.
“I’d say about 9 inches, definitely less than a foot”
“You sure Carina, are you sure I’m that small?”
”Darling you are dinky, looking at how I held you in my fist just a second ago you stuck out of it about the same as my boyfriends dick does”
“You what?”
Her hand clasped around me again and this time circling my legs right over the knee joints as I was lifted ten or so feet up from my point of view.
“Yes, you are about as big as my man’s dick, when it’s hard of course”
No way, was this true? I was no bigger than a well endowed man?
“Oh boy that’s the ultimate embarrassment”
My head shook in disbelief but I couldn’t deny that based on her size and this massive hand around me it had to be true.
“Still tiny Joe if you are 9 or 10 inches that’s quite big for a man, I like that size a lot”
I gulped realizing her train of thought, could a man like me really be used like that, what would that feel like? I shrugged those interesting thoughts away and focused on our predicament.
“You know my new size is going to make escaping here even harder”
“Mmm, you’re right but maybe if I lifted you up high you could climb the rest of the wall?”ZIMMER 
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jun 2006 cont...

It was worth a try and suddenly she whisked me skywards at the full stretch of her long limb and my stomach flipped out it was like being rocked propelled into the air some seventy feet high in less than a second!
“yeeahh! Carina, slow down, man that was fast”
“Oops sorry tiny”
I looked over the fist to see Carina’s boots way below it was hell of a drop.
“It’s a bit high up here as well”
“Can you grab onto anything to scale the wall?”

Unfortunately there was nothing for me to hold onto even at this great height and after trying a few sides of the wall we gave up. 

Light was leaving us fast and night crept up and plunged its dark cloak over the forest. Luckily Carina had a key fob with a small neon upon it so we could see but the light was very dim. 
“I think we should go to sleep tiny and try something in the morning”
“I can’t sleep Carina my stomach is groaning, I am really running on empty right now”
“Mine is just as hungry perhaps but perhaps I could eat you”
Carina joked and raised one of my legs to her mouth running a long blanket sized tongue around it. In seconds I was hard and my manhood jabbed at her fingers holding me.
“Oooh someone wants to be eaten doesn’t he, someone likes my big tongue”
Liked? No I loved the feeling of her tongue it was massive and warm against my cold body.
“Maybe you have a snack in there for big Carina eh? A little helping of sweet man yoghurt to sustain me”
She turned me around in her fingers like a fresh cream cake working out where to start and I just waited to feel that tongue upon me again. Slowly her tongue slivered underneath my stomach and down to my thighs ensuring it lingered over my manhood which was at full attention by now. 
“That’s so good!”
I couldn’t help myself but call out and it felt divine making me shudder with delight upon each contact she made.
“You are getting rather exciting with my big mouth so close to you aren’t you tiny?”
A mumble of contentment came from me, I knew that it was wrong to be enjoying this but it wasn’t like I could resist a woman of such magnitude or avoid her charms given my new stature, I was at her mercy.
“Tell me how does this feel if I run my big soft lips along your body?”
Turning me as if I was corn on the cob in her hands she delicately ran her large lips over my legs. These were large lips for a regular guy as said before she had this Angelina Jolie type appearance but to a man of my proportions those lips just simple felt huge period. She settled these velvet cushions over my mid section as she let her tongue come out to play parting them and landed its tip upon my shaft with the most amazing control. This huge muscle just stroked me and I burst my load directly onto the tip of her tongue and watched it pump what must have been a teeny amount of my seed for Carina to taste. Licking me clean she had swallowed what I offered and grinned. 
“You didn’t last long now did you?”
“What do you expect that was like nothing I have ever experienced before it was …..”
In the inadequate light of the small key fob I saw her offer the biggest smile ever waiting for me to finish.
”Just perfect.”
I concluded to her pleasure and she kissed me. Using her top she wiped me dry of her saliva and I then shivered in her hands. 
“Are you cold little one?”
“Yeh, I’d better try do something with those old clothes of mine”
“I’ve a better Idea”
She announced and removed her left boot along with her thick white ankle sock. Putting me down at her side I couldn’t see what she was doing as she hogged the light but her pocket pen knife was out and I heard her giggling as she labored.
“I should be a tailor”
Another laugh came as she presented me with what I can only describe as a sock dress! The tip of her sock had a small hole in it for my head and two arm holes down the sides and the complete sock was cut a touch smaller so it could be worn like a smock of sorts.
“You are kidding?”
My reaction was one of surprise to think that she had fashioned me clothing from her sock.
“I think you will look rather cute and this is nice soft lamb’s wool perfect to keep you warm in the boot shelter”
“The what?”

Carina dressed me as I was reluctant to wear her creation and she commented how it was like playing with a little dolly, before I knew it there I was in her sock. My outfit was smelly and reeked of her feet yet not that unpleasant as it was a girly smell and although sort of musky it didn’t bother me. However when she placed me inside her boot that was a little pungent, my nostrils flared with disapproval. 
“I can’t sleep in here”
My voice came from her ankle boot which was currently led on its side so I could slide my legs in the base and curve my body around the heel.
“It will keep you warm and protected away from big creepy crawly things”
The last few words made sense and I didn’t complain further. 
“I’m gonna block the end with the rest of the sock I cut off so nothing gets in ok?”
I agreed and spent the night in her boot.
Morning came with the boot moving, I felt myself slide and spilled out of the boot into a waiting giant palm.
“Good morning squirt, sleep well?”
“Eventually when I could train my stomach to be quiet although I think I ate a lot of cheese last night”
My pun at her smelly boots was well taken but she chided me with a big finger tapping my backside through the sock that I wore. Replacing her boot she admitted that her foot was cold but she slept reasonably, the bed of leaves was almost comfortable. The time flew by that morning and still we had no rescue party or even a sign of them for many hours. That was until a helicopter flew over head again but failed to see us. We resided ourselves that they were indeed looking for us and soon we would be discovered. My thoughts went to my mother and Dallas and how they might be worried sick at this point in time of course that’s if they actually knew.

We spent the day talking as there was little else to do but both of us were getting very hungry. I had grown accustomed to Carina’s giant size by now and being in the company of someone so fantastically large, well almost. 

Carina was picking me up a lot more than before perhaps because I was like she said doll sized and it seemed the natural thing to do when she was so much bigger. Being held took some getting used to as her hands seemed all consuming as those fingers wrapped around me like the coils of a huge boa constrictor except she was gentle. To pass some time I found myself exploring her long legs, balancing as I walked down the smooth thighs and over her knee to those exquisite ankles of hers and back again. Carina remarked that I was the right size to help her shave them only it could take me hours! Sat straddling as best I could, her bare thigh my eyes strayed time and time again to her bulging t-shirt. Those breasts of hers were like two small hills now and I couldn’t help but wonder what they might look like under that t-shirt. Of course 36 double G cups would have impressed me as a regular guy but a nine inch tall doll of a man was blown away by how that t-shirt pushed forward so sexily. Eventually Carina had to comment my lustful glances and downright staring had to be addressed.
“You know I am never going to be able to hold a decent conversation with you anymore”
She declared with a grin.
“I’m sorry what?”
A small laugh left her lips and she repeated herself adding.
“Because all you see of me now is a pair of enormous boobs, your eyes keep getting lost up here don’t they? They can’t quite bring themselves up to my face anymore?”
Her chest wiggled and swayed with my eyes following all the action until I realized what she was saying.
“Oh, mmm.”
I squirmed a little looking for an answer.
“Well, look at it from my point of view Carina, can you picture just how big those are to me?”
“I don’t think big does them justice do you tiny? I mean if you were conventionally tall my old Double D cups would have warranted the label of big, but a pair like this most men would say I have huge boobs and to you I think massive or giant is more appropriate”
“yeh, they are massive alright”
“Wanna see em tiny? Or need I ask?”
A teasing smile which was very knowing came over her face and she toyed with the edge of her t-shirt by her waist, pulling it down sharply I witnessed cleavage thrusting up from her neckline in mega sized helpings and those boobs just enlarged as the t-shirt went totally skin tight.
“Definitely massive eh?”
I just gawped and stepped forward to the edge of her shorts.
“Actually right now these two are aching I really need to……mmmm…what a wonderful idea”

Her face lit up with her sudden train of thought and her t-shirt was removed instantly leaving one jumbo sized lacy white bra displaying tits that looked impossibly sexy within it. 
“Any good with bra’s?”
“Of cccourse”
I stuttered at the offer presented nervous suddenly at the task in hand. 
“Better come up here then tiny”
She leaned back against the wall enough that I could walk over her stomach to that bra. What a bra it was so industrial looking with its big stitching and tick elastic yet so pretty with the soft patterned cups making it look delicate. I couldn’t help myself and groped at her left boob or rather ran my two arms and hands over the texture of her bra cup. This was huge, enormous, so very, very enormous!
“Wow if you were any smaller I could loose you in one of these bra cups. I think you have got more than you can handle there little man”
“Ill die trying!”
I said enthusiastically leaning into her boob and seeking the nipple out which was just in reach with my little arms. I swear her nipple was larger than my head and shoulders it stood up making her bra stress around it becoming thinner and tighter, this bra was too small for her and that was saying something! There was a wet patch seeping through the white of her bra around the nipple and I was confused for a second. 
“I can’t take too much of that little one, I need you to get this off me now. Walk between them its front fastening”
I broke myself away reluctantly inspired by the thought of seeing naked giant breasts this size. 

The clasp needed a shrunken strong man to overcome and I didn’t make any impact on it which amused Carina but also frustrated her.
“Step back tiny I think this bra is far too big for a little squirt like you to manage”

Tons of lace slid away and pow! Two naked hills of flesh rose up before me offering the grandest of all temptations. I was already hard in my sock dress from looking at them back when I stood on her thigh but now I think my member had reached a new growth record. 
“I can’t wait any longer I need you to suck my tits”
A hand held me over her nipple and then draped my nine inch body over the left breast letting my face get straight to the action. Her nipple was damp at the tip, it was leaking? She was giving milk!
“Have a nice feed my little baby, I know you are hungry”
And I was, but sucking a monstrous nipple, breast feeding from Carina seemed so strange a concept. However my tongue tasted that warm milk and I began to lap against her nipple, squeezing it with my arms and devouring the liquid with a growing eagerness for more as I satiated my hunger.
She moved me every now and again to balance my withdrawals from each breast and I filled my belly with this taste that was so familiar. 
“That’s it you are making them feel much better, get that milk out little man suck them dry!”
She rubbed my back and it was a motherly action of encouragement but no way could I consume what she was offering. Eventually my last mouthful was taken and my over indulgence slightly showed in my swollen belly. I flopped back onto her stomach to relax like you would from a huge meal.
“Full already? You take less than my little daughter, still they feel a lot better I just need to express some more.”
I was placed on the ground whilst Carina squeezed and toyed with her own nipples letting more of her liquid meal drip out. Finally the bra came back on with her t-shirt and she smiled at me sat on the smooth leaves puffing at my full belly.
“You looked so cute sucking at my nipples”
I answered a little embarrassed now as I licked my lips
“I can’t believe that you actually breast fed me”
“You needed it tiny Joe, I bet you’re not hungry anymore now are you? I should have thought of this before at least one of us will be ok for a while”
“By the way Joe, you didn’t notice but I came when you where suckling upon me it was kind of erotic to feel and see your little body feeding from my breasts”

That evening I couldn’t get over how a grown man like me had fed from a woman it somehow made me feel weak but I couldn’t deny the experience was great not only to quell my hunger but to come into contact with giant breasts this extreme size, part of me didn’t wish to be rescued anymore.

Many hours rolled by and we concluded it would be another night under the stars for us both only I was adamant not to be sleeping in Carina’s boot again. 
“Well if you won’t sleep in my boot then where else can I put you? I couldn’t bare for any nasty insects to take a bite out of you and Joe you know it gets chilly over night you are more susceptible to the cold than us giant folk”
It was funny how she referred to herself as giant in my company and what she said made sense.
“I know Carina, it’s getting a little cold already”
Her big powerful hand reached for me and lifted me up before that beautiful face so her eyes could study me more closely.
“You are shivering poor thing what am I going to do with you?”
Tipping me over in her hand she breathed out hot air from her mouth up my sock dress and over my genitals which warmed me and sent blood flowing straight down there.
Her question was posed as she righted me once more confident that I was now warmed up.
“Fancy doing that all night big lady?”
I smiled wanting more.
“No, but I do have a better idea of how to keep you warm and protected tonight. I’ve got the perfect solution that you will just love, would you like to check out your new accommodation?”
At first I didn’t twig what she was hinting at until she lowered me to view her giant cleavage.
“You do look tiny enough to squeeze into my cleavage or rather my cleavage looks big enough to accommodate a little man like you”
Her words were teasing and she knew it, lowering me to the neck of her t-shirt I saw the top of that cleavage valley ready to engulf me. 
“I’ll put you in my bra and then I’ll slacken it a little so you don’t get smothered, well not too much anyway”
She laughed sending tons of bouncing boob into action below my feet.
“Dallas always said she would put me in her bra when I became smaller it was tease but…..”
I admitted waiting to be lowered into this tit heaven and Carina took over the conversation.
“I bet she did, but at the moment she doesn’t have quite the same room for you as I do eh? It’ll be nice and warm between these Joe”

My dangling feet touched the top of a big curve and then the other, keeping my legs together I was used to part her mammoth boobs as they began to swell up around my sides rising over me inch by inch as they gobbled up my little body. Being approximately nine inches tall her Double G cups covered all of me in a warm cavern formed entirely of natural living feminine surroundings and just my face peeked up into the open for air. It was tight and I couldn’t move a muscle yet what did I care? Those enormous breasts were holding me, man I was so small! Peering into her top Carina smiled.
“A little snug in there aren’t we tiny? Let me adjust my bra a little, we wouldn’t want you to drown in my tits overnight or Dallas might not be very happy”
“If I have to die let it be in here, right now!”
I exclaimed content in my current blissful state.
“You are so small, I could probably conceal you between my tits without showing you. I never dreamed a man could be so tiny to actually fit in my cleavage”
I felt the breasts relax beside me and I was now comfortably contained in her boobs without being too smothered as she put it, her fingers had entered the t-shirt below and managed to hook the bra in a looser fashion. She also tucked my feet and lower legs into the lacy material that settled in the centre of her bra so I couldn’t slip.
“Hey Joe imagine what fun it would be if you could travel in my bra without anybody knowing you are in there.”
It was strange how Carina seemed to share the same train of thought as Dallas had suggested on more than one occasion. 
“I could even meet your Dallas and sit there discussing you whilst you squirmed trapped in my cleavage underneath my clothes unable to say anything for fear of being discovered with another woman…”
“Oh no, you wouldn’t”
“Just think she would never guess and I bet you wouldn’t call out for her, it wouldn’t be good to be caught in another woman’s bra by your giant girlfriend”
I implored her to stop her teasing but she loved it and my manhood loved it just as much.
“Enjoy your night cuddled up between my boobs wont you tiny, dream of me?”
“How could I not! In here I feel like part of you I’m so close”
“Well don’t do a lot of wiggling around I’m getting tired”

We slept and I did dream of her, I don’t know if it was attributed to my current position but my dream had me held to her breast feeding like a baby whilst my friends watched me it was so weird and one of those dreams that felt real in the morning. 

Carina called down into her cleavage and stoked my face with the end of her ponytail which softly brushed me until my eyes opened. What a morning sight it was as I found myself body deep in her cleavage and almost totally engulfed under her neckline. It was very warm in here and she actually smelt a little we both did because we hadn’t been able to wash for days. Her smell however was nice a pheromone almost radiating from her hot cleavage around me. 

Finally we were saved that morning as a search team stumbled upon the pit like jail cell we had fallen into. Two burley men offered ropes down and Carina pushed my head out of sight covering me up with her t-shirt as she was able to climb out. I stayed like that for the next thirty minutes as we traveled back in a land rover whilst our rescuers questioned that they had been looking for two people. 
“No it’s just little me”
Carina smiled and wiggled her boobs to tempt me to declare my presence which of course I didn’t.ZIMMER 
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July 2006

The fuss upon my missing in action experience with Carina had died down and luckily for me Dallas never got to find our that I was in the company of someone so attractive whilst we were stuck in the wilderness, she just knew it was a helper at the foundation. 

When Dallas finally saw me I was back at the foundation and she was of course delighted with both my new size and that I was safe. I don’t think I had ever been kissed so much in my life. She wasn’t allowed to stay at the foundation and during her visit Dr Kaysung watched over me eager to do some new tests so we couldn’t get close except for her bombardment of kisses and I knew Dallas was as eager as me to be alone and explore things between us. In my brief encounter with her and my mother who tagged along they both longed to see me released from the place and at home under their care. Dr Kaysung felt this was unwise until further study had commenced. 

In entirety I spent a couple of hours with the ones I loved back in May since I was rescued and the rest of the month on my own in the foundation undergoing test after tedious tests. 

On the positive side my donated sock dress had been upgraded to a white robe fashioned by one of the Doctors assistants from the corner of a real one but this was all I had to wear the past fortnight and having no shoes or nothing normal was beginning to get to me. Eating was also more of an issue with everything so big to me now, regular food was becoming challenging an apple for example was like a huge beach ball and eating a salad when a lettuce leaf was like a blanket in size to you was quite the challenge, of course I was now very cheap to feed!

Like always the new tests conducted were non conclusive as Dr Kaysung said which translated to 
“we don’t have a clue what’s happening but we are fascinated and want to study your case further”. So today was my final day at the foundation as I had requested that I wanted to go home and forget these pointless examinations unless they could offer some hope of restoring me or even understanding the cause of my uniqueness. My mother backed the motion and tomorrow I would be picked up by Dallas who’s sister had recently passed her driving test and would take her to pick me up. Picked up, there was a phrase or term that meant something new to me. I hardly got to walk on my own two feet in the foundation building because it took me too long. Instead I seemed to be shuttled around on top of a trolley which I preferred as it meant the Doctor didn’t have to handle me directly himself. 

So back to the current day and I was in my room which was of course too large for me, some makeshift accommodations had been engineered in one corner which was where I spent my time. I had a pillow to sleep on and used a handkerchief as a blanket. With toilets being too large and not to mention too dangerous for me to handle my needs had been accommodated by a tiny makeshift commode of sorts which I hated with a passion.
There was no privacy now as my door had to be left open just incase I needed to leave, it was always left an inch or two ajar but even pushing it open was something at my size to overcome the resistance of the hinges. 

I was sat on my commode cursing the thing when the tip tap of feet approached my door, I could hear these giants way before they heard me and got quite used to knowing company was on its way up the corridor. Quickly I wiped myself and pulled my gown down in time to see a pair of skinny legs enter the room. This was my usual first view of a woman and they seemed like nice legs yet not as shapely as I personally liked. Her shoes were thick soled sandals with a good four inches on them in a sunny shade of yellow and a matching yellow summer dress covered what looked like a thin chassis but with a couple of interesting bumps at the top end. 

Girls chests always seemed so far away to me now, way beyond my reach and such a pain to see beyond when a girl stood close, that was of course if she had anything significant to block her face. This girl had approached with several long strides and had such a chest. Not big but modestly impressive probably a handful for a normal guy to fondle but then most breasts looked impressive to me now.
I could make out some dark hair but not her face until she peered over her chest and a massive smile burst forward.

“Hi Joe! It’s me Chrissie!”
Chrissie! My mind shouted and yes I could see it now, that little skinny runt of a girl had shed the leg braces and filled out a little. But she wasn’t any runt by my standards now, she was a giantess like the rest of them.
“Hey Chrissie, nice to see you”
I smiled.
“Likewise, what happened to you Joe its like talking with one of my sisters dollies, I didn’t believe it when they told me you were still shrinking but just look at you all tiny down there”
“Well, you wanted to feel tall Chrissie and believe me you are a giantess to me”

She giggled sweetly and thought about what I just said.
“I never thought someone would say that about me, but I am simply huge compared to you aren’t I?”
“A giantess for sure, I would have to say”
“I’ve never had to crouch down to speak to anyone before but I’m getting a crick in my neck isn’t this wonderful”
As she sat down her yellow dress bellowed out and I stepped away to avoid its circular span which also made her quite amused.
“No leg braces now eh?”
I said to begin conversation
“Not for the last month, I have begun growing they finally think that the new drugs I’ve been on have kick started my puberty and nature should be able to carry on from here. Did I tell you that I am four foot eight now?”
“No, but that’s great”
“They think that I might even break 5ft given a year or more, and I can wear high heels now. With these things on I am 5ft, I can see over our garden wall at home and there are lots of new clothes I can wear that just wouldn’t fit me before. Oh and I’ve got boobs!”
I gulped a little at how easily she said that and watched her thrust what must have been a pair of 32-b cups forward.
“Yeh, I noticed”

Suddenly Chrissie picked me up quite unexpectedly and rushed me up towards her chest so that I could appreciate those b cups and the couple of inches of cleavage their perky forms generated with that summer dress.
I complained
“Sorry, I should have asked but don’t these look great up close?”

It was obvious she was innocently enjoying her new body and wishing to show it off to me and I found it rather disconcerting that a young girl like this could put me in such an embarrassing situation so easily.

“Yeh, great”
I smiled less enthusiastically.
“How about you put me down now ok?”
Her face showed she wasn’t satisfied with my response.
“Just great? I want to be told that they are big, huge even, I want to feel like for once in my life a boy is blown away by my size and there isn’t anyone smaller than you Joe, please just tell the truth and compliment me on how big I am”
I wanted to struggle in her hand but she held me firm without trying and even closer to the neck of her yellow dress, young Chrissie had grown up and there seemed a dangerous mix of hormones running through that body.
“You are big, I’m impressed, is that ok? Can you put me down now?”

Of course my current tone wasn’t hitting her fantasy and she gave me another disappointed gaze before lowering me until her left boob was opposite my head.
“Go on touch it, check em out they are really firm, boys like them firm”
I didn’t reach out but Chrissie hugged me to her boob and my upper chest and face fell into its giving form and I could feel her nipple poking me in the gut.
“See how big they are Joe, why these are massive to you. Plain massive, I’m not little Chrissie anymore am I? To you I’m Pamela Anderson, no I’m way bigger than that…”
I was allowed to break contact and fell into her palm resting along her wrist and arm. 
“Still not going to say it are you? What does a girl have to do to get a compliment? I could try and stuff you down my cleavage like Carina did only they aren’t that big yet”
How did she know about Carina? I flushed red and tried to reason with her to put me down yet Chrissie was on a power trip, she had never dominated a guy ever and I was perfect to boost her growing ego. Better to roll along with it I thought and get this over and done with.
“Chrissie you have a huge rack! You are a giant girl with giant boobs!”
I sounded sincere even to myself and she was absolutely made up, she kissed me and then let me loose on the floor.
“Oh thank you Joe, I knew you couldn’t hold back the truth. I am pretty built up here aren’t I? And my legs are pretty long now for my size wouldn’t you say?”
“Yeh, first things I noticed when you stepped in here”
“Sorry to have forced it out of you but a girl like me only gets a chance like this once in a life time, I mean if you knew how many years I’ve longed to feel big and hear it from a boy you would understand me. But I guess I’m doing what most short people hate, I was bullying you to do what I wanted just because you are so much smaller than me. I’m sorry Joe.”

Her complete demeanor had altered and here was a sweet girl with a sorry face hovering over me looking for forgiveness. In some way I could relate to her and I smiled and touched her bare ankle which was the only thing in reach and stoked it for a second as I spoke.
“No harm done, you are becoming a really big girl Chrissie and a very pretty one.”
“Thanks tiny”
She giggled at her ability to call me that.
“I am definitely tiny to you, do you feel better now?”
“Yeh, I’m sorry that I pushed you on my boobs I just couldn’t help myself, forgive me will you Joe.”
“Of course, let’s say no more of it”
“Joe I’m only here for a few hours for a check up and awaiting my results, that’s why I dropped by on you. Would you like some fresh air Joe?”
I looked up at her and she smiled that pretty face which I didn’t wish to disappoint.
“Yeh, I guess we could go for a walk around the grounds I haven’t been out for a while”
“Cool! And do you think that I could carry you?”
“Well, um”
“Oh go on Joe, when ever is a short girl like me going get to carry a guy around and feel like a real giantess for the day?”
“If you are careful”
I conceded and her eager hands picked me up holding me once more as she stood up.
“Like to travel on my shoulder?”
“What all the way up there?”
She almost went giddy as I said that and I think with that comment alone I had made her day.

Jody and Dallas arrived at my room the next morning. I had asked Doctor Kaysung to get me something decent to wear other than the tiny gowns they had provided so I didn’t feel such a jerk in front of my girl and her sister. The best he could offer was an outfit from his son’s army doll and there I was wearing a pair of combat trousers and a green vest like top looking like a reject from a Rambo film complete with plastic boots that didn’t fit my feet at all well. 

The sound of high heels was almost deafening as the two towering blondes made their way to my room and their shoes sounded off on the cold marbled floors. I jumped down from my pillow and readied myself to see Dallas, I knew she was looking forward to seeing me as I was her and it would be wonderful to be held by her again.

I pushed my commode as fast as I could out of the way and hid it behind the back of the arm chair in my room, I didn’t want her to see the toy sized toilet. Dallas and Jody entered the room at this time and I heard them step very close. 
“Joe? Baby? Where are you?”
“Is he here sis? Just how small is he now?”
I stepped out from behind the chair and what bad timing on my part as a huge stiletto high heel crashed down before me and almost flattened me! I just felt the wind from a shoe the size of a small car as it whistled down from the heavens and thudded to a halt. The most embarrassing thing was that I yelped with fright and stumbled back falling onto my backside with a thump.
“What was that…?”
Jody said confused, and looked down by her stiletto heels to see me recovering to my feet.
“Oh Dallas you didn’t tell me you were dating an action figure!”
“Hey little guy miss me?”
Dallas stepped forward and I faced these two blonde beautiful giant sisters in between their shoes. 

Apart from those stilettos Jody was wearing a knee length skirt and halter top she looked amazing. Dallas of course was even hotter, she had a pair of court shoes on with tall heels and a skin tight pair of jeans that had rips showing previews of the tanned flesh upon her sexy thighs. Higher still my eyes climbed and they blessed these summers months, her red top was cropped showing the underside of her black bra and that striking figure she carried off so well.

From my reduced perspective these beauties looked enormous and stood below the two of them it hit home to me how insignificant I had become in their presence, given my current stature and their high heeled footwear I could have greeted them both with a kiss on their ankles but nothing higher.

I was picked up by Dallas and her lips planted a full on kiss that blew me away. I could feel her lip gloss on my skin upon my forehead, nose and chin and had to wipe it away with the sleeve of my clothes. They stopped to smile down at me for a while as I was held in Dallas’s fist hovering around their waist level, this vantage point gave me a lovely view of my girlfriends bare midriff which alone was taller than me. Her navel was prominently displayed and it looked to be the size of a manhole cover, I could have stared happily at her body for hours but Jody announced she wanted to get going as her boyfriend Matt was due to meet her.

Jody laughed at the small box of my possessions there was hardly anything to carry just some small items like the tiny razor Dr Kaysung had made up for me and my little mirror and wash kit. Clothes wise all I possessed was on my body, something I needed to resolve as soon as possible given that my height had once again remained stable for a while. Dallas insisted she wanted to carry me to the car as she had missed me and to be honest I was more than happy, even a short journey for these giant girls seemed a major hike for me. 

However being held in a fist even a pretty and delicate ladies hand high above the ground took some getting used to and with the natural sway of Dallas’s hips I found it wasn’t the best way to be transported as it was surprising the movement translated through her arms which made me a little nauseous. I would have to hint to Dallas upon a better way to carry me and hoped she suggested upon tucking me in her bosom like Carina had done. It was something she had often fantasized about so I knew that time would come and to be honest that was something that I craved after my first experience submerged between Carina’s giant assets. 

Entering her sister’s car I was placed down on the console by the gear stick which stood up as tall as I was. Both the girls slid their giant legs into the car and settled themselves in position buckling their seat belts. I had lost my footwear during our journey so I was bare foot now but I didn’t mind. It would be more comfortable this way than trying to keep those plastic military boots on.
“He’s not staying there”
Jody looked across at Dallas and spoke in a big sisterly tone and as if I wasn’t there.
“No of course not but where can we put him, he’s too small for a seat even if we had a baby booster he would be too small to be strapped in”
I couldn’t believe they both were discussing me without looking at me or involving me but maybe it came natural when someone was so small to decide for them? I thought about this and then decided to speak up.
“Um ladies, I am here you know you can talk to me”
Jody giggled.
“You do have a cute little voice Joe, I’m sorry but it’s not practical for you to stay there. I guess we didn’t figure where you would go, I hadn’t appreciated how small you’ve become. Sis you could pop him in your hand bag”
Her suggestion was offered with a cheeky grin towards me and I gave a mock frown.
“Joking aside Dallas, we do need to find a safe spot for Joe”
“Mmm, you know I have just the perfect place for my little man”

I looked up at Dallas expectantly eyeing her breasts when I heard a zipper sliding down taking my eyes to her lap and seeing she had released the top button of her tight jeans and had inched the zip down just a little but enough to see the hint of her pink lace knickers peeking up through the v shape of her relaxed zipper. 
“You are so naughty girl!”
Jody laughed and then added
“But that’s probably where I would stick Matt if he was that small”
“He’s not going down there…..”
Dallas said picking me up and holding me close to her face for a second as she sexily whispered
And then she lowered me to her waist sliding my legs into the top of her underwear. I was slipped down under her clothing until I was knee deep in pubic hair and that soft lace had covered me up to my stomach. The rest of me poked out of her jeans right at the top of her zip so my back and head rested near her waist line. 
“Joe you are actually in your girlfriend’s knickers!”
My mind bellowed inside my head waking up my smaller brain that resided between my legs.
“and is that the top of her wet slit you can feel by your heels?”
Again my mind buzzed messages out to the right places and I was feeling very turned on by my current position.
“There you go he can ride in my jeans until we get there, that’ll keep you safe wont it baby?”
“It’ll keep him thinking”
Jody quipped and started the car driving us away.

I actually didn’t speak for a while and just enjoyed being where I was, Dallas unbeknown to her sister who was focused on our route, casually put two giant finger tips down resting on top of each of my shoulders and pushed me a little deeper than when we started. It was enough that the backs of my ankles and calves made definite contact with the top of her pussy and could feel a building wetness lapping at them. I gently moved them as much as I could given the tightness of being tucked in the front of her jeans and Dallas was beginning to really enjoy our journey. 
“You two are quiet, bet you can’t wait to get to your new home, eh Joe?”ZIMMER 
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July 2006 cont..

Dallas was beginning to squirm a little in her seat as a result of our contact and I knew we had to bring it to an end before we got carried away, the distraction of Jody’s conversation presented such an opportunity.
“New home? What new home?”
I asked looking at Jody who’s eyes were fixed to the road.
“You haven’t told him Dallas?”
“It’s a surprise”
Dallas said in a distinctly unusual voice before she reverted to her normal speech patterns trying to ignore the effects of our contact.
“Joe, I’ve left home. Jody has a new Job in advertising which includes the subsidized rental of a very nice two bedroom house as a perk, so I moved in with her and you little guy are coming to stay with us big girls.”
“I am?”
This was all very sudden and I had to take it all in.
“But my mother….”
”Your mum spoke with me last week, I convinced her it was better that you moved out to live with me and she agreed isn’t that wonderful?”
“I, well yes!”

To live with two gorgeous giant women, what a proposition and of course it sounded perfect to have Dallas to myself.
“I’m going to enjoy looking after you my little man”
“Oh please”
Jody remarked at Dallas’s loving comment.

I found out that due to my recent size reduction my mother and Dallas had been talking a lot recently, Dallas had pitched to her that she had all the things necessary to cater for a small man like her Barbie doll house that she had freshly dusted off from the attic and all the accessories, she could make the perfect environment for me and be there more of the time as she didn’t have a day job unlike my mother. The agreement was that I could stay for the time being to see how it went and that suited me just fine, although I wondered how serious Dallas was about the Barbie equipment.

The house that Jody and Dallas shared was a modern semi detached and as my giant of a girlfriend slipped me out of her jeans and carried me indoors I couldn’t help but gleefully grin inside at how lucky I currently was to be allowed to stay here with her. I spent an hour or so just on the kitchen table as we all ate and chatted, Jody was rushing to get ready for a party with Matt and that meant time to be alone with Dallas. When her sister left there was an instant change in her behavior like someone had flicked the good girl switch across to the seductive temptress mode.

“So it’s just big ole me and little ole you”
She purred and stood up leaning across the table to put her face close to mine. As usual her blonde mane of hair enveloped me in a golden wave as her lips closed in for a killer kiss that lifted me off my feet for a second or two with the suction. Standing back up to her imposing full stature Dallas removed her high heels placing these car sized court shoes down beside me with a great big grin. 
”You make me feel like I’m fifty foot tall look at you Joe isn’t the difference between us just a fantasy situation?”
I nodded watching her look me over with those beautiful but hungry blue eyes.
“You don’t mind if I ditch the high heels tonight do you?”
Looking to my side I noted her red court shoes with their higher than average heels reaching practically to my upper chest, they looked so false at this scale yet the faint smell of her feet emanating from them combined with the red leather told me this was reality and I was little taller than my girlfriends choice in footwear.
“I don’t think it makes much difference anymore do you?”
There was a large smile at my words and Dallas seemed to straighten up accentuating her towering building sized form over me as she commented.
“Well, I probably only look five foot shorter without them from your view point and what’s five feet when you girlfriends got thirty foot long legs eh?”

Dallas looked down at me and in a very silky feminine fashion wiggled out of her jeans displaying those thirty foot legs in their entirety. They were perfect, two smooth towering structures of female flesh, chiseled by nature to address the dreams of every red blooded male, so firm and so toned. There was no visible hair and just her small yet giant pink lacy panties breaking up those sun kissed limbs below her flat and equally amazing stomach. 
“Care to check out a giant girl’s bedroom little man?”
“Oh yeah!”
I almost jumped with enthusiasm waiting for her hand to descend and pluck me from the table to whisk me away when she surprised me by walking up to the table so that the top of those pink panties just rose over the wooden surface.
“Well hop in then tiny”
Her fingers eased the elastic waist band out from her body offering me the invitation to climb straight into her underwear. 
“Don’t be shy, I like carrying you this way it’s pretty sexy to feel you trapped down there whilst I’m moving about”
“You are really loving being this big aren’t you Dallas?”
I commented moving towards the edge of the table and settling myself down into her underwear until it consumed me right up to my shoulders.
“I have always been this big Joe, your just starting to appreciate what having a giant of a girlfriend is going to be like”

That was an understatement as I was once more deep in lace and feeling just how enormous she was, I couldn’t wait to see these panties removed and check out her pussy at this scale it would be magnificent and yet scary at the same time. Part of me wanted to twist around and slide down further but another part of me felt unsure, she was a giantess and I didn’t want to do anything until she gave me her permission. Hell, I was a little frightened of her, perhaps frightened was too strong more appreciative of her superior strength and domineering new stature.

I watched the interior of the house flash by as she strode those lovely legs towards her bedroom and as we negotiated the staircase I took time to look up and drooled over the eye popping action of her busty form animated above me. 

Reaching the bedroom Dallas just stood there and asked me to look up. Her top was removed with the deliberate slowness of a stripper and to a tiny boyfriend it was spectacular to see her bra above outlining every inch or make that every foot to me of those two mammoth boobs. Her eyes dipped through her cleavage to find my face way below.
“Enjoying the show?”
She said in a practiced husky fashion as her fingers began to lower her underwear and I slipped down until I rested in the hammock like formation of the material that lined the base between her legs. Instead of removing me she just stood there and settled her panties half way down those towering thighs. The view was awesome her pussy hovered above me in plain view and it was huge. Surprising even myself with its size, I recalled only a few months back when I placed my fingers inside her and managed to sink but two of them into her silky folds and now it looked entirely possible that half of my body might be accommodated within her!

“Woah that’s big! I mean you are big, I mean that’s bigger than I…..”
Dallas laughed stopping my senseless ramblings.
“That’s a lot of pussy for a little guy eh?”
“Um that’s one way of putting it”
I agreed my eyes wandering along the outer lips of her womanhood noting how they slightly glistened with the faintest trail of moisture.
“We don’t have to do anything if you don’t want to Joe…?”
Her words betrayed her desire and I could sense her eagerness just in the way they carried. 
“No, I want to Dallas just I am a little nervous that’s all, everything is so different”
“We’ll lets take things one step at a time little man, there’s no need to be nervous after all it’s only me, I’m just a lot bigger than you now that’s all”
“I’ll say”
“Just hold on Joe, and let me take control”

A pair of hands reached down to grasp the lacy platform that suspended me and slowly with almost practiced precision Dallas removed her panties with me still laying inside them. She made sure the material wrapped around me as I was taken up to her face. 
“You sure look cute in my underwear, I could make you a little suit out of that pair if you wanted?”
“I’m not sure that pink is my colour”
“Well you had better start liking it soon tiny”

What did she mean by that I wondered to myself but soon forgot as Dallas lay back on the bed and planted me between her powerful thighs. She was slightly propped up on her hands so that she could see my reaction but all I could do was stare at her giant sex as it confronted me and innocently seemed to intimidate me with its new found size.
“I bet you feel pretty small down there don’t you?”
“I don’t think I was ready for just how enormous you are”
I admitted moving closer to her and breathing in her scent which was very thick and prominent in the air around me. Her scent was more intoxicating the closer I stepped to her and just looking at her female genitalia was fascinating I had never really studied one before so close. 

Given my current height it was waist high to me as I approached and her lips seemed to almost quiver with the anticipation of our connection.
“Don’t be scared Joe, I know my pussy looks giant sized to you now but its just the same as it ever was, it still loves to be touched by you and to feel you against it….only it needs more of you now than ever before”

I could hear Dallas softly speaking above enticing me to come closer and I found myself stripping out of my clothes and loosing my inhibitions. I leaned into her sex and felt the warm outer folds of her skin kissing my torso as I placed my whole face into her wetness. There was a giant shudder of initial enjoyment from above which made me a little nervous to see this building sized body jolt a little before it settled down and I stepped back as if testing she was indeed happy for me to continue.
“It’s ok Joe, that was wonderful please more …please Joe”

Her blue eyes showed her growing hunger for me and I once more played with her. My arms and face now pressed deep into her inner folds searching for that trigger to send her over the edge. Her juices covered my upper body and entire face in a thick film and I had to pull back and take breaths as I continued to pleasure her. Far from being inadequate due to my size I felt more in control as I could feel her inner structure with my arms and hands. With my eyes directly down there it was easy to target where I needed to focus upon. My actions began to take dramatic effect and Dallas started to buck a little letting large moans roll off her tongue to endorse that I had found the spot.
Suddenly she shifted drawing a large breath at my continued efforts and I was pushed back onto my backside.
“Oh, baby don’t stop that was soooo incredible you are so small….those little arms…..your face….inside me it’s…..ooooh Joe more please …more!”

I found my feet again a little dismayed at how easily her giant body had pushed me back but then she was the size of a building. I noticed my own hardness wanting to get into this party as I went back to stimulate her more and began to tempt myself with the thought of taking this further. What would it feel like to allow myself to enter her to be surrounded by her wetness, consumed by her pussy, was this even dangerous? 
“Dallas, do you think you are big enough to take me inside you?”
I had to ask seeking her consent.
“Joe, I’m big enough baby and wet enough, would you really do that for me?”
“I…I….think I want to”
My words conveyed my apprehension it wasn’t every day that a guy could contemplate the reality of slipping most of his entire body inside his girlfriends pussy but the more I imagined it the more this appealed to my curiosity and my growing desire.
“Then come on in baby”

A pair of giant hands lowered before me and one set of fingers slithered through her pubic bush until they parted those giant lips revealing her moist inner flesh opening and making a passage for me! 
I slowly moved in closer and felt her other giant hand upon me, it was firm yet delicate as it took hold of my naked body controlling me like a puppet into the position that she wanted. My feet left the bed cover and now Dallas was now calling all the shots.
“This is turning me on so much Joe, you are so small…so tiny to me”
Dallas gently enthused as I felt my feet guided into the warmth of her insides. It was like being wrapped in a warm wet towel yet this was alive and you could sense the blood pulsing through it.
I was up to my knees now and her flesh was sliding over my body as if her pussy was eating me bit by bit. 
“man….that feels good!”
I called out as my thighs now felt those outer lips slithering their moist trails over them until they reached my manhood and now that was inside her and soon my stomach.
“Dallas you’re pussy is gigantic!”
My cry came as she managed to succeed in slipping three quarters of my body inside, my arms pinned at my sides now almost covered right up to my chest level! Her fingers no longer needed to support my body as her other hand withdrew from parting her lips and allowed her entire pussy to clamp down on me with a secure kiss of those sexy outer lips, surrounding me and molding to my shape as if to seal me in.
“Oh!....Joe…look at you… are in my pussy….inside me!....oh….this is so erotic….I feel so huge so huge!....”
Dallas was getting off on the situation like never before and her words faded into appreciative moans of joy as I wriggled and moved my body in this restricting space. I can’t describe how it felt to be almost up to my shoulders within my girlfriend but it was so far the sexiest experience of my life to feel so vulnerable to her, relinquishing total power to my girlfriend and allowing her to insert me inside her most intimate of areas possible. The connection wasn’t like the feeling a guy gets when he pushes his member into a woman it was ten times more intense, magnified by all the other parts of my skin that her insides now touched at the same time. 

I managed only a few minutes of movement inside her before I myself had lost it and felt myself releasing into that hot inner flesh that was gently cooking my skin. Dallas had her hands above her head and tilted it back as she cried out in sheer rapture of the moment.

As we both began to come down from our sexual highs Dallas left me inside her for several minutes just prolonging the sensations that little bit longer.
“I’m lost for words Joe, I have never had an orgasm like that before. I want to keep you down there for ever and ever, you felt so gorgeous inside me”
“Dallas, that was some ride!”

When Dallas reluctantly aided me to slide out of her she dressed once more and cleaned us both up as we discussed this new and interesting sex.
“Mister you are such a great size now, it’s like having my own little doll man”
“You mean your own living sex toy?”
Dallas giggled as she held me drying my body with a small hand towel.
“I bet that I took nearly eight inches of you back then”
“That’s over five foot to me babe you were so enormous down there it took my breath away when I found myself almost covered”
“Mmmm, it would be nice to be even bigger though wouldn’t it?”
“What do you mean even bigger?”
“Well if I was bigger, what I mean is….. if you were to shrink some more maybe I could actually fit all of you inside me”
I gasped at her sentence and saw that innocent look she was projecting from those lovely blue eyes and realized she meant it.
“I’m not sure that I’m ready for that Dallas, I mean sticking out of there was nice to have you all around me but to actually be inside, my head entirely in there….I wouldn’t be able to breathe”
“Only for a few seconds at a time baby, just imagine it. We would be so close, you would be inside me all of you. You would feel my body touching you so close everywhere and all at the same time, just picture what it may be like to go deeper into me that scared feeling of being trapped yet knowing your big girlfriend was in total control and could pull you back out any second….to know that my pussy was your entire world for those few exciting seconds whilst you are inside me”
She was getting a little carried away but seemed to be attuned to the fact that I did get off a little upon being helpless to her.
“You sure know how to tease a guy, I don’t know if that sounds awesome of just plain scary but you actually would like me to be that small?”
Her hand raised me to her face and now I could see those eyes close up with my reflection upon them, a doll sized man in her huge feminine grasp.
“Each time you shrink I think that I’m enjoying it more, I am a giant girlfriend a giant woman and being a giantess is so much more of a turn on than simply being very tall, the way you look at me when I tower over you. Your expression when you look at my body, eyeing up my breasts because they are just so enormous that they overwhelm you, it makes me feel sexy… powerful”
She kissed me and I would like to say that I returned the kiss however it was a little one sided when plastered into those pillow thick lips of hers.
“I know at least part of you would like to be smaller to me Joe, I know secretly you want to be tiny enough that I can hold you in the palm of my hand.”
There was a sexy smoldering look from her as she smiled and then continued to tease me with her words.
“Yes, to be that tiny to your beautiful girlfriend. Think how easy it would be for me to carry you places, popping you into the pocket of my sexy short skirts or even better into the pocket of one of my tight blouses.”
“Pocket sized, I guess that would be possible…”
I began to think of the possibility of being so small, a girlfriend so gigantic she could simply drop me into her pockets and then the thought of being dropped inside a breast pocket on one of those tight blouses she would often wear. How colossal would her bust be behind me only separated by a thin layer of cotton or soft silk as she would walk with me riding on her giant boob.
“That would be so cute if you were that small to me Joe, I could tease you so much more. I know you are thinking about it. If you were just a few inches tall like this….”
As she suspended me resting across one arm her other hand pinched thin air to indicate what had to be two or three inches between her nails.
“….Then imagine how enormous my boobs would be Joe. If you were this small I could tuck you into my bras and I know you would love that”
As if to embellish her tease my world was tipped up so that I could see her huge heaving cleavage exposed by her small top and amazing myself that I was hard again.
“Dallas at three inches tall those boobs of yours would be …well…”
I couldn’t finish what I had started because they were already huge, possibly gigantic by description and I was nine inches tall.
“Impossibly big and sexy?”
She offered wobbling her chest a little for effect.
“But given the choice of remaining this size or shrinking small enough to travel in my bra’s what would it be Joe?”
”That’s unfair”
I said lustfully fixed on the amount of breast flesh rising from her top so provocatively.
“You know it’s your fantasy, our fantasy. You want to be like the Atom and you want me to be Wonder woman you always have done”

As she rolled her shoulders back allowing her breasts to venture forward tightening the already incredible fit of her top to stress it more, making those giant breasts appear to grow inside it, I was defeated and resorted to the truth.
“I so want to be in your bra’s Dallas…I really want you to be that big and sexy”

Her look was one of achievement and she completed her teasing by playing with me between her finger tips whilst she ensured I had a close up of her giant chest just inches away. Of course I came lining her finger nail with a blob of my fluids it looked pretty pathetic but then I had just emptied my load only minutes earlier. Dallas took that finger to her mouth with a broad smile and simply sucked it clean in one elongated suck that I could only picture my manhood being on the receiving end of.

Dallas then took me downstairs still fairly excited holding me in a fist that wrapped around my middle. I was still naked asking for my clothes which promoted her excitement to take me to the spare room that linked to the lounge. I hadn’t been in this room yet and this was her surprise for me.
“Close your eyes tiny”
We paused outside the door and I didn’t comply as I was curious about what lay beyond the door.
“I said close your eyes little one”
Seeing that I wasn’t going to play ball Dallas demonstrated her new found power over me by positioning my head under her cropped top and making sure my face was pushed up towards her breasts and my vision was instantly blocked beneath her clothes.
I called out but her hand held my face behind the curtain of her top very easily as we stepped into the room. Next I felt her crouching down and I was swiftly placed onto the floor or was it? 
“Welcome home”
Her laughter rang out as she deposited me into a house? A dolls house! More precisely it was a plastic house made for Barbie and with the roof section removed I was standing in a bedroom whilst Dallas leaned over.ZIMMER 
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July 2006 cont..

For the first time in ages I suddenly felt normal sized, there was a bed and walls around me, a chair and a strange pink wardrobe with the letter B on both doors. Apart from the obvious plastic appearance of these items it all fitted my scale more or less. 
“Wow, I actually don’t feel small anymore”
I said delighted to have familiar sized objects around me for the moment as I walked around touching things like the chair and testing it was real.
“You look so adorable in there, I used to play with this when I was little and now it’s perfect for you.”
Her voice with its considerable depth entered my room and broke the illusion as my eyes traveled to ceiling to see her giant face filling the sky above the four walls of the room. Some of her long blonde hair now tumbled down and splashed into the room before she swept it away and once more secured it behind her head. 
“You might not feel small in there but the new house maid might make you feel very short”
Dallas was obviously moving something and I heard a knock on the plastic door to my right. Playing along I opened the door and there was an amazon blonde babe staring way over my head level with some large glazed looking blue eyes. It was Barbie and Dallas chuckled to herself as her fingers moved Barbie into the room through the door and stood her upright before me.
“Hello shorty, my names Barbie I’ll be your new maid”
The voice over from Dallas was delivered in her best seductive tone, I was just stood there naked and facing this doll that was dressed in the shortest of maid style uniforms exposing her curvaceous plastic frame. Her actual body profile very much reminded me of Dallas when she wasn’t a giantess to me but Dallas perhaps had larger breasts, what was I doing? Here I was checking out the bulges in Barbie’s top!
“My services can be very professional, I am after all very flexible”
Dallas continued her impression that the doll was speaking to me and hooked one of her long legs so that it rested on my shoulder at a very tear inducing angle for the doll, if she was real that was.
I stepped back and Dallas stood her once more back into a conventional pose.
“Listen Barbie I’m spoken for”
It felt daft talking to the doll but I wanted to play along.
“But sir does your girlfriend have such a hot body like me, look at my long legs and how I tower over you. Why sir I’m so tall you could suck my big nipples so easily from down there”
Man she was right, humor aside I was facing Barbie’s large breasts head on and this toy doll could actually intimidate me.
“You are beautiful Barbie I can’t deny that but you are way too short for my tastes, my girlfriend has breasts bigger than you are. And I only date giantesses!”
This comment had Dallas in fits of laughter and she dropped the tall blonde by mistake and I took the weight of this doll. She wasn’t heavy but I needed two hands to shift her and prop her up against the wall. 

I ended up exploring the house, it had many rooms all with cute plastic windows that didn’t open but she had collected a lot of furniture including a nice material sofa I could relax on. It was a shame the toilet and shower didn’t work as being held teetering on the edge of a giant unit was becoming very dangerous. To her credit Dallas had already thought of this one and had pushed a hole out of the upstairs en-suite toilet in the main room of the doll house and a small tube took the waste down into what looked like a chemical pit in the room below. I even had the end of a cue tip to scrub it like a lavatory brush and a teeny tiny (although large to me) plastic container to flush things through. It was unhygienic to a degree but ten times better than any alternative to date. Dallas had obviously spent time to put some other finishing touches specific for me like leaving her I pod in the living room which although it looked out of place scale wise in the surroundings it made a very cool hi-fi. Like an estate agent she commented from the outside as she saw me moving between rooms and every now and then I would catch a glimpse of her huge blue eyes filling one or more of the windows.

When I came back up the plastic staircase there was Dallas giggling overhead and reaching into a far room I had yet to explore.
“Come and see your bedroom tiny”
I walked across the hallway and found the master bedroom. It was nice, a large room with a generous four poster bed made out of plastic no doubt but with some ordinary looking blankets and pillows, unfortunately in a nice shade of bright pink. They matched the double wardrobes which also had a pink exterior like the smaller one in the original room I had entered. One set of the wardrobe doors had a B for Barbie the other a K for Ken. Apart from a dressing table which actually had a real light on it there was nothing else except two doors to a balcony. I stepped out of the balcony and Dallas leaned close to see my reaction.
“Isn’t this cool? My old dolls house is perfect for you, this is what convinced your mother that you could stay with me.”
“It’s great, Dallas thanks, I can see you have really put some effort into this”
“Jody and I discussed where you could sleep and although I wanted you in my bedroom and close to me she thought that might be dangerous if either of us didn’t see you walking on the floor. We didn’t want to risk stepping on you or kicking you for that matter. Staying in this room we know to be careful when we enter so you don’t get under foot and there is no risk of you falling down the real stair case and such…..”
“It’s really nice Dallas, thank you”
I stopped her harking on to convince me and I was genuinely pleased if not a little disappointed to be away from her during the night. 
“With you being away at the centre I’ve had plenty of time on my hands to prepare for you, check out your bed over there, I made a mattress from a car sponge and cut it to size and just look at the blankets.”
Moving over to the bed I tested the soft giving surface and thought it actually might be pretty comfortable, the blankets were soft but hit me in the eye with their vibrant pink color. It suited the room and the Barbie theme but was hardly a pad for a guy to be proud of.
“Yeh, the bed feels nice but the blankets….you could have bought some black or blue material”
“I’ll tell you a secret in a minute, why don’t you see what’s in the wardrobe”

Opening one of the doors in-fact the Ken side, there was a solitary outfit hanging inside on the rail. It was white and shiny and looked like a suit that John Travolta might have worn at first glance. Taking it out I could quickly see it was a pair of silk pajamas and I smiled up at Dallas as I put them on feeling the nice smooth material upon my skin, the material even smelt great just like Dallas herself, they were a little on the large side flopping over the tops of my feet and the sleeves needed to be pulled back a little yet overall a good fit. Upon the front the top had two buttons which were overly large and looked out of place because they were the size of small plates but otherwise it felt great and looked expensive.

“Wow it fits you, I had to guess because I knew you were smaller than Barbie but she was the only one I could use to test upon. Do you like them?”
“Yes I do, you made these yourself? Not bad at all”
“Do you like the material?”
“Yeh, It’s nice, very nice”
I ran my hands over the soft exterior which shimmered in the light.
“The buttons are a little big though if I was to make any negatives…”
“They were pretty fiddly to fit. They were the smallest ones I could find I took them off an old school blouse of mine”
Realizing the buttons came from one of her blouses it now took on a different feeling but that wasn’t all.
“Glad you like the material, I know you always did like the feel of it”
I was curious to what she meant by always did.
“What do you mean?”
“Well your hands have run across that material hundreds of times in the past don’t you recognize it?”
I looked down closer, it did seem familiar some how but I couldn’t place it, the smell was her perfume so it had to be from her clothes.
“Nope, I give up?”
A coy smile crossed her face and she moved a little closer bringing her face almost into the room and I could feel the freshness of the air from her mouth as she spoke.
“Do you remember those French knickers and the matching bra I bought in Paris last year?”
“The ones you looked so hot in!”
I added still not quite connecting to where she was going with this.
“That’s the ones, you always loved that bra and now it’s your turn to wear it”

Flabbergasted was the only word I could use to describe my reaction. I was standing in a set of clothes made from one of my girlfriends bra’s! It suddenly made me feel smaller than ever as I did a double take of the top and trousers especially as there was excess material judging by the loose fit.
“I’m wearing your bra?”
Dallas laughed and reached in with a large finger to stroke the outer surface of the garment.
“Sexy huh?”
“I don’t know what to say”
Still a little taken aback I stood there when her finger traveled over my crotch quite seductively.
“And right down here do you see the shape and the way the material sticks out?”
As the huge pad of her finger tip moved off I noted the material bulged by my manhood unnaturally it was distorted somehow and holding a shape so that it wouldn’t lay flat. 
“Very roomy”
I smiled up thinking she had stretched it here to accommodate any rises I may have but that wasn’t what she was pointing out.
“Look at the shape baby, look at it more closely. I made the top from the left bra cup and thought it would be even sexier to line up where my nipple used to push the material out so it covered your little love stick in the same place”
“Oh man, you mean this is where your nipple has stretched it and now my dick is swimming in the same space!”
“Like I said pretty sexy huh? You know at first I was going to include the lacy trims at the top of each cup so that it would let me see through to your hunky chest but Jody thought that would be a little effeminate for you to wear”

Here I was wearing the most custom pajamas imaginable and she was right the sexiest. Each time I moved inside them I was reminded that the material used to cover one of those mighty breasts. 
“I love it!”
There and then I declared that every night I would sleep in these clothes and dream of Dallas, that’s if I could stop myself from getting hard each time I thought about what it was that I was wearing. 
“By the way those PJ’s have a little accessory that I thought might come in handy”
Dallas teased and I couldn’t see what she was referring to the pajamas looked plain enough. 
“I give up, what accessory?”
A small laugh broke free and Dallas used two finger nails to pinch something behind my back. I tried to turn but couldn’t see what she was doing until I noticed she now had a solitary finger hovering just above me and some sort of white tag looped around it. A white tag I may add that was attached with me at the other end!
Suddenly I was lifted off of my feet by her one finger and the top of my pajamas pulled tight under my arms as I dangled like an accessory on a key fob.
“A carrying handle for my little doll man of course”
Suspended in the air she held me there dangling from my new clothes as she kissed me and then returned my feet to the safety of the dolls house bedroom floor once more.
“Very funny”
I was amused although part of me felt a bit belittled by her joke to think I could be lifted with one finger. 
”I think that needs to come off don’t you Dallas?”
As I began to remove the top my next action was to pull the loop off when I then saw what she had used to make it. The loop of material was actually the size tag from the original bra and big fat black letters at least half a foot tall read “ 34 DD “.
“Awww don’t be a spoil sport baby leave it on it can you remind you of when I used to wear small bra’s that size.”
Her boast was genuine as the 34 Double E cup sizes she sported right now did dwarf her then 34 Double D features, again I felt smaller than before as if she could make a pair of pajamas from what she called a small bra then her current size would have allowed enough material for a matching hat and coat!
“Double D Dallas!”
I said and she gave a mock frown.
“They don’t call me that anymore thankfully and besides that’s an insult now that I’m a bigger girl up here”

We laughed and she did remove the tag with some scissors before letting me have my pajamas back. I later found my bed covers also had some history, they used to be part of her pink mini skirt she wore last summer, and the remainder of it made for several sets of curtains in the downstairs rooms.

That evening I sat on the balcony and we had a drink together before Dallas left for bed giving me yet another plastering kiss. We chatted for a long time during the late evening hours and Dallas was keen for me to go back to school yet it didn’t make sense because the exams were well underway and I was ill prepared. But I don’t think it was my academic success she was really wanted to sort out, it was clear she thought it would be cool to show me off to her school friends.
“Babe be serious I cant go to school with you it would be dangerous there’s about a thousand giants who roam those corridors it would be like entering a stampede”
“Don’t worry, I’ll look after you. Tamara and Vicky would love to see you they keep asking about you every day”
“It would just about kill me to walk to the school, you may have thirty foot long legs but that’s… I don’t know a good twenty times the distance for me”
“Come on Joe, you know I would be happy to carry you. I’ve got the sweetest little shoulder bag that you would fit nicely into and you could pop you head out by my shoulder as we went along chatting. I would only show you to the girls no one else you could hide in my bag all day and come out during breaks…..”
“Dallas, I’m not a toy to take to school with you.”
I felt a little disturbed by all this as if she now saw me as an accessory like a new novelty to show off to her girl friends.
“Oh sweetie I didn’t mean it that way, I just want you to be with me not stuck home here and I want you to have more people who are aware of your condition that you can trust and yes because you are so dam adorable like this I want them to see the little man I love”
Taking in her comments I was trying to make sense of all this and decided to stand my ground and tell her that I wouldn’t be comfortable to spend the day in a school full of giants hiding inside her school bag. It was funny but as assertive as I was trying to be she could always say a comment that would close the conversation and hint at her obvious power over me, even if it was in jest or not.
Much like the way we ended our debate on me going to school with her today. Kissing me she replaced the roof of my house and left with a parting comment.
“You know baby if I really wanted to I could just pop you in my shoulder bag in the morning and there would be little you could do about it and I might not even let you get dressed for the occasion”
Dallas laughed and the door closed leaving me in the knowledge that that was very possible.

The next morning I woke up and for a fraction of a second thought everything was normal until I recalled that my surroundings were my girlfriends doll house. The face of an old digital watch of Dallas’s had been super glued to the wall in the bedroom and I could see it was 8.45 am, stretching I climbed out of the bed which had been very comfortable and I noted a large heart shaped sticky note of paper covering the wardrobe. It was clear Dallas had removed the roof quietly this morning and left it there and this note was stuck to both of the doors of my wardrobe.
“Hello baby, you looked good enough to eat in your little bed this morning and your little snores were so funny! I’ve gone to school and resisted the temptation to drop you in my bag although if you were any smaller you would be enjoying the inside of my school blouse right now! I have left some clothes in the wardrobe for you, sorry I never had a Ken before. Left you some food and drink in the kitchen, love Dallas” 
I read this message out and felt a stir of my manhood when she had mentioned sticking me inside her blouse however noting that she hadn’t owned a Ken doll made me nervous of what lay beyond in the wardrobe.

As I opened the door labeled with a B having pulled the large sticky note onto the floor, its plastic hinges creaked and inside lay a handful of outfits. All of them for a female, it was a selection of Barbie doll clothes!
I cussed and sifted through the items but felt better when I discovered that at least Dallas had only kept items that she thought may be passable from the fashionable Barbie, there was no way I was wearing a dolls dress! Pulling out a t-shirt and shorts combination they were of course a shade of pink yet thankfully plain except for the glittery B that was sported on the chest. Removing my pajamas I reluctantly put on those clothes as the best of a bad bunch, my other choices being far more girly t-shirts and some flowery shorts. The sooner I could get some Ken accessories the better!

I heard a clomping sound in the large room outside of my scale world and was a little alarmed until I looked out of the window to see what I recognized as Jody’s giant and shapely legs clad in some sheer tights coming towards my little house.
It was surprising what noise a giant woman makes in a pair of high heels especially on a wooden floor, Dallas definitely hadn’t put her shoes on earlier today when she left me my note.
“Joe? Are you in there tiny?”
I came down the staircase to the main hallway hearing the echo of Jody’s voice and noted she also had begun to call me tiny. Opening the grand front door I stepped out onto the porch area to see a dark blue pair of women’s boots almost blocking the entrance. She stepped back thankfully and I noticed the massive heels on the back of these monster boots, they must have been six inches and for an already tall girl she was now probably standing a good six foot five! Or should I say sixty foot something tall it depended on how I judged things, needless to say she was very impressive as she loomed over me way above. I couldn’t help it as my eyes looked above her knee high boots and higher still along her tight clad legs to see her short business skirt and suit. She looked very lady like in a powerful business woman sort of way and I wasn’t used to seeing Jody in such attire given that we normally only saw each other in casual circumstances, she was very attractive.
“Oh there you are Joe, hey I like the outfit that was from my Beach Barbie!”
She giggled and I let it go.
“Morning Jody, you off to work?”
I said more formally trying to get my eyes away from working out how big her chest was up there, I couldn’t help it but her suit was fitted and the shape looked very striking. She was no Dallas in that department but with D cups ( which was still my best guess ) there was plenty of breast flesh especially giant sized to distract me with its outline.
“Yeh, I’m just off. Should be a short day though, I’m entertaining some clients for lunch which means plenty of good food and wine on company expenses!”
“Nice perks with your job eh?”
“Of course and a pretty face always helps to secure orders”
I didn’t comment.
“Listen you wouldn’t do me a favor would you?”
She asked in a very nice manner peering down over her chest with that pretty face being used to full effect.
“Name it”
It wasn’t often I could do anything at my size so I wondered what it could be.
“I’m running a little late and stuck on these new boots but they are, well a little dull. You wouldn’t mind buffing them up for me would you short stuff, I mean you are much closer to them than I am”
Shoe shining was that all I was good for? Was this a little demeaning a test from her to see if she could use me like a slave? No, I decided it was probably just a thought that entered her head and she was after all the one who made my living here possible in the first place so I shouldn’t disappoint her.
“Sure, I’d probably be able to do a better job this size “
“You are an angel, here’s a rag they only need wiping over to put a shine back on them”
A cloth fell from the heavens and landed like a blanket beside me, where it came from I didn’t see but I busied myself addressing her shoes with vigor. I rubbed hard and it reminded me of washing my mother’s car only there were two car sized objects to shine. I managed to reach her ankle but only just due to the massive heels she had chosen and the boots were starting to gleam.
“Wow, that looks like hard work but you are doing a great job tiny, better not tell Dallas you have this talent or she’ll have you working your way through that mega collection of high heels in her cupboard”
“Yeh, I err can’t reach any higher”
“Oh that’s ok they look perfect. I can see having you around is going to be handy”
“Well enjoy your day and don’t get too drunk on expenses”
“Oh I intend to”
Jody giggled and then unexpectedly crouched down and picked me up placing a big kiss on my face.
“Thanks again tiny”
Placing me on the balcony of the house she walked off and I noted the slit up the back of her skirt it was very sophisticated and sexy with her tights beneath. I grinned to myself at how Jody had kissed me, living with these beautiful giantesses was going to wonderful.

When I remembered to go my kitchen there was a large amount of food wrapped in little cellophane bundles, a fragment of a cake, some cheese, a section of bread, part of a biscuit and much more. Dallas was a star and must have thought of me a lot this morning and must have pushed all this through the tiny back door. There was also a miniature Malibu bottle like you would receive on an airplane only to me it was like a magnum bottle of champagne in terms of its size. I could lift it but wondered why she would give me so much alcohol, looking at the small Barbie cup beside it I realized the Malibu container was actually filled with orange juice. She had thought of everything. I walked into the living room to relax and listen to the I pod. 

There was another sticky note on the I pod and it read.
“It’s going to be a long day without me baby so I left you a little (giggle) gift in the garage. Enjoy yourself baby and think of me! Luv big D, make that giantess D”

I had to read this over twice noting her giggle caption by the word little emphasizing it and her use of giantess D. Intrigued of course I went to the garage which was integral to the dolls house extended parallel to the kitchen area. As I opened the door it was blocked by something big! There was a black wall of material in my way and I struggled to enter but managed to push it down enough to walk under and then around it. It was dark in the garage so I had to push up the stiff plastic roller door and light came flooding in revealing quite a sight. Almost the entire volume of the garage was filled with this soft black material and I knew it was the bra she had worn yesterday. My girlfriend was pandering to my love of her giant breasts and this sexy treasure was designed to get my pulse racing and as per her message was a gift for me to enjoy whilst I thought of her. She actually was giving me a green light to masturbate and a very big incentive. Part of me felt guilty as I listened for Jody and any giant high heeled steps, had she left yet? I didn’t want to be caught jerking myself off sat on top of her sisters giant bra if she came back in to the room, so I waited a few minutes before I decided that she must have gone to work. Pulling the bra out of my small garage it was heavy for me and when it unfolded it was longer than an articulated lorry as it stretched out. I walked over it in my bare feet and settled into the middle of the left cup which rose up several feet but this wasn’t a bra that held its shape it was far too flexible and thin. Man it was large like sitting in a paddling pool and I had to pull off my shorts and begin to beat myself silly as my eyes roamed around this sexy piece of feminine attire. It was so massive and so soft at the same time, it smelt of Dallas and shouted to me about how small I was compared to her breasts. My head filled with thoughts of Dallas walking in and popping this bra on with me held in the cup, of course I was too large for that but it made for a wild day dream. As I closed towards the inevitable fountain that would soon erupt I saw her label sticking up declaring proudly 34 EE and I just lost it there and then spewing my sticky fluids into her bra but I knew this time she wouldn’t mind. 

The rest of my day was uneventful, I had struggled to push and pull that oversized bra back into the confines of my garage which wasn’t an easy feat given its size but I couldn’t afford for Jody to see it when she returned as I knew her short day must be coming to an end pretty soon. 

Standing in my bedroom a few hours later I was curious about the Barbie doll and sadly found myself confronting her and dancing with her, speaking with this piece of plastic as if it were Dallas. With my arms around its thin waist I kept bumping my face accidentally into those plastic boobs and had to laugh. However my little affair with Barbie didn’t last long as Jody had returned with a very noisy entrance as the main door slammed somewhere in the depths of the real house and I could hear her stumbling around. 
“Oh Joe! Little man!”
Her voice boomed and I hurriedly propped Barbie back to her resting place. Looking from inside the bedroom and out of the balcony windows Jody walked into the room struggling to balance on those high heeled boots and she looked drunk! I felt very scared as she came closer stumbling with her footing but managing to catch herself, if she tumbled on my house it wouldn’t take her weight and this made me very unsettled. Then I stood out on the balcony just as she spotted me below.
“There you are... have you gotten smaller? Well you look smaller…ha…ha!”
She was slurring her words a little but still made sense and at this close range I couldn’t see her face only her legs almost pressing against the balcony with her knees closer to me than anything else.
“Where have you gone? Ha!….in the tiny house…the teeny tiny house…way, way down below…where giant Jody is far too big to go….…” 
She sang merrily and then backed away almost falling onto her knees. The edge of her skirt whooshed down and slapped the balcony unsettling my feet and I retreated back to the doorway.
“Don’t be afraid”
Her voice said gleefully and then I heard her say 
There was a mighty crunch which sounded very bad to my ears. Looking up she held a flat section of broken plastic it was my porch below and she had managed to trash it accidentally. Tossing it casually aside she looked down at me and lowered her chin almost to the rail of my balcony as if trying to support it.
“Come out and play dolly...I wanna have some fun with you…”
I could smell her breath and it reeked of wine there was no way I was going to let her get her hands on me.
“Oh please…it’ll be fun…”
Her hand tried to come into my room and I backed away seeing how it filled the door way. Her huge searching fingers with carefully painted nails tried to grab me but only succeeded in pushing my wardrobe on its side. As the hand withdrew she looked down to see me stepping back into sight.
“Don’t be scared tiny I only wanna have some fun…..tell ya what…you let me play dolly with you and Ill let you play in Jody’s big hills…”
I couldn’t believe it, she was so gone that she was teasing me. Jody had never come on to me before but now there she was removing the jacket of her suit and pushing those breasts forward in her pale blue blouse. She shook her boobs with a large smile plastered across her face and accidentally connected with my balcony snapping part of it so that the end rail now broke and hung down.
“Oopsy sorry little man I guess my boobs are far too big…ha…don’t you think these are big…little man? Wanna play with on them or ya wanna play in them…ha..ha..?”
My jaw dropped, this beautiful girl, this sexy older sister of my girlfriend with her now giant body was teasing me. She had her chest pressing on my balcony and it was making a creaking sound under those heavy forms.
“Don’t be a spoil sport little Joey…come out and we can play hide and seek…you can hide in between these and I get to find naughty little you in my big bra…..ha!”
She tried to loosen her top button of this conservative work blouse but her fumbling fingers snapped the button right off and several inches or a good two feet of cleavage now winked at me with its sexy presence. I knew if I ventured out onto that balcony she wouldn’t resist shoving me down the front of her top and boy did I want to be there…only this was all wrong.
“Dam…look at that!…..big butter fingers, I broke my blouse…come and fix it for me little man”
Suddenly the balcony sunk and snapped clean off startling me and I backed well away. Crash! It landed below and Jody almost head butted the roof. Again she laughed at the hole and damage she had created.
“Guess my boobies are too big….. big and bad like huge wrecking balls…do you think they are too big Joe?”
I didn’t answer but she then squashed her cleavage up against the open hole where the balcony once extended from, her boobs now filling it completely. I could have stepped forward and pushed those boobs apart and snuggled right into that blouse of hers but as much as that appealed I didn’t dare succumb to the temptation. 
“do ya think these are sexy!...”
Her words sounded more slurred and she was now removing my roof section. I moved back just as she kneeled up and hovered her boobs over my entire room. 
“The giant boobs are coming to get you!.....”
Her words sounded dramatic and the situation was just that, I was being threatened by a pair of female curves that were about to consume every bit of space in my room, a room that didn’t look wide enough for them! Suddenly Jody must have passed out as those boobs did drop into my room and pushed me to the floor beneath them, I lay there flat on my back and almost with my face in her cleavage. The entire house creaked and groaned with her tremendous weight and I didn’t like the sound of it one bit, if she didn’t take the pressure off it would soon collapse! 
“Jody! Jody!”
I shouted loudly but this girl was out of it and slumped over the entire building with her curvy assets expanding the walls of my bedroom and about to smother me with their full weight if she continued to come down any further. 

The situation was no better after five minutes of me calling, she wasn’t going to snap out of this and had definitely blacked out. It was too dangerous for me to stay pinned beneath her breasts because if this house did crumble under her body I would surely perish under her bust with the tons of boob flesh and not to mention the tons of Jody behind them.
I shuffled on my back seeing only her blue blouse in my face at least I was in the centre of her breasts which allowed some easing of the pressure above for me to move. Wriggling under a huge button I wondered how to get out of the house or even this room? The sides of her boobs would have easily blocked the door and that meant no way out! Hell I was trapped and waiting for my impending doom beneath this giantess. As scary as that thought was I had to think fast with her body above there was no way around her and the balcony area was too much of a drop even if I could find the doorway to it. Then it occurred to me that if I proceeded up further I would be able to rotate around and climb into her blouse and pass between her boobs making my way down the arch of her body beneath her clothes that would suspend me until I could exit between her buttons around her waist perhaps? 

What a plan this was, I was considering going where I shouldn’t to save my life and using this giantess’s body like a bridge to safety. It was a crazy situation, mad but it was my only solution. The house creaked again and I was prompted to ensure that the plan went into action. Sliding on my back like a mechanic beneath a car I saw her blouse material end where she had released that button but this was no car chassis above me it was body work that had been forged by nature into a far sexier vehicle. I was glad Jody was a D cup that was for sure as I rotated around and began to push apart her cleavage making a passage way for my body in the already accommodating gap. The smooth warm skin that was her boobs now brushed my face as I slipped between and into their embrace, control, control I said inside my head. But of course my manhood loved the situation I was in between a pair of giant boobs and heading into the giant bra of a giant babe, no way could I deny the excitement of this situation despite the danger of it. Her perfume was nice and tantalized the senses this also wouldn’t help to dull the rise between my legs. When I was half way between her breasts and going over the mid section of her bra her heart beat could be felt off to one side and I liked the way those breast shifted with her inhales ever so gently around me. Too much distraction I said to myself and ploughed on into the depths of her blouse, her tight blouse. Passing through the valley of cleavage I was held by the material of her blouse beneath me and her stomach above but this was a squeeze for my nine inches as she had tucked her blouse into her skirt. Her stomach was flat as Dallas’s I always knew she had a nice body and this closer inspection proved it. What ever she washed in also made for a nice fruity smell coming from her skin, I had to stop thinking about her!

The house creaked again and I looked down to see a small parting of the blouse between two buttons. Poking my head out it was too far to fall at least twenty feet to the wooden floor this wasn’t an exit I would have to venture into her skirt. Even thinking about that made my manhood drag beneath me like an anchor rubbing the inside of the shorts I wore and against the fabric of that blouse. 

The barrier of the waist band of her skirt proved a challenge but I was glad to see it wasn’t tight upon her and under I went when I felt another texture on my hand in this dimly lit tunnel. Of course she was wearing some sheer tights which meant I could go down the length of one legs and make it to her knees where I could tear my way out into the open and crawl out to safety, I figured she must have been resting on her knees. 

Onwards I went into the top of her tights and under her skirt and her little knickers soon brushed my face, combined with those tights behind me I was getting sensations that I didn’t want right now, lovely feelings of being trapped in her under garments and feeling so little. Blast it! I came in my things and lined the inside of them, fortunately my accident wasn’t much as my session in Dallas’s bra a little earlier had cleaned me out of love juices yet it was still not nice to feel the sticky residue. 

One good thing however was that I was no longer side tracked by my little brain which meant I could move on far quicker. Those giant knickers tickled my face and her hairs must have pushed through some of the patterned lace as I could feel them every now and then. Soon my hand grabbed at an area it shouldn’t have, namely I could feel her hot lips behind the material and my fingers had pushed through some of the web like lacy holes accidentally to discover them. Man, I had touched her sister pussy, hell I was practically in her knickers what if Dallas came home now or worse Jody woke up? This hastened my journey and I began to enter the leg of her tights just upon her inner thigh and still under her skirt although I could see the light at its end. Crunch! The house gave way and Jody came down with it! If I had been under her knickers like seconds ago I would have been crushed by her pussy upon me but luckily where I was on her thigh I narrowly escaped injury and death. My heart pounded and I waited for things to settle which they promptly did, Jody must have been lying down on her front spread across the remains of my little house. I sighed with relief and knew I could now rip my way out and wait for Dallas to sort out her inebriated sibling. Or could I?!!

Dam those tights were thicker than I had anticipated, I couldn’t push my fingers through them in order to stretch them at all, I was too weak! A simple pair of ladies tights provided the barrier to the outside world and try as I might there was no way to extract myself from inside them. I pushed my feet into them and they seemed to push tightly back with their clingy properties. Catching my breath the options were simple, going further down her shapely legs was pointless as her tights would enter those boots of hers and there was no way out. However the opposite direction should I manage to turn would provide an exit by her waist and out over the top of her skirt. Turning around however proved a problem it was like being under a net that would press down on you which had the effect of smothering me into her inner thigh flesh which was delightful if I wasn’t so scared of being discovered. 

It was actually easier not to turn around but to reverse my crawling action which I promptly did until I felt the lace of her knickers falling by my feet. 

As I stated before that lace was web like with holes in its structure, perhaps it was decorative holes representing flowers or something in a pattern but it was too dark to tell exactly, however as my right foot backed over this material it suddenly snagged on it and I was caught up! I couldn’t free myself!
Like a fish wriggling on the end of a large hook there I was stuck, my head and main body supported down her inner thigh and my feet at the base of her knickers. This wasn’t my day and that was an understatement. All that I could do was to wait a little and try again as I summoned up more energy but her tights were definitely sapping my strength as I tried to shift around to free my foot.
Twenty minutes or more must have gone by and I was still under this giant skirt, caught in her tights and knickers. I was hot, her bare thigh was warm against me and I wanted out desperately. 

It was then that things just got worse, Dallas’s cheery voice sounded her arrival and I froze in fear!
What would she do if she found me here, how could I explain this one? Your sister was coming on to me in her drunken state, she fell on my house and I decided to crawl into her clothes for safety and ended up in her underwear, it all sounded ridiculous! Should I declare myself or hope she wouldn’t find me until I could escape? 

Heels sounded off coming closer and then there was an audible gasp followed by.
“What the hell? Jody! What have you done! Wake up girl!”
I could feel Jody’s body shifted a little by Dallas but there was no response.
“Oh no! Joe? Joe!”
Dallas shouted out concerned for my well being and I wanted to answer yet felt frightened to, she was so big and if she misunderstood the situation one slap from my girlfriend’s giant hand could finish me. Instead I cowered inside her sisters tights and hoped she wouldn’t see under her skirt.
“Please no”
A cry of concern came as Dallas must have rolled Jody over and off of the crushed remnants of my house, for me this was worse still as her sisters thighs collided and smothered me for a few seconds before parting, the pressure was extraordinary before it subsided. That pressure told me one thing that I could easily be suffocated between the pair of these giantesses thighs. 

“Joe baby where are you honey its Dallas I’m home everything’s alright now”
If only that were true. Dallas must have grabbed her sister under the arms and literally dragged her to the sofa as I could see the colour of the living room floor below beneath the end of the skirt. Soon her legs were placed up and I tensed up when a glimpse of Dallas’s huge hands could be seen by Jody’s knee caps settling her into place. Again she called for me but I just waited hoping she would begin a systematic search for me in all the other rooms. The longer I waited the more that I risked Jody waking up and discovering me and to be honest I didn’t know which would be worse.

Half an hour later and all was quiet, I shifted myself a little, testing how caught up my foot now was since Dallas move us and finally luck was on my side. With a little twisting my foot came free of the lace and I was able to slowly edge myself in reverse up towards her waist. Clearing her thigh I realized that the lump my nine inch body would make beneath the smooth exterior of that tight business skirt would be very clear and it was! Half way to the top of her waist band I felt something both sides of my body clamping on it rather firmly holding me in place, they were fingers, giant female fingers. Was it Dallas or was is Jody? Either way I was screwed!

“Joe, that better not be you under my sisters skirt!”
Her words chilled me to the bone she was angry and her hand held me there from the outside and began to push inwards.
I couldn’t help but squeal a little as her fingers began to hurt my ribs enough to get a reaction from me.
“I don’t believe it”
Her voice sounded so disappointed in me and I was about to speak when I heard a button release and the skirt went slacker with the sound of a side zip coming down. Peeling a little of the skirt back I knew she could see my legs beneath the top of the tights and I was so afraid.
Dallas’s tone was one of utter disappointment as I felt the tights slacken and my feet were grabbed by large fingers that dragged me out and then hoisted me up into the air, upside down! There I dangled until two large blue eyes glared at me.
“How could you Joe and my sister of all people? I’m very disappointed in you”
“I, listen Dallas…it’s not what…”
She cut me off like only a giantess could and drowned out my voice with hers as I was still dangling upside down over her sister’s body.
“Save it tiny. Right now I feel pretty angry with you and I’m a whole lot of girlfriend to piss off so keep that little mouth shut or you might be playing dodge the high heel and I might wear my big boots for that game!”
I clammed up and didn’t wish to rile her further it was most unlike Dallas to get mad but it didn’t look good at all for me and seeing her so big and so angry made me very uncomfortable and plain scared for what she might do.
“Now what shall I do with you, I don’t really want to see you right now and I need time to calm down”
I was held in a fist and she hovered over her sister casting some serious eyes upon the drunken giantess sprawled out below. 
“If you knew how much hurt I’m feeling right now sis!”
Dallas spat out in a venomous tone towards her sisters direction and I felt her fingers beginning to squeeze tighter upon me, if she lost it now my ribs could be crushed so easily by her actions.
“I bet you smell of her, don’t you?”
All the questions went unanswered as I was too afraid of responding. Dallas sniffed my body close to her nose and I actually felt its suction just briefly from those huge nostrils.
“So you didn’t make it down there before she passed out eh? Aww what a pity? Did I come home too early and spoil your fun or did my sister pass out too early eh? Still if you want her pussy…..I’ll give you it.”

Dallas was starting to become irrational she was consumed by emotions, jealousy and anger fueling her to be out of character. 
“Dallas no I…don’t!”
My plea for her to listen was again silenced abruptly by a giant finger across my mouth as Dallas leaned over her sisters immobile body, then I was dropped from a great height onto a pillow in a nearby chair whilst I watched her pulling down her sisters skirt, tights and knickers in a rough manner that stirred her almost unconscious sibling but didn’t wake her from her drunken black out.
I had only just got back upon my feet on the pillow a little shaken by being dropped so far, even though my landing was soft and before I knew it Dallas held me again almost snatching me into her hand as she presented my face before her sisters exposed sex.
“This what you wanted eh? One giant pussy isn’t enough for you?”
I was startled to be so close to her sisters womanhood it was less than a foot from my face and looking as enormous as Dallas’s had been. 
“Dall….mmmmffftt !”
I was about to speak to defend myself to protest upon my innocence when she pushed my entire head and shoulders into her sister! I was pushed, no I was plunged beyond her huge lips and into her wetness without warning and I spluttered and almost choked with surprise.
“There, is that what you want? Is this what was so exciting to you, to jeopardize our love!”
In and out she pushed me several times not to stimulate her sister but to teach me a lesson as I was soaked in her sisters wetness, my hair was thick and matted with her liquids and I wouldn’t have been surprised if the sides of my body showed bruising by the morning. I really couldn’t believe this was happening and yet it was all too real as I sunk head first again and again into Jody’s body and she held me there for several seconds with each turn hardly allowing me to take breath. Pulling me out for the last time she smelt me once more and turned up her nose in disgust holding me at arms length like a revolting piece of garbage that she couldn’t bare to touch. I then felt my clothing wrenched off of my body and Dallas stomped to the bin and dropped the clothes into it leaving me naked and ever more vulnerable.
“I should make you walk back to your mother’s house just like this but I’m not that cruel”

Her anger was subsiding but not by a great deal and I wondered if I should dare to speak now but thought better of it, I simply was too intimidated by Dallas after her action and needed her to calm down. Walking back upstairs she took me not into her bedroom but into Jody’s room.
“You wanted to get into her knickers so much I think you should spend a long time with them”
Suddenly I was dropped probably around twenty five feet and I screamed until my back hit something soft and giving absorbing the impact. Hell she really frightened me by the way I was just dropped and my heart was thumping in my chest, where was I? 

Looking around it was a mass of materials in all colours, a basket of some kind, a laundry basket!
Dallas barked
“You deserve to be in there amongst those dirty things, I hope she was worth it!”
A massive hand descended and I flinched curling up into a ball wondering if Dallas was about to grab me with those large finger nails of hers when her hand diverted from my direction and simply dug deep into the pile of clothes and pulled them up making sure I sunk deep into Jody’s laundry as it smothered me from sight.ZIMMER 
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by Carycomic on Tue Oct 16, 2007 11:30 pm 

So, you've "reincarnated" yourself as Zimmer, eh? Well, whatever your pen-name, it's great to see this story re-posted. Maybe, now, we'll get to see whether or not that naval pun was meant to be the original ending. If not what exactly that green light is! Carycomic 
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Dallas left and slammed the bedroom door and there I was in the poor light of the wicker laundry basket surrounded by Jody’s giant underwear. Currently I was trying to untangle myself from a huge bra strap and a pair of thong style knickers with the weight of what looked like a denim skirt pressing on top of me. The smell from my hair was now not very pleasant as the strong scent of Jody was drying upon my upper body, combined with this discomfort there was an overpowering stale smell of Jody coming from the underwear that surrounded me and had obviously been in the wash pile for days. 

Part of me felt like crying another part of me was outraged by how things had come to this and the way Dallas had jumped to conclusions and treated me this way but I had a lot of time to reflect on all of this as I stayed in this prison for many hours. Dallas didn’t come to check upon me at all during the hours I lay in this weave of dirty female clothes and despite the fact that I would call out for her there was no response. 

Climbing out of the laundry basket was impossible the sides were sheer vertical walls and with the transparent plastic liner there was nothing to cling hold of. It was a prison as good as any devised for a man my size, to be defeated by a laundry basket was humbling and I just had to wait. Would Jody in her sobered up state discover me amongst her things or would Dallas feel guilty in some way and be ready to talk to me? I ended up falling asleep and spent the entire night amongst Jody’s underwear, naked and now exceedingly smelly. 

By morning my ordeal wasn’t over, I had no idea of the actual time and spent what felt like hours just crawling around Jody’s giant things until I found somewhere comfortable to lay at the base of the basket. I then heard voices from downstairs shouting loudly it was Dallas and Jody in the midst of a heated argument but from upstairs and confined in the laundry basket I couldn’t hear them clearly through the barrier of the clothing above. This continued for about five minutes until I heard sobbing and the sound of one of the giantesses coming closer. 

Clothes began to empty above me and a giant hand delved deep to gently retrieve me almost like I was the prize in a lucky dip. 

The teary eyes of Dallas met mine and she hugged me to her cheek whilst the large salty droplets of her sadness rolled upon me. Dallas explained that a very poorly and hung over Jody had told her everything, how she was totally drunk and was playfully flirting with me when she collapsed on the house. She actually thought that I might have been crushed. Dallas asked how I ended up under her sisters skirt and I explained telling her how sorry I was that it had all ended up looking so bad. Eventually we both laughed at how ridiculous it all was but Dallas felt more guilty upon jumping to conclusions before she heard me out and even worse about smothering my face into her sister, Jody didn’t actually know this so it had to be our secret. So with a girlfriend who was begging for my forgiveness the next few days went by with Dallas trying to make it up to me and I can say that having a giantess who would do anything for you was pure ecstasy. 

With my little house trashed Jody who was also very apologetic bought me a new dolls house and everything settled for the next few days. Dallas continued to try and convince me to come to school with her, it was exam time and she wanted the support as she put it but that shoulder bag still wasn’t attractive to me. I had a great time staying at home using my other new facilities, namely a scale swimming pool in the form of the kitchen sink that I could climb up into thanks to the sexy ladders that Dallas had positioned for me. I described them as sexy because she had pinned a pair of her long fish net stockings to the kitchen sideboard and I scrambled up them like a cargo net. 

As the weekend approached I began to think about the offer from Professor Jones to continue my job, if I was going to flunk out at school I needed to think of the future and this may be the only job I could manage at my size. The alternative would be to live off of Dallas and she had school to finish and a career to find and although I was no doubt cheap to keep I wanted to pay my own way out of pride. 

Her modeling desires simply hadn’t come off and she didn’t hear any more from the booster bra company who had backed the another candidate, I was going to chat with Professor Jones to see if I could swing Dallas a job working at the same research facility. 

Friday or today was a good day because I was no longer subjected to wearing Barbie’s hand me downs because Dallas had purchased a large collection of Ken clothes that I could now select from. So I even had underwear and some uncomfortable plastic shoes to put on with my casual cargo pants and a t-shirt which made me feel so much more confident. As normal the girls left the house and I was alone when my peace was disturbed by my mobile phone ringing. I hated using it as it was so awkward even though my mother had purchased the smallest one in the shop. To me this phone stood thigh high and was like trying to lift a small person so I kept it stood upright in the hallway of my little house. On the end of the phone it was Lisa Storm from the World Live program who had interviewed me, she sounded very formal and wanted me to have a meeting with her and some executives to secure a follow up interview upon a forthcoming program and it had to be held today because of the important decision makers she had managed to get interested from the broadcasting community. Public interest in my condition she went on to explain was high but with the main media held back under our special agreements her program was the only one who could legally conduct a second feature given my say so. I didn’t have to volunteer and she knew this, the original agreement was one big interview televised and they were to leave me alone to get on with my life for a full year. Lisa was outlining that it would be a major coo for her to get me to agree to be under the spot light once more. I refused flatly and said that it really wasn’t something I wanted to do when Lisa in a very persuasive manner began to discuss that she would be able to pay me for this. 

She made it clear that the financial incentive was coming from her own pocket and had to be a secret agreement between ourselves because it was serious for her as a high profile presenter to be discovered and accused of any bribery but admitting that she was going to get a very large fee to host the program it was nothing for her to pay me twenty thousand for my participation. Twenty thousand! I was overjoyed and now very tempted, it would be a lot of money and would allow me to feel like I was contributing to my current circumstances and beyond.

I agreed, surprising myself at how I had been so easily lured by the cash. It was then that Lisa started to get very anal about the arrangements for today, she was often tailed by the media herself (so she explained) and couldn’t afford for anyone to get the slightest leak that this program was going to be discussed before she had secured the deal. With this in mind Lisa had me swearing that I wouldn’t tell Dallas or anyone of the meeting today until it was over and only then in the strictest of confidences or else jeopardize the money she proposed. Talk about paranoid, but I wouldn’t have to keep Dallas in suspense too long if these executives made a fast decisions as Lisa expected them to. 

Arrangements were made that she would drop by and pick me up literally at one o’clock so I readied myself and then had the problem to overcome of how to leave the house when the front door was so gigantic and impossible to open. It was then I recalled that the side entrance had a cat flap left by the previous occupants thankfully as we didn’t have such a beast living with us.

By one oclock I was stood on the door step of the house waiting for Lisa Storm and feeling very dwarfed by my surroundings, I hadn’t stepped out on my own for a while and the front garden apart from looking as long as several football pitches was a little intimidating. Huge conifers and plants loomed over me and I really didn’t want to face any big bugs that might be crawling around out here so I kept close to the door and waited.

Lisa Storm arrived with the sound of a loud sports engine roaring in the road but I could only hear it beyond the garden wall. When she stepped through the front gate she looked very business like. Gorgeous long dark hair was bouncing freely over her shoulders and she was wearing just a vibrant red skirt with an oversized fashionable black belt and a white sleeveless blouse that nicely accentuated her eye popping curves as it was tucked in sharply under that belt showing the quite dramatic contrast of her bust as opposed to her tiny waist. The skirt was very short and as she approached I could just see the tops of some sheer tan stockings ending beneath it and was that suspender belts clipped to them? Woah, I had to look elsewhere.

All six foot one of her was perched upon a pair of red high heeled sandals that elevated that model like frame another five inches higher making her easily the tallest giantess I had seen since Carina.
She spotted me right away and a large Hollywood grin formed over her face.
“Well hello again Joe. My, my I see you are even smaller now”
“Hi err Lisa, nice to see you again”
Her tone was very friendly almost overly so and she crouched down teetering on her heels to get closer to me.
“You must be about eight inches tall it’s such a dramatic difference since I saw you last”
“Actually nine and a smidge”
I smiled up wondering if she had any underwear on beneath that skirt this time, she certainly seemed to be dressed to kill and flaunting that body of hers, perhaps it was to help her influence decisions in the meeting.
“Nine inches that is small, but extremely cute all the same. Shall we go?”
“Um sure”
I began to follow her walking behind her huge steps taking several in succession of my own to keep up.
“You didn’t let on to any one about our meeting did you Joe?”
I heard her question from above and nearly walked into the back of her high heel as I was distracted by the wonderful shape of her bottom in that skirt high above and failed to see her slow down.
“No, I kept my side of the deal”
“Good, very good. Let me get the car door for you”
We turned out of the gate and there was a blood red Ferrari gleaming in the sun light. 
My appreciation got a laugh from Lisa as she opened the door and I had to climb up into the door sill yet not by much because the Ferrari had a low profile. The door slammed shut and I struggled up onto the black leather seat. The sight of Lisa sliding her long legs into the drivers seat nearby was enough to freeze me to the spot, she was so graceful sliding in one lengthy limb after the other but this action forced that short skirt to ride up her thighs enough that the lacy tops of her stockings were now clearly visible. I would have to look elsewhere if I was going to keep my best friend under control.
“You look a little small in that seat”
Lisa said turning her attention to me as I was standing on the seat reaching for the seat belt and trying to overcome the tension upon it in order to extend it.
“Perhaps you wouldn’t mind giving me a hand?”
My request was to save the embarrassment of struggling any further with the device and Lisa suddenly leaned across from her seat. I turned at the wrong time to see if she was going to aid me and just as the huge white expanse of her blouse was reaching across behind me. Bumping into her considerable breast I was pressed against it and the back of the seat! Her boob was massive, easily a healthy D cup and by the give of her flesh pressing upon me none of it was fake. Had she noticed my predicament? The situation reminded me of her little accidents at our interview session. 
“Sorry little guy, didn’t hurt you did I?”
She sniggered a little and clicked the seat belt into place and I caught a glimpse of her blouse in profile with that breast which had been up close and personal now gently bobbing to her movements before it would settle, man I loved large boobs and the way they did that. 
“No, I’m fine thanks Lisa.”
“Well you don’t look fine, that belts about as much use as a chocolate fireguard”
I could see what she meant, the belt was loose and I could sit behind it without it even touching me, it was hardly a restraint.
“Listen Joe, how do you normally get around, in cars I mean? Because if we move off like this one touch of my brakes and you would be decorating my dashboard and I’ve just had it valeted”
“To be honest I haven’t gone out in cars that much, the last time was coming back from the Lutron foundation and my girlfriend decided to tuck me into the front of her jeans….”
Did I really say that? Lisa smiled and leaned across towards me putting a large hand down upon my seat which unsettled my body as it pushed down the material.
“I’m wearing a very tight skirt at the moment which I think you have noticed, but I don’t think there’s room for you to squeeze in here with me, unless you do?”
Man she said that in such a sexy manner, and the look from those killer green eyes of hers was enough to send me all the right signals, she was flirting with me.
“Oh, um….no..err”
It was all a lot of nonsense coming out of my mouth she had thrown me completely off guard.
“But, you might slip into my jacket pocket, you are certainly small enough now”
Her spare hand reached behind my seat and retrieved a matching red suit jacket which she promptly put on, it was tailored to her form tapering in at the waist where it ended, a big part of me was disappointed to see that blouse covered up but then I realized the jacket had no external facing pockets!
“What do you think Joe can I pop you in here for safe keeping?”
She turned pulling the left hand side of the jacket open revealing a smooth satin effect lining which had a deep looking inside pocket. But my eyes didn’t pay any more attention to that pocket as they were drawn to the womanly bulge that settled right next to it covered by her blouse. If she placed me in there I would be very close to the side of that enormous left breast and that would be torture. Of course I should have said no and something polite like “lets think of somewhere more appropriate for me to travel” but the little voice between my legs must have over ridden my response.
“Yeh, that would be ok”
Did I sound eager or what? I kicked myself but there I was committed and her hand was upon me in seconds without hesitation.
“You are so much lighter than before, it’s amazing what a few inches difference can make, wow my hand even circles you like holding a toy doll. I think you will fit in here just fine”

My legs were guided into the soft pocket interior and it was deep. When she released me there I was up to my rib cage in her pocket and facing the side of her blouse or rather her incredible breast that now completely filled my view. 
“Perfect, you are tiny aren’t you? That’s the first time I’ve ever had a man literally in my pocket. You should be safe in there but maybe I should button this up so you don’t tumble out. Don’t worry we wont be long but it may be a little dark”
I just nodded and blackness fell upon me as she buttoned up her jacket a nice form fitting jacket I might add. 

So there I was on my own with Lisa Storm the celebrity babe being chauffeured to a meeting and riding inside her jacket with my face, head and shoulders pressed up against the side of her left breast. I felt the cool thin material of her blouse pushing into me and behind it the evidenced of her bra pattern making it self known. Her expensive perfume consumed me and I had to stop myself from bringing my hands out of that pocket and resisting the temptation to feel the fraction of this massive boob that jostled in front of me to the movement of her body. In seconds I was hard and unable to stop these great sensations that couldn’t be denied. She knew where I was and didn’t have a moment’s hesitation to put me in here so close to her womanly assets and it made me wonder if she was enjoying our current situation.

I had no idea where we were heading, some hotel was what she said and from inside her jacket it was like a blind fold tour.
“Lisa? How long till we get there and where is the meeting going to be held?”
My rather muffled voice came from inside her clothes and Lisa talked down from overhead.
“Sorry I can hardly hear you in there, we’ll be there in a few minutes.”
It was becoming very toasty in her pocket as her breast seemed to radiate heat through the thin blouse, I can’t say it was uncomfortable as part of me didn’t want this journey to end and enjoyed every bump that send me deeper into her giving form.

A very rapid ten minutes later and we exited the car, yet still I was contained in her jacket. I guess she thought it was best to keep me out of public view and besides I would only slow her down trailing behind those sky high legs. I heard a door being opened and then what sounded like keys placed on a surface and the loud clicking of her heels upon a solid surface. Was it a hotel room? I wanted to see out but she hadn’t stopped moving yet. Now we were going up some stairs and shortly after her jacket was opened.
“time for you to come out tiny, I hope my big chest didn’t slam into you too hard, they are kind of huge compared to you and I know how these things tend move when I walk like that”
I had just started to get my manhood settled until she referenced her chest slamming me and now it was returning to its former glory. I couldn’t believe how familiar she was talking. When light entered my world her hand descended upon me and I was airborne and lifted on top of a desk?

This wooden perch enabled me to be as high as the mid section of that red skirt she wore and I looked up at her smiling face way above me and noticed she was tossing her jacket to one side letting it fall to the ground. The room was very large and plush, too nice for a hotel room as the fixtures and fittings were antique looking much like you would expect to see in a mansion or stately home.
“That’s better. Now Joe can I fix you a little drink?”
She seemed to laugh at the use of little and I answered very swiftly concern forming to where we had ended up, this looked like a bedroom? Perhaps her bedroom in her house?
“Nothing for me, thanks. Um Lisa do you mind me asking where we are, I was expecting a hotel or…”
“You are at my house”
“But weren’t we supposed….”
“Ssssh now, its ok we are just stopping here for a while so we can chat before the meeting think of it as a little research to get our proposal straight ok little one?”
“I guess”
This seemed mighty strange but I couldn’t argue with her, she wandered off and there seemed to be a cabinet in the corner of the room filled with many drinks, in the distance I saw her bend over and admired how taught her skirt became across her rear allowing the tops of her stockings to flash into the open.
“Joe, I thought we should be alone for a while and get to know each other”
I heard her say and felt a little worried by her words.
“The program I want to run is a follow up to our original interview about you but it will be aired at a later time slot so we can discuss more interesting topics that the public want to know about a nine inch tall guy”
“More interesting?” 
I repeated as she fixed herself a large glass of red wine, I thought it looked a lot for someone who would be intending to drive shortly and to me there would have been gallons of wine in that glass.
“Well yes, you know there is quite the fan base of girls out there who wrote in after the first show asking about you”
“There is?”
I found this hard to believe that girls could find a man like me attractive, I thought Dallas was a little different in that respect.
“You are a very good looking guy Joe a little heartbreaker and many girls find your situation curious. I know that I do…”
Her compliment came over in a very predatory like way and her mannerisms had become increasingly sexual as I watched her walk back with a slinky shift in her hips and deliberate slowness.ZIMMER 
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by ZIMMER on Tue Oct 16, 2007 11:33 pm 

She gulped back some wine as she stood close to the desk and licked her lips in slow motion and I could actually hear the smack of them as she finished with her tongue slipping that sensual serpent back into its cave.
“I want to explore what its like for a little man to find himself in a world of giant women. To find out what it must feel like to become so small that every woman is a giantess that you meet. Must be very intimidating for you…..”
Lisa put the wine glass down beside me and it was as tall as I was, and now her hands rested on the desk as she leaned down letting me have a purposeful flash of her cleavage in that blouse.
“….Yes it must be very intimidating Joe to see women like me looking so very…….well large in a word”
“You kind of get used to it”
I struggled to say but I don’t think I would ever get used to seeing giant boobs, they all just looked so incredible given their huge presence and so sexy when they were upon a beautiful woman like the one that loomed over me right now.
“Really? So tell me Joe how does it feel to be so tiny compared to a woman?”
“Um no different than seeing a man your size…”
She grinned and gave me a look that said she didn’t believe my answer.
”Oh come on now Joe. You are telling me that if a giant man was stood here like this as close as I am now to you that it’s no different than seeing a woman?”
“Well yeh”
I lied painfully.
“I see, so you are going to tell me next that you haven’t noticed my appearance at all, that you haven’t already looked over every inch of my long legs that you could see from the floor and that you didn’t even attempt to peek up my skirt when you were down there when we met?”
The silence from me was uncomfortable as she paused and then carried on.
“And right now you are going to tell me that you haven’t noticed the low cut blouse I’m wearing? I find this hard to believe Joe you are a man after all, can you really tell me that if I come closer like this you feel no different”
Her face disappeared and her blouse lowered dangerously close to me and the wine glass. Those smooth contours of that soft white material filled out and suspended a massive amount of cleavage in her plunging neckline and the extent of her boobs filled my peripheral vision they were just so huge. Everything I could see was Lisa or rather her chest contained in that tight blouse.
“So you’re not intimidated huh? And I bet you are not looking at my cleavage right now and thinking to yourself just how big are those giant boobs of hers and are they going to come even closer to little me?”
Stepping back completely phased by her confronting me this way I didn’t know what to do. My back suddenly rested against a pencil holder and I was stopped in my tracks. There was a laugh a kind of “gotcha” laugh and she rose back up and looked over her chest at me.
“Don’t be so nervous Joe, It was just an experiment. You see I know it’s hard for you to tell the truth and that’s what we need for my program if it’s really going to grab the public’s interest. The truth of the matter is you are nine inches tall and that makes a whole world of difference when it comes to matters of a sexual kind. People, girls are going to want to know just what does a nine inch man do with a giant woman? How do you make out with a girl who is the size of a building to you? Men are going to wonder just what does he see when he’s confronted with a bra as wide as a house and a pair of breasts many times bigger than he is? What pleasures does a tiny man get from a giant partner who can totally dominate him and one who he is at the mercy of in every conceivable way?”

My member was totally hard and I hoped she couldn’t notice it. I found myself wishing that I was even smaller to conceal that her words were turning me on.
“We need to get the answers to these and other questions and I’m here to help you.”

Sipping another slow gulp of her wine I watched her throat movements as the red liquid rolled down it, even this action looked sexual. She placed the glass back down and moved over to her hand bag that had been thrown on the bed. Reaching inside she took something but concealed it in her hand.
“Miss Storm, um Lisa shouldn’t we get going?”
I tried to keep things formal but couldn’t help but worry that this evening was anything but.
“Don’t get nervous Joe, you and I are going to have a heart to heart chat. You are going to reveal all those things we want to talk about so we can get a good foundation for the program….”
”And then you are going to discuss our chat with these men and secure the deal?”
I prompted trying to bring the business back into focus.
“Yes that’s right”
She said rather too quickly.
“Once I have all your little secrets, after you tell me the things you like about being so small and I get to know the real Joe…”
She walked back and still concealed her hand whilst the other settled beside me and gently rose up in a wall like fashion behind my legs and backside. Slowly it clamped upon my lower half and she raised me a foot or so.
“Now, I’ve got a little something to help you unwind and be yourself”

I was beginning to fear what she would do when a huge perfume like dispenser was produced before me and it was almost half my size. The clear liquid tumbled about before she trained the nozzle upon my face.
“Close your eyes little one this wont hurt a bit”
“No…what is that stuff?”
My arms reached out to fend off the giant nozzle but it was out of my reach. There was a soft cloud like puff that came from the tip and I coughed just a little as I inhaled a good lung full of a tasteless yet thick fog. It dispersed as fast as it had appeared and even the dampness of its particles seemed to vanish from my clothes.
“That’s better, much better”
Lisa declared and put me back down on the desk as she replaced the dispenser dropping it casually back into her hand bag once more.
“What was that? What did you do to me just then?”
I was a little panicked for sure but I didn’t feel any different than normal, well that was a lie, there was a heady feeling in my brain but nothing bad. Had she drugged me?
“Don’t worry its effects will wear off in twenty or thirty hours it’s a special concoction, harmless really but very effective”
Lisa came back before the desk and explained more.
“Very soon in say a minute or so you will feel obliged to tell the truth, actually you will be incapable of lying and more than willing to tell the truth. It’s a little something I borrowed a sample of from a science program we did last year on the true life gadgets of the spies, totally harmless but so amazing it will rid you of all your inhabitations if you let it Joe.”

She drugged me? Boy I could only prey this stuff that was in my system didn’t work half as well as she professed.
“Why? Oh you are too adorable and naive. Because I want to know all about you Joe, you fascinated me ever since we first met that day and I simply had to see little you again. You wanted to see me again didn’t you Joe?”
Where did that come from? I said yes without thinking it was automatic.
“You find me attractive don’t you?” 
“Yes very attractive”
Again that was my voice but not what I was going to say.
“Good, looks like you are starting to open up a little, say little man let me ask you a few questions. Do you find me intimidating Joe?” 
“Very, especially when you are close like this and wearing that big short skirt”
“But you like it when a girl intimidates you don’t you? Especially such a big beautiful one”
“I, love it”
If only I could hold my words back but there was no stopping them it was like a compulsion to speak the truth and like my dick had been handed the vocal chords for a change there was no reason just truthful reaction coming from my core.
“That’s good you are speaking from the heart now. So little man, I caught you looking at my body earlier didn’t I?”
“Mmm this is too good”
Lisa crouched a little bringing herself down to the desk level so her chin could rest upon it. I was kicking myself inside and wanted to gag my mouth but couldn’t, part of me was obediently waiting to answer any question she presented. 
“So you’ve been looking at me little one what caught your interest? You said you feel intimidated by my big skirt so was it my long legs inside this skirt?”
“I looked at the stockings and suspenders you were wearing under that short skirt and I thought you were so hot”
Was there no way to shut my mouth up?
“You think I’m hot eh, and when we got into the car what else did you notice about me because those tiny eyes seemed to be spending a lot of time roaming my body?”
“I thought your boobs looked so massive in that blouse”
Lisa laughed.
“They are massive especially to you. So you must have liked it when I decided to put you in my pocket?”
“You wanted to be close to my blouse didn’t you?”
I watched her lift up and those giant breasts suddenly landed on the desk reaching across many feet towards me and looking even larger as they widened with the flat surface below them.
“Yes, I wanted….”
I began but really restrained myself managing to fight the rest of my admission.
“You wanted what little one, to feel my big heavy breasts in this smooth blouse pressing against your body? Or something else?”
“I wanted you to put me under your blouse in your bra?”
Lisa’s eyes widened and her white smile dazzled seemingly brighter, I couldn’t believe the things I was saying.
“Oooh so kinky but that might just be possible with a man your size”
She looked down at her boobs and then back at me as I felt even more nervous than ever.
”and a girl of my generous proportions of course”
Her boobs shook a little drawing my attention even more as if it could have strayed which was downright impossible.
“Would you like to unbutton this blouse little man?”
“Well what’s stopping you? They are waiting for you Joe, you like giant boobs don’t you?”
“I do...I find them very sexy”
“I’ve made you hard haven’t I? Are you hard because my boobs are so big and so close to you right now?”
“I’m really hard…...they look so enormous to me”

Man I was sounding like a right chump and giving away everything without wanting to, this chemical I had inhaled was really taking control.
“That’s it Joe give in to the temptation. You want to walk over here and get even closer to them, see how huge they really are, how big my blouse really is on the inside….come on little one you can reach the buttons here. You can see for yourself if you can actually fit inside here”
My legs were starting to move and I held myself back hugging the pen holder like a large column. She was drawing me in and I had no defense in my current state, I barely managed to resist her.
“Still some fight in you Joe? You have to give in to your desires and you do desire me don’t you little one. Shall I make it easier and bring the mountains to you”

Her boobs reached further across the table and encroached upon my space, they were huge and the pair of them must have stretched between fifteen to twenty feet in width alone! That was in my eyes of course, but they were large breasts even to a normal guy.
“Let me help you with the top button, maybe seeing a flash of bra might be enough to convince you………there’s a lot of sexy woman here Joe, and a whole world of womanly cleavage for such a little tiny man like you.”
She continued to tease and her fingers released the top button upon an already plunging neckline and the big lacy bow at the centre of her white bra was now showing along with the hint of the cups trying to bring them selves out for my attention. It was such a seductive sight and my resolve was weakening to the lure of those enormous silk covered mounds of female flesh quivering before me ever so gently.
“Now do I have a volunteer for the next button down?”

As her brazen display grew more and more appealing I couldn’t hold out, this drug inside me had taken control. Faced with such an invitation I was unable to continue my restraint and suddenly found myself stood before the white curving wall that was Lisa Storms blouse. Her breasts came up to my shoulder level in height and standing where I was the open button allowed her cleavage to dominate my view. Before I knew it my hands were already upon the plate sized buttons of her blouse fighting with it. 
“Everything about me must be so enormous Joe, look at you using two tiny hands on my little button down there, something I could do with my just two finger nails and yet a woman’s clothes are so much bigger than you. Does that turn you on? Can you manage to undress a giant woman? Can you remove a giant bra that is bigger than you are?”
”I want to….I need to….”
My words were a little breathless as I struggled with the button and finally managed to overcome the tension of that monstrous sized blouse. Now I could see more of those bra cups pushing open the neck of her top, she was wearing one of those push up designs that was very expensive looking with lots of elaborate lacy trimmings converging in the centre in a large silk bow. Deep at the back of my head I wanted to walk away to cease my action but I was automatically trying to undress this giantess and the more that blouse eased away the more I was driven to reveal the delights behind it.
“You are mine tonight little one, you know you can’t resist me now”

Lisa gloated as she pulled the blouse wider apart showing the tops of those smooth breasts and running her well manicured finger nails along them and into the edge of her cups slowly tracing the a few inches of their width.
“I can’t resist you”
I repeated her words like a love sick automaton and found myself tackling the next button down. With a little effort this button was undone and then I kneeled down to find the only other one I could see above the table. Once this button was addressed I pushed the left hand side of her blouse to one side like a massive curtain and her giant breast announced its imposing presence. 
“Hug it little one, squeeze your little body against my breast, feel how giant sized it is”
My arms fell around a fraction of her boob and my body started to buck against it! I was trying to dry hump this mammoth boob through her lacy bra cup and it was driving me nuts.
“You feel nice against my breast but why don’t you try that without your clothes on?”
I stood back and looked at the huge (well to me anyhow ) bulge in my trousers and I felt my hands obliging her beginning to remove my clothes but for a few seconds of sanity I managed to stop. 
“You are a fighter little one but its no use, the more you resist the more your will is sapped away and soon you will be purely acting on impulse doing what your body wants to do. How about another incentive eh? You’ve done well with this big blouse but you could never take it off me”

She stood up and removed her blouse with no effort making all my ministrations seem so pathetic. Her body was stunning and wearing just her skirt and bra she had turned up the sex appeal to another level.
“I think my bra is far too big for you to handle little man wouldn’t you agree?”
She unclipped that bra and it fell from the sky landing upon me like a collapsed tent made of the most expensive and soft material. I breathed in the perfume from the smooth cup and freed myself from this surprisingly heavy canopy of lace and silk that surrounded me.
“It’s so huge!”
My stupid comment continued as I made my way out of the bra enjoying the soft feel of its texture.
“Of course it’s huge, because these breasts of mine are very, very big and you are just so tiny to them. Now look up here and see for yourself”
With the fallen bra settled on the desk surface behind me I peered up and discovered that I was under the shadow of her naked left breast. She was obviously leaning over the desk and that boob descended upon me pushing me back into the bra and forcing me to my knees with its weight. I tried to hold it off of my body with my arms but they buckled under that tremendous female orb and soon I was forced to lay on my back as she covered me almost entirely beneath it. Then she gently moved it over me in what I can only describe as a smudging action letting me take some of its weight but not enough to crush or cause me discomfort.
“Do you like that? Do you like squirming under my big boob? Do you like to feel helpless beneath a woman’s breast”
I stammered and was getting excited as she used her power over me. I didn’t want to soil my trousers but could feel my excitement rubbing against her wanting to experience flesh upon flesh.

Her boob raised enough for me to stand once more yet it kept its poise threatening to push down on me once more if she chose.
“Take off your clothes and throw them over the edge of the desk, you don’t need them now”
“I need them”
It took a lot of effort to even say those simple few words but Lisa once again had the upper hand using the suggestive power of that drug in my system against me.
“You want to be naked with me don’t you Joe?”
“I want to be naked”
”Then take off those tiny doll clothes and hand them to me or would you like to be undressed by a giant woman”
“Undress me, undress me”
I begged her and the breast above was soon replaced with her giant left hand. I walked onto it and lay across the flatness of her palm with my legs settling across her wrist, that beautiful face grinned at my submission and her right hand skillfully stripped all of my clothes off one by one letting them fall beyond my vision. I was now totally naked.
“I have never seen someone so totally under the influence and you are so complaint with hardly any persuasion, you must really fancy me little man I’m flattered. Oh look at that you have such a tiny little thingy and it’s so hard….ha! Coo chi coo!”
Her big finger tips played with my rock hard manhood and she held me in a wild state of arousal, the more she toyed with me the more I was under her command. 
“How would you like to cum little man, are you enjoying my big fingers or would you like some giant tongue?”
”Lick me!”
It was like hearing the sexual animal within me released and unburdened by any restrictions, I said what I wanted and what I felt and nothing else mattered.
“Let’s see how you taste”
Her face fell over me and her tongue was instantly lowering towards my feet. She took my feet into her lips and nibbled her brick sized teeth upon my ankles and calves, it was gentle but erotic as I knew she could bite my lower half off without a second thought. Those lips kissed me upon all of my skin, everywhere. She even rolled me over using her lips to kiss my bottom and the small of my back whilst my hardness tried to dig into her palm.
“Such a tasty hard little body….mmmm….you’d make a great snack”
She breathed over me with her words but I wasn’t scared I was just extremely turned on. Rolling me back over once more she allowed her tongue settle between my legs altering its shape as she ran it up my thighs and over my dick and I was going to explode very soon.
“Is that sexy? Do you want me to take that little penis of yours between these big red lips of mine?”
“Yes…I want to be in your mouth”
“Yes, what?”
She held off and just mouthed her lips over my dick very close but ensuring it didn’t actually touch.
I bucked up trying to force our contact but she smiled and moved away keeping the minute distance between her lips and my erection.
“Do you think my mouth is big enough for you?”
Her question was backed up with a display of her mouth stretching open, wider it went showing me how deep it was inside with those perfect white teeth outlining her tongue. She could have easily sunk the majority of a real five or six inch dick inside that cave of a mouth and it just looked so overwhelming as it hovered above me. 
Was all I was able to repeat and she licked her lips slow and steady.
“I think that I could suck twenty men your size all at the same time don’t you Joe? Twenty little dicks inside my giant mouth…..are you ready for me?”
“…please! Lisa please take me!”
“If you insist”
She grinned before opening those lips again and taking my entire mid section across her lips and into her waiting mouth. Several sweet sucks later and I ejected my load into her mouth.
“How was it for you tiny?”
There was a look of triumph on her features and I just lay there with the rush of my climax melting away. 
For those few minutes as I drifted away from the high she had given me, clarity was making a come back. Without the build up of my lust it seemed for the moment I could see clearly and find true self once more.
“Lisa, oh no…no…”
”What’s a matter little man, I’ve just given you the greatest pleasure ever and there is so much more where that came from if you are good little boy”
“But this isn’t right, you, me, here”
“Soon my little one you will get used to living with me and pleasing me, we will learn what pleasures two people of such different sizes can offer each other.”
“Wait Lisa you can’t keep me….what about the meeting…what about Dallas”

There was a pause as she gave me a look of power, power over someone so small to her. 
“The meeting was total fiction my little one, there is and never was any meeting. I was just so hell bent on getting hold of you since we first met, don’t ask me why I still don’t understand the drive myself. I could have lots of men, celebrity athletes, football players, men with big hunky bodies to die for but none of them would make me feel the way I did when I first held you in my hand. I’m in control of you Joe, you look up to me in awe of what I can offer and no man would compare.”
What was she saying here? She was going to kidnap me?
”I’m lonely Joe, a beautiful woman trapped by her celebrity status, I need the money my lifestyle is too lavish to stop working and my career doesn’t permit time for any romance or any man in my life so that’s where you come in. You will be my little lover my little toy sized companion. You will travel secretly with me everywhere I go around the world and we will make love when and where I want to, you will be my secret, my little sexy secret”
“That’s …..”
I was about to find the right words when she silenced me.
”That is going to be your life so you’d better start enjoying it little one, don’t worry I will take care of you”
“But I already have a life”
“And now you have my life cutie, don’t worry in time you will forget that bimbo girlfriend of yours and you will happily snuggle up to a real woman every night. I have enough of this truth drug to keep you happy for a few weeks its only whilst your little balls recharge that you will feel down like this, soon you will be putty in my hands once again and ready to do anything I wish”

She was right I could feel myself becoming agreeable once more and I hadn’t cum more than a few minutes ago.
“Dallas and my family they will call the police”
“You are right, but don’t you think I haven’t planned this? I’m not just a pretty face and a big pair of tits you know.”
Her hands placed me down on the desk as she reached my top off of the floor. Taking the small item between her fingers she smiled.
“I’m going to play with next doors kitten tomorrow morning she has awfully big claws and this little top will get a little damaged I’m afraid. Then a little pin prick of your blood in the morning just a teeny bit to dab on this top of yours to make it convincing for dna evidence…..”
What the hell was she planning? My death!
“I will turn up unexpectedly to visit your girlfriends house tomorrow afternoon, by then she will be worried sick about you and there Ill be pretending that I wanted a meeting with you to explore a new program when what did I spot out of the corner of my eye lying in the gutter as I parked my car? A little mans top with blood upon it? Oh no, has poor little Joe met his maker? Savaged by a domestic cat, poor Dallas will be so sad to think you were eaten. Do you think she will buy that story Joe? I am a wonderful actress”
“Yes, I think she will”
The truth was beginning to kick in once more from me and part of me knew her plan might just work, who would suspect Lisa Storm the well known and popular celebrity was so cunning and so evil. I certainly wouldn’t have.

“Now little one less of this boring chatter and back to some action, I want to see if you measure up as my new traveling companion because you have to replace my existing one.”
Lisa walked over to a dresser by her bed and I was still finding myself eyeing those breasts especially now they were freely bouncing unrestricted. She took something from a drawer and walked back shocking me with what she had found. It was a huge dildo and she set this black giant next to me pointing up like a missile with its bulbous head. 
“Mmmm you might definitely be competition for my old faithful, you are only just shorter and maybe a little slimmer….”
I was being sized up against her dildo, me a man in competition against a huge rod of rubber that was as she pointed out just a touch taller than me. It was ugly with huge imitation veins on its shaft and it smelt of rubber in the worst possible way.
“Well you are a lot sexier than my little dilly here but can you satisfy a woman as big as me? Tell me Joe has that big girlfriend of yours ever used you this way before, introduced you to her giant pussy?”
I really didn’t want that to come out.
“And did you like it Joe, being inside her, being treated like her plaything?”
“Good then you’ve had practice I’ve imagined you wriggling inside me many times since I first held you Joe I will be honest, you have given me quite a few orgasms already and now you have to live up to those day dreams. Are you ready to see inside my knickers?”
“And ready to BE inside my knickers?”
Is that all I could say. I watched her slip out of that red skirt and her shoes, and in just those sexy stockings and some lacy briefs she took me in her hand and opened up her underwear pulling it away from her body before she lowered me in head first to keep me upside down whilst she walked to the bed. My face was kissed a dozen times by her pussy lips before she took me out and removed her knickers.
“You know what comes next don’t you? Don’t you disappoint me my little penis sized man”

This woman, this celebrity who I had adored on television was going to use me like her own private toy and I had no say in the matter. She took my helpless body and within seconds I was sunk deep into her pussy with my legs disappearing first. She felt more accommodating on the inside than Dallas and maybe it was because she was a taller woman, whatever it was, her pussy was able to receive me very readily. I kept my arms and legs in as she pulled me in and out gasping with every thrust. 
“I had no idea it would be soooo……mmmmm…..”
Her voice boomed and all I could see was a blur of her pussy lips rushing up to my shoulders and then back to my knees every few seconds. The slippery walls of her excitement coated me and I felt like an object, not even a man. I was her dildo but made out of flesh and blood. 
“Now….little one struggle inside me, thrash your little legs and arms around like you mean it!”
Her command was powerfully delivered as she was in a very heightened state of arousal and wanted that last kick over the edge. I obliged and as she pushed me in deep I wriggled around within her love tunnel touching anywhere I could and it did the trick.
Her trio of words heralded my success and her fingers left me hanging half out of her pussy and feeling a little abused.

Nothing was said for a few minutes, nor did she move or attempt to help me out of her depths. Instead I had to take the initiative and pushed myself out.
“That tickles, I feel so sensitive now”
She remarked watching me exit the captivity of her pussy and slop my wet and tired body onto the bed covers.ZIMMER 
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by ZIMMER on Tue Oct 16, 2007 11:34 pm 

I lay there surrounded by giant legs and felt a little weak to stand for the moment. Lisa was sat up and was elated.
“There is no dick substitute in the world that could compare with you my little treasure, and there is no real dick in the world that feels as good you did just then…I am never going to let you go little man, never”

Much later I had been cleaned up and she gave me some food, I sat on the desk with no restriction to my freedom except for the forty plus foot drop that was over each side of this platform. She knew I was stranded there whilst she freshened up and once more dressed herself. I nibbled on the giant biscuit she had provided me with and didn’t much fancy it as I wasn’t hungry. Lisa could be seen across the room brushing her hair and she was singing to herself merrily, it seemed I had produced quite a good mood in this giantess. Standing before the desk once again Lisa smiled down as she let me know her plans for the rest of the day.

“I have a meeting in town in about an hours time little one, its going to be a late one so we will book into a local hotel so I don’t have to worry about getting a taxi home, which reminds me the taxi taking us there should be outside any minute.”
“Am I staying here?”
I asked in all innocence.
“Tell me Joe if I let you stay here would you try to escape?”
“Yes of course”
This telling the truth was beginning to really annoy me.
“I thought so, that’s why you are coming to the hotel with me. Now I don’t want to hear you in the taxi you understand?”
”Good, now I’ll put you back into my jacket pocket seeing as you enjoyed it so much the first time”

A taxi drive later and we were checked into a hotel, I heard all the sounds around me but saw nothing from her jacket until I was taken out and placed down onto a high window sill as Lisa unpacked her overnight things. Through the curtains I could only see the evening sky and it was impossible to work out where in town I actually was with no landmarks visible. The only thing that did present itself was that luminous green glare coming from that crack in the sky which seemed larger than it had before. My studying of this unnatural effect was interrupted by Lisa approaching.
“I’m sorry little one but you will have to stay here for a few hours whilst I attend to business, I can’t afford to have a little doll man wriggling under my jacket all evening no matter how pleasant that would feel. So the question is what shall I do with you?”
“I will be ok on my own”
I offered.
“But you would still try to escape wouldn’t you, as soon as I turned my back?”
“Yes of course”
”I thought as much, I need to think fast….”

She left me on this high window sill for a good ten minutes and came back to pick me up, still naked I squirmed in her big hand as she lifted me to the vanity unit table under the window. 
“You know I normally like to tie my men up for fun but you wouldn’t fit my handcuffs so I’ll have to improvise”
A loud thud sounded the arrival of a huge black high heeled shoe upon the surface beside me. 
“These should be pretty heavy compared to you”

Lisa grinned and placed another one on the table to situate me in between these car sized women’s shoes. At my nine inches the backs of them rose up to my chest and they were quite imposing.
Each one of the shoes had a little decorative silver ankle chain and she unhooked the left one and offered it towards my right ankle. 
“Don’t worry it wont hurt”
There was a smug grin as she opened up the clasp at the end of the chain managing to clip it around my ankle like a shackle. Then the other chain from the high heel opposite was clipped in the same manner around my other foot.
“Now, that’s really cute, I have you chained to my favorite pair of shoe’s. Try those clasps little one and tell me if you can budge them?”
With my compliant state of mind I did just that and the metal rings with their little sliding interlock mechanisms wouldn’t budge even a fraction if I used two hands upon them. I strained and she commented on my little muscles flexing madly. It was such a declaration of what power she addressed over me, her finger nails could slide the clasps into place but I had no where near the power of her little finger and I knew in reality clasps of this nature were like those necklaces catches that you often hurt your fingers to disengage.
“It won’t even move!”
I said with all honesty.
“Good, and how heavy are my high heels little man, try and pull one will you?”

Like a strong man on the television trying to get the cab of some huge lorry to roll I was tugging this huge woman’s shoe and hardly shifted it more than a couple centimeters in reality after a lot of effort was expelled. These were not the lightweight heels women sometimes wore they were thick and solid with a lot of weight in just the thick heel section and sole alone. 
“too heavy”
I puffed and she laughed.
“Yes for a little weakling like you. Doesn’t that make you feel small Joe, knowing you are overpowered by a pair of my shoes and a couple of dainty little ankle chains? I don’t think you are going anywhere for a while do you?”
I answered tugging at the chains.
“Then I will see you a few hours from now whilst you save up your strength. I’m going to want some satisfaction from you when I return”
She leaned down and kissed me with those freshly coated lips before laughing once more upon how helpless I really was. As she exited the room I tried my hardest to release the clasps on my legs and failed dismally. It was humiliating to be anchored to a pair of giant women’s shoes and unable to escape.

I sat down and just looked across the vast hotel room, how stupid did I look now? A man who was restrained by a pair of ankle bracelets something that I am sure a real man would have been able to snap in a second between his fingers. 

Contemplating my new life was hard to do, but sitting in the shadows of these high heels beside me helped to hit home the reality that I was the property of the celebrity Lisa Storm. I felt like crying only the drug running through my system didn’t allow it. 

Probably an hour went by and my naked butt was getting very uncomfortable on the hard surface of this vanity unit so I decided to stand up, it was then that I felt the rings of metal around my ankles slipping down to the backs of my heels? I looked down confused and then suddenly stepped out of them. I was free but how? The answer came when I looked to my left to find Lisa’s high heel had grown or rather I had shrunk and not even noticed! The same recurring question came to mind how small was I now? Part of my answer was provided by the high heel which I could no longer see over the back of, it was now taller than me.

My shrinking did offer the opportunity for escape but it also increased the difficultly based on the magnitude of the everyday things around me. Whatever size I was, perhaps five or six inches it didn’t matter as the objective was to try and find a way down from this vanity unit to the floor.

Peering over the edge of the vanity unit the drop resembled looking off the top of the suspension bridge that spanned the gorge to the edge of town and that was a long way down! I backed away a little sheepishly not wanting to accidentally fall. I then had to run to the left hand side of the unit only to see that there was no way down. Running to the opposite side for a comparison it hit home to me that things were really going to be very tiring being so small. The same story faced me wherever I looked there was just no way to climb down from this height, but then I saw the stool that was before the recess of the vanity unit. There was no safe method of climbing down to this massive stool and it was some thirty of forty feet away in my perspective, however Lisa had left her toweling dressing gown from the hotel draped over it. Could that enormous mass of material break my fall? Was I brave enough to even try? What choice did I have?

I looked back at the two gigantic high heels which still appeared large even from a distance and I reminded myself of what life as a toy to Lisa would be like. At my new reduced size there would be even less chance of resisting her because she must be many times bigger based on her footwear alone. 

Perhaps it was the drug in my system but I simply launched myself off the edge and like a stunt man I fell from this great height sailing down to the platform below. My breath was taken away as the white toweling robe rushed towards me and I tumbled into its depths. Luckily my plan succeeded and my fall was broken by the deepness of this soft material that had been so casually discarded by the giant Lisa. I climbed out and over the small depression I had made with my less than elegant landing and then gripping the material I managed to slide down it to the floor.

The world looked mighty different from my new perspective and I marveled at the simple sight of the hotel door. It stretched up so high it hurt my neck to look at it when up close. The carpet was noticeably deep as well coming up to my ankles like thick grass, it was amazing how I could now appreciate these things. 

My next challenge was the door, I couldn’t open it that was for sure and I couldn’t squeeze under it either, it was a case of being way too small and not small enough. I was running out of options, this room was now my prison and I couldn’t afford for Lisa to discover me. There were no vents or cracks in the walls to find a way out and I was quite tired having walked around the entire room just to explore these options. The window was far too high to climb up and was locked so this didn’t offer any solution and it seemed that I was out of luck so I slumped down next to the shoulder high skirting board and waited for Lisa to return. 

This act of defeat however was short lived, it suddenly occurred to me that on top of the bedside table there must be a hotel telephone! I hadn’t thought of this and perhaps because being down on the floor it hadn’t caught my attention because I couldn’t see it!

With renewed enthusiasm I climbed up the bed clothes and made it to the top of the bed. There was a phone in the distance across the bed which incidentally looked over a hundred feet long stretching out before me. I ran to the pillow and climbed this steep and giving hill to see that I was higher than the table and able to jump down upon it. Now for the phone, it was a push button unit and the receiver was bigger than me and made of hard molded plastic. Heaving it off I managed to get it to tumble onto the surface face up and the loud dialing tone was present. A huge courtesy note pad almost the size of half a tennis court was resting next to the phone and I read the hotel details that were printed upon it. I was in town at the local Marriot and I knew this place well, it was a good hotel and about ten minutes from Dallas’s house. 

The difficult thing now was to dial Dallas’s number, I literally had to move around the phone to reach each button and depress them with two hands in turn starting with a 9 for the outside line. The phone rang and I walked back to the receiver hoping for an answer.
It was Jody.
I almost screamed down the phone and then proceeded to blurt out where I was, well the hotel name and just the fact that I had been kidnapped by Lisa Storm. Jody was concerned and wanted to call the Police, I agreed but told her that Dallas should get here first I really didn’t want to be grabbed by some burly Police officer or to be questioned by them on my own. 
“Hurry Jody, please hurry”
She promised to hurry and the phone went dead, now it was just a waiting game. I scurried across the bed making for one of the sides and climbed down to the carpet using the covers. Where could I hide? There were many possibilities but the underside of the bed provided the best shelter for me to hide like a little mouse trying to avoid the big predator which was Lisa.

It didn’t seem very long before the door to the room opened and it was Lisa returning as I spotted her shoes and ran to hide behind the leg of the bed.
“I’m back early to play with my little dildo man and I’m feeling very horny baby”
Her words boomed and I found myself a little frightened by her loud audible steps walking across the carpet.
“What the!”
I could hear her clattering around probably searching for me by the shoes on the desk and she sounded very pissed off.
“I know you are in here little man and you can’t escape me”
From the safety of the bed I watched cringing as she stomped those giant heels around the room moving great big building sized chairs around and searching for me. Suddenly her knees descended before the bed and I knew this meant her giant face was sure to follow any second. Part of me was slow to respond as I wanted to see just how giant she really was but then I snapped out of it and hid behind the wooden leg which was wide enough to shield me.
“Sooner or later I am going to find you Joe and when I do…….”

She must have stood back up as the sound of her voice was bellowing from a higher level and I glanced around the leg to see her knees elevating once more, that was close, too close. It would only be a few minutes before someone would save me and I only needed to evade her for that length of time. 

Suddenly there was a chilling laugh from Lisa.
“I don’t know where you are hiding my little nine inch wonder or how you managed this Houdini stunt of yours but you have forgotten something…”
What had I forgotten?
”You are still under the influence of that drug and that means you wont resist any question I present to you as you have to tell the truth and answer me.”
Oh no, I was doomed.
“Joe, tell me where are you hiding?”
The compulsion was too much for me and I tried to hold my jaw closed but couldn’t stop myself.
“I’m under here, beneath the bed”
As quick as a flash her face was there and she was on her hands and knees. I ran and her arm with great big enormous fingers outstretched rushed under the bed towards me! My tiny feet only just managed to avoid her clutches as those fingers clasped nothing but the air fractions of a real inch behind me although close enough that I could feel the wind from her finger nails before I stumbled and fell. Her face was sideways on looking under the bed and she growled like an angry giantess.
“There you are!”
Her hand stretched even more but failed to grab me as I managed to scramble to my feet once more. It was stupid of me but I left the protection of the bed and made for the space beneath the legs of the stool. Thud, thud! Her shoes came towards me sounding like a herd of cattle and one of them slammed down very close to me as I hid beneath the stool. 
“No where to run little man, nowhere to hide”
Her voice mocked me and the stool rose into the air and was thrown fifty of my feet clear across the room, well at least to me it was an impressive show of strength. Now I was cornered.
“Well, well look who’s even smaller now, its no wonder you escaped look at how tiny you are. Well tiny one its time to see if you can still satisfy me.”
Her shoe blocked both exits to my sides and her hand was coming down from the sky with speed, I tried my best to out pace her but those fingers had me and I was back in her possession. Her hand was now large enough to hold all of me with only my feet and head showing and it felt like a vice. Lifting me to her face she smiled triumphantly declaring.
“Don’t you ever, and I mean ever disobey me again do you hear?”
I almost shook in her hand frightened by her threat.

Next minute there was a knock at the door.
“Just a minute”
Lisa called out and looked at me as if deciding what to do. She pulled up her skirt and slipped me inside her left stocking top on the inside of her thigh and hid me beneath her skirt.
“Not a word little man”
She warned and answered the door. I was held deep in the stocking with the lacy border framing my neck and not very far from the distinctive smell of her giant panties above.
“Lisa Storm?”
It was Jody!
“Yes, who’s asking?”
An indignant response came from Lisa to see a stranger at her door.
“Where is he Lisa! Hand Joe over right now!”
I felt the leg I was trapped against rapidly move and it must have been Jody shoving Lisa.
“Jody! Down here!”
My voice wasn’t loud but I did my utter best to blast out that call for help. Jody was confused to where the voice had come from it sounded so distant and faint.
“How dare you!”
Lisa scolded back trying to retain the pretence that nothing was wrong but then she noticed the phone in her room was still off and realized what I had managed to do.
“Jody! Under her skirt………mmmmfftt!”
I attempted to shout again but Lisa moved her thighs swiftly together plastering me between them and cutting me off, normally this would have been a nice place to be lovingly sandwiched against a pair of gorgeous giant legs but right now it felt a dangerous place to be.
“Hand him over bitch!”
My ears were covered but I still made out the sound of a slapping noise and now Lisa was lying back presumably Jody had forced her to the bed. Those thighs eased up on me for a few seconds as I caught my breath.
A man’s voice boomed and in a matter of seconds Lisa was restrained as two male Police officers and a female burst into the room. 
“Where is the young man she kidnapped?”
I could hear the lady Police officer ask and light suddenly flooded my environment as the curtain of Lisa’s skirt raised.
“He’s here”
There was a gasp from the Police and I was looking out upon four giants crowding over me as Jody took me into her hands releasing me from those stockings. 

Held and covered in her fist she looked down at me and asked if I was ok and I just nodded a little overwhelmed by all the action and not to mention the size of everyone gathered around me. The male Police officers arrested Lisa and carted her off out of the room leaving the female officer remaining to tidy things up.

“I cannot believe you are real but you definitely are”
The lady looked at me smiling out of Jody’s fist.
“We do need to get a full statement from you Joe, but I’m guessing right now you’ve been through a traumatic experience and you just want to get home am I right?”
“Yes, more than anything”
“Well you are safe now this young lady was very brave to have rescued you like she did, Miss are you ok to look after him?”
“I’m going to take him home, my sister and I will look after him”
“Are you injured at all Joe?”
The Police woman leaned down to look at me suspended in Jody’s closed fist and I shook my head.
It was then as this Police woman was trying to converse with me that Jody released her hand allowing me to sit on her outstretched palm and they both for the first time noticed I was naked! My hands shot across to cover my genitals and I sat there very timidly.
“I’m ok, except that she drugged me with some stuff she got from some science centre and until it wears off I’m incapable of lying and well very susceptible to suggestion it’s rather embarrassing”
Jody sniggered and the Police woman looked at me for more detail.
”You can find it in her hand bag in a small atomizer, she said it was safe and it should wear off sometime tomorrow I think”
“It’s Trilodine by the sounds of it, a perfectly harmless substance. We trialed it at the station once under a government scheme. One day it might even be classed as legal for use in the courts. It is however illegal to posses it for without a research permit or special license this will be another crime to add to the kidnapping charge”

The Police woman seemed to know all about it and I felt better that at least I wasn’t going to suffer from any ill side effects. Finding the applicator in the hand bag the officer smelt the nozzle end and nodded her head.
“Yep, that’s Trilodine alright, if she used this on you then I know everything in the statement you are going to make is totally truthful, this is powerful stuff. Right now you are a compulsive truth teller but don’t worry it will fade”

After a couple more questions Jody was allowed to take me home, the Police woman left us in the hotel room as Jody stood me down on the vanity unit and gave the two high heels a curious look.
I was just concentrating on covering my bits and feeling very exposed in front of my girlfriends beautiful older sister. I listened whilst Jody called Dallas at home to explain everything and assured her of my well being. My eyes then roamed casually across at Jody who was sat on the end of the bed talking, she looked very attractive today and had obviously come straight from work without changing because her attire was formal, a long dark full length skirt covered her legs right down to her ankles and I could make out a pair of leather boots below. She was only wearing a red long sleeved blouse on top with her hair pulled back into a pony tail the look was sophisticated and elegant. 

When she had finished on the phone she summarized the call to me. 
“The reason I didn’t bring Dallas was because I couldn’t get hold of her mobile she had run the battery flat speaking with your mum whilst she was searching for you, but she’s at my house now so we should get going”
“Agreed I’d like to get out of here”
I smiled up and then Jody moved closer to me and shook her hair free from her ponytail producing her hand before me with a red scrunchy, it was one of those decorative ones and it complimented her blouse. 
“Try this on, it’s better than nothing”
She grinned and I managed to peel one hand from between my legs and took the huge hair accessory which to me was more like the skirt from a ballerina. Turning my back I stepped into its centre and was surprised that the elastic made it fit rather well covering my private parts and freeing up my hands. Jody laughed and I had to laugh with her.
“Sorry little fellah but you look so cute”
“I guess I am and I feel pretty stupid”
I didn’t take offence and then saw the new look of awkwardness now on her face, she was wondering how to carry me to the car I could tell.
“Joe, you really are small now aren’t you?”
“Yeh, a whole lot smaller than you”
I said and wanted to kick myself as it sounded so dumb. She looked around the room and seemed to be stalling a bit.
“I probably should carry you to the car, the lift and stairs could be pretty dangerous for someone as small as you and Dallas won’t forgive me if someone steps on you before I get you home”
“I’d love you to hold me”
Again that dammed drug was altering my words and showing enthusiasm and there was big grin from Jody upon hearing my answer.
“So, how should I carry you? In my hand or somewhere else like….?”
Jody innocently began to ask but I answered all too swiftly.
“I’d like to ride in your bra up there….”
Her face was a picture of surprise and mixed curiosity I think, and meantime I had to look away for a second with the sheer embarrassment of what I had involuntarily said.
“I err didn’t, did, did mean to suggest that…..”
I was digging myself a big hole and couldn’t even deny that I wanted exactly what I had said, my obsession with giant breasts was such a hindrance under this drug. As I turned to look back up at her Jody was smiling. 

Her face was a little flushed in the cheeks as I think she had realized it might actually be possible to stow her sister’s boyfriend down the front of her blouse.
“I bet you would, that truth stuff does work well doesn’t it?”
“Too well”
I frowned and Jody seemed to enjoy my discomfort, she lowered closer to the vanity unit and pulled out the front of her blouse where it formed a v in the middle of her cleavage. Checking the view for a second she smiled back at me in a cheeky manner.
“You know I think that would be a tight squeeze in this bra I’m wearing today but you would probably fit as you are so small right now”
I didn’t believe it she was toying with me.
“But, I think you look small enough to carry in my pocket and that might be a little more appropriate”
Lifting me up she moved me towards her blouse pocket which was positioned over her giant left breast. Holding me in a pausing fashion it was as if she was debating to slide me over a few inches into her cleavage, a giant cleavage I had a very good view of right now.
“I must admit it would be pretty novel carry a guy literally between my boobs and I bet you really get off on how big women’s bodies are to you now, don’t you?”
“I love it”
A laugh rumbled above and I watched the cleavage and blouse below quake with her chuckling.
“Would you tell Dallas if I missed my pocket and accidentally dropped you down my cleavage?”
“No way not unless she asked me”
I said honest as always under my current condition.
“I thought you wouldn’t and it’s only harmless fun eh? I mean you’ve been through a rough ordeal and need a little female comfort right now. I think you need a little reassurance and too feel safe with a giant woman again. So I can’t think of anywhere safer can you?”
I repeated 
“Well as long as it stay’s our secret tiny I’ll pop you down into my bra for the journey”
Jody winked down at me and I was a little shocked yet very turned on of course, maybe there were advantages to shedding my morals and talking straight about my desires. Being five or six inches tall whatever I was now the cleavage below me looked almost as big as Carina’s yet I knew Jody wasn’t that large yet it was all a matter of perspective. With a deliberate slowness she held my chest and back pinched between two enormous fingers and lowered me down under her blouse into her waiting cleavage. My manhood twitched to attention with the anticipation of feeling those firm breasts around me and with only my mid section covered I was going to have a whole lot of skin to skin contact. Her breasts were not pushed up together and the gap between then allowed me to be placed carefully behind the material that joined the centre of the two bra cups and it held me up to my crotch whilst the rest of my body was nicely chaperoned by the curve of her breasts either side holding me in place. 

At my new size she actually managed to cover me except for my head which was just proud and able to peek over the lower v of her neck line.
“I was right you fit rather well in there, is that comfy?”
“It’s really sexy in here”
My voice trembled a bit with my building enjoyment.
“Yeh, I bet it is very sexy for a little guy like you to be surrounded by such an enormous pair of tits like mine. But you know if my boyfriend caught you in my bra there would be trouble. Better see if I can cover you up with my blouse a little ok?”
“Sure…whatever you say Jody”
There was dreamy like quality to my voice as she pulled about her blouse making sure it just covered me from sight but I was quite happy as the view inside of her breasts was more spectacular. 
“You guys always go so gaga over a pair of tits no matter what your size. Come on then tiny lets get you home and don’t you go exploring in there, that’s not part of the deal. I think I owe you one anyway for that day I got drunk and you ended up in trouble so think of this bit of pleasure as my apology”
Jody walked out of the hotel and I shifted around between those boobs as they moved side to side and up and down with her active busty form. I behaved myself inside her blouse although I couldn’t shift the erection my current position had caused. When we entered her car she pushed her blouse down a little letting me see out and whispered down.
“Still enjoying it in there little guy?”

As we traveled I simply didn’t want the trip to end as her boobs gave me the biggest and sexiest hug I had ever felt, but a couple of things were also on my mind that would be even better namely Dallas’s boobs which would put even these giants beside me to shame and I was looking forward to seeing my even larger giantess of a girlfriend.

As she drove me home Jody seemed to be getting a kick out of putting me in her blouse as she commented quite truthfully.
“You feel kind of good in there Joe, I can see why my sister get’s off on how little you are it is a very different feeling to be so….well….so enormous to a guy. It makes me want to shrink my boyfriend down just for fun it’s a shame it’s not contagious.”

It was quite a turn on to hear Jody speak this way and we had a long pleasant chat before she announced that we were only around the corner from home. Pulling over she plucked my reluctant body from her cleavage and smiled to see the small dent in her scrunchy.
“You did enjoy the ride a lot I see. But its time to go in my handbag so we can pretend that’s how I transported you”
Her leather handbag was on the passenger seat and she lowered me in so I was in complete darkness and bumping into what felt like a hairbrush and mobile phone. 

Dallas just about flipped to see me safe and then was even happier to see that I had shrunk some more. She must have kissed me fifty times and all over my body before she allowed me to speak. I told her of my ordeal and she asked a lot of questions about Lisa’s treatment of me. Having explained the effects of the truth drug that still remained in my system she took advantage of it to the full.
“So she used you for sex?”
”Yes like her dildo”
“Oh you poor baby, she took advantage of you being drugged, that’s rape you know. I wanna see her go down for that”

When Dallas had calmed down and we had eaten she insisted on taking me to her room that night.
“From now on tiny you are not going to be out of my sight and that means you are coming to school with me tomorrow no arguments”
“Dallas I thought we discussed this?”
I said watching her getting changed and enjoying the view immensely as she stripped down to just a black silk bra and matching thong.
“Joe who is in charge here?”
“You are”
My truthful response kicked in nicely to make me feel even smaller and produced a big smile from my giant girlfriend.
“That’s’ right tiny so tomorrow we are going to school together, besides I have a big math’s exam and I didn’t manage to revise at all whilst I was spending my time searching for you. So you my tiny one can help me”

I didn’t know quite what she meant by this but right now I didn’t want to argue and half my attention was aimed at her giant body in that sexy underwear. She was so much bigger than before everywhere and packed a lot more up top than either Jody or Lisa. 

Dallas had placed me on top of her bedside unit and I was still wearing her sisters scrunchy but then it was better than being naked, when she turned to look down at me my clothing was her first comment.
“I will have to find you something to wear tomorrow because if you stay dressed like that I might find myself fixing you up in my hair and that would be wild ride that’s for sure”
“Sounds fun to me”
I smiled up at the thought of being strapped to her blonde locks this invited Dallas to stand directly before me looming over my current position with that gorgeous body.
“Does that thought turn you on Joe being trapped helpless in my long blonde hair?”
She was teasing me and taking advantage of me knowing I had to answer her with the truth.
“It turns me on a lot, Dallas you have some seriously sexy hair it feels wonderful”
“You find it sexy eh little man…you’ve never told me that before.”
“Your hairs never been fifty foot long before”
Dallas crouched down and shook her hair forward dropping it over me until I was drowning in it, the tickling sensation and smell combined to power my arousal.
“Hope you like heights”
Her warning came as she picked me up and then coaxed back her hair into a long pony tail sliding the thick golden strands into the scrunchy that I was wearing and pulling me up on top of her head. The fit was tight as her hair was thick stretching the elastic to its full to accommodate both my body and her pony tail. But as her hands released (after checking I was firmly fixed of course) it felt glorious as my manhood pushed into her silky hair and buried it self. The feeling was so good that I wondered if I was able to resist leaving a sign of my happiness in her hair which I don’t think she would appreciate. 
“You make such a great accessory baby I might even wear you to school like this”
I sure hoped she was joking. Dallas decided to switch on her stereo just gently not to disturb Jody and I felt myself swinging around and bouncing with her hair it was like riding one of those mechanical rodeo bulls only I was fixed in place, this amused Dallas but made me forget my previously aroused state of mind as I was holding on whilst she boogied down to some tracks laughing at the sight of me in the mirror being flung around with her head movements.
“Enough, Dallas enough!”
Dallas stopped almost instantly to hear my cries and her hair came to a halt a few seconds later thankfully.
“Awww is the little man a bit dizzy?”
Her voice was playful and her fingers came up to release me keeping the ponytail and scrunchy in place but leaving me naked and planting me on my backside in the middle of her cupped hand. I was a little disoriented as I looked across to see myself level with her beautiful eyes and balancing on this hand which wasn’t much smaller than the mattress from a bed.
“Sorry baby that was a bit cruel of me but fun all the same”
Dallas smiled and I saw that her eyes were settling on my manhood which was a little disconcerting to be eyed up in my naked entirety whilst I could only see a fraction of her beauty at any given time from this close range.
“Guess I’m going to have to get used to being treated like a toy by you and everyone else. I mean I don’t even compare with your Barbie dolls anymore and it must be hard to take your boyfriend seriously when you can literally hold him in the palm of your hand”
“You like being my toy, you like me playing with you don’t you Joe?”
Again Dallas knew my response would be honest and unavoidable.
“I love it especially when you tease me”
“Good and you are so adorably small now it makes teasing you that much easier, do you like how incredibly big your girlfriend is now?”
”Of course you are fantastic like this”
“So what’s the best thing about having a giant girlfriend like me?”
“Your body, it’s just so enormous to me”
Dallas laughed at my answer she knew I wasn’t fully in control of the things I was saying and probing me for compliments whilst I was under the control of that drug was something that she was happy to take further advantage of right now.
“And talking of enormous I bet these look huge and sexy? Are these the biggest tits you’ve ever seen?”
Her hand lowered to that large black bra and her breasts were easily taller than me and far bigger than Lisa’s had appeared.
“Oh yes!”
I found myself stiffening up as she almost toured me around the circumference of one breast and it felt like I was traveling on a magic carpet of flesh being offered the chance to admire a great monument of femininity.
“Want to sleep in between these two tonight?”
“Oh yes”
My response came without any thought of how dangerous her offer could be but the suggestion alone was enough to have me uncomfortably hard.
“Oooh has all this talk about my great big boobs got you all excited?”
I began to ask her to stop and cut out the questioning but ended up saying yes once more.
“Are you excited enough to whack off over my breasts?”
“Dallas yes you know I am but…..”
”But what little one, don’t you want to cum over my giant breasts?”
“Don’t you want to take your dick in your hands and just spank yourself silly over how incredibly huge my breasts are?”
I found her words leading me helplessly to those very actions and before I knew it my right hand was on my shaft and I was holding myself staring at her huge cleavage that was rising from that very sexy giant bra she was wearing. I was so weak willed to resist and would never have dreamed that I could be coerced into masturbating before my girlfriend but she was driving me to it.
“That’s it, show me how much you appreciate a giant girlfriend. That feels good doesn’t it?”
“Would it be even better if I teased you with one of these great big boobs…pushed you up against one of my sexy giant nipples….would you like that? Would you?”
I was getting carried away and Dallas just pulled the left shoulder strap of her bra over her shoulder and slid away the cover of that massive black bra cup until her gorgeous giant breast spilled out and I found it moving towards me. Her hand raised a little until I was laying over the curve of her breast with that nipple pushing into my stomach with its bucket sized form. She then made that nipple travel up to my chest and down my body slowly and seductively until it flexed over my rigid erection and then descended between my legs. It was so big that I could straddle it and it was almost certainly due to the fact that she was equally as aroused which had swollen her nipple making it so dramatically big to be this close to.
“That good baby? You feel so nice against my nipple so very nice…how I’ve waited for you to be small like this and you are so, so small against my nipples”
I felt myself beginning to cum and holding me with her fingers Dallas could sense my body stiffen and ready itself for release. 
“Wait, hold yourself I’m not finished yet…….you need to visit my pussy…you want to visit my pussy don’t you baby?”
My answer was more of an urgent yes combined with a loud elongated sigh and my view of her breast was soon replaced with what seemed acres of Dallas’s tanned body rushing before my eyes as my destination was straight down into her waiting silk panties. Her spare hand had already been there and that meant she was ready for me. With some swift alignment the black material was stretched out around me as her hands slipped my legs into the opening of her pussy and she took half of me into its mouth. I exploded on contact and Dallas seemed to climax a minute or so later having rubbed me around her pussy lips before letting the material snap closed behind me and taking her hands away. I couldn’t believe that my entire legs were sunk into her whilst the rest of me bent at the waist and was held against her pubic bush. The extent of her pussy lips traveled up to my ribcage and kissed me whilst I kind of sat half inside her and was stopped from falling by the smooth comforting layer of her silk panties.
“This just get better and better I so wanted to push you all the way in back then baby but I managed to resist”
Dallas’s loud voice sounded from outside my dark world and I could feel her giant finger tips stroking my back through the material which was like a sensual massage.
“Do you think that I’m big enough to take you all now, I mean every bit of you?”
I answered feeling just a hint of the enormity that lay beyond the length of my legs inside her. It made me wonder how being totally immersed in her womanhood might be like, a little scary perhaps?
I felt her moving around the bedroom for a moment and knew she was going to the bathroom. When I was slipped out of her and into a waiting giant hand her face was peering over those giant breasts beaming with delight.ZIMMER 
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by ZIMMER on Tue Oct 16, 2007 11:35 pm 

“I know you have to tell the truth so forgive me for asking but when we next make love would you like me to slide you completely inside my pussy, I would be very careful not to suffocate you but it would be such a rush to see all of you well……”
She paused to find the right word
“ …….to see all of you disappear inside me, to feel you totally, so totally inside me that would be something and I would be ever so gentle Joe”
“When you put it like that it’s a big yes”
Dallas grinned as she washed me off in the sink thinking about all the possibilities in store for us both.
“I can’t wait to try that with you Joe. I think I’m even getting half aroused now just talking about it and I only climaxed a few minutes ago”

It wasn’t long before we settled for bed and true to her word Dallas tucked me into her cleavage using the mid section of her bra to hold me in place whilst these sleeping giants of her breasts cuddled me close like two big guardians. I was totally blown away as I realized just how small I was between them and Dallas couldn’t help but comment.
”I’m kind of frightened how fragile you are in between those two, I wouldn’t want my boobs to snuff the life out of you during the night”
”I’ll be ok….please leave me here its magic”
I couldn’t help myself and would have pleaded to stay where I was if she had continued to debate the matter and seeing that I was more than happy to take the risk Dallas didn’t even try to talk me out of it.
“Just think now my boobs are so much bigger than you it will be easy to for me to slip you in my cleavage for school tomorrow and it’ll be so much fun to have you there”
“Oh boy…”
I could only muster a small response as I settled down for sleep in her cleavage wondering what tomorrow would be like sharing the world that these gorgeous breasts did inside her bra for an entire school day.

After the best sleep of my life I woke up a little disappointed to find that I was laying upon the pillow of her bed covered by the panties she had worn last night, of course it was nice to be close to her giant underwear but I so wanted to wake with those giant breasts surrounding me. 

Dallas entered the room with a bright and breezy attitude and I sat up in the depression of the pillow to see that she was ready for school. I so loved those tight blouses and short skirts she wore and today didn’t disappoint she looked very sexy as she leaned over me to kiss me good morning. 
“Morning baby? And how is the world’s smallest boyfriend today?”
I smiled and felt that the drug may have run its course as I wasn’t so compelled to answer her.
“Ok…yeh pretty good I think”
“Good, then let’s get you some breakfast”

Her hand scooped me up and once more kissed me against those giant lips before she unexpectedly dropped me into her blouse pocket.
“This is so cool you are really pocket sized now, my blouse pocket is almost as big as you are”
It was true, I was stood in a pocket almost laying back over the slope of her tremendous breast and just my head and shoulders broke the surface. Riding in her pocket the give of her breasts could be felt very dramatically as I shifted this way and that finding myself having to hold on as she walked downstairs.
“Pretty nice view of your boobs from up here as well”
I added as I could see over the pocket and into the open neck of her blouse quite well, enough that her cleavage was flashing into view with each of her steps.
“Oh, sorry I’d better cover up for now”
Dallas promptly fastened two buttons sealing away that sexy layer below just to make herself more respectable before her sister across the breakfast table.

Jody remarked on how cute I was in her sisters pocket and I even ended up eating breakfast still inside it munching on a segment of toast, it was the most unconventional breakfast experience ever and like bieng secured in a material balcony that allowed me to interact with the two giantesses closer to their level. Fortunately it also kept me covered so my lack of clothes didn’t matter.

When Dallas was almost ready to leave for school she placed me on the kitchen sideboard as she ensured that she had all the contents she required in her school bag. Then I noticed that she had some clothes for me in her hands consisting of a pair of trousers and a t-shirt in bright colors. The trousers exceeded the length of my legs by far as I put them on and Dallas laughed as she took them back and snipped the legs down until they met my dimensions. The t-shirt was ok but very baggy and below my backside when it settled before she trimmed it up in the same fashion and it turned out that she had managed buy these ken doll clothes on her way to school the other day as a surprise.

With my tailor made outfit I posed on the sideboard like a fashion model and Dallas couldn’t help but laugh saying that her jagged cuts with the scissors made me look like a miniature ship wrecked sailor in his tattered belongings.

In the light of day and unhindered by the full effect of the drug I was now beginning to think twice about going to school with her and wondered if it would be a lot safer to remain at home.
“Dallas perhaps I can stay here today, I mean you have your exams and all and it would be quite distracting to have me to look after”
“Don’t worry tiny I’ve thought it all through and you are coming with me today no arguments besides I put on my biggest bra today just to give you more room….wanna see?”
Dallas lined herself up before the sideboard and those buttons of her blouse were unfastened to allow a giant white bra to be set free and more cleavage than fifty women my size could have managed combined. Tilting this teasing womanly paradise before me she knew I would very soon see her point of view. 
“Here’s where you are going to spend today….right here in this bra”
Her fingers parted her cleavage and I gulped with anticipation knowing how great this would feel.
“Oh wow”
I almost drooled and Dallas picked my tiny body up in those great big fingers of hers and gently positioned me in her parted breasts sinking my body deep down until only my head was managing to emerge.
“Now isn’t this sexy? You can tell me that you want out and Ill put you back on the side if you want that is?”
Her expression if I could have seen it was brimming with confidence knowing she could overwhelm me so easily now.
“I’m yours”
“I know you are”
She teased and squeezed up her breasts to smother me for a second before allowing them to settle.

Dallas giggled a little before producing her camera phone and pointing it right at me. She rotated the phone instantly around to show me the resulting image and her spectacular cleavage was staring back at me on the LCD display looking sexier than ever. The image was cropped above her lips and under her bust and looked normal in every way except for the little face that managed to settle in her décolletage , my face and it looked very, very small dwarfed by the fleshy companions beside it.
“Oh that’s so great! I’m gonna keep that one forever, do you like it Joe?”
“Man, I am so tiny in here!”
Dallas lifted the phone up for a closer inspection and laughed before saying
“No, you’re not tiny these are just huge boobs!”

Dallas moved to the hallway mirror and showed me the reflection which was just as breathtaking a big girl she certainly was. 

Defeated by the size of her sexy giant assets I watched as the white of her blouse buttoned up to blot out the world above me and sealed me away so that her school tie could be positioned. Her last comment before leaving the house was that she would have proffered me to be a bit smaller so I could have been dropped into one of her bra cups instead but at my current size I would show up far too much to get away with that. I must admit that thought played on my mind a lot that day, one because it was an erotic idea but two because she had suggested it which implied she wouldn’t mind me bieng even smaller than my current tiny size.

The day was pretty amazing, I was in my girlfriends bra for several hours only removed during the breaks at school and that was only when she wanted to show me off to Vicki in secret. Vicki almost fell over with shock to see me emerge from her friends blouse and I had to hope she couldn’t see the hard on I had been trying to fight the entire day. 

During her exams I found out what she meant by me helping her, she leaned over the test paper allowing me to squeeze my head out of her bra and through the gap in between her blouse buttons in order to read the huge black print so I could whisper up some answers, well those that I knew. With our combined knowledge she sailed through the exam and knew that she was destined for a positive result.

The last few weeks had been a whirlwind of new experiences, given that I was actually 5.1 inches tall as I discovered when Dallas insisted on measuring me, the whole world had become both dangerous and an exciting place to be and there was so much more of it!

I ended up at school with Dallas almost every day, riding in what she considered to be my usual place and normal mode of transport, that was between her breasts and beneath her school uniform. I had to admit despite the embarrassment of having some of her friends know about my presence the sensation of residing in her cleavage for hours never ceased to arouse me. 
I found that my obsession with boobs was growing daily and a guy my size could never have too much boob exposure. I actually felt like I knew Dallas’s pair intimately from our time spent together beneath her clothes they were fast becoming my too biggest and best friends. 

However taking me to school with her wasn’t without risk as our little secret was almost revealed to a teacher one day when I was kissing the inside of Dallas’s breasts for fun and it tickled her enough to make her laugh out loud during a very quiet revision session. The teacher made her stay behind for an hour’s detention as a punishment. Funnily enough Dallas then punished me with her own detention session by trapping me in her handbag for half an hour. 

My mother and sister would periodically visit me and I had to say that Debbie was maturing and becoming far nicer to me than ever before or was that because we didn’t spend as much time together? Even she didn’t know however that I came to school with Dallas which was probably for the best. She had also been very lucky and landed a job as an understudy to the chief designer for the same lingerie firm that had turned Dallas down for the booster bra promotions and this was going to keep her very busy in the future and out of my hair, I hoped.

When Dallas finished her schooling she wanted to spend the rest of the summer searching for a job that was related to modeling however nothing was that easy, and given her statistics she was turned down for being too busty to represent the average girl in the teen magazines that displayed all those fashionable outfits. I ended up convincing her to try Professor Jones out who still had an opening for me which was lucky because I was an unqualified high school drop out who happened to have the additional handicap of being little over 5 inches tall.

Prof Jones was happy to help both of us and we could both start new Jobs in September, I would be inputting data onto her computer systems using the special voice activation software and Dallas would work in the reception area.

The replacement Dolls house Jody bought hardly got used over those first few weeks at my new height because Dallas tended to keep me in her bedroom, I found it pretty sexy to sleep in one of her less steep and more conservative court shoes with her lacy knickers making for the perfect blanket to tuck me in. Sleeping in your girlfriends shoe however was fine unless her sister happens to find you and then it’s plain embarrassing. Jody couldn’t stop laughing at me that day!

The Lutron foundation wanted me back in when they learned of my recent reduction in inches but I flatly refused them as it had achieved nothing to be there in the past medically that was, I did find myself wondering however if I would ever get to see those Double G cups of Carina’s again.ZIMMER 
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by ZIMMER on Wed Oct 17, 2007 6:49 am 

September 2006

With my height stable for several weeks it wasn’t long before we started our new jobs. I was waiting in the bedroom for Dallas to finish her hair as it hadn’t taken me more than ten minutes to get ready. My wardrobe had expanded with fresh set of toy clothes and with some new five inch boy band toy figures on the market I actually had some relatively trendy clothes for a change. Dallas said I looked sweet which made me feel like the doll man I had become but I was getting used to shrugging off such girly compliments.

Stood on the floor of the bedroom Dallas had asked me to buff her shoes up as Jody had let slip about how good my services were in this department, if my job failed with the Professor this could be a new career for me to shine the giant shoes of women. Having said that it was taking a lot of effort just to polish this enormous pair of black court shoes before me, each one was taller than me because of the four inch heels beneath them and there was a lot of leather body work to attend to. As I finished off the toe section of the last shoe the familiar sound of my girlfriends giant feet approaching came from behind me and as she stepped closer I could feel the impact and hear the soft padded thuds of each heavy footfall. This was something I was getting used to as much as you can. 

I hadn’t spent much time on the floor as it was considered too dangerous by Dallas but when I did get the chance it was always amazing to see the world from down here and to interact with giants like Jody and Dallas from this perspective.
“Great job tiny, you’d better watch it or I might just lock you in my shoe cupboard and not let you out until you’ve polished my entire collection”
Her loud voice boomed over head and I turned around with my arm resting casually against one shoe like a man who had just proudly buffed up his sports car. 

As I gazed up she looked awesome in her business clothes. She was wearing some sheer black stockings beneath a dark knee length skirt and a silky looking white t-shirt on top. I couldn’t see her face however because those breasts of hers just covered it so well when I was at this angle.
“Wow, you look hot like a giant business woman”
I complimented and Dallas moved closer to me until her nylon stocking covered toes landed before my own feet.
“Care to finish off my outfit and help me with the shoes?”
I looked back at the now immaculately polished heels and shook my head.
“Um, yeh right and do you have a miniature tow truck to hand?”
Dallas sniggered and lifted a mighty foot over me towards the shoe casting me in shadow as that slender yet giant foot slipped inside very gracefully followed by the next one. Now those legs rose even higher into the heavens and I was stood between her shoes looking up her skirt to find that she was wearing her white lace panties a pair that I loved very much. 
“So, if you are ready we had better set off shorty”
Dallas walked off leaving me behind and I had to run to keep up with her.
My call fell on deaf ears until she was at the door.
“Only kidding baby”
Those gigantic shoes turned to face me and I had only just managed to catch up with them. Dallas lowered down onto her knees settling me between them covering me with the canopy of her work skirt until she shifted back. Now I could see her face leaning over from above with her blonde hair neatly fixed into an attractive and practical platted shape upon her head so it wasn’t in the way.
“So cutie, where do you want to ride?”
Naturally I looked towards her breasts but Dallas smiled and shook her head. 
“Not today sweetie I can’t go fishing you out from my cleavage in the middle of the office now can I? And besides you know how excited that gets you riding between these, you wouldn’t want to spoil your new outfit would you?”
“No, I guess not”
Downhearted I waited for an alternative. 
“This skirt has a pocket if you’d like to try it for size?”
Her hand was upon me before I said yes and she stood up slipping me into the front pocket of her skirt, it was dark and tight but lined with some very smooth material that felt great. I mumbled that I was content as Dallas made her way walking to work.

At the office or research laboratory of our new full time employer Professor Jones we both settled in very well. Dallas was on duty at the small reception desk offering a face to the very small amount of visitors and she spent the day receiving a briefing on her duties and security clearance procedures. I was more aware of the security arrangements and the work expected of me, when Professor Jones came out of the main research lab she was stunned to see that I was even smaller than before. 
“I think given your current size moving around the main lab is going to be tough for you Joe, I don’t want one of my technicians to accidentally step on you heaven forbid. So, Dallas here will be in charge of your travel needs, she can carry you around the lab when necessary and I assume when you need um the toilet and such things. So Dallas he is your entire responsibility”
I colored red as she said this but I guess it was obvious a guy as little as I was had to be chaperoned everywhere.
“It seems logical to put your computer and working environment under Dallas’s desk here unless you have an objection to that Joe or Dallas?”
Professor Jones continued and we both just nodded in agreement, to spend time in the proximity of Dallas would be preferable compared to working with some of the male geek types she employed deeper in the labs I thought. 

So by the end of our first day my working environment was beneath Dallas and under the alcove to the left of her large reception desk. The small LCD panel they had fixed for me was like looking at one of those massive plasma screens and immersed before this I would have to see if Barbie or Ken had some sun-glasses to reduce the glare! Apart from the view of the data on my screen there was a lovely pair of giant nylon covered legs rising up behind me into a short skirt. The legs of my giant girlfriend which would keep me company whilst I worked every day. 

Those first few weeks in our new jobs rolled by pretty fast and I learned a lot more about the professor’s research, it seemed linked to the laser device I had seen in the main lab before. Currently though I had been given the task of collecting all the data upon that strange green light in the sky which according to reports was expanding, this thing was worrying as no one seemed to know what it was. The word phenomenon was banded about a lot and there were theories from scientists on the web like this was something to do with our degrading ozone layer. Professor Jones seemed to be concerned about it and said it was important that I gather what information I could from the web and to report upon any of the leading scientists that I came across who had taken specific interests upon it.

Working beneath Dallas was pretty wonderful, when we were left alone she would often tease me and regularly her smooth sheer tights would slip quietly from her giant shoes and come to play with me. I would find myself tipped out of my small chair and pressed under the sole of her enormous foot whilst her toes gently tapped upon my body and she held me there without any effort. One day I found a rip in the heel of her tights and decided to expand it, Dallas was talking with some courier guy above so she couldn’t tell me to cut it out and I slipped under her tights and scaled her leg which required some effort to reach up to the top. As she dealt with the courier guy in deep conversation helping him with directions I was now upon her chair and under her skirt looking at her panties staring at me as I crawled towards them. Dallas trapped me between her thighs before I could do anything and then playfully scolded me when the guy left. 
“That was naughty little man, for that you will have to get me off”
I was taken to the women’s toilets clasped in her hand and she locked the door and then stood me on the counter top and folded her arms with mock authority.
“You’ve got five minutes in these knickers little lover and I had better have a big smile on my face before I let you back out”
Stripping my clothes off she dropped me into her underwear casually and I set to work! Needless to say I managed to get her very excited and achieved the objective as I straddled the under strap of her knickers with my legs dangling as the rest of me could penetrate her sex whilst she stood there!

Our little sessions at work increased over the weeks and I began to enjoy Dallas’s teasing. One day I had finished my work early and as normal there I was staring up at those never ending long legs of hers, I couldn’t help but feel horny. So much so that I began to kiss those giant toes of hers, that’s about all I could do to them because sucking them would have been impossible with my tiny mouth. As I flirted with her two giant feet Dallas giggled from above until she looked under her desk to wave a big finger.
“Joe, I need to finish up this letter”
“But I’m so turned on Dallas I need you right now”
With a sexy wiggle of her toes she positioned her left foot by my crotch and tapped on it with her big toe.
“Then make love between these”
I didn’t know if she was joking but I had my dick lined up with the gap between her toes in a second and I found the sensation very pleasurable as they seemed to clamp in on my small manhood tightening the gap for my pleasure. Slowly I pushed my hips into the pads beneath her toes and began to thrust between them until I released and Dallas giggled from above. 

I was beginning to think that the work place was just one big venue for secret sex, Dallas never missed any opportunity to tease. One day we had an important visitor a woman who looked to be from the military, Prof Jones was nervous about her presence and things had to be very orderly, she even suggested to Dallas to keep me out of sight for an hour as she didn’t want to distract the woman with the presence of a tiny man working at the facility to prolong her interest to stay. When Prof Jones walked off to greet the woman Dallas grinned down at me below her and I was in her clutches in seconds. 
“Hey, just let me stay down here and she wont notice”
I suggested but Dallas saw that it was her chance to play a joke on me and dropped into the base of her left boot she had been wearing and kept me inside it for the entire visit. I wasn’t amused that time and came out smelling of her feet which Alison, Professor Jones’s twenty year old daughter noticed. 

She by the way was the only other woman working there who handled me and sometimes took me to the data storage archives when Dallas was busy. I kind of liked Alison carrying me, she was always nervous and used two hands cupped around me and clutched my body close to her chest in a manner to keep me safe. I so enjoyed when she would wear her tight sweaters and her healthy bust would casually bump into me, sometimes I am sure she let this happen on purpose and Dallas agreed that she was a flirt although the two of them got on very well and would often have girly chats about clothes and stuff.

One day I was on top of Dallas’s desk surface waiting for her to finish typing so we could leave when Alison sweetly stopped by to chat to me. She was a shorter giantess than I was used too much like her mother but very good looking and always smelled great often bringing her pretty face down to my level to converse enveloping me in sweet perfume. Tonight however she had changed in the women’s toilets ready to party for the evening and as she sauntered into the reception area and I was very surprised to see her full figure in the most revealing of short dresses, her breasts were practically trying to escape from behind a thin layer of silk and I don’t even think she was wearing a bra. Actually I know she wasn’t as she made a point of uncharacteristically leaning down to speak with me lower than usual, she was making sure I had a full view down her dress. For a short woman she had big breasts. As she blew me a playful goodbye kiss Dallas tutted from behind me and then two enormous blouse covered breasts thudded down either side of where I stood so Dallas could fully intimidate me with their size as I was almost stood between them. 
“Her boobs are far too little for you Joe, a C cup or a small D if she’s lucky, nothing compared to what you’ve got either side of you right now”
Flirtatious as normal Dallas nudged me with her breasts playfully and I turned around to face a large vertical line of cleavage noticing her blouse was deliberately undone and gaping for my pleasure. Staring into that deep tanned tunnel formed between those wonderfully rounded hills I was suddenly waking up between my legs.
“Like I said Joe nothing compared to these big beauties”
“Take me home you sexy giant of a woman”
I said lustfully and Dallas took one look around the reception area and then picked me up and squeezed me gently into the opening of her blouse until I was up to my neck in her mammoth boobs.
“Thanks“Its time to go home tiny and you’re staying in there”
Dallas said as if this was some kind of threat but for me it was a major treat, I watched her button up that blouse over my head as she sealed me in for the ride home. 

The next day at work was very interesting, I was continuing my studies and scouring for information upon the abnormality in the sky and today it appeared that this green fissure had doubled in size confirmed by the chaos that it was causing to commercial airline routes that were being diverted away. Reporting this to the Professor she seemed highly concerned and hurried away into the main lab and began to bark orders upon all her assistants even snapping at some of them most uncharacteristically and I began to wonder if the work she was doing here had some sort of relationship to that phenomenon but didn’t dare to ask. 

When it was time leave as normal I was on top of the reception desk patiently waiting for Dallas to finish her work. I was being rather annoying and playing with items on her desk top, I had lifted her plastic ruler on top of a paperweight and made myself a small see-saw style ramp to walk up and down. My little games were distracting Dallas as she typed trying to compile a letter.
“Joe, can’t you just sit still, I will be finished in a minute?”
“Just occupying myself big lady”
I jumped down off the ruler and decided to investigate her computer mouse. It was still a marvel to me how everyday objects looked and I walked around her mouse before seeing if I could jump over it, I didn’t manage to jump its length and ended up tumbling over and clicking the mouse by accident but I performed a very dynamic roll and didn’t hurt myself in the slightest.
“Joe, will you cut that out”
Dallas gave a small frown and moved the mouse away from me to the other side of the computer which in my terms was about forty foot away.

Bored I sat down on her calculator and rolled my feet back and forth across the top of a biro wondering if I should try to stand on this pen and roll it around like those men who manage to balance on logs in the water. Dallas broke a smile and shook her head.
“What am I going to do with you mmm? I should pick you up and drop you down the front of my knickers so you can do something useful with all that pent up energy”
My eyes suddenly lit up but she soon retracted this exciting possibility.
“But then you would have me all worked up and I will never be able to concentrate.”
“Hi Dallas”
Suddenly Alison entered the reception area.
“Hey Ally”
“Dallas did your sister manage to get everything for me today?”
”Yeh, actually my mum came in and dropped them off earlier I’ve got them back here for you. I tell you the discount Debbie gets its amazing when I ordered your stuff I simply had to copy”
“Great I was counting on picking them all up before I leave in a minute”
Alison started to walk off when she noticed me.
”Oh sorry Joe I didn’t see you down there”
“Hi Alison”
“Catch you guys later ok, I need to see mum before I go”

As Alison left the room I turned my attention back to Dallas and said
”What’s Debbie getting for Alison and what have you ordered then?”
”Girl’s stuff, some new lingerie from the company she works at and if you play your cards right I might try it on for you later. And I’m just about done here Joe, I’m just going to pop to the toilet and then we can go”
“Mmmm, new underwear eh? So in order for me to offer my professional opinion and contrast old vs new I need to start by checking out what you are wearing right now on the way home?”
Dallas laughed as she stood up before her desk looking down at me.
“Oh I see Mr Professional, so you want me to pick you up and drop you down the front of this top I’m wearing right now eh tiny? Start in my bra and then get into my knickers a little later huh?”
Dallas questioned teasingly whilst looking down the neck line of her top and my cheeky plan seemed to be playing out just as I wanted it to, with a cocky smirk I lifted up my arms for her to make a fist around me as I answered.
“That sounds an ideal place to start”
A great big hand settled around me and lifted me up and I eagerly anticipated coming into contact with those sexy giant breasts, but she was about to trick me. Instead of finding myself sliding into her voluptuous cleavage I fell through the air and landed onto a very soft giving environment that swallowed my little body up from sight. I was plunged into a world of silk and lace and realized that I was in a large bag of some sort filled with giant underwear!
“You can stay in there for the ride home tiny, oh and I’d better not see any stains on my new things…ha…ha!”
Dallas was pleased with her deception and the fact she had got one over on me and I could hear her chuckling as she walked off to the toilet.ZIMMER 
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by ZIMMER on Wed Oct 17, 2007 6:50 am 

It was like trying to swim inside all these giant sized female garments and the more I struggled the deeper I seemed to slide between them and right down into the bag. I could imagine Dallas laughing at how clever she was and I had to laugh at myself at how helpless I had become.

A couple of minutes later I heard Dallas return and I knew that she would keep me in the bag to extend her joke whilst we traveled home, I wasn’t going to give her the satisfaction of calling out for her to remove me and to be honest it was a nice environment to be in for now. Her new pairs of luxury designer panties and what had to be some massive silk stockings were keeping me company.
I ended up sandwiched between an enormous pair of lace panties and covered directly by some sheer silk stockings and it felt quite comfortable. 

I must have drifted off as she made her way home when I was awoken by the bag settled down a little roughly. I was glad her underwear absorbed the shock but suddenly I felt the bag moving in a very odd manner like it was on a conveyer belt and I could now hear lots of people talking? Where the hell had Dallas gone to the supermarket? The bag was once more picked up and Dallas must have been walking with me again. After a few minutes I then heard a public address system expressing that a flight was about to leave! I was at the airport!
What was Dallas playing at? I called out but the sound of the people around easily drowned my tiny calls.

Her joke of carrying me home amongst her underwear was now wearing thin and I felt very frustrated especially because Dallas hadn’t even spoken to me or checked I was ok for some time.
After what seemed ages the bag settled again and I decided to call out. There was no answer but a lot of talking once more, I would have to climb out and make my way to the top of the bag as the massive panties and stockings presumably muffled my cries even more. A minutes or so later I had the shock of my life. I had wiggled up through a few layers to find myself on top of a giant bra cup and beneath another the light wasn’t good even though the bag had a fine weave like structure that let light through the minute gaps. But what caught my eye was the label “Goddess Paris collection size 34-C”
“34C!” I said aloud to myself and I quickly scrabbled towards the strap of the bra that covered me from above to see a similar label “34-C”.

As I held this label in my two hands those bold black letters began to get larger and larger before my eyes! I was shrinking again and the bra seemed to expand beneath and above me as my head threatened to disappear into my clothes. 
“Not now!”
I groaned as I felt my shoes fall away from my feet loosing them into the silky jungle somewhere and I became fearful of when the shrinking would stop. After a few seconds everything stabilized and I saw that the label was now about the size of a flag. My trousers and underwear drowned me and I could only guess that I was somewhere around one or two inches tall! As frightening as this was I had begun to worry just what was going on around me.

It was obvious that the now mega sized bra’s around me belonged to Alison and not my girlfriend, who’s bra size was many times larger than even these, man what a thought! 
Dallas had obviously dropped me into the wrong carrier bag and whilst she was in the toilet Alison had returned to collect it. 

As I pieced together how this happened I then felt the bag shift a little and I was sliding over the surface of a huge bra cup which resembled the size of a large Jacuzzi spa and I ended up sinking in the bag once more and loosing my trousers and underwear on the way.

Matters then got worse if that was at all possible, I thought Alison was at the airport hopefully picking someone up but boy was I wrong, I could now make out the loud rumble of accelerating jet engines! We were on a plane and taking off, where ever Alison was going I was coming with her.

About fifteen minutes into the flight I had managed to climb closer to the top of the bag, all I was wearing was a t-shirt which had been small on my previous 5 inch frame but this now slopped upon me like a dress, but at least it covered me. This top however impeded my progress as it had snagged upon the back and out of my reach upon a huge hook from one of the bra’s. As I tried to free myself the entire bra was lifted and me with it!
I slowly rose into the air and put my hands up to the end of the bra band to hold on as out of the bag I came.
Alison was inspecting her new purchases and as she took hold of the bra she suddenly saw my little body dangling from the end of it. 

The sight that met my eyes was that of a giant woman many times bigger than I had become accustomed to and it was Alison. She was staring at me through her big brown eyes and in total shock. Luckily there was no one on the seat next to her and a man fast asleep in the seat across the nearest aisle. My expression must have been one of mutual shock but although I had been semi prepared to see larger giants a woman the size of Alison was so much larger than I had expected compared to how she looked when I was three or so inches taller.

When she decided I was real she mouthed an almost silent “Joe?” 

“Hey Alison”
I greeted before she unhooked my clothes and clasped a hand around me that could have held two people my size. I was used to having my head or legs sticking out of the female hands that carried me before but now every one of those fingers would be taller than me including the little ones. In the darkness of her soft fist I felt motion and realized she was heading for the toilet so she could speak more freely with me.

I stepped off her flattened palm moments later onto a cold plastic surface and looked up to a very large and bemused giantess. Alison looked so gigantic and I could only see her from the waist upwards, the worst thing about all of this was that Alison I knew was a short girl in reality. 
“Joe, what’s going on, why were you in my bag? And why are you so much smaller?”
Her voice rumbled and I held my ears as in her current state of shock she didn’t consider just how loud her voice would be to someone so tiny when she was speaking so close.
“Sorry Joe is this better?”
“Yeh, thanks”
“Your voice I can hardly hear you”
Alison lowered her head closer to the sink area and her long dark hair fell forward and splashed over me like a heavy mass of shiny ropes. I was knocked over by the surprising weight and she pulled up in an instant securing her hair out of the way, this small encounter hit home to me just how fragile I had become as I could be felled by a woman’s hair. 
She smiled.
“I just can’t get over seeing you like this Joe, I mean you were small before but now you are like dinky in size”
“Alison don’t let anyone ever call you short because right now I’m feeling a little frightened by how immense you look”
My honesty surprised her but she was colossal to me.
“Hey don’t be scared I’m going to look after you, Joe how did you end up in my bag anyhow?”

I told her how the mix up had occurred and Alison filled me in that she was having a 2 day break with her partner at a small villa in the sun. I was going to be thousands of miles away from Dallas and I could imagine she was probably worried to death by now. Still my dilemma had its compensations as Alison was friendly enough and I would be safe in her care.

“So what do I do about you little guy?”
”I’m only a small problem Alison”
I said and found myself looking at the woman I would be spending the rest of this journey with. 

Alison was beautiful and with a lovely figure. Those C cups were now the largest pair of breasts I had seen in outline and they pushed out the front of her pink work blouse in major giantess proportions that I couldn’t ignore right now, but this was Alison the daughter of my boss that meant I had to try and keep my boob radar in check however with a pair of breasts this amazing that would be torture. I thought back to what Dallas said only the day previous telling me that Alison’s boobs were far too little for me how utterly ridiculous that seemed in my current state of appreciation.
“You certainly are a lot smaller than before.”
She smiled and I made sure to look at her giant face.
“Easier to hide I guess”
“Well let’s get practical, we have about another three hours on this flight so I need to keep you out of sight”
There was a pause whilst Alison debated how to hide me.
“Sorry but it looks like you’re flying inside my pocket Joe it should be plenty large enough to hold you safely given how tiny you are right now”
“Yeh, um be careful with me wont you Alison, those pockets look kind of tight from here and that’s before you sit back down”
I cautioned looking at the two front pockets upon that figure hugging skirt and figuring that they may be large but pretty narrow inside once she sat down.
“Actually Joe that’s economy class down there in my skirt, wouldn’t you prefer to ride up here in business class?”
Alison lowered down and a wall of pink blouse rushed across my vision until I noticed she had a giant pocket over her left breast.
“Business class looks…fffine”
I responded and Alison laughed and lifted me into the deep pocket that swallowed me up. Peaking down into her breast pocket she grinned and commented.
“Wow, I’m carrying a mini man in my pocket this is unreal”
“Yeh unreal”
The repeated word fell from my lips as I wondered just how giant that C cup was behind me and the thin layer of this blouse that separated me from experiencing it. 

The ride in her pocket was fairly dramatic at my size and I didn’t realize that Alison’s breasts were large enough to sway around quite so much with her steps yet I was sliding about in her pocket quite a bit. 

The plane journey was uneventful and if I have to admit rather pleasant feeling Alison’s giant breast rising and falling with each breath behind me. She shared some small pieces of airline food with me but we couldn’t chat as it would have drawn attention to see a woman conversing with her pocket. And what a pocket it was, I had ridden in a few blouses up until now but normally I would be able to stand or climb or peek over the top depending on its depth and yet this ordinary pocket on this petite woman was three times my size in all directions and I was willing to bet my little frame didn’t produce much of a bump on the exterior, Dallas would love how small I had become. 

As we went through customs and other such procedures Alison hailed a taxi and I could already feel the heat of this island paradise. 
“We will soon be there”
She said down to me with a wink and quietly so the driver didn’t notice.

Leaving the taxi we had arrived at the villa, well I assumed we had but I couldn’t see out of her blouse and had watched a wall of pink cotton for some time shifting and swaying around me. I could hear her shoes striking a wooden floor and shouted up.
“Alison are we there?”
There was no answer.
I called louder looking straight up and out of the pocket catching glimpses of her chin and hair moving above.
“Did you say something Joe?
“Yes, are we there yet?”
”Oh, yes we are at the villa. I guess you would like to come out of there huh?”
Two massive fingers pulled me from the pocket and settled me into a cupped hand.
“It looks like we are alone my partner normally works in a local bar….so how about we get some sun eh?”

Alison proceeded to tour me around the villa which was a nice property and it had the most fantastic kidney shaped pool which to my eyes looked like an ocean contained in a titanic piece of construction. She walked into a bedroom and put her case down on the bed along with me.
“err Alison, don’t you think we should call Dallas and tell her where I am?”
“All in good time Joe, but first little guy the sun’s going down fast and we need to catch a few quality rays”
I watched from the bed as Alison proceeded to rifle into her case in search of something and gulped as she retrieved a bright green thong bikini and dropped it down only inches before me. The wind caused by these green parachutes falling blew me over and Alison chuckled.
“You like?”
Holding the bikini top up Alison showed me the two largest triangles of fluorescent green I had ever seen joined by a thick stretchy band. I was a little in awe as Alison proceeded to turn her back to me and began to undress. Her blouse and skirt were removed and I could see a mountain sized expanse of bare flesh rising into the heavens and below the spectacular curves of her rear as she slipped out of a pair of giant blue knickers, I am sure her legs were just as amazing but for now they remained completely out of my view. Stood on the bed I just froze there in the one position watching this skyscraper of a woman’s body slowly getting undressed, I should have been more gentlemanly and turned away but how could I ignore this grand display? 

Glancing over her shoulder Alison grinned to see me entranced by her actions and then without warning she picked up her pink blouse from the floor and said.
“No peeking mister”
Before I knew it the sky went completely dark as that blouse sailed down like a circus tent collapsing. I was soon in a maze of pink folds trying to find my way out in the limited light that the material allowed through. Somehow I made it to one of the arm holes and ventured down the length of this gigantic sleeve to emerge at the cuff some time later having pushed my way through this light weight material. If she had been a real giantess her clothes could have served as an assault course for the army and I had to laugh at what a challenge it was to make it this far.

Alison was now wearing that Bikini and looking mighty fine in it as she played around with her hair sweeping it out of her way with some vicious looking black hair clips.
“So what do you think?”
She twirled in her swim wear waiting for me to applaud her figure and I looked up at this skyscraper sized woman in absolute lust laced amazement, her body seemed to rise above me so dramatically that I had to step back a long way to see her face.
“Alison, that’s some bikini”
I said but she couldn’t hear me.
“What about my bikini? I can’t make out what you are saying down there….”

Her hand picked me up and whisked me to her face at such a speed that I felt almost the G force effect as I was pushed back in her soft palm.
I complained automatically as her hand settled and Alison looked down with apologetic eyes.
“I’m sorry Joe was that a little fast?”
“You could say that my stomach is down there still”
“Joe, I forget how little and delicate you are and how simple things like picking you up might feel. Don’t worry I will be extra careful from now on. I’m not that used to feeling like a giant woman”
I replied as I settled into the top of her fist marveling once more at the sheer scale of her hands. 
“Now, what was it you said about my bikini? Your voice is too little I do have a job to hear you sometimes”
“You look great Alison”
“Why thank you, it does fit nicely huh?”

Moving me closer to her chest I was suddenly aware that the enormity of her breasts filled my entire vision now and these were modest c cups, my own girlfriend’s breasts would make these “gulp” look small! 
Allison’s eyes seemed to be flitting between her bikini and then back to me and I saw a look in those eyes that made me a little uncomfortable.
“These must look pretty spectacular to you don’t they Joe? I mean as tiny as you are these boobs of mine must appear to be ten times your size or maybe more? That must make them quite intimidating for a man, …….or maybe its extremely pleasurable huh?”
I didn’t dare to respond but noticed there was a slow decent of her hand bringing me ever closer to her top.
“Tell me Joe when we are at work together and when I pick you up and carry you to the archives, is it my imagination or do you really enjoy it when I hold you close to my chest?”
I tried not answer as I didn’t wish to incriminate myself but Alison wasn’t going to stop there.
“Like last week Joe when I wore that blue sweater the really tight one I’m sure you seemed very preoccupied checking me out and trying to snuggle closer to these……am I right Joe?”

Her recollections were spot on and I felt guilty for them, often when she held me the feeling of being in another girls hands was a pretty good one and the way Alison would clutch me so near to her chest was definitely distracting. The smell of her perfume distinctly different to my girlfriends would surround me and the gentle bounce of those smaller and exceedingly firm looking breasts pointing out either side of me I had to admit was very sexy. Her normal choice in office wear did little to flatten the alluring outline of those two full c cups as it was but that particular thin blue sweater she referred to was by far my favorite and I’m convinced Dallas had noted how Alison would wear such items on the days when she knew I would be spending time with her. 
But Dallas wasn’t here right now and I was dangerously close yet again to another woman’s ample charms and enjoying it.
“Alison, I try not to look but sometimes when you hold me……”
”Don’t worry Joe…..”
Alison cut into my speech and her giant voice trampled over my weaker vocals.
“……I don’t mind, quite the contrary I have to confess that I enjoy flirting with you a lot”
”You do?”
Oh boy I was getting into some dangerous territory here but hardly able to help myself as my lower brain was screaming out that I should be paying more attention to the voluptuous swells that were looming in a huge manner below me rather than the giant face above.
“I love flirting with you Joe and I like holding you and carrying you around, you’ve got quite a firm little body and such a sexy little behind. Look we are all alone out here and Dallas is miles away so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have a little fun now is there?”
I began to speak but Alison was taking charge like the giantess she was.
“So right now I’m feeling the urge to strip that little ill fitting t-shirt off you and to slip your naked little body into one of the cups of this bikini and I know we would both enjoy that”

Alison did as she said and I found myself unable to protest as my t-shirt was pulled away and she ran the tips of two fingers down my body pausing at my middle to feel the resistance of my now fully engorged member. 
“I know you will find this really sexy, now you can be close to the objects of your desire, real close that is”
Her fingers nails pulled up the edge of her right bikini cup above her nipple and then I was placed face down on the slope of that tremendous mound and slid gently down by her finger nails until I felt the material snap tightly down across my back and legs leaving only my head free!

The skin beneath me was warm against my body and initially quivered to my touch in the nicest possible way, man this was a big, big sexy breast! I felt so very insignificant as I lay there trapped in her top and my entire body was now spread out feeling the delights of skin to skin contact from the smallest fraction of this enormous womanly flesh that pressed against me. I couldn’t move for the pressure of the material but that was a good thing right now as she was walking and her boobs were quaking!
“Wow you really flatter a girl’s boobs don’t you? I mean they look really big with a little man lying across them”
“Alison your boobs are massive, really, really massive!”
With a hearty chuckle at my words those massive boobs rumbled beneath me and Alison hefted them up in her hands raising me closer to her face.
“Yeh, I guess they are to you”

Fastened to her breast she teased me and stepped into the swimming pool.
“Alison don’t Ill drown in here”
My enjoyment of being in her bikini top subsided as the water came dangerously close to the base of her breasts.
“Only toying with you tiny, perhaps you can catch some rays on the side and wait for me, mmm?”
“Yes, that sounds a lot safer than being in this ocean”

Alison slipped me out of her top and carefully waded through the shallower waters until she could set me down on the tiled surround of the pool. As I began to walk off a huge wave crashed over me and drenched me from head to toe, I looked back and saw Alison cutting through the water oblivious to the splash she had inadvertently sent my way.

The sun was warm however and I walked across the huge patio tiles to find somewhere that I could dry off under its glorious rays. I found Alison had tossed a towel on the ground so I decided to lie upon its surface listening to the loud splashes coming from the giantess swimming in the distance. When Alison had finished cooling off she stepped out of the pool and headed in my direction I instantly felt the dark shadow of her body surrounding me as she blotted out the sun. Dropping to her knees on the towel I was between her two legs and looking up at her thong style bikini bottoms as they dripped down with huge football size blobs of water crashing around me. Her whole body glistened with beads of water and as she shook her hair it felt like it was raining and once more I was damp. 

Alison lifted me up between two finger tips and then spread herself out with her back on the towel to dry off in the sun. With a small smirk she placed me down into her navel and beads of water that had rushed down her body had filled this natural depression to the top. Her navel was what I would call an “inny” not an “outy” so I had a cool little pool of water right up to my lower thighs. I sat on the edge of her belly button and put my legs in the water as we chatted and gazed off into the distance at her breasts rising up so wonderfully. We stayed like that for what seemed a long time until Alison was completely dry and she decided we should go back inside.
“My partner will be back soon Joe, and I need you to warm me up”
“Warm you up?”
I questioned as Alison picked me up in her fist walking back to the bedroom. 
“Yes, I want you to get me wet, really wet”
“But you’ve just dried off?”
My brain wasn’t connecting with her line of thought quiet naively and Alison laughed.
“I want to be wet on the inside silly and you can get me very wet indeed little man”

It took seconds for Alison to remove her clothes as she spread out on the double bed and splashed her long shiny locks across the pillows, still held in her hand I hadn’t yet seen the fully glory of her nakedness until she dangled me by her finger tips and playfully traced me over her bodyscape within inches of her best features and curves. What a journey this was as my eyes fell upon the smooth exterior of her taught stomach and then rushed up and between the mammoth hills that she called breasts until my journey ended upon her glistening lips with a smack of a giant kiss.
“Oh I’m so jealous of Dallas getting to play with you every night”
She moaned and kissed my naked butt with her lips and then licked the backs of my bare legs with her huge tongue running it over my rear and lower back, how I wanted her to turn me around right then!
“Why don’t you explore me my little man Bug”
Was that my new nickname “Man Bug” I couldn’t help but feel even smaller between her fingers as she said this. 

Very soon though I was on my own and placed knee deep in her pubic bush feeling quite intimidated by what I could see several of my feet away. It was forbidden territory I would have to resist her but with every shrinking I not only felt weaker physically but mentally, I wasn’t sure that I had the will power to fight my inner urges to check out this gigantic pussy that innocently called to me with its intoxicating womanly vapors. In a dilemma I looked back up her body and tried to find her face beyond those high rise breasts.
“Alison, I don’t think I should be doing this”
My voice carried to her but she laughed and then propped herself up on her elbows to look down upon me so close to her sex.
“Joe I’m not going to force you even though I could….”
She giggled again at her power
“…I want you my little love bug and right now you have no idea how excited my pussy is just knowing you are standing there, I’m getting such a thrill out of this size difference between us and I think you are just as curious. As short as I am and as regular as these boobs of mine are in reality I know since you have shrunk that I am the biggest woman that you have ever laid eyes upon and these are the biggest tits you’ve ever experienced and that really turns me on”
“You are beautiful but…”
“Joe, when will we ever get such a chance to be alone together again? Dallas and you share a special connection and I’m not looking to get in the way, all I want is to feel the same things that Dallas has just for one night to be that giant woman that you make love with. This body of mine….”
Alison cupped her breasts and stroked them so that I could watch them settle down with their natural sexy jiggling action.
“….this body of mine is yours tonight and only tonight if you want it?”
Her right hand traveled down across her stomach and I stepped out of her way as her fingers moved through her bush and then entered her womanhood and I could hear the moist contact as she teased herself for a few seconds. To my surprise her fingers withdrew and one of them still coated with her juices came across to where I stood and she drew a circle around me. Now my senses were being bombarded with her smell rising from the flesh that surrounded me and I watched her raise this same finger to her lips as she seductively licked it and smiled.
“Am I turning you on my little man bug?”
I wanted to ask her to stop knowing how easily seduced I could be from past experience but of course she didn’t care.
“Looking at you down there my nipples are getting hard, can you see?”
Her fingers tweaked her nipples and she moaned softly in a contented manner yet in a fashion that was making me harder just to watch her. Again her fingers returned to her pussy and she played with herself for another few seconds withdrawing her hand before she got too aroused by her own actions.
“Why don’t you play with yourself Joe I know you want to, you are looking at my giant tits and my giant pussy and you are loving what you see I know you are”
Her left hand picked me up from behind and I was clasped between a thumb and finger as her other hand fresh from inside her came towards me and deliberately coated my balls and my shaft with her juices.
“Just a little home made lubrication for you to share Joe. Why don’t you stand over me whilst I teach you how a woman likes to be touched?”
It was almost as if having her scent upon me in its thick liquid state that I became more aroused than ever and a more than a little drawn to see her masturbating.

I stepped only a few feet away from her sex and watched her part this monstrously big opening inside her body as her skilful fingers began to play. Now the richer stronger smell of her arousal was reaching out to me and it was a heady fragrance far more powerful to my tiny senses than I had experienced so far. She obviously had a lot of experience at stimulating herself because she was really getting into it and the loud sound of her appreciative moans was starting to get to me and I lost myself in the moment and began to stroke my own hardness whilst I watched her fingers exploring the cave like interior of her pussy. 
“Come closer little bug, come closer to my giant pussy”
I suddenly dropped my member realizing I was being drawn into the situation and then the movement of her body which had started to writhe a little made me loose my footing and I fell landing down onto or rather into her open pussy that had been stretched so wide by her active fingers. I scrabbled against the inner flesh with its slick wet surface as I tried to push myself back up but my every touch sent Alison into orbit. 
“Ooooh little bug!”
She boomed and her fingers grabbed me and pushed me into her and at my new size I was dwarfed by her slit and gobbled up between her pussy lips so easily until my entire body was inside her.
Alison loved our contact but was restrained enough to pull me back out as she gently panted.
“Did you hear that little bug, that’s my lover returning and I think the three of us are going to have such an exciting night together!”
Was it her juices in my ears or did she say her man had returned? Hell I didn’t want to be here with her like this and have some giant guy joining us! I could hear the footsteps from beyond the door and I felt like I was going to die, this guy might kill me or would it be worse if he joined us and I had to encounter some enormous penis, suddenly the colour drained from me and I lost my hardness just petrified awaiting the bedroom door to open.

Alison sat up and held me to her face grinning at me and whispered softly.
“I can’t wait for more of this, I’m so ready for loving right now”
“Hide me, please hide me!”
I begged pathetically in her hand and Alison gave me a strange look noticing my dick was now limp and how switched off I was.
“Don’t worry we’ll be gentle with you, I’ve never had a threesome before…”
She mused and looked at my flaccid dick using a finger nail to playfully lift it very delicately given her size.
“..what this aren’t you excited?”
“Alison please don’t, I don’t want this, hide me please!”

Surprised she cocked her head to one side in a manner to indicate she didn’t understand my reluctance and then she closed her hand around me and I was in darkness,
“Hey baby”
I heard her say accompanied by the sound of someone entering the room
“Have I got a surprise for you, close your eyes”
Alison was moving me and I was expecting her hand to unfold any second and to be exposed before her boyfriend to meet what ever fate he decided when suddenly I felt myself released and tumbled down between Alison’s breasts until I was deep in her warm cleavage and fortunately caught by her bra below. It then struck me that Alison wasn’t wearing a bra and further more these were much bigger breasts!
“What was that you put in my bra…oh its alive…ooh!”
Another woman’s voice boomed overhead and I was in this stranger’s cleavage!”
“Ally what is it you tease?”
“Remember the little guy that I told you about the one I work with?”
“No! It can’t be”
I looked up and steadied my feet on the base of this humongous black bra looking up between two very deeply tanned breasts that dramatically curved above me, and I mean way above me! There was a face, a beautiful face peering into her cleavage with eyes that were dazzling and full of surprise.
“Look at him, he’s so very tiny! Oh how sexy, look he’s drowning between my great big enormous boobs. This is such a surprise Ally, is he ours to keep?”
Her voice was loud and tinged with an accent that was very attractive only I couldn’t place its origin. 
“I….I’m not a toy, I’m a man and no body owns me”
I bravely called out between her lovely breasts and this woman laughed with Alison. 
“He’s so funny can we keep him Ally?”
“Jade he’s ours tonight”
Alison declared and I saw Jade’s massive smile with some pearly whites glinting above.
“I can’t wait, I’ve really missed you baby”
She said and then leaned forward to launch into a full on kiss with Alison!

I said out loud but neither of them heard me stowed as I was deep in Jade’s bra whilst they sucked each others faces with great enthusiasm above.

What ever top Jade was wearing Alison was removing and now I could see through the thin bra material and instantly noticed how Jade was towering over her girlfriend.
“Are you enjoying yourself in my girlfriends bra little bug? I bet you are….”
Alison’s eyes peered at me looking through the lacy barrier that separated us and then she seemed to rise perhaps on her toes so that she could kiss the curvy flesh above me. Jade was leaning forward and very soon the relative safety of this massive bra was fading fast as I clung on frightened that I might fall out of it if she leaned any further to meet her short partners affections. But then Alison’s gigantic tongue slid down the huge cleavage above me and her cave sized mouth followed with her hot yet somehow erotic breath and I could suddenly feel suction! Alison was drawing me into her mouth, her tongue was guiding me and soon darkness fell as I entered it and watched the two walls of her teeth close together.
I called but she was moving now with me inside her mouth. A woman’s mouth and I was trapped inside her unsure if she was going to swallow me and frightened in this darkness of what she intended. I managed to sit up on her tongue which never settled fully as I could feel the life inside it. The texture was odd, not rough but not totally smooth either and so very wet that my legs were drenched in her saliva. I could actually hear my calls to Alison echo just slightly from her throat behind or was it from the shape of her mouth? She probably could hear me but kept her mouth shut as her head continued to move a little. I steadied myself reaching across to the inside face of some teeth at the side of where I sat and just feeling them it was intimidating, Alison petite little Alison could actually eat me if she wanted to right now and I would be little more challenge than a hard boiled sweet to swallow whole. It made me shudder but I was turned on and so confused right now between pleasure and fear. In her mouth for now it was all tranquil around me just the smell of her salvia not unpleasant but strong and in this darkness I could have leaned back to rest upon the length of her tongue only I knew the calm wouldn’t last.

I heard Jade instructing Alison with a giggle and her jaws opened wide above and below me tumbling my small helpless body out of her mouth and onto Jade once more. I fell but not far and found my feet making sure to wipe the rich saliva from my legs before looking at where she had dropped me. I was stood on Jade only she was naked now and lying flat on the bed from what I could tell. To the left and right of my view were her breasts and they soared up like mountainous glorious celebrations of the female body. Minute, that’s how I felt as a totally insignificant insect. For a moment or two they both just watched me looking from left to right at those titanic tits and then Alison’s head hovered into my view from above.
“He likes big busty women like you Jade, you should see the gorgeous girl he’s dating she even puts you to shame. You know I had him crawling over mine earlier and he was blown away so right now I bet our little toy man is a bit overwhelmed.”
“Maybe his girlfriend can join us sometime Ally, I might like to suck on some whoppers for a change”
Jade teased her partner and I could see Alison’s chest way off in the distance with Jade’s hands reaching to eclipse both of her gigantic assets from sight!
“You’ll have to make do with mine girl his woman is straight as they come she doesn’t have eyes for anyone but dinky dick down there”
“Mmm shame”
Came the response from Jade as she lovingly caressed Alison’s breasts and then settled her attentions towards me.
“So you are a boob man huh?”
”You could say…..”
I began but stopped as I noticed her boobs closing in on me from either side, huge vertical walls of perfume laced flesh that had increased in their already imposing size. 
“Stay still tiny you’ll enjoy this I promise”
It was clear she meant to trap me firmly between her mounds but at my present stature that was a little worrying to say the least as two breasts taller than most houses from my perspective came together in order to gently capture my naked body. But she was right it felt divine and incredibly arousing as I found myself surrounded in her warm almost hot cleavage. I stayed sandwiched between her impressive assets for only a few seconds but that was enough to for me to be sexually overwhelmed. As her boobs eased away I slid down the side of the left one and my rock hard manhood was signaling my obvious delight.
“Oooh look he did enjoy that Jade, and I know something else he would love”

In seconds Alison took me in her hand and positioned me below Jade’s currently spread legs, I was just taking in the glorious sight of these never ending perfect pins when I turned around to see Alison closing in from above. She repositioned herself so that her face was going down on her partner and meantime her breasts were flattening against Jade’s thighs and had become a ceiling above me. Jade’s pussy was now officially the largest I had ever seen and she was obviously a much bigger girl than Alison in this department or it might have appeared so because she was so neatly shaven. Whatever it was her pussy looked cavernous from this angle as I watched Alison spreading the outer lips apart and diving in with her tongue to pleasure her. The slurping and lapping type noises were loud and it was as if this pussy was exclaiming its joy at receiving such attentions, I couldn’t help but walk closer and large globules of Jade’s excitement were flicked out and splashed around me. She smelled stronger from this proximity and I was a little overcome with watching these giantesses making out when Jade bellowed. 
“Don’t leave him out, put him in my pussy let me feel him between us”

This was more than a little frightening to hear as I didn’t imagine a man my size could survive between two such giant females so I ran under Alison and down the length of Jade’s legs. However I didn’t even manage as far as her knees before Alison repositioned herself and pushed Jade’s legs further apart until she could lean down with her great big breasts before me and they thumped down on the bed spreading out and blocking my way. Quickly she picked me up in her fingers and softly spoke
“Don’t be scared tiny”
I was placed or more like fed to Jade’s pussy and engulfed in her wetness. Somehow I was standing at the top of her slit with my legs fighting to stand on her silky folds when darkness descended from above! Alison’s pussy lowered down from the sky becoming larger and larger as it dominated my view and I could see how wet she was before it even made contact. Using one hand whilst the other held her she parted her pussy lips and anticipated where I was standing. Stunned I didn’t dare move out of the mouth of the massive pussy I stood in for fear I would be crushed between their bodies. Slowly the lips of Alison’s sex took my head and shoulders and I was half inside both these giant women at the same time! It didn’t last long and I was glad of that because I couldn’t draw air but for those few seconds I became the sandwich filling between these pussy’s as they kissed and grinded upon each other. Their movements shifted my legs and as Alison withdrew from above I had slipped down inside Jade. Whatever I had once stood upon was gone and my legs and waist slid into her as I scrabbled like a man trying to save himself in quick sand knowing he would be going under any second. 
I can’t explain exactly what I felt at this time but it was a sense of desperation and fear for my life as I was sinking deeper yet these negative emotions were so strangely combined with incredibly sexy sense of being overwhelmed by a woman so vast that I could drown in her pussy. My arms flailed around trying to hold on to anything of substance but the inside of Jade was just slick and too wet for me to stop myself from going deeper. 

Having been totally immersed within my girlfriend’s vagina I knew how deep a woman could be yet I was a lot bigger back then and this woman that surrounded me was far vaster inside. I held my breath as her muscles contracting around me seemed to push my body somehow further into her sex. Everything was now dark and no longer could I see the light from her opening, the heat was building and starting to punish my body and the liquids were in my eyes, hair and everywhere around me. I scrabbled with my arms and legs and sensed my actions were having a pleasurable effect on Jade from the outside whilst I was only focused on saving my life! The futility of my position was clear as the more I struggled the deeper her sex seemed to inhale my body, it had been mere seconds but I would need to open my mouth soon and then the end would come. It was absolutely amazing to be contemplating my death inside a strange woman’s pussy and feeling so helpless and insignificant to be unable to climb out of her, I was a bug to this woman and would die like one!
Suddenly I could feel a new force a downwards force urging me forward and it was clear that Jade had moved on the outside to allow gravity to assist me to escape her inner confines. 
There was a mass of liquid building up around me and maybe this was her own cum lubricating my path to fresh air? I bounced from soft wall to soft wall feeling the tremendous heat and there was suddenly some light and the view of two enormous finger nails prizing open her pussy allowing air to flow inside. I filled my lungs with Jade’s scent and coughed and spluttered as I was again shifted lower slowed down in my progress for the moment against the shape of her inner lining as it contracted upon my body and the sticky liquids held against my skin suspending me upside down. I called out like a frightened little boy.
“Help me!”
The sound of my voice seemed to resonate upon her skin but the world outside couldn’t hear such puny calls.
“Can you see him yet? Can you feel him?”
Jade’s voice seemed to rumble from the inside and outside and then to my shock a huge beautiful eye belonging to Alison was blocking the light before me. 
“I can just make him out you’d better give birth to him Jade”
Whatever Jade was doing it seemed to move the wall of flesh that secured me and the gooey liquids released allowing me to slide towards the opening, Alison’s eye disappeared and I fell into the open only to land sprawled out upon a familiar surface, her tongue!

Before I could say anything or even recover the mouth closed over me like I was the pearl inside a clam. From one bodily prison to another I was caught and again powerless as they had their playful fun. Then her mouth shifted as she moved and I tried to sit up only to tumble into the side of her mouth and against the inside of her perfectly formed teeth. Next thing I knew her mouth was leaning to one side and started to open, but before I could climb out another tongue came towards me like a giant predator entering my domain as it pushed me back into Alison’s mouth. I was now in the midst of two giant women as they French kissed and I wondered if this was the worlds first three way kiss or if I was just a pawn in the battle between their two giant tongues? 
Surprisingly they were gentle and seemed to be purposely stroking my body and caressing it on all sides between their mighty muscles. 

My manhood rose solid to this experience and I began to buck against Alison’s tongue as the underside of Jade’s tongue pushed down on my whole body consuming me in a moist embrace that fell between my parted legs and conformed to the shape of my backside and the rest of my form. I couldn’t help myself as I released there and then straight onto her taste buds. Alison seemed to sense this and her tongue shifted as if offering me to her partner to share the small flavor I had produced before it was lost. Now I was entering another mouth passed between their open kiss so Jade could lap up the last remnants of my enjoyment as it pulsed out onto her tongue. 

Her mouth was even larger just noticeably with flawless teeth but as I just noticed her tongue was pierced with a small gem that looked like a diamond the size of my fist. As I lay there on my front sprawled across her tongue looking at this oral jewelry with fascination her mouth opened and I was tumbled out between her lips and into her waiting hand.

I looked up from her cupped hand which cocooned me with her fingers curved above like a protective ceiling and Jade was amused to see me. 
“How do you like playing with us big girls?”
She asked in a playful manner and I could see Alison was now peering at me from the side.
“He’s speechless the poor thing, I think we’ve worn him out, he could probably do with a rest”
Alison offered and plucked me very delicately between two of her finger nails until I was high up in the air, looking down she was standing now and it was a scary drop to the floor as I dangled. I don’t think she thought about this but I was very aware that the bedroom floor seemed enough distance below for someone my size to use a parachute. My voice seemed to have left me and I just stared between this naked giant body and then down its length to that floor.
“Time to rest my little love bug, you can snuggle down in Jades panty drawer”

I was dropped from ten feet or a couple of inches in reality and deposited amongst a virtual sea of expensive feminine lingerie. My body was shattered and as Alison and Jade looked down upon me they both smiled, the view was stunning from the open drawer that I resided in and all I could see was their enormous pretty faces peering down through their respective cleavage’s whilst the underside of those four naked and gigantic breasts bobbed nicely in the sky above.
“I could learn to love having a little man like him around”
Jade began
“That was certainly a new experience sharing our lovemaking like that, I really enjoyed feeling him squirming around inside me”
“It does make you feel so…I don’t know……”
Alison began not quite finding the words to express her self but Jade found the words she was searching for.
“Make’s you feel powerful doesn’t it? Knowing his little life is yours to command, knowing his little body is totally inside you”
“Yes, powerful that’s it. I love just the rush I get from seeing him disappear into my pussy. A whole man inside me and powerless to a woman, it does make you feel oooooh sooo horny”
“Are you getting off again? I think that I’d had better see to your needs little girl”

The two titanic women kissed and fondled above the drawer and one of their hips must have bashed the side of the cupboard sending me rolling across the surface of a huge pair of red knickers. As they moved off all I could hear were their voices giggling and moaning with their actions as they made out for a second time, somehow I fell to sleep during this event and drifted off.

The next morning I woke up and instantly felt the soft surroundings thinking to myself that I was safe at home and laying inside one of Dallas’s bra’s, that was until I heard Alison chatting with Jade and it all came flooding back. I stood up and slipped on the shiny pair of red knickers beneath my feet and ended up on my backside. Looking around the underwear wasn’t any larger than the night before so I was happy to note that I hadn’t shrunk any further. I called out for attention yet no body came at my current size it wasn’t surprising as my little voice simply wouldn’t project for any reasonable distance. I could hear them talking about clothes and then me!

“Oh I think that little man would love it”
Jade said with a laugh
“You would have to be careful Jade he’s not a toy he could get hurt”
“Funny he looks mighty toy like to me, Ill look after him don’t you worry. Hey you know if we could clone him after last night I bet that I could sell a little man like that to hundreds of women, straight or gay”
“I know its so wonderful to experience a man like that and dominate him so, I’ve a good mind not to take him back to Dallas and leave him here with you”
I was more than a little concerned to hear Alison talking this way and hoped that she didn’t intend to keep me even though I had to admit that parts of last night were fantastic.
“Oh yes, I’ll look after him here, he can sleep in my underwear drawer and I can take him to work with me everyday. And at night well lets say I wont be so frustrated waiting for you to visit little girl”
“They both laughed and then I saw Jades upper body move past the open drawer.
“Jade down here!”
I yelled and Jade must have noticed me.
“Oh, look who’s awake. Good morning tiny did you sleep well in my favorite pair of knickers?”
“Um, Yeh fine”
Sounding a little off guard I answered and managed to steady myself standing on this slippery surface.
“You certainly can sleep little one, you know I was so tempted to put that pair on this morning but Alison wouldn’t let me wake you up so now I’m not even wearing any yet”
Her tone was very flirtatious and I gulped down hard to hear her comments, that foreign twang in her English was very compelling and exceedingly sexy. Leaning over the drawer I could see she was wearing a plain white bikini top and her breasts were fighting to stay inside its inadequate cups. Seeing these building sized curves tilting over me I was very distracted 
“Wanna come out tiny?”
She offered and I held my arms out like a small child waiting for her finger tips to locate around my middle. Jade lifted me up and the splendor of her bikini clad body greeted my eyes. With a soft kiss that enveloped half my body she placed me down on the surface of the chest of drawers. 
“Alison, our little toy man is awake”
Bounding along to greet me was Alison also sporting a very small bikini and she reached over to pick me up and I was smothered by her lips which tasted of the marmalade she must have had for breakfast. 

The two of these colossal women proceeded to play with me for the best part of that morning. Breakfast was unforgettable as Alison and Jade covered me in various flavors of yoghurt and took turns to suck on my body and at one stage they even rolled me into a sandwich as the filling just to tease me. Eating at his size was quite novel for me but just being on the table top was an experience in itself. I was strolling around cutlery and slices of toast that were many times my size, in fact at one stage I performed for the girls by bravely walking across some warm toast like one of those natives who would test themselves traversing across hot coals without burning the soles of my bare feet. My other feats included diving into Jade’s cornflakes and swimming through the milk before she spooned me out of them and into her mouth.ZIMMER 
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by ZIMMER on Wed Oct 17, 2007 6:52 am 

Being naked for so long was getting to me yet both the girls repeated that is was far too hot for me to warranty wearing any and other excuses like they couldn’t make anything small enough. Alison allowed me to call Dallas who was so happy to hear my voice, however her voice was even booming out of the phone which Alison kindly held and operated for me. Alison didn’t mention that I had shrunk further and neither did I we didn’t want to alarm her.

The rest of the day was spent out by the pool and both of the girls delighted in making me apply tanning oils to various parts of their bodies. It started with Alison who I had watched with great pleasure as she seductively coated her giant legs with this oil until they glistened. I was resting on the padded base of her discarded giant flip flop which was comfier than any sun lounger that I had led upon, and Alison smiled as she knew I was totally absorbed with her show. 
“You like my long legs don’t you little bug?”
“You are very pretty”
I remarked looking from left to right in order to take in the entire length of her incredible limbs from this distance. 
“Sorry tiny I can’t hear you but I think that little squeak you made was a compliment”
She began and stopped to look down at her chest and then back at me.
“Just my boobs to do…..I wonder if a little man like you would be interested in that job?”
I watched with awe as Alison removed her bikini top and then leaned over towards me and almost landed those free hanging globes of womanly flesh right on top of me. I cowered at first a normal reaction to something so large descending towards you and Alison laughed as she moved herself up merely brushing me with the base of one breast. I stood up and pretended that I hadn’t reacted in fear but she smiled a knowing smile.
“Are these a bit scary little bug, did you think I was going to smudge you into my flip flop under one of these?”
“I err, no I…”
“You’re so funny, imagine these pert little boobs of mine scaring a man, you are so interesting to have around Joe.”
Her hand took my body into darkness as she walked over to a lounger stretching across it flat on her back and as her fingers released me I fell down and landed softly before her left breast. Her magnificent boob was taller than me as I stood back up and Alison softly tittered to hear my single comment.
I spoke in worship of this breast which was the size of a small building to me as I stood in its shadow unable to see the even her nipple from this proximity.
“Are these big enough for you little bug? Do you think those tiny hands of yours can manage to reach?”
With a teasing laugh that forced me onto my backside she proceeded to lower the bottle of oil over her breast and let it drip. As I stood back up the result was amazing as this thick liquid splashed and then dribbled down the walls of her breast like a volcano erupting. Instantly I couldn’t resist rubbing my hands into her curves and spreading the liquid over every space I could actually reach. Even on my tip toes and with my hands above my head I was far too short to cover much more than half the height of her giant boob. This was the best job ever and my manhood delighted in sliding against what felt like acres of bare female tit flesh. Alison proceeded to grab me playfully frustrated that I couldn’t finish the job and then smothered me in the thick oil and began rubbing me over her nipples until I she was highly stimulated and I was bursting for release. Her nipples became so hard and large that I felt quite beaten by them before she had finished, I mean they were close half my size!

Late that evening after I had already shot my load twice the two giantesses left me inside one of Jade’s shoes which they had padded out with a pair of silk tights to offer me a comfortable bed to relax in and I soon fell to sleep. My slumber was disturbed sometime late and I knew it wasn’t the morning, Alison was arguing with Jade and their giant voices boomed above.
“I don’t think it’s safe for him”
”Oh come on Alison he’ll love it and I sure will”
“No, Dallas will kill me if he gets hurt or lost or worse.”
”It’ll be fun, he’ll keep me company, and I promise to make sure that he’s safe”
There was a considered paused and Alison then firmly closed the discussion.
“Jade, he’s my responsibility and I’m saying no”
By now they saw that I was awake and Alison bent down to pick me up and with a swift kiss she popped me into the pocket of the bed robe she was wearing and out of sight. I didn’t have a clue what Jade wanted with me but guessed she was going to work and by the sounds of it she wanted a little company.

Jade reluctantly dropped the argument as they parted for a while and Alison settled on the bed to watch tv. I was trapped in her pocket and unable to climb out of the satin robe, calling out to her she peered into the pocket with a smile.
“Did the naughty giant women wake you up?”
“Yeh, you girls should learn to turn down the volume on those voices of yours, you have no idea how powerful they sound to my ears”
“Sorry tiny”
“Can I come out and sit on your shoulder or something?”
Alison obliged and lifted me out, I perched on her shoulder as we watched television together for the next half hour.

When Jade entered the room much later she looked stunning and very provocatively dressed for her job in the bar that she worked. Dressed in a pair of black thigh high boots that sported some massive spiked heels on them she was seriously tall. Her white mini skirt was beyond short and with its side slits it was indecent yet it made this tanned beauty look hotter than ever showing off her legs and a bottom to die for! Her stomach rose out of this revealing skirt and featured a piercing with a jewel inside it and higher up she had a vest style top that was purposely made to look like someone had roughly cut off the lower half so it only just covered those lovely breasts of hers. With her hair flowing down her back and a lot of makeup that seemed to make her eyes twice as large and her lips even more inviting I was blown away and almost salivating on the spot especially as this feminine package stood taller than the sky to me.

“Jade you look very sexy”
Alison complimented seemed to be enjoying the view just as much as I was. 
“I borrowed a pair of your new panties is that alright?”
Coming closer Jade lifted up her skirt albeit not very far and I could see the far too small pair of black silk thong panties that barely covered her.
“Ooh they look so good on you, are you off to work already?”
“Soon, I need to paint my toe nails first”
“Want some help?”
“Actually Alison I was kind of hoping the little man might volunteer for the task, he’d do such a good job”
Jade looked at me as did Alison turning to smile at me on her shoulder.
“Sure, no problem I’d like to”
I surprised myself with my answer because they were some enormous toes and it might be hard work for someone as tiny as I was to a woman this huge yet the thought of getting close to Jade right now the way she was looking appealed more than just a little.

About twenty minutes later and I was in the bedroom on the floor with Jade’s huge feet before me. I had to stand on the top of each one in order to wield the huge applicator brush to apply the glossy colour to each toe and it was a slow process.
“You are doing a great job down there”
I smiled up the towering bare leg behind me and shouted.
“My pleasure, you have lovely feet Jade you must look after them”
It was hard not to compliment this gorgeous creature, ever day since I had shrunk to this new size my will power had slowly evaporated and my libido had increased ten fold, all I could do was think about how great these giant women were and the pleasures they could offer. I loved my Dallas but distanced from her as I was the brain between my legs was having a louder voice and a nice time taking control now and then
“Oh, I do, I have to look after my feet and all of my body for that matter especially in my job”
That was a strange thing to say, she worked in a bar so what did her feet matter behind the counter? Then again what sort of bar would let her dress so provocatively?
“Do you like women’s feet, are you one of those men who love to kiss and suck them?”
She wiggled her toes in a playful manner and I had to raise the large broom sized nail brush away before I smudged the last nail.
“Actually I can appreciate a nice pair of feet especially pretty ones like yours but no they don’t do it for me”
“That’s probably a good job because you are so tiny right now you couldn’t even suck my littlest toe”
As she steadied her toes I put the final touch to the last one and the job was complete.
“Brilliant, you are useful to have around. They should only take a minute or two to dry so perhaps you can come up here now and make yourself useful”

Jade lifted me from the top of her foot and I had to admit it was good to get away from the overpowering fumes that her nail polish had given off, I was quite light headed almost a little drunk.
As she sat on the bed stretching her legs out, I was deposited on her lap.
“So what parts of a woman do you prefer then tiny man? Oh yes I remember you like big breasts”
“Definitely breasts”
I said turning to look up at those perfect jutting hills way above, man she had such a gigantic pair.
“Breasts like these huh? Do you like my giant tits little man, did you like being between them?”
”Oh yeh….I….”
Without letting me finish Jade picked me up and I was between those breasts and her bra was so tight that her cleavage just molded itself around my body securing me dead centre in her voluptuous valley.
“Well enjoy them little man, but don’t get lost in my bra because I have to go to work soon”

Jade went to the bathroom to fuss with her hair and to touch up her makeup whilst I reveled in my position feeling those huge mounds rub against my naked body on both sides. I would have loved to pull myself out of them and to slide under her top but I was firmly wedged for now. I stayed in this lovely environment soaking in her perfume whilst admiring the view of these awesome breasts that held me and Jade just went on about her business sliding her boots back on which I thought was kind of odd seeing as I just immaculately painted her nails?

“Time for me to drop you back to Alison before I forget and leave you in there”
She pulled me carefully from her breasts and carried me into the living room only to find that Alison was fast asleep and crashed out on the sofa.

Whispering Jade lifted me to her face and her expression was one of mischief.
“Looks like sleeping beauty is out for the count so I get to take you to work with me, isn’t that great little guy”
“Erm Jade, that’s probably not such a good idea. I might not………”
Like most giantesses from my large experience she had made up her mind and didn’t bother to listen to my point of view and my words muffled against tons of breast flesh as I was submerged deep in her cleavage and then glided inside the right bra cup and under the slope of her boob.

For the next five minutes Jade didn’t hear any of my calls and I gave up and just decided not to fight it, she was well on her way to the bar and I was along for the ride and to be honest I was enjoying being trapped against her soft skin and the smoothness of this bra material. 

When light was next awarded to my eyes I was descending in the bra cup watching those humongous breasts rise up above me. 
“Here we are”
Jade declared and the bra was settled onto a table top of what looked like a dressing room for a theatre star with a circle of light bulbs surrounding the gigantic mirror and lots of make up and hair products adorning the surface.
“Where are we, I thought you worked in a bar?”
“I do”
She said nonchalantly and grinned as she played with her nipples trying to make them larger.
I was so distracted by her display and didn’t ask any more questions but Jade offered the answers regardless.
“Right now you are in the Pussy Galore Bar and you might have guessed that I’m not a bar maid, I’m here for the clients”
“You’re a lap dancer..?”
My words came out to show my surprise I hadn’t figured this even though everything pointed to it but then again I hadn’t been thinking straight with half my blood always in my lower regions whilst I was in Jade’s company.
“I like to say a female entertainer for special clients”
“So, you are getting ready for a session with guy I mean a client now?”
“Actually we don’t cater for men here, only lovely ladies and they are so much more appreciative I can tell you”
As the saying goes you could have knocked me down with a feather I was so surprised but then again at my current stature a feather would probably fell me pretty easily! I was in the company of a near two hundred foot giant lap dancer and in some sort of lesbian centre of worship filled with giant women ogling other giant women.
“Speechless tiny?”
Jade giggled and put her bra back on and up I came with it! 
“Woah, Jade!”
I managed and she positioned her bra comfortably over her breasts trapping me in the cup whilst it was adjusted. Taking me out I sighed a relief that I wasn’t going to be in there whilst she danced, fairground rides made me nauseous and with a pair of boobs like Jade’s I could only imagine the wild ride if she began swaying around to the beat.
“My first clients waiting little one, I want you to see her she’s a real honey so why don’t I tuck you right in here”
My world was tilted in her hand and I looked down her body to see Jade’s other hand pulling her skirt forward from her waist as I was guided behind the waist band. Peering over the white cotton like material I held on with my arms as Jade strutted in those enormous thigh boots clicking her heels with a large thud on the wooden flooring. 

I couldn’t believe she was keeping me with her, I had assumed that I would remain in the dressing room but here I was about to notch up yet another experience and not one I wouldn’t readily tell Dallas about that was for sure. 
My second brain was shouting about how exciting this was, you’re practically in the skirt of a beautiful giantess and about to watch her flaunt all her charms to another one what could be better. As normal since this stage of shrinking my second brain was winning and I lost my initial reservations after she entered a small chamber and I could hear some mellow music with an underlying beat.

Inside the chamber was just a chair and someone was sat in it, a woman for sure as her vibrant red hair splayed over the top of the back rest. 
“No don’t turn around”
Jade instructed in the most dominant yet seductive of voices as she approached the chair. I could feel her hips swaying very forcefully now as she assumed her temptress persona and I had to hold even tighter for fear I would fall under and out of her skirt. Looking up I watched as Jade pulled up her top and stretched it over the woman’s head bringing her bra covered breasts mashing into the back of this strangers neck and hair. Shimmying her endowments for a moment to make their presence known she then rubbed them against the back of the head and up above until this woman was no longer blinded beneath her top but very aware of Jade’s busty form behind her.

The next move from Jade was to remove her top and to let it fall and then a move that surprised me as I watched this amazing giantess lift her leg complete with the thigh high boot as high as any ballerina would have been proud of and she lowered it down onto the shoulder of the woman who proceeded to stroke her fingers along the shiny fake leather surface. I didn’t appreciate how incredibly flexible Jade actually was. The woman seemed to know what to do and I could hear the zipper of the boot releasing in her hands and the boot slid off ever so slowly and then dropped to the side of the chair. After repeating this maneuver Jade slid her bare leg from the woman’s other shoulder and then still having not fully revealed herself she walked around the chair with a sensual wiggle of her rear and I fell under the skirt waist band saving myself by my hands and pulling myself back up with a lot of effort and I was glad that I did.ZIMMER 
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by ZIMMER on Wed Oct 17, 2007 6:53 am 

Jade was dancing with her back to the woman and practically with her fine rear swaying in her face or at least that what I assumed given the angle of Jade’s body and the motion, this action afforded me a view of her pendulous bosoms trying to free themselves from that bra. Standing up straight and glancing over her shoulders back at the woman Jade slowly removed her bra freeing the catch from behind and with a swift turn on her feet she managed to hold it in front of the woman’s eyes maybe so that she wouldn’t notice the tiny spectator in her skirt or more likely that she wanted to tease the woman some more, Jade was good at her job. 

The woman sighed and I could see she was playing with her own breasts whilst Jade proceeded to blind fold the woman with the two larger than average cups fastening the bra to her head.
“Now keep very still, very still Mandy, the teasing has just started and I’ve have a lot of new tricks tonight”
Jade spoke in her thick accent and those words made me wish I was on the receiving end of them.

Mandy, the woman in the chair took her hands to her eyes to feel the soft bra material and her smile was three times as wide as my body. She was a fit woman, probably in her thirties and dressed in a short knee length skirt and a tight tee shirt that now told tales of her arousal with two thick nipples clearly defined upon her small bust.
Jade straddled the woman planting her thighs around her and bringing her bare breasts to the woman’s head. As her skirt creased to accommodate this new position I tumbled out across it and Jade looked down with a smile to see me. Lifting me up I expected to be put back into the front of her skirt when Jade moved me close to this woman and held me before the outside of her t-shirt right in line with the shape of a nipple that was almost as big as my whole head and shoulders. Nodding to me Jade wanted me to play with the woman and I found myself very compliant reaching out for this round form and stroking it with my small arms and hands. 

My light touch stiffened the nipple noticeably more than it was before and the woman was responding well to my actions. I was groping the nipple of a complete stranger a giant lesbian and I was finding it a turn on as the woman didn’t even know I was there.
“Oh Jade, how are you doing that, its so…….good!”
Her voice annoyed my ears and Jade could see me shy away.
“Ssssshhh Mandy just enjoy”
Jade said and plugged the woman’s mouth with her own nipple whilst lifting me over the woman’s nipple in order that I could sit on it with my legs clamped around its girth. 
Mandy moaned into the huge breast that was thrust in her face and I wiggled on her nipple making her t-shirt distort like never before. Mandy’s hands slowly rose in order to find Jade’s which she assumed were at her breasts and I saw them coming, I couldn’t afford for her to contact with me but Jade didn’t allow this and simply took the woman’s hands in hers and settled them around her rear to occupy them with her other curves. Mandy must have been very confused by now as she felt Jade’s two hands upon hers and contently sucked on a nipple whilst her own nipple was still being lightly stimulated. 

I clamped my thighs onto the thick outline of the nipple between them and squeezed hard several times and Mandy groaned above with sheer bliss. As Jade’s breast retreated Mandy was over the edge and panted with what had to be an undeniable orgasm. Slowly Jade kissed the woman’s cheek and then plucked me from the nipple which by now looked very uneven compared to the other one, without a thought Jade popped me inside the front of her skirt and further down until I was well inside her panties. I felt Jade stand back up and Mandy must have returned the kiss as I could make out such noises.
“You are going to have the biggest tip tonight Jade”
Mandy said beaming with happiness and Jade instructed her to leave it with the girl on the door as normal.

I was in total darkness beneath her panties and my legs rubbed against the top of Jade’s pussy, it was nice in here with the strong scent and the fact that she didn’t have any pubic hair made it very comfortable against her warm skin. Pubic hair at my size was kind of tickly and very coarse and I didn’t know if I enjoyed being against it or not, all I did know was that this felt good right here and now.
“That’s it Joe you get my juices flowing in there it makes me more exciting with my clients if I’m turned on myself.”
A hand or rather some fingers from the outside shifted me lower until her pussy kissed me square on and I slid my dick into this cavern not that Jade would have noticed. Yet it felt nice to me as the side of her lips brushed against it every now and then with her movement.

The next client must have come in and I half entered Jade making sure not to be swallowed this time by her pussy yet knowing I could give her a nice time. Five minutes into the session and the front of Jade’s panties were saturated along with me.
“Hold on Mrs Wang and Ill….I’ll”
Jade was loving my attentions and nearly came herself and I noticed how disrupted her train of thought was.
“Oh Mrs Wang I do get so horny when I attend to you”
She covered for her breathy state and then told the lady to close her eyes. Within seconds I was freed from her panties and the skirt was off, I reached out wanting to keep the connection but Jade didn’t want to loose it in front of her client. Instead she did something I never expected. I was dangled from her fingers before a woman who was gorgeous. She was a Chinese Woman who was petite and totally dwarfed by the size of Jade in every department. My eyes gave her the quick once over and I imagined she was a model who was obviously rich given the jewelry she displayed and the expensive looking yellow sequined dress that she was wearing. Her head was tilted back over the rear of the chair and she was open mouthed with eyes shut and her legs, such lovely tanned legs were spread apart. 
Jade said to me and Mrs Wang as she pulled up the base of the yellow dress revealing some lovely ends to some beautiful thighs and then dropped me into this total strangers knickers!
Leaning over Mrs Wang I could see Jades body as I turned to face out of this pair of lacy knickers that had such huge patterns in them I could see very easily. Jade’s pussy not far above my present position as she gyrated her hips and stretched over this woman who must have appreciated Jade to be an amazon. Feeling my presence Mrs Wang gasped rather alarmed at first but Jade was quick to reassure her.
“Just trust me it’s a new little toy of mine you’ll thank me later but for now keep your pretty eyes closed and fondle my breasts whilst the toy does its stuff”
Needless to say I was still very turned on from being in contact with Jade’s huge pussy only seconds ago and I decided what the hell, I should get myself off and this other giantess if I could. 

Her pussy was small well in giantess terms the slit was only a little longer than I was tall, she smelt very fragrant a new smell that I rather liked and twisting around I decided to lower my body into her whilst keeping my arms across her pussy so I didn’t fall all the way in. My legs flailed around and I decided she was actually big on the inside, yet this pussy unlike any so far actually allowed me to stay above and in the air whilst I bucked around up to my armpits in hot wet womanliness. I loved thrashing about and digging my hard member into the walls of her pussy flesh, it wasn’t long before I came inside the woman but knew I didn’t have to worry for my sperm would never make such a journey and even if they did find an egg just how gigantic would that be! Sex was safe with a tiny man who was an inch tall and I didn’t have to consider accidents.

Mrs Wang had also climaxed as I heard her barking, no howling with approval and muttering loudly in Chinese before she was composed enough to find her English again.
“What ever did you put in my knickers, I want one and I don’t care how much it costs! I need to relive that again! And again!”
Jade stopped the woman from inspecting her knickers as I struggled to climb out of her slippery entrance and made my way through her well kempt pubic bush and out of the knickers which was harder than it looked to overcome the tight hip straps. Jade lowered her body over the woman and I could see what she was planning, as her pussy came down above me I jumped up and pulled myself inside it to conceal myself from the Chinese woman as Jade stood back up. I didn’t hear the farewells but knew this was another satisfied client as I tried to stop myself from sliding right out of Jade’s pussy and plunging to my death. Luckily Jade slipped her panties back on and not a moment too soon as I fell into the black material which caught my fall.

I sat out from the next client session as I was pretty tired and it was nice to kick back and relax inside Jade’s dressing room especially as she had balled up some sheer stockings that she had kept there and made me a nice bed from them. It was such a nice bed that I didn’t wake until the very next morning and I was back at the villa and inside a satin bed? As I felt the bed come alive around me I realize that I had been carefully placed into Alison’s pocket of her night gown and she was just stirring on the sofa having spent the entire night there. A rather bleary eyed Alison plucked me from the pocket and smiled taking me into the bathroom for an early morning wash, it was a good job she wasn’t with it as I stunk with a mixture of women. As I slipped into a shallow sink of water and floated around I had to grin to myself knowing Alison was none the wiser.

Returning on the plane towards home it was certainly a couple of days I would long remember. My relationship with Alison during this time had altered and she was very comfortable with me and I had to wonder if this would show when we were back at work especially given Alison’s teasing comments.
“Just think my Joe bug now that we have more of an understanding between us I won’t have to carry you on the outside of those tight sweaters of mine when I handle you in the office. From now on I’m going to wear some nice roomy bra’s so that we can get a lot closer, how does that sound tiny?”
“I’m not sure Dallas would approve of you tucking me in against your boobs”
I said as I looked up from Alison’s blouse pocket whilst she freshened her make up in the aircrafts small toilet.
“What she doesn’t know can’t hurt her, like this weekend eh? I think we should work out how you can spend some more time with me and Jade in the future”
Before I could answer a stewardess knocked the door and asked if Alison was alright she had been some time occupying the toilet.
“Oh well, looks like its back in my blouse for the rest of the flight tiny”
Lifting me up towards her pocket Alison suddenly stopped and then looked down bringing me up close to her face she whispered.
“Or you could spend the last hour snuggling up with my big pussy….?”
The stewardess knocked the door once again as she grew impatient for an answer.
“What’s it to be little guy, in my blouse pocket or in my knickers?”
Moving me lower she unzipped the front of her hipster style trousers affording me a good flash of her vibrant red underwear, pealing it suggestively forward and away from her skin I was able to see down to her pussy, man she was sexy. Still naked her suggestion produced the inevitable rise from between my legs and that was the signal for Alison to drop me down into the top of the red silk below letting the elastic snap shut over my head.
“I think that I have my answer, behave wont you? Then again we do have an hour to kill and I so want to join the mile high club.”
Hearing her zipper close I was cramped a little under her tight trousers but still managed to hear her final comment.
“Still I bet to a bug like you all us ladies look like we belong to the mile high club…”
She giggled at her lame humor and I felt her legs in motion as we returned to her seat. Needless to say I gave her an orgasm and had to wonder what her face would have looked like from the outside as she quietly contained her climax.

We had a very close shave in customs a little later as a woman official decided to randomly detain Alison for a search. I was hot and bothered by now and struggling to hear everything through her clothes but the customs officer was close enough to be heard.
“We had a report from one of the stewardesses on your flight that she suspected you might be trying to smuggle a live creature into the country on your person”
“Oh really?”
Alison said a little nervously at this line of questioning.
“Um, she is very mistaken I wouldn’t carry an animal with me especially in my clothes”
“The information we had was that on two occasions she swears that she saw something moving, something alive and your were trying to conceal it in your blouse pocket just there, maybe a mouse or small rodent of some kind? Would you like to tell us anything at this stage?”
I could feel the tension of the moment and kept myself as flat and unobtrusive as I could trying to avoid any noticeable bulge from my tiny form to her crotch area from the outside, it was the one time I found myself wishing a woman was wearing something baggy.
“No, she definitely must have been mistaken, why on earth would I transport a vile creature like that in my blouse, I mean come on…”
Listening to Alison declare her innocence I felt her face must have been beet root red, the woman confronting her must have suspected something. I began to contemplate how humiliating it would be to be discovered by the authorities a one inch tall man tucked into a woman’s underwear, what would they do?

“Miss I am sorry but I will have to ask you to remove your clothes, all of them. Can you place them on the chair over here”
This was getting worse! I cringed and waited for Alison’s trousers to be taken away, and then I thought to myself what if I crawled into her pussy, yes I could hide in there! But didn’t they search women in such places as well as donning the rubber gloves to explore other bodily regions? I didn’t have time to think and I just acted on this impulse to hide. Wiggling down I slid my feet towards her pussy entrance and tried to pry the lips aside, it wasn’t as wet down here as when she was on the plane some half hour ago yet to add to Alison’s embarrassment the custom’s woman would see her knickers definitely displayed some dried stains from her earlier expression of juices. There was a resistance for once from this giant pussy, Alison wasn’t turned on by the situation and sensing my plan to enter her she seemed to be clamping her pussy shut if that was possible for a girl to do? Perhaps it meant tensing some inner muscles but I was making hard work of sliding myself inside and hadn’t been able to get any deeper than my knees.
A hand from the outside halted my progress!
Alison said aloud.
“I’m sorry Miss what did you say?”
“Um, look, this is so embarrassing I have a confession, oh boy this is going to be so degrading”
“Ok Miss we are listening”
Things became light and the hand was obviously Alison’s so I deduced and she was pulling her trousers down now along with the knickers! What was she playing at! What a time to come clean!
I cringed and went into a fetal position to hide my face and head as I felt myself tumble free landing into Alison’s huge waiting palm.

“I am so….so embarrassed to be showing you this.”
Alison began with a little more confidence than before and I kept still almost frozen with fear.
“What is that?”
“It’s a man bug the latest in private entertainment, you know a sex toy”
“Let me see”
Suddenly I was in the hands of the customs woman, large hands that were not that gentle. She straightened out my legs and rolled me onto my back in her palm and I looked up at a huge pair of eyes made to look twice as large due to a pair of large glasses. I didn’t move and she prodded me with a finger which almost winded me. 
“It’s so life like, it feels like its breathing….almost real but it can’t be”
“No of course it isn’t real, but it’s a new device, has some micro-electronics and motors inside. It moves on command to a female voice….I’ll demonstrate”

This hoax was incredible and I wondered if Alison would manage to fool the two customs women but it was absurd to think of a one inch tall man so why wouldn’t they believe her, I played along.
I stood upright on the palm and noticed the large eyes above focused on my bare genitals.
Alison commanded and I pretended to reach out as if making caressing movements with my arms.
“So this was in your blouse pocket for part of the flight?”
The woman that held me inquiredZIMMER 
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“Yes, I got bored on the flight and it can stimulate you up here or down there, in fact anywhere you wish to put the little thing”
“Very realistic and so unusual. Well miss, I think we have solved this mystery. I don’t think we will be taking this further assuming that you are not bringing this into the country to circumvent import procedures?”
”No, you can check with Professor Jones at the Intertechnical Research Establishment it’s a prototype we are developing”
“Mmm, ok well I think it is best we keep hold of it for now just to examine it, you can file appropriate paperwork to retrieve the unit if everything is legitimate by the end of this week”
“No, you can’t possibly”

I stopped moving and suddenly felt my stomach sink.
“Please get dressed Miss, we have our procedures”
Suddenly I was placed down onto the surface of a metal table and watched as Alison slowly dressed.
“Cant we talk about this it’s our prototype I can’t afford for it to be lost or damaged…”
“You can leave Miss through that door we will send you the relevant paperwork”
Alison was ushered out of the door and I was left alone!

“Janice, that’s not procedure and you know it”
The customs woman who had yet to speak was talking to the woman who had placed me on the table.
“Yeh, I know but we can send it back to her after we’ve had a play, I’m knocking off in an hour how about you?”
“You crafty cow”
There was a laugh and the woman stepped out leaving me in the room to contemplate my new fate.

I stood up and checked out the situation, leaning next to the table was a large cardboard tube that descended to the floor, I climbed up to its circular top and was surprised to see it contained a painting but luckier still it had no plug or cap on either end. The casual angle it had been placed in was perfect and I climbed inside for the longest slide I had ever been on!
My bare backside was red by the time I made it to the end of the slide, but ignoring the friction burn I ran to the door that Alison had exited through. As luck would have it the door wasn’t very flush to the floor and my one inch frame was able to slip underneath but only just.

The airport was vast, beyond vast. The room I was looking at was almost incomprehensible to my tiny eyes and just made me kind of fearful looking into it. There were lots of people moving around with luggage and such and seeing giants everywhere sent a chill down my spine as they thudded and boomed with each footstep. 
In the far distance about a hundred feet in reality was the back of Alison stood at a desk talking to an official of some sorts but between that spot and where I stood was a whole lot of floor space with giant holiday makers and business people thundering by. 

It felt like a kid who was trying to work out if he should dare to cross the busy main road only the shoes and feet that crashed into the ground before me where a lot bigger than any car and far more dangerous to my health. I cautiously stepped out into the open, hoping people wouldn’t look down. Suddenly a shadow fell over me and a little girl stepped with one giant girly pink shoe right in front of me. Where had she come from! I hadn’t seen her despite the fact she probably stood seventy feet tall. Her shoe hit the ground and made me fall to my knees with the shock wave and I cowered expecting to have her other shoe land on me yet fortunately it sailed over my head by some margin of safety. 

Next a coke can presented itself as the nearest point of cover and I sprinted like mad to get there. Leaning against the discarded can I rested for a moment until the can began to shake due to another giant approaching. I peered around and there were two gorgeous gigantic blondes probably Swedish by their appearance. Coming directly my way dressed in summery outfits they displayed their gigantic curves which had me spellbound for a moment and so much so that I wasn’t moving to avoid their huge platform wedge sandals. Both these beautiful teenagers presented a major threat to my life yet I was peering around this metal can and happily distracted by the bobbing up and down of some major breasts and lovely colossal legs in full action. When I snapped out of it my reaction was very slow and I had to dive to one side feeling the “whoosh” of one of their lorry sized shoes as it narrowly missed crushing me, instead it actually totaled the can compressing it and deforming the metal with a bone chilling metallic sound that knocked some sense back into me. 

I rolled on my side in total fear at how pummeled that can was and although it was just a simple drinks can seeing it pressed almost flat I was as impressed as a normal sized person who had just witnessed a large car being crushed. The girl cussed at her accident and kicked the can what looked about forty feet away and I just stood with my heart pounding with how lucky I had been yet again. 

Still I was a fair distance from Alison and had to carry on this horrendous and most dangerous of journeys so I began to run once more. As I finally got closer around twenty feet in real terms I thought I was going to make it when Alison picked up her bag and her long giantess limbs carried her away over forty or fifty feet in my terms with each effortless stride. 
I shouted to myself feeling really pathetic as I was left running in her wake and not even closing the gap. As my legs gave out on me and cried for a rest I could see her beginning to disappear into the crowd of giant people beyond and using the leg of a bench seat to hide behind I was defeated and came to a stop.

A few seconds later a giantess paused next to the bench to look into her hand bag and as I took a stealthy look it was an airline stewardess and like most of the women in her profession she was very good looking from my perspective with her long smooth legs climbing out of her regulation two inch high heels into a plain skirt way above. Her bust was modest yet still obscured her face, I could see her skimpy lace underwear beneath that skirt and my mind wandered along with my eyes upon her nicely toned inner thighs up above. This was a view that only a man my size was privilege to see and an exciting one at that, this giantess was oblivious to my small presence ogling her from below and I found myself wondering how great those legs would be to climb up. At that point I nearly had to slap myself for getting distracted by yet another gorgeous looking giant female and had to focus, what was becoming of me? 

Wandering out towards her nearest shoe I was nervous incase she side stepped onto me. Unnoticed I climbed onto the front of her shoe. This task was hard as it was so slippery and its pointed toe section made it challenging to get on top, however the creases in the leather where her giant foot had worn the shoe enabled me to find some hand holds. Once on top I prayed she would continue to search the hand bag and not notice the tiny naked man climbing aboard her high heels. Managing to stand on her shoe I made sure not to step onto the surface of her actual skin framed by this court style shoe, for sure she would sense my presence if I did this. Moving carefully around the side of her shoe I held on with my hands as I dangled and climbed up the side slope of the shoe to end up hanging from the back of her heel where she would be less likely to see me. If I pulled up and balanced at this point it would have been possible to reach her smooth ankle above and to steady myself but I couldn’t dare to let her feel my contact. Instead I held on with my hands ready to ride along with this shoe when it went into action. The stewardess moved off and in the general direction that Alison had walked and here I was hitching a ride.

Staying on this giant woman’s shoe was akin to riding one of those electronic rodeo bulls only a lot more dangerous as her legs strode along at a pace that I could actually feel the speed of. As she entered a more crowded area I was surrounded and very conscious of the other giant’s and giantesses nearby with their huge shoes clomping down around me and making a tremendous noise, if I fell I would certainly not survive amongst them. 

My ride halted as the stewardess reached a queue to what looked like a parking ticket machine, and I felt like my body had been a little beaten against the back of her shoe during the journey. Dropping down to the floor I almost wanted to thank the giantess for helping me to cover such a distance she had unknowingly been an invaluable help. 

I thought it was safe to stand under the arch of her shoe as it would shelter me from view whilst I took my bearings. If I had felt insignificant before standing in the gap between her high heel and the slope down to the sole of her shoe made me feel worse, women were just so gigantic to me now it was incredible. I felt like a sub species amongst these mighty beings around me and the fact that I had been undetected so far just demonstrated how tiny I had become, that was until I stepped out having spotted Alison who was in the same queue ahead one place of the stewardess. I was just about to run to her feet when a huge shadow loomed over me. I turned to see a rather smaller hand than normal reaching out my way and about to cover me in a fist shape, I called out to Alison loud as I could before this young hand eclipsed by body with thick fingers. Squirming in the grip of this giant hand I managed to push my head above the flesh and saw that my captor was no more than a child, a girl who had to be five years old judging by her baby face and the pig tails in her mousy brown hair.

She almost squealed with excitement as she picked me up, I was probably the most fantastic find of her life. 
“Mum, mum! Look at the little doll man!”
Her voice was high pitched and hurt my ears, I fought desperately in her hand to break free but even if I could overcome her fingers the fall would have killed me. This little girl in her bright pink dress was holding me at least fifty feet off of the ground and smiling at me as she tried to attract her mother’s attention by tugging on her long skirt. My reaction was to attempt to sink into her hand now but the girl opened up her palm and I was soon on my back upon this unsteady platform.

“Mummy, look it’s a rude little dolly it’s got a thingy!”
My manhood was exposed before I could cover it and soon the giant mother would pay attention to what her daughter was shouting about and there I would be in full view, a naked man in this innocent child’s palm. Just as I thought this was going to happen a huge giantess leaned over the girl from behind and snatched me up in her fingers and the next thing I knew I was tumbling down her cleavage and straight into the safety net of a bra below keeping me out of sight. Checking the bra out in the low light and the shapely breasts around me I knew that I was back with Alison.
“Hey, he’s mine!”
The girl called out and began to cry making the mother pay attention and I heard the mother scolding the child.
“What is it Annabel?”
“The little rude man that lady put him between her boobies”
“Oh, I’m so sorry miss I don’t know what’s come over her she has been acting up all day”
Laughing Alison moved and I kissed the base of her nearest boob sighing with relief. 

Transferred into her blouse pocket Alison drove back making a beeline to drop me off with Dallas despite the fact that she admitted it would have been nice to keep me overnight. Only at the last minute as she pulled over in her car Alison ripped a small triangle of material from the tail of her blouse and finally provided me with the ability to cover myself by folding it into sarong style garment.
“Wouldn’t want her to think that I’ve seen that little millimeter dick of yours now would we?” 
“I think she won’t believe you”
I said and began to fear the types of questions Dallas might launch upon me. Recalling how pissed she was when she thought I had been with her sister Jody I knew she could punish me so easily now and back then I was many times my current size.

Nervously sat in Alison’s front pocket I heard Dallas answer the door as she called out so pleased to see Alison had returned.
“Oh Alison, your back!”
She boomed with joy as I then felt myself almost crushed between what must have been Dallas’s much larger boobs flattening against the giant boob behind me when she hugged her friend. This would have been very erotic if it wasn’t for their clothes in the way.
“And where is my little Joe? I have really missed him”
“He’s in my pocket down here all safe and sound”
“But there’s hardly a lump?”
“I know, um that’s because he kind of shrunk a little more and we didn’t want to worry you”
I saw a massive blue eye hovering above and trying to peer into the pocket and I waved up at my beautiful girlfriend with a smile.
“He’s so tiny! Like…..”
“A bug?”
Alison finished for her.
“Yyyeh like a little bug”
Dallas stuttered in surprise.
“I never imagined he would get any smaller but he’s even lost in your pocket it’s so big to him, please can you lift him out for me?”
“Of course”
Alison raised me between two fingers and there was Dallas as gorgeous a vision as ever smiling down at me. Extending her hand out she allowed Alison to drop me in its centre as Alison said her goodbye’s.
“Take care Joe”
“Thanks Alison”
I answered.
“His voice is so sweet”
Dallas laughed and then said thanks to Alison for keeping me safe.

As the door shut I was immediately assaulted in the nicest possible way by two moist lips that puckered up and almost smothered me into her palm. I was covered in lipstick from my forehead to my toes with perfect red lip lines running down my body.
“Oh I have so missed you!”
Another five kisses and I was glowing redder than her lips and my makeshift sarong was pitched up and waving with my full arousal.
“And it looks like you’ve missed me, haven’t you tiny?”
I said feeling the guilt of the past few days hanging heavy in my mind. Dallas held me in her cupped hand and carried me into the living room area settling me down on the coffee table which was lower than her knees and enabled me to get a better view of what my girlfriend was wearing. 

I wasn’t disappointed as when her fingers drew away from my body she revealed her shapely legs towering over me as sun kissed as ever and reaching way up above into a nice flared denim mini skirt. The top of the skirt featured a wide fashionable white belt and above this she wore a skin tight white t-shirt with the slogan “34 F and proud of it!” emblazoned across it so provocatively.
My heart stopped as I read those bold black and so boastful of letters which were each larger than me and all stretched across her incalculably giant bust. This was such an impressive sight, her bust in its enormity had me gawping open mouthed as my giantess of a girlfriend casually stood over me brazenly displaying this message.
“Th…thir…thirty...four F, you wear a thirty four F now?”
I couldn’t help but fumble my words out as I tried to contemplate just how extremely huge those breasts of her were in my world.
“I sure do tiny, guess they’ve grown whilst you’ve been away”
Dallas giggled and asserted her size by thrusting her shoulders back and pushing her chest proudly forward, it was more than I could handle as those breasts strained against her top. In typical Dallas fashion she wiggled at the hips and tossed her long blonde hair back over her shoulders which produced a nice bounce from her chest. She was in full flirtatious flow and I was captivated by her presence.
“So you like my new t-shirt huh? Fits me rather well doesn’t it?”
Bending her knees together Dallas managed to lower herself and I could see her bright blue eyes peering over her bust as she ran her hands over the swell of her breasts and down her slim body, she knew what she was doing.
“I had myself professionally measured at the new lingerie shop in town this weekend, it’s seems that I must have grown so I thought why not advertise? I knew my little man would appreciate this big message”
“You really have grown”
Was all that I could manage in response and Dallas smiled looking down at her impressive figure and then giving me a smoldering look as she knelt down before the table so I could just make out a hint of her killer cleavage just as she was purposely doing her little trick of exhaling in a false but knock out manner stretching the line of visible cleavage by several feet ( in my perspective ) each time she did.
“And whilst these were getting bigger and bigger little did I know that my boyfriend was shrinking away to a much smaller and cuter size.”

As you could predict by now I was almost ready to jerk myself off on the spot, Dallas knew how fired up she was making me but her efforts were relentless.
“You really do look so very tiny now, so very tiny compared to these enormous breasts of mine”
“Dallas, if you carry on like this I’m liable to christen the top of this coffee table”
I walked up to the edge of the table revealing the large drop to the floor and my girlfriends open toed sandals, a new pair if I wasn’t mistaken and with the thin ankle straps and thick high heels they were very sexy.
“Carry on like what tiny? I’m not starting to turn you on am I?”
With a devilish smile she turned herself around and I looked up to see the rear of those towering legs. She proceeded to bend over pretending to reach one of those ankle straps for adjustment. This girl knew what she was doing sending my eyes traveling skywards to see her perfect firm rear in such a tight skirt and with a nice flash of the silky looking panties this was enough for me to dream about.
If I was a normal sized man I would have clasped both hands around that wiggling rear end caressing those curves, but being little over one inch high her backside was more of a hillside to me high up in the air and totally unreachable like the rest of her huge female form. 
“Dallas, please I’m only human I really want you babe and this is torture, I can’t even touch you from down here!”

My small plea was acknowledged and she also couldn’t continue without contact.
“You know I can’t keep this up either, I really miss holding you and having you close to me. Two long days without my little man to play with, it really makes a girl like me so horny…..”
Turning around she kneeled down low on the floor bringing her face towards me and those deep blue pools that she called eyes. More distracting than her eyes however were her plump and gigantic lips shining with the brilliance of her freshly applied lipstick, a glossy lipstick that made those sofa sized lips even more alluring. 

“Kiss me” I thought to myself, take me into those beautiful lips and loose me forever! As my desires rose I think these thoughts projected themselves and Dallas puckered her lips extending them forward and making them increase in size from my perspective.
She hummed as her lips suctioned upon me. What a kiss! A giant of kiss that lifted me up off my feet before gently letting me fall, my head was spinning. 
“Just seeing you this much smaller is making me so very horny, everything about you is so totally tiny. Just look at how TINY you are to me”
As she stressed the word tiny her chin left the table surface and I had to step backwards as it was dramatically replaced by her amazing chest. Her colossal curves absolutely dwarfed me and filled my entire view, the word tiny right now didn’t seem to describe how small I was compared to her.

The skin tight white veil of her top was slowly peeled away and over her head and I was floored by the sight of the largest white bra I had ever seen as it bounced so suggestively attempting to dampen the natural motion of her heavy breasts. Still stood on the table top I froze with my eyes unable to take in the enormity of her endowments and so totally unable to calculate how much shiny white silk now strained before me. Dallas saw how overwhelming this was for me and to add to the sensation she moved closer until the underside of her bra cups touched down on the surface with a sound only a miniature pair of ears could appreciate. Instantly her breasts seemed to swell outwards as the base of them felt the support below and I was stood in the shadow between them looking up at the most fantastic cleavage a man had ever witnessed.

“Look how gigantic my boobs are baby, look what a giantess your girlfriend is compared to you.”
I couldn’t help myself and through my body against the base of her right breast, bumping softly into this monumental curved silk wall that towered over me so easily. The flesh behind this formidable bra gave to my impact but by only the merest fraction, I was nothing in relation to their size but it felt so nice with that silk against my arms and chest. If only I could get through this barrier and feel her skin behind.
“I’m in love!”
My tiny voice cried out in bliss as I even found myself beginning to thrust against this silky giant orb.
“Ooooh you feel so miniscule against my boobs, but why waste all that energy of yours on the outside of this bra when you can be on the inside?”
Her finger tips descended from nowhere and lifted me from the table top, Dallas sat up and moved over to the sofa and lay back relaxing whilst she dangled me over her gargantuan cleavage. Her bra held those breasts below me so they formed a living heaving mass of womanly perfection large enough to consume a car at my scale! Man she was huge! Those breasts presented cleavage that was mind numbing to a man that was barely an inch tall and I was going in there any second.

“Remember how I teased you that one day you would be small enough to fix inside my bra cup? Well today is that day and you are even tinier than I dreamed you would be and I want you naked so I can feel every bit of that hard little body of yours next to my giant boob”

Her finger nails delicately stripped my only clothing and then the soft pad of one telegraph pole sized finger tip investigated my unrelenting hardness pressing against it and testing its resistance.
This felt so good, her touch was so gentle especially given how easy it would have been for her to accidentally hurt something so fragile. I then watched her free hand shifting the silky cup that held her left breast and pulling it forward to present a gap and very slowly she slid my body down the slope of that tremendous breast with my manhood rubbing along her delicately scented bare skin. How smooth she felt. How incredibly long this journey seemed to take as I began to wonder what the extent of her boob really was as it just seemed to extend for ever! But soon the curve increased and I felt the new sensations of my manhood dragging over the bumpier surface of her much darker areola. I was now deep in the cup of her bra and moving down onto her nipple.
“Mmmm, you feel good against my nipple and look baby it’s almost as big as you are”

Her observation was spot on and the nipple that I was facing was in fact thicker than my body and if I had attempted to lie across its length it wouldn’t have been much shorter! I couldn’t believe that I was almost the size of my girlfriend’s nipple, something I had sucked with great delight on so many occasions and now that very same nipple was too enormous for words.
As my arms tried to grab hold of her nipple I noticed her finger tips retreating and leaving my body and now I was hanging from her nipple like a decoration until she released her bra cup letting it ease back to fit the curve of her breast. I could feel the soft sensual silk tightening around me as it once more fitted tautly to her bosom. Moving was difficult now but not impossible and I began to pleasure the end of her nipple using the force of the silk to push my whole head deep into its fleshy tip. I chewed down with a hungry force, nuzzling the flesh and licking it knowing that my actions would not threaten Dallas and more over that she would get excited from this contact.
“Yes, Oh yes my little….little man”

Dallas called out in her thunderous voice although its impact was partially shielded by my silky surrounds.
“I can barely see you in my bra, is it sexy in there Joe? Is it sexy to be so tiny that my breasts are now your entire world?”
I was too carried away with my caressing of her nipple to answer but her words were spurring me on to newer heights. With great effort I managed to mount the front of her nipple and my eager length found what must be one of her milk ducts to guide it within. Oh this was glorious!
“Are you inside my nipple! Yes you are! You are so tiny! I……Oh Joe that so sexy! My nipples are giants to you, each of them is the size of a real-woman…..a woman who’s desperate to make love with you!”
My legs suspended by the silk behind them helped me to push deeper even managing to drape my chest over her nipple whilst I tried to show it who was boss. Dallas shifted in response her chest quivering and making the whole bra cup move around me which heightened the pleasure.
Dallas began to scream out with her enjoyment and my ears took a full onslaught yet not enough to deter me at such a fever point.
I shouted as I shot load after load into her flesh feeling like I had covered her in my sticky excitement yet I knew the result was so insignificant that she would hardly notice its presence.

Stretching out the upper portion of the bra cup Dallas’s flushed face showed that she had also reached orgasm in unison with me. 
“I don’t think I’ll ever grow tired of that, you were so good in there my nipple is just tingling with new sensations. I love you my nipple sized boyfriend and my giant nipple here loves you to. You know you are going to have to do this all again or risk my other nipple getting jealous”
Panting from exertion I smiled up and hoped her other nipple wasn’t going to get green eyed too soon as I was shattered. 
With just a smile Dallas let the cup fall around me again and began to move about. Withdrawing my member I slipped to the side of her immense nipple and wondered if she was going to let me clean up? 

I heard some water running but she was obviously washing herself as I gently bobbed around with the sways of her chest encased in this white paradise of silk and flesh.
“Hey Dallas, babe? Are you gonna let me out a second?”
“What was that tiny?”
She answered and I repeated my call.
“You know I can hardly hear you over this running water….”
A laugh broke up her answer
“…and I can hardly see you in there from the outside, it’s like one of my nipples looks swollen beneath my bra.”
“Dallas can I come out and get cleaned up?”
“Don’t worry I will tend to you in a minute tiny, I just need to wash myself I got a little damp back there”
This was a little frustrating, as much as I liked my surroundings I was a prisoner in her bra cup and unable to extricate myself as the pressure of the silk was far greater away from her nipple enough so that it would hold me immobile should I venture too far beneath its clingy embrace.

Working to her own timetable my girlfriend went about her business unaware how trapped her boyfriend was in such a simple piece of her underwear.
“Um Dallas, I could really do with some attention in here”
I reminded her of my presence after several minutes had elapsed and felt the pat of a giant finger tip on my back from the outside rubbing me into her flesh.
“It’s so surreal with you in there, it’s like my bra is speaking to me in a little squeaky voice”
“Well your bra wants the dirty little man inside it to be clean”
“I had better sort you out then hadn’t I before you stain my bra and I force you to wash it. What a thought you wouldn’t even be able to lift it on your own”
Giggling to herself she slipped both shoulder straps down her arms until the material slackened and I felt like I would fall!
In reaction I grabbed hold of her nipple using both hands and just hung there as the material slid down her torso and left my feet. Oh boy I was high up, extremely high up because she was standing now!
The floor below or what I could see of it made her look as tall as a mountain and the floppy cups of her bra that had been pulled away sat twenty feet below me looking like a catch net if I was to purposely let go. Despite this visual assurance I had no intention of letting go to test it and I dangled there shouting to Dallas for help.
“Dddallas! Please, rescue me!”
I called out in mid panic and she just laughed further giggling her assets and making me hold on as tight as I could. 
“Don’t worry pet I will save you from that big bad fall”
She mocked and playfully shimmied her boobs left and right forcing me to throw my legs up and lock them around the girth of her nipple so I could hang beneath it. 
“Oh look at you!”
She almost choked with laughter as she moved towards the sink and I could see the reflection in the mirror.

What a joke I looked, a one inch man struggling to hold on to his girlfriend nipple with this gigantic breast looming behind me with its monstrous proportions. 
“See in the mirror baby? Do you see how big just that one boob is that you’re holding on to, you look so sweet on my nipple all clamped on like that, I should tie a ribbon around you and fix you there. Mmm that’s a very sexy idea….”
“Dallas my arms are tiring”
I began to weaken with gravity starting to take its toll.
“Am I teasing too much? You know us giantesses we can’t help ourselves. Here let me help you”
Hefting her breasts in her hand she changed the angle of her nipple so that it almost pointed straight up and then before I let go I watched her mouth form into an “O” shape as she sucked her nipple and my body until we were both covered in her saliva and totally free from my juices.

With a final lick from her tongue I released her nipple and landed on her areola now drenched from her tongue. I sat there feeling the bumpy plain below with my hands, some of the small features of her areola’s surface were almost as big as her breasts used to be and felt kind of nice to run my hands over.
“That was dangerous Dallas I could have fallen and believe me these tits of yours might only be 4 or 5 foot above the ground but to me that’s parachute territory baby and I was more than a little scared back there”
“Parachute territory…ha…you are funny”
She couldn’t help but laugh.
“Sorry Joe, I will be more careful I was just carried away with the situation”
“Well just try to see things a little from my point of view can you?”
It was hard to show my temper with her and what use would it do? She was in control of my life now and I was just a little active bump in bra’s for her amusement.
“Yeh, I guess that my legs alone are like skyscrapers and what with the rest of me up here you have to have a head for heights to date me. I’ll try to remember that anything above my knees is serious vertigo territory for my little man”
Dallas smiled the incident off which made me feel a touch uneasy and then she lowered me to her sex which was exposed below with her panties half mast and her skirt no where to be seen.
“Tell you what, you can stay in my panties for the rest of the afternoon they’ll be a little closer to the ground than these great big boobs of mine”
Without consultation Dallas put me into the crotch of her panties which felt rather damp presumably from her earlier state of arousal and I was slowly lifted up to meet her womanhood and pressed nicely against it.ZIMMER 
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Of course Dallas managed another orgasm after only a few minutes of having me rub against her pussy and I had done nothing to aid this one except trying to crawl higher up and out of its imposing presence. 
Had my Dallas changed since I had been away? Was she more aware of her sexual power over me? Had she started to see me as a toy that exists purely to live in her underwear twenty four hours a day? I loved her and had to admit I loved being in her panties and yes the inside of her bra’s was ecstasy for a man so small yet I also wanted to be treated with a little more care and consideration to make a decision once in a while.

I didn’t see the light outside of her panties until several hours later when she was ready for bed and I found out my new place to sleep was in single bra cup she had fashioned into a hammock slung between two pen holders, it was perfect and with the other matching cup as a blanket it was by far the largest hammock I had the pleasure of sleeping upon or should I say inside as the clam like shape it settled into completely cocooned me from sight.

My fear of Dallas posing questions about my stay with Alison subsided by the start of the next morning as she talked and laughed about how bad it must have been for me to be stuck alone with two lesbians.
“You knew she was a lesbian?”
I questioned rather shocked.
“Of course. She might act the flirt at work with you squirt but that’s just her way to fit in with us straight ones. But as you now know by now she doesn’t get off on men, and especially a little man smaller than her finger. Must have been really uncomfortable with them all over each other in your presence eh?”
“Um, yeh you could say that”
I smiled to myself in relief and didn’t bother to correct her.ZIMMER 
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November 2006 

Back at work Professor Jones was shocked by my size and soon modified the equipment I worked with so I could continue my information gathering for her. My work area was still positioned under Dallas’s desk but I had to admit her shoes caused me great concern as they were many times the size that they had been and each time she shuffled the position of those giant feet and with every subtle click of her high heel on the floor I would jump with fright. This was something I would have to get accustomed to but you imagine trying to feel relaxed at your desk when behind you are two things the size of eighteen wheeler lorries’s shifting around and thudding on the floor so randomly. It was worse on the occasions that she would listen to her I-pod and tap her toes to the beat, the sound could be quite deafening and the vibrations a lot worse.

Despite these distractions I did get back into my research for the Professor scouring the web for notes linked to the green break in the sky. Recently it was interesting to discover a statement from some hi-tech observatory less than a hundred miles away that their experts had been studying the crack in our sky and theorized it wasn’t naturally occurring.
As bland as this statement was Professor Jones was very intrigued to invite the key personnel from the observatory to come and speak with her. I wondered why? Perhaps I would find out more through Alison why her mother was so obsessed with anything connected to this strange phenomenon because today she was going to receive the invited guests from that observatory.

As I sat on my oversized chair which happened to be a piece of doll furniture that Dallas had bought I was browsing the internet using the voice command system as normal when I heard high heels tapping across the reception area with the usual loud striking sounds, women really didn’t realize how noisy their choice in footwear could be to my shrunken ears. At my new height I could actually see under the desk without bending down and I instantly recognized a pair of giant blue court shoes complete with decorative bows on the front as they began to walk towards the reception desk. 
It was funny but I could have recognized every woman who worked here just from the ankles down because I become so used to this perspective. I also noticed everything about their shoes, like if they polished them or if they didn’t bother and what condition their shoes were in. Being so close to this world of ladies shoes somehow I was drawn to take an overactive interest in them, I could even tell the mornings when Mandy from accounts had chosen to walk across the park because there would always be a tell tale fragment of red clay from the path settled around the base of her heels. These were the things no one else would notice, but a man who was officially shorter than every woman’s high heel in the workplace knew very well.

“Hi Alison”
Dallas greeted cheerfully and I decided to go and say hi myself and perhaps probe a little about our guests.
“Morning Dallas, I like your blouse where did you get it?”
“What this? That new shop on Church Street”
The girls conversed with the normal pleasantries as I walked under the desk, yes I actually didn’t have to duck in order to stroll under Dallas’s desk and emerge the other side. Dallas didn’t like me doing this as she said it was far too dangerous for me to wander out into the open across the marbled reception area and I was lucky she hadn’t sealed the desk off as she sometimes threatened to.

Clearing the end of the desk I looked up from between those enormous blue shoes to see the more than pleasant stocking clad legs of Alison’s which disappeared into the huge canopy of a short ( in giantess terms ) dark blue skirt. At this angle the rest of her wasn’t visible and I climbed up onto the toe section of her shiny shoe where it was safer to be and then shouted up.
“Hey Alison!”
There was no answer as the two giantesses discussed women’s clothes and I had to wait for a pause in their conversation as overcoming their voices was near impossible. Alison moved her foot around shifting her stance and I had to grab hold of the huge bow on the front just to stay on top.
“Hey, Alison!”
My call this time produced a reaction.
“Is that Joe squeaking hello? Where is that little cutie of yours?”
The girls were looking for me when I called up again.
“Alison, down here on top of your shoe!”

With a smile Alison bent over and lifted me up to the top surface of Dallas’s desk.
“You should be more careful little bug I wouldn’t want to step on you with these big shoes of mine, and red spots would definitely clash with this shade of blue”
“I’ve told him time and time again that he’s too little to be out there in the open especially on the floor at our feet, it’s so easy not to notice something as tiny as he is”
“Dallas, I’m fine”
Letting out a little huff of annoyance I defended myself, sometimes I felt so mothered by Dallas. For sure it was her way of protecting me but I wasn’t a little child and these restrictions of hers seemed to be growing where I was concerned.

“Alison I heard those people from the observatory are coming today and you are meeting with them?”
“Yes, I’m picking them up from the train station in a short while, why do you ask?”
“Just curious more than anything They seem to have theories on this green glow in the sky and your mother um I mean Professor Jones has had me looking into it for so long that I wondered what it was all about….”
“Well if you are that curious I don’t expect it would hurt for you to tag along and listening in for a few hours”
“Really? Are you serious?”
My response gave away how eager I was.
“Sure, why not as long as you keep out of sight, do you mind Dallas?”
“No, if little Mr nosey here wants to go I can trust you to look after him and besides I want to kick off my shoes and air my feet a little and he doesn’t always enjoy that do you Joe?”
Shaking my head I recalled how Dallas plastered me in a sweaty foot a few days back after she had been walking around town one lunch time and although she found it hilarious I wasn’t impressed.
“That’s Great”
Came Alison’s cheery response and I was gently picked up and held before her face between a slender thumb and finger, she smelled of a sweet perfume one that was generously applied and my head spun a little as I was breathing it deeply in.

“Look sweetie my mother wouldn’t approve of the clients seeing you so……..”
There was a pause from Alison as she looked back at Dallas, meantime I was checking out what potential accommodations were on offer. The skirt she wore was fitted today and had no visible pockets and even if it did they would have crushed me as it was far too tight, so my eyes shifted to her top. She was wearing that tight blue sweater the one I loved to see her in as it always exaggerated those C cups only now with my tinier eyes this close knit top made her look enormously busty and so much fuller than I recalled in the greatest possible way of course. 

“If you want to hide him from view Alison he’s probably small enough now to be tucked down in your cleavage, that’s where I always carry him”
Did my ears deceive me? Was Dallas my girlfriend offering for another woman to carry me in-between her boobs? 
“You think?”
Alison said in the most convincing of voices as if she would never have thought of this option.
“Is that ok with you tiny? I’m not as impressive up top as your Dallas here but I’m sure there would plenty of room for someone so little that’s if you are not too embarrassed to hang out inside another woman’s bra?”

She was such a good actress looking so innocent with this proposal so I played along.
“Um, well yeah if it’s ok with Dallas then I can’t think of a safer place to be”
“Not to mention a sexier place to be, eh tiny? Just remember that’s not my big bra you are going to be riding in today so respect Alison she doesn’t want to find you crawling around inside her bra cups and all over her boobs”
Dallas instructed from behind and I didn’t respond.
“Oh, I think he’ll find it a little tight to move around in here. I only just squeezed into this bra myself and besides I think little Joe will be the perfect gentleman wont you Joe?”
“That’s me the perfect gent”
I said and winked to Alison who smiled as she lowered me into her yawning cleavage until I sank deep between those breasts and out of sight just as she wanted me to be.
“Good I can’t even see him, behave in there tiny or Alison will have to squish you in there”

With our farewells said I was relishing a few hours in the close company of Alison’s breasts, sure they were no where near as large as Dallas’s but it was still very sexy to be nicely hugged on each side by a colossal pair of C cups like these. 

As Alison walked off I could tell instantly the difference between how Dallas’s boobs behaved when walking compared to these more average breasts as I wasn’t jostled around quite nearly so much. 
“We are alone now my little Joe bug and just look where you are”
Alison’s voice penetrated into the dim light beneath her top and I moved around to look up at the underside of her chin and nostrils above.
“Bet you didn’t think you would end up on the inside one of your favorite tops eh? Now forget everything Dallas just said and get to work on my tits they’ve been dying for some of your special attention. Hop to it little bug we’ve got twenty minutes in the car before I meet the clients and I want you to make the most of it in there”

As Alison set off in her car to the station I was exploring between her boobs, despite the tight top on the outside her bra was a soft delicate lace paradise and wasn’t the push up variety so I could easily slide inside one of the cups. It was only the pressure of her top that restricted my progress as I pushed myself half way in to the right cup and upon seeing my dilemma Alison pulled up her top and covered herself with a jacket in the car. Now I could move and with the lacy net on my back there was no fear of falling. 

I think Alison nearly crashed at one point when she felt me penetrating her milk duct as I had with Dallas but just like my girlfriend she enjoyed the action going on under her jacket as I focused on one giant nipple and humped it for all I was worth. I managed to cum in only a few minutes as it was so exciting to be once again in another woman’s underwear especially one who was as fit as Alison. 

Luckily she carried some wipes and cleaned me up before safely stowing me away in the middle of her cleavage once more, I had lost my trousers somewhere under her top in my race to make out with her breast and that was embarrassing as Alison didn’t have time to find them. Being one inch tall my clothes were not easily available off the shelf and most of the time I wore the custom clothing made by Dallas. However my outfit today for a change was from an obsolete range of star wars toys that featured smaller dolls that could be carried around more easily than the standard four inch action figures. Dallas stumbled across my Han Solo outfit a week ago and I liked the fit but now I was worried how to explain a lost pair of trousers to Dallas when I got back! Mean-time though I had the pleasure of sitting at the base of a bra behind the lacy screen of where the two cups met in the centre and being chaperoned by the sides of the gigantic breasts that enclosed most of this space. With my manhood and legs free from my toy trousers I could enjoy rubbing next to those breasts if I wanted a quick thrill.

“Ok they are coming so keep quiet tiny and don’t do anything sexy in there or Ill embarrass myself”
Alison warned as she patted her boobs and rocked me about.

From what I could make out there were two people a man and a woman, something was strange about the woman’s voice I recognized it but couldn’t place it.

When we arrived back to the facility Alison had dispensed with the small talk and began the structure of a meeting introducing her mother’s research facility without breaking any secrets. Professor Jones joined the meeting a few moments later and didn’t beat about the bush she wanted to know about their observatory and what they had theorized about the green crack in the sky. The man spoke about how unnatural it was and how it didn’t conform to any known and naturally occurring phenomena. 

The techno babble was deep and I could only pick out the basic string of what they were discussing and it seemed the man was alarmed at the growth of this thing and how he predicted it would begin to destabilize many facets of our way of life, his tests showed that radio beams and communications in general were being affected by the “deadness” of this hole in the sky. A pocket of nil-space as he called it I believe. In summary he strongly believed it proposed a threat if it continued to expand. The lady who accompanied him then spoke to present the tests she had performed as a threat analysis and I again seemed to feel I knew her but how? 

Who was she? This question burned inside me and I had no choice but to climb up to the top of Alison’s cleavage using my legs to push against each of the sides of her tremendous breasts like a rock climber bracing my limbs in a crevice between two mountain faces. Alison however felt my ascent and casually shook her chest enough to make me fall back down into the safety of the lacy net below and where I had started, she wanted to discourage me.
Ok, I thought this is going to be difficult, I then noticed that a little higher up from the base of her breasts yet still dipping into her cleavage was a gold neck chain. If I could make it to the bottom of the chain I could hold on to this necklace and it would be harder for her to shake me down again. My plan worked perfectly and soon I was just peering over the rise of her blue v neck to see the giant faces around the table. I certainly hoped the man opposite kept a professional interest in Alison or he might have spotted my little face rising up between her lovely breasts like a periscope. Looking to my immediate left there was the woman still talking and I immediately fell back down in shock as it was Mrs Wang!
I couldn’t believe it, this professional woman presenting was the same gorgeous Chinese lady that was one of Jade’s clients. I had been inside this woman’s pussy and she didn’t even know it, perhaps Alison herself didn’t even know this lady across the table had paid good money to make out with her partner on many occasions when she traveled abroad my mind boggled with these thoughts.

Professor Jones listened to the information and then relayed that she wanted to discuss something of a more secretive nature with the man on his own, I guessed he was the senior of the two and Professor Jones required him to sign a high level non disclosure agreement. As they departed the room together just Alison and Mrs Wang were left.

“They could be gone for hours”
Alison said very informally almost casually as if shedding her business persona.
“How are you keeping Alison, you sure look good especially in that top your wearing today its kind of distracting when I’m supposed to be professional?”
Mrs Wang began and I was surprised by her manner.
“Thanks, this little top has quite a few admirers already”
With a nudge of her left boob Alison meant to squash me gently as she delivered her comment.
“Is that all you in there or a padded bra? I don’t remember you being quite so big up top”
“It’s mostly me in here”
Alison giggled and then I felt her moving across the room presumably closer to the Chinese lady.
“You know that sexy siren Jade delivered me the most fantastic orgasm I have ever experienced last time I was over….”
“Really? Tell me more”
What was going on here? Was Alison also intimate with Jade’s clients?
“Some new little sex toy she used, oooh it sends goose bumps all over me just to think about it, and the most frustrating thing is that she didn’t let on her secret”
Oh boy she was referring to me and now Alison knew it.
“A new sex toy huh? I didn’t realize she shared that with you, so you didn’t get to see it?”
Probing Alison was making me uncomfortable as Mrs Wang answered in a whisper that I could easily hear given her giant voice.
“I didn’t see it but she popped what ever it was right into my underwear and it just went to work like some sort of weird little mini dildo on steroids that seemed to target all the right places just like it had a mind of its own! I can’t wait to try that again, I want one bad do you know where she buys them? Have you tried one?”
There was a pause and Alison then replied.
“You know what I have tried it and it’s the best, Jade didn’t tell me that she tried the Joe-bug on you how lucky you were”
“The Joe –bug is that its name?”
Mrs Wang seemed excited by Alison’s teasing but I was growing more uncomfortable.
“Yes, it’s a prototype, tell me just how much did you enjoy it?”

The two of them laughed and flirted talking about Mrs Wang’s experience and I could tell Alison was getting aroused, her heart was beating faster I could hear it, no I could feel it.
“Well, I can’t sell you a little Joe-bug but I do think you deserve to enjoy it again if it meant that much to you”
Alison concluded and I was suddenly getting worried about what she was proposing to do with me.
“You have one?”
“I actually have the original tucked right in my bra as we speak”
“In your bra?”
Mrs Wang sounded surprised.
“Oh yes it’s a very versatile little thing, and its equally good up here as it is down there”
They laughed and I could hear the blinds being shut in the room and then the lock! 

“Now why don’t you lie down on the table there but promise me you will keep your eyes shut, the Joe-bug’s a secret still”
“You are going to make me very happy, can we both use it together?”
“I’ll will enjoy watching believe me and just to keep an eye out incase anyone returns, so you just lay back and close your eyes and let the little Joe-bug explore that gorgeous body of yours”

It was clear what Alison intended but wasn’t she even going to ask me? I was at work, Dallas was only down the corridor and she wanted me to give this woman a quick thrill on the conference table of all places!

Sliding me up and out of her cleavage Alison smiled with a look that challenged me to resist what she proposed.
“Joe, just do your stuff for me, you will enjoy it to, you know she’s absolutely gorgeous just look at her spread out there waiting for little ole you”
The whispers from Alison were loud at this range as she turned me about and I saw the beautiful Chinese business woman stretched across the surface of the mahogany conference table. She was still dressed in a red suit skirt with some matching fire red stiletto heels and a white blouse that nicely accentuated her small yet pert bust. Keeping to her word her eyes were shut. Gazing across at this giantess I was struck by her legs a pair of legs that were short in giantess terms but so very perfectly formed, she was beautiful and such a temptation.

“Is it ready?”
Mrs Wang asked in a breathy voice showing her growing anticipation and Alison walked me over placing me down by a pair of red high heels which contrasted against the dark wood finish of the table. I looked at their glossy surface and there was my half naked form in reflecting in the shiny material.
“I’m gonna put it on voice control so I can tell it what to do, so you just lie back there and relax whilst the Joe-bug takes care of your needs”

What was going on here, had Alison lost it? I couldn’t do this not here, not like this? Or could I? 
Those legs are stunning it would be nice to walk along pins like that and check them out all the way along to the very top! And then there is those breasts I caught a glimpse of what were they like under that blouse of her’s and what about her pussy? Boy it felt good to be in there last time…..My manhood was talking to me saying these things and effectively taking control as it flooded with blood eager to take advantage of this situation and I crumbled to its will.

“Joe-bug, climb up her shoe and on to the top of those lovely feet”
Alison instructed and before I knew it there I was jumping up on her high heel and scaling the slippery sides of her shoe leather. 
“Actually why don’t you kick off those shoes Mrs Wang? I remember you have very pretty and very sensitive feet”
No sooner had Alison spoke and the shoes were moving as Mrs Wang flicked them off forcing me to jump on the top of her left foot. They were nice feet, like many Chinese women she must have taken great pride in them as they were flawless and she must have had a recent pedicure to keep them in this condition. 
“It’s on my foot”
Mrs Wang gasped as she felt my presence.
“Keep still, he’s very delicate you wouldn’t want to break my little Joe bug”

I walked down the length of her foot towards the toes and it was hard to balance as her foot was ever so gently moving beneath me. The big toe wasn’t much shorter than I was tall if my observation was correct but all the toes were perfectly formed with nails that obviously had received lavished attention over the years. 
“Did you say he?”
Mrs Wang suddenly sat up her eyes wide open and I fell sprawled across the top of her foot due to her rapid movement. Alison had only referred to me as an “it” until this slip up.
“No, don’t….”
Alison began but it was too late as I recovered to my feet and there were some large beautiful eyes fixed upon me.
“What the… it can’t be…..”
Alison moved closer but Mrs Wang’s fingers were already descending towards me and I had no where to back away as the fall over her foot to the table top wasn’t one I would have liked to test.
Some equally well manicured finger nails clasped the scruff of my top and there I was dangling before her beautiful face and being interrogated by her piercingly green eyes.
“You are real? He’s a real man only like a little tiny doll in size, this is…..”
Completing the sentence Alison stood next to the conference table.
“I didn’t want you to know, Joe here is kind of a secret but you are right he is a real man only miniature in every detail”
“I can see that”
Mrs Wang said looking directly between my legs at my now hanging flaccid member. I had lost my previous arousal very quickly as I didn’t know how this giantess would react. 
“So you did those amazing things to me with Jade, how utterly mind blowing is this? I mean you are an itty bitty spec of a man much smaller than any regular penis even and yet you had me screaming like my husband never could manage or even Jade come to think of it and believe me she’s good”
“Proves that size doesn’t matter”
Alison leaned across the table closer to see the two of us.
“Could you put me down now, please?”
I asked respectfully feeling very wary of being discovered and more importantly to find myself powerless in her grasp.
“Of course, I expect you are eager to continue, and my feet are the best place to start, lovely aren’t they?”

Placed down on the table she left me standing before the soles of her feet with her heels resting on the table top so that I was faced with their imposing size. Giant feet were kind of scary as even with her shoes removed these petite feet in giantess terms were still very impressive and imagining them landing on top of me sent a pulse of reality that created goose bumps over my body.
Curling her left foot forward it arched over and her toes suddenly confronted me, boy they were big for small toes. 
“Does he like women’s feet?”
She asked Alison who was amazed as she watched the dexterity of the woman who was gently stroking the hair on my head with the underside of her largest toe.
“If he had a choice he would rather be in a giant bra than at the end of a giant stocking if that answers your question”
“Perhaps he hasn’t experienced the beauty of a woman’s foot before, men like feet believe me my husband loves me to run my feet over the small of his back and down his inner thighs and with such a tiny man he could be so overpowered with feet as truly giant as ours”

The toes parted above me and lowered until I was caught in her toe cleavage and they firmly surrounded my body from my chin to my knees! My manhood was touching the inside of her toe and it did feel nice, with a gentleness you wouldn’t have thought possible in such a giantess Mrs Wang then rubbed my whole body up and down in between her toes until she felt my inches or more realistically my millimeters of hardness coming alive again.
“Wow you are good at that”
Alison said clearly impressed at her technique.
“He likes it as well, I can feel his little thing poking against the inside of my toe”
Just when I thought the toes that held me were moving away I felt the back of my top hoisted in the air as it was purposely caught on the end of her toe nail so she could lift me up from the table. I wasn’t lifted high but purposely maneuvered in order that she could sandwich me between the smooth soles of her two feet. 

There I was cupped in between these two limo sized feet as she encased me in a soft cocoon that allowed me to smell the rich sweet oils that had been applied to them perhaps only this morning and another smell that was almost masked, the natural odor of a hardworking woman’s foot that had been subjected to high heels. It was odd but I rather enjoyed her playing with me in this manner as she let her soles crinkle up arching this way and that as she toyed with me from one sole to another rubbing my body in the softer arches of her feet.

“That’s quite erotic how you are playing with him”
I heard Alison say as Mrs Wang gently let me slide down between her two heels until I could stand, her feet had actually got me aroused which surprised me and I wanted more.
“You see he does like feet, well giant female feet. Kiss my little toe tiny one and introduce yourself to it, don’t worry it wont hurt you”
Her left foot curled over and presented her smallest toe pointing down before me and yet this was hardly little accounting for half my size at least! Tenderly I kissed the end of it and then it wiggled and began to push against me, closer it came and then it was pushing me down and now it was covering me, mounting me like an aggressive lover that wanted me defenseless and on my back. I submitted to this overpowering toe and Mrs Wang slid all those toes over my manhood teasing me further. As if sensing how hard I was she then chose to ease up and I recovered to my feet once more.
“Let, me put him on your legs, you’ve got gorgeous legs he will love the feel of them”
Alison reached for me and removed my top and shoes so I was completely naked and I didn’t attempt to stop her nor did I consider where the clothes went as I focused on the moment seeing a highway of shapely leg suddenly below me. 

I began to wander up the length of this one leg I was placed on and marveled at how smooth her skin was. I had to balance a little as the top surface of her leg wasn’t flat and it was kind of slippery given that it naturally sloped away. Her knee which seemed a long way off to begin with was soon the ideal perch in order for me to survey the bridge sized thigh that enticed me to continue. Kneeling down I stroked my hands over a tiny section of her skin upon that thigh and satisfied myself that it was indeed as smooth as it looked.
Turning to see Alison she had pulled up a chair and her skirt for that matter, she had her hand entering her knickers and was enjoying the show.

The ridge of a fitted business skirt was soon facing me, I stopped pausing on the middle of her gigantic thigh looking across the expanse of this skirt to the immense silk blouse that flowed out of it. The question was should I lift the edge of this skirt and go under or should I walk across its surface? Mrs Wang was led back but she could easily feel where I was and encouraged me onwards with her words.
“Look up here little man do you like what you see?”
My attention was taken to the large mounds of white she called breasts that rose into a nice smooth vertical hillside of silk blotting out most of her pretty face beyond. Her hands slid over her chest and hefted her breasts together from each side exaggerating their already impressive size and then let them settle, I so loved how women do that. She wasn’t particularly well endowed and was in reality a petite woman so the breast shapes I was ogling certainly didn’t match up to the magnitude of Alison’s C cups nearby yet to my eyes even these full B cups had to be classed as simply enormous and very imposing to be in the presence of. What I did notice was that as she released them they settled far more rapidly back into shape than the larger breasts I was used to seeing, this was definitely the firmest bosom I had encountered as a tiny man.

“Come on Joe, go and visit her tits and see for yourself. I want to see you in action”
Alison was now sitting back in a chair closely observing my every move and she definitely was playing with herself stimulated by the display before her eyes. Stepping up onto the skirt before me it was some way to the edge of the blouse that was so neatly tucked into the waist band and as I got closer to this join the shine coming from the white fabric made it look like liquid. Walking on to the lower portion of the blouse the change in texture beneath my feet was very evident and I discovered that it was almost possible to skate across its surface in my bare feet. The slope up towards her chest was difficult to traverse as I fell a couple of times on the slick surface of the blouse but learning my lesson I decided to step up the small curb sized edge of one mighty plastic button and then I jumped from button to button making out like they were stepping stones and the white blouse material was the flowing river between them. 

Both the giantesses I think were impressed at my athletic ascent but my progress was soon halted as I reached the base of her breasts. I looked up and the next button facing me was on a barrier of silk that rose over me and accounted for at least twice my height, yet looking left and right those breasts raised the material a fraction further still.
“I….I thought you had small breasts?”
I found myself saying this out loud in surprise at the sheer volume of this pair of womanly obstacles that blocked my path.
“Small boobs?”
Mrs Wang began to laugh and I watched those hills wobble shifting and tightening the blouse material and I had to drop to my knees to steady myself on the button that supported me, it was a good job that I wasn’t stood on the silk or else I probably would have been sliding back to the bottom again.
“My dear little man nothing about me is small to you, I’m a giant woman with giant breasts”
She crushed her breasts together and the wall before me expanded soaring up dramatically perhaps making three times my height now and forming an even more formidable obstacle. These were not little tits, she wasn’t petite, no woman had little breasts compared to me now and this proved it.
“How wonderful for him Alison, even my modest breasts are truly giants to him, oh I love this feeling of being so big and powerful”
“He’s in awe of them, looking up at them. They make him feel small and helpless, he is so tiny and you are a giantess to him in every way”
Alison was getting really aroused as she spoke like this.
“Take him into your cleavage, let him play inside your blouse and overwhelm his tiny body with your giant tits”
“Yes….you’re right he belongs in here so I can really feel and appreciate my giant size that’ll make me so hot!. Come here little man let me help you”

Before my eyes the blouse slackened as the buttons released one by one, I jumped aside as she pulled her blouse away to expose her bra beneath. Her tits were revealed easily visible through a bra that was practically transparent made of the thinnest ivory colored material. 
“He’s too little to undo your bra but keep it on, you will love the feeling of having him inside the cup as it presses him against your boobs so closely….”
The giant face of Alison was hovering above me and she was keeping up with the suggestions and I felt like the little pawn that just went along for the ride. Of course I wanted to experience those wonderful breasts before me that I couldn’t deny.
“Only a B cup….”
I said to myself as I walked into her cleavage and then up the slope of her slender neckline before I tried to climb up her right breast. It was a challenge to enter her bra cup but it was a full cup and covered most of her giant tit and this made it easier for me to crawl under it like a commando beneath combat netting. 
“Oh I feel him, his little hands…legs…even his little dick rubbing against my boob its……”
“So sexy”
Alison said dreamily to finish Mrs Wang’s sentence.
“He’s so small on your boobs, so small against those firm sexy breasts”

By now Alison’s words were getting me harder than ever as I squeezed my naked body over the peak of this giant breast until I faced a nipple a large and very pointed nipple. It was smaller than I was used to and the breast below me was smaller in giantess terms but noticeably firmer and less giving than the colossal curves of my Dallas which made it some how more manageable. Her bra cupped my body in tight but it was stretchy and didn’t restrict my movements. Soon I was kissing and caressing this nipple and Mrs Wang was softly moaning. I then pushed up with my back against the see through bra material and tested its resistance enabling me to kneel on her areola and straddle this nipple placing my balls on its tip as I compressed its pointed form into a flatter formation. It didn’t give much but it was so nice to feel my balls rubbing into the top of this giant nipple that seemed to cup them quite naturally. My head now looked like a bank robber wearing a pair of ladies tights to conceal himself and Alison’s face was close moving towards me getting excited to see what was going on under the veil of this fabric.
“Suck my tits”
Mrs Wang said forcefully and I was about to change my position to obey her when Alison’s mouth closed over me and the bra!

Oh boy she took me and the top of this breast in between some enormous lips and sucked us both through the thin shield of the sheer bra. I could feel her damp saliva trickling over me and the nipple pushed even harder up against my balls trying to lift me deeper into the darkness of this mouth.
With a practiced technique she slid those soft lips over me mouthing at my shape until I was tingling all over.
Mrs Wang encouraged with a boom”

But Alison let up and moved her mouth away. I tied to stand up on the breasts a little unsteady pushing against the resistance of the material and through the fine weave I saw Mrs Wang’s eyes were alive with the moment. A loud click distracted me and it signified that the central clip that restrained this bra had been undone by Alison’s fingers, the material pulled me over as it flung itself back no longer held in the centre. Landing at the base of her boob I was disentangled from the mass of bra material and Alison lifted me carefully with just a single finger nail under my butt and one across my chest.
“Don’t come yet I need to see him in your panties, in that hot wet pussy of yours….”

The red skirt was pulled down and I was gently guided straight into the giant underwear. It was dark, I could barely see because the cotton panties didn’t allow much light through them. As Alison’s fingers set me free the elastic snapped firmly shut and these tighter than tight panties hugged my back plastering me towards Mrs Wang’s body and sealing me down like I had been shrink wrapped!
My words didn’t manage to come out as my face was pressed against her flesh, I couldn’t move it was too difficult. I then felt a giant finger of encouragement pushing against my butt which slid me along until I was practically at the start of her slit but unable to do anything. How humiliating it was to be so incapacitated by the pressure of this heavy cotton and yet so near to my goal. The smell of her excitement was making itself known in a big way as I lay there pushing press up fashion to overcome the tension on my back in order to move but only to be forced back down again.
“I think someone is struggling those look awfully tight on you and very tight on him”
Alison observed my predicament and Mrs Wang peeled down her panties until I was once again in the open and more than relieved.
“Don’t worry little one I’ve freed you and now its all yours to play with”
Mrs Wang offered as giant fingers nudged me closer until I was almost laying over the top of her slit and feeling the moist lips kissing me in the face.ZIMMER 
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“You have such a pretty little pussy, doesn’t she Joe? But it’s still so enormous to him. May I?”
As Alison reached a hand over and I could see her fingers diving inside the giant love entrance before me with a squelch of juices that probably only I could hear. Mrs Wang sighed as the two fingers disappeared within her and then those lips parted as a rush of womanly scent filled my senses. 
“Get in my pussy little one, get inside me, I am so wet for you…..”
How could I resist an offer like that, my dick was quivering with anticipation and I wanted to be inside this beautiful woman once more. Carefully I slid my legs between Alison’s outstretched fingers and moved myself into the hot pussy mouth that simply gobbled up my body until I disappeared up to my shoulders inside her inner flesh. 
“Oh just look at him! So small…and your pussy is so sexy, so big and sexy around him, he’s nothing to you…nothing to a woman’s size…..”
Alison let her fingers relax and those pussy lips closed upon me smacking each side of my face like a wet kiss and I was nearly covered from sight. I thrashed around in the deepness of this pussy feeling the sensations of her muscles trying to constrict against my slender form, if my body had been anywhere near the girth of a penis she would have locked on to me now and made a tight connection but I was too small so I could easily wriggle my body in her heated wetness.

How I loved to rub my whole body inside the folds of a giant pussy and this one was perfect. The thrill of being inside her love passage risking the fact that I could slip out of sight within her hot hole was part of the thrill and I found myself spurting inside her within hardly anytime at all. Mrs Wang also began to mutter in Chinese something I couldn’t decipher but I knew it sounded her orgasm.

Then as I began to attempt my exit it was very clear that the slippery walls around me had become saturated with the peak of her arousal and I would have to wait for her to help me slide free. But a knock at the door had my heart jumping into my mouth!

“Hello? Alison, why is the door locked?”
It was the professor she had returned! Before I knew what was happening I was disoriented as Mrs Wang slid up her underwear trapping me inside and scurried around to put her clothes back to normal and made her way off of the conference table.
“Jjjust a minute” 
Alison called out to delay her mother and I was totally thrown by these events. My world had turned upside down and gravity had my head and shoulders pressing into the panties yet still I was more than three quarters stuck in the mouth of this pretty pussy. The skirt had to be in place as it was dark, very dark and the panties were damp especially around me!
Mrs Wang said flustered
“Where’s Joe?”
Alison questioned in a whisper.
“Still inside me it’s too late to get him out now, answer the door…”
“Answer the door”
I heard the door open and the Professor instantly questioned the delay and why the door had been locked from the inside of course it was most unusual.
“What’s going on Alison? And why do you looked so flustered Mrs Wang is everything ok?”

I wanted that pussy to swallow me up and take me away from the situation but I had to give Alison ten out of ten for her quick thinking.
“Sorry we…..we locked the door because there was a rat in here! Mrs Wang saw it and its frightened her to death and me for that matter it just ran under the table right across our feet….uuugh! It must be in here somewhere we didn’t want it to get out into the lab or anywhere else I can’t imagine how it got in here!”
“This is terrible, I am so dreadfully sorry Mrs Wang we have never had a rodent problem believe me it must have escaped from the bio-lab or worse it’s a wild one from outside”
Professor Jones was apologetic and they must have been pretending to search because I just felt Mrs Wang moving around as her panties shifted with her legs.
“You looked so flushed it must have given you such a fright”
The colleague of Mrs Wang tried to be sympathetic.
“Well, its not here now I think it’s entered behind that radiator the walls are terrible in this section of the building I have this whole wing earmarked for refurbishment. Oh I am so embarrassed to have put you through such an ordeal…”
The apologies went on for a while and things settled only I was wondering how the hell I would be coming out of these panties and when? Further more where were my clothes for that matter? 

About ten minutes later whilst I roasted in the thermals of Mrs Wang’s pussy heat I heard my Dallas talking.
“Can I make you a drink before you leave I hear you could use one?”
Hearing Dallas’s voice so close whilst I was less than a few feet away tucked inside another woman’s sex was really uncomfortable to say the least, the thought of being discovered was unthinkable!
“No that’s fine we must be going now but I will just use your ladies room and freshen up”

The next thing I knew I was retrieved out of the underwear and into a waiting palm.
“You are a beauty!”
Mrs Wang remarked holding me before her face in front of the great big mirrors in the ladies toilet.
“That he is”
Alison chuckled looking over her shoulder. 
“Take care of him, and let Jade know she will have to work very hard to please me on her own next time”
A great big kiss nearly swallowed me before I was placed on Alison’s larger fingers stretched out to support me like a raft of flesh coloured logs. Mrs Wang left the toilet and Alison sniffed over me almost lifting me in the air with the suction of her nostrils being so close. 
“You smell like her”
She said softly.
“Mmm I like that a lot”
With a great big lick her tongue saturated me and she smacked her lips with the taste.
“You had better clean me up cause right now if Dallas gets a whiff of this I’m liable to be a stain under a size six woman’s shoe.”

With my prompting Alison let a large swimming pool sized sink fill up with enough volume that I was soon floating and treading water, then she laughed as I heard a creaking noise from above? I looked up just in time to see the soap dispenser on the wall high above releasing a gigantic flow of thick green goop which splattered on top of my head. Laughing she washed me off very carefully with her fingers and then held me under the wall heater.
I shouted but she laughed and a hurricane of super heat fanned down on me as I lay back in her cupped hand. I was sure that I would have been slightly tanned by the heat but I was dry in seconds!
“I’m still naked”
My reminder jolted Alison back to the reality of the situation and she began searching her top for my clothes where she had quickly dropped them inside.
“Sorry tiny I can’t find them….”
She began to mutter when the outer door of the ladies toilet creaked on its hinges. Swiftly I was dropped into Alison welcoming cleavage.

“Alison Prof wants you to take them back, can I have Joe? Is he still down in your bra there?”
“Erm yeh sure”
Alison began nervously all too aware of my current lack of clothes.
“Um Dallas can I stay here for a little longer…um please babe?”
I called out and heard Dallas laugh.
“Mmm, enjoying yourself in Alison’s little bra are you baby? I don’t think you…..”
The door creaked again and Professor Jones ushered Alison out and I sighed with relief once more.

Having dropped the passengers at the station Alison relaxed in the parking spot and pulled me out and onto the dash board still naked except I had retrieved my top. We were in a corner of the station car park and quite alone so I asked her to remove her top so we could find where my other items were hiding.
“Oh so you want me to take my top off huh little man? Is that your game, trying to seduce a giant woman, mmm? You are such a frisky little doll and what will that giant girlfriend of yours think of you now? Her little boyfriend asking to stay a little longer in Alison’s cleavage? She might be a little jealous. Tell you what my little Joe bug if you want my top off then you will have to help me”

Alison lifted me to her skirted lap and I looked up at the towering garment which made a vertical face like a building that had been draped in material. It was one of those close knit tops with a trail of small buttons running up from the base.
“But Alison your top it’s so huge”
I said defeated knowing how much effort this would take from past experience.
“No it’s not silly. This is a little lightweight top it’s just that you are so small compared to it”
Standing by the base of her top I climbed up onto a crease on her skirt using it as a ledge to raise myself within reach of the first button which happened to be close to the waist band. My hands clasped this huge button and I fought with it and then looked up at her trying to make eye contact but her breasts proved far too large a barrier between us. 

My fruitless attempts to shift the button reminded me of when I had tried to undress Dallas in the past and how this simple pleasure that a man so loved was denied to me as giant women’s clothes were simply unmanageable. 

“I’m only teasing you tiny, I just wanted to see you using all your little muscles, its just too cute for words. You couldn’t undress me in a lifetime my bug and we need to be making our way back so I can’t wait that long, so allow me” 
Her top was swiftly opened by her powerful fingers working those buttons with ease and her two enormous lace covered breasts thrust forward reminding me of how big she was compared to Mrs Wang in an instant! With two fingers clasping me Alison slid my body down her mid section and then dropped me in the side of the top, it was tucked into her skirt and I could walk around the base of it where it now slightly billowed over the waist band in its slackened state. I was jumping along like a spaceman making my way around her slim waist when I found my trousers which had traveled around the interior of the top almost to the small of her back. Picking them up with a smile “success” I thought to myself and then I actually managed to walk around her back where it was dark and more constricting with the car seat close to it. I had to feel my way between her skin and the tunnel her top created, I was navigating to find anymore lost items here when she reacted unexpectedly.
“Now that tickles!”
Her loud voice thundered above and her whole body seemed to move in response to my touch. 
It must have felt like a small rodent was in her clothes and her movement to my presence opened up the gap between the waist band of her skirt and her lower back. Suddenly the floor of this top seemed to change angle as it lost tension and I slid down and directly inside the rear of the skirt. In the darkness I scrabbled for a hand hold but the smooth skin of her back provided no method of slowing my decent until the skirts natural taper closed against me and abruptly I was stuck in the dark. 

Alison fidgeted some more and must have raised a little causing me to sink five or six of my feet until I felt a new texture before my body it was the waist band of her panties and the cool smooth material felt more than nice to the touch.
I had accidentally let go of my recently retrieved trousers in the fall which kind of put me back to square one and the search all over again only in darker depths of her clothing
“Where are you going tiny? 
Her voice sexily giggled as I tried to climb up yet found nothing to assist me.
“You are so naughty trying to get out of my top and heading straight into my hot little panties”

As I struggled to climb back up to her waist band Alison must have sat forward in the car seat raising her rear when I heard the zipper at the back of the skirt opening up somewhere above. 
“Sorry Alison but that big top of yours kind of gave way….woah!”
I was just starting to shout and explain myself thinking her fingers were coming to my aid when I felt everything loosen up, the pressure from the inside of her skirt taken from my back and the stretchy band of her panties pulled back forcing me to hold on. With a tremendous laugh Alison’s fingers found me and tipped me over and into the back of those panties letting the material snap shut sealing me inside!
“Listen if you wanted to explore my lovely peachy little rear you only had to ask and I would have gladly slipped you down the back of my panties”

Her chuckling was muffled by the wall of her skirt closing back in as the zipper sealed away any chance of possible light and held me against the top of her bum cheeks. It wasn’t as cramped as I would have imagined though which was strange as I felt myself sinking downwards as Alison shifted her immense body, presumably getting comfortable whilst she teased me this way.
“Hey come on!”
I shouted but my face was mouthing into her flesh, and with that layer of skirt combined with the panties I’m fairly sure my cries were hardly reaching those pretty giant ears way above. 

Her whole backside seemed to wiggle and again I slipped further down curving now with her shape and my legs found space, the space between her curvy bottom cheeks that I was now slowly sliding into. This space was bigger than I would have imagined like a nice recess ideal for my legs to slide over. My arms spanned out to feel the sides of those cheeks but it was then I knew something was different, it was too large a space and more similar to being trapped in her generous cleavage? 
The answer was of course that I had become smaller than before!

Her cheeks were just so expansive and the slit between these perfectly formed and so pinch-able curves was slowly gobbling my body up between them. The top I was wearing was slipping over my shoulders, I knew the neck was large but man I had to be small to loose it in my struggles. Naked once more I was at the mercy of this gigantic girl’s bottom and feeling hot and consumed by her luscious crack. My dick however was disengaged from my shrinking fears and with its fresh freedom as my top worked its way down to my ankles it sprang to life and stiffened to brush against the acres of skin.

What if she crushed me accidentally in-between these sexy giant butt cheeks? Or worse still what if I slid further down would I detect any unpleasant smells and would I be grossed out from the fumes? Hell what if she had flatulence and let one roll out with me down here I would be gassed alive! But then again women don’t really do that a lot, or do they?
My mind cycled through such crazy questions and the answers to some of those questions came rather too quickly, as Alison shifted almost making those cheeks manhandle my body deeper down and towards her hole.
“Mmmm, that’s nice is that your little leg in there?”
I could hear her asking but no it wasn’t my leg trapped between her cheeks it was my entire body! My hands scrabbled to pull my body away but then I felt the outside of her hole as my hand brushed accidently across it. My face must have been lined up with her hole and I shuddered to think that I could push forward and loose it in there, and maybe the rest of me with it! I really wasn’t into this whole anal sex thing and going inside her back passage didn’t much appeal at this scale, I mean just thinking about it I would be smaller than what naturally would pass through this thing before me! Uurrrgh, I was grossed out by the thought of what lurked inside this passage and this began wavering my hardness. 

On the positive side I had to admit there was no negative smell, I had been holding my breathe for a minute or so since I came into contact with it and was relived to breathe in a rather hot odor of some pleasant girly shower gel type fragrance. 
“Go on, try me for size”
Alison said and must have been leaning forward because a mighty force struck my back and pushed my body deeper between her flesh, it must have been her fingers but with such power I now had my mid section right up her crack as they say. 
She murmured as I attempted to push myself back out using my legs and unluckily lost my complete left foot inside her hole by mistake for a few fleeting seconds! 
The voice outside encouraged and pushed me back in, and her butt cheeks seemed to fan out like her muscles were opening it up. I was actually frightened I didn’t want sex like this but again in the dark both my feet accidentally pushed into the lesser resistance of her hole. I needed my arms to free me and a little frantic I crawled back out having entered her almost to my knees that time.
Alison shouted and bounced up and down in her seat causing me to be smothered by her cheeks and I must have passed out.

The next thing I knew my head was a little fuzzy and I felt that I was lying on my back, the ground was a strange texture, but I knew it was skin. I was in a hand a palm to be exact but it was so enormous! I stood up naked as the day I was born and looked across this palm which could almost have held a tennis court for me to play on. Then there were those fingers , four womanly fingers stretching up like buildings! 
“Hey little bug”
A penetrating and commanding voice boomed overhead and I gulped looking up to see two lips the size of which shocked me at first because the gleaming white teeth I could see between them were nearly as tall as I was!
“Alison what happened?”
I shouted my question yet Alison seemed to be struggling to hear my voice.
“You shrunk again sweet thing isn’t it obvious? You were doing such a good job down the back of my panties when all of a sudden you went limp. It was my fault…..”

There was a pause in her explanation with an offer of a sympathetic smile before she continued. 
“…..I think in my arousal I accidentally clenched my little ass back there and you along with it. I’m so sorry, I could have crushed you Joe”
I was trying to take all of this in and that included the realization that I could have died between a girls butt cheeks.
“Alison look at you up there…..look at all of you! Man, am I tiny now! ”

Of all the stages in my gradual shrinking this had to be the biggest impact visually, the World was simply humongous through my new eyes.
“You are just under half an inch tall if you were wondering, I measured you whilst you were unconscious against my little finger nail, which I happen to know is just under half an inch long. I’m wearing false ones today see?”
Four huge digits rose over my head as her fingers curled back presenting some glossy nails that looked deadly in size. I reacted strangely backing off in her palm scurrying to the far reaches of her hand where it connected to her wrist just to distance myself from these predatory looking weapons.
“Don’t be scared Joe I wasn’t about to hurt you. I guess these could look pretty menacing from your point of view huh?”
“I, I’m ok. Just wasn’t prepared to see them that big that’s all, you’ve changed a lot and everything around me has changed with you. Things like your finger nails didn’t bother me before I think this new size of mine is going to take some getting used to….well being around women and things as titanic as you are for starters!”
The description of titanic made her laugh and I protected my ear drums making her abruptly stop.
“I think it’s us women who are going to have to get used to being titanic around you”

It was so hard to contemplate life like this, stood in a woman’s hand I was hardly anything more than a bug, just like Alison had nicknamed me yet now it was truer than ever. She seemed to be as fascinated with me as I was with her, those eyes looked so overly large and as her hand took me before them I found a new appreciation for giant women. Her eyelashes slowly blinked very naturally as she studied me and this action was so grand to behold, I watched as these thick black hairs emphasized by her eye make up fanned the air between us. 
“Alison, what am I going to do, look am me. This time I’ve become so much smaller. I’m practically less than half my previous size. What’s my life going to be like, living as real bug?”
“Sssssh, tiny don’t think about all the negatives. You are still in one piece and very healthy and you have a lot of people to look after you, not to mention that at this size you would make the cutest little addition to my charm bracelet”
Her humor forced a grin and I guess that was one part of me that hadn’t diminished yet.
“See you can still smile”
Alison tried to set me at ease with the situation.
“Yeh, but the question is can you still see my smile?”
“Awww, your smile still looks in pretty good proportion to me”
Suddenly Alison’s face was moving in for an extreme close up as her lips covered me in a lingering kiss that was sticky enough to lift my entire body from her palm. For a few wonderful seconds I was fixed to the more than pleasurable surface of those gigantic lips, it had to be said that kissing was getting better!

When I naturally fell back into the safety of her palm those fingers cupped over me and once more it all went dark as she lowered me down upon her skirted lap. I found myself stood on the taught skirt material only to find that I was just taller than a slight crease that had formed across it! Looking back up her body was an amazing colossal tower stretching higher than I felt it should. I could actually feel the wind of her top material as she tucked herself back in and I could hear this material as she guided the buttons back through the holes. As the close knit top pulled tight over her form my eyes were distracted and drawn to her bust which was just phenomenal in the way that it jutted out so impossibly above.
“Talking about good sized proportions Joe I think my tits are so much bigger than you now that you could loose yourself in my cleavage for days”
“Yeh, those are e…e…enormous now”
I could hardly stutter out my sentence and found myself completely hard from the thought of being lost in her cleavage.
“Sorry Joe-bug but I didn’t hear you?”

As Alison finished tucking herself back in her fingers soon plucked me from her skirt and once more took me to confront her massive facial features, I had to admit my hardness was pointing at her lips and wanted to experience them some more.
“Now what was it you said? That tiny voice of yours is hard to make out unless I’m holding you close to me like this”
“Um, I was just agreeing that your breasts are just so enormous. I mean they were before, gigantic, huge to me of course but they’ve grown even bigger now beyond words”
“Biggest you’ve ever seen huh? That’s twice you’ve shrunk in my presence and appreciated my new cup size, do you remember when you clapped eyes on these babies in the plane?”
Alison boasted and ensured her palm was flat enough that I could be lowered to level up with the bulging neckline of her top just to intimidate me with a vast and deep cleavage line that stretched out before me and continued under the cover of the material hiding more than half of its fantastic dimensions.
“Yeh, I remember you putting me in your blouse pocket and how that felt”
“You liked feeling that small didn’t you Joe? Pressed up against my giant boob and held prisoner in the thin little pocket of my sexy work blouse. What was it like in there? Did you Feel the warmth of my huge tit on your back whilst it wobbled you around. I know you like talking about huge boobs don’t you Joe? Just look at that tiny little hard on your sporting down there now and it’s just getting even stiffer the more we talk….”

Slowly as not to scare me, a solitary finger loomed over her palm from her spare hand and gently the nail managed to stroke my harness, it was amazing how delicate she managed to be given her extreme size difference and to feel her touch with the cold smooth tip of her nail was electric. 
“I’d love to bring you off right now in my palm but I think this miniature dick is just too tiny for me not to risk hurting you between my finger nails”
How frustrating this was and she was so right, just looking at her finger nail it equaled my size and there was no way she could pinch my manhood between two of these giant finger nails without the fear of castrating me and I shuddered at that thought. The power she had over me now was so significant, a mere sneeze and I could be blown off of her hand high into the air to fall to my death, or just clenching her fist or pressing down with a single finger to crush me.

“Its ok Alison, I don’t think that a finger job from you would be good for my health right now”
“That doesn’t mean we can’t think of something a little bit more creative to relieve you…….”
I had no idea what she had in mind but had to agree a bit of release would be good right now especially given the stunning view of her neck line and I needed to focus.
“Mmmm this is going to be challenging but it just might work……”

The hand I was stood on was backed away from her chest and I saw her positioning her spare fore arm under her breasts as she allowed her hand to cup one of them squeezing them both together closing her cleavage into a bulging deep valley as they met. 
“I’ve just the place to bring off a boob man and that’s right in here, right smack between these two giants of mine”
My heart pounded as she leaned back in the car seat and tipped me so that I slid into her cleavage coming to a rest between her curves whilst she lifted them slightly from below. I was on my back looking up, resting in this mighty female crevice which was spectacular, it was so long! I could see down and into her top as this valley stretched away into the darkness and man it looked like her boobs were never ending and yet there was more cleavage in the other direction behind me! With her free hand she grabbed some of her hair and offered a few strands into her cleavage across my body. 

Her hair was thick and yet smooth and silky to the touch, strangely it seemed to have a definite weight to it that I could now really appreciate as it flowed across my tiny torso. 
“Now my little Joe-bug I want you to take two strands of my hair and grab them tight.”
I did as instructed and she tried to brush the remainder away. 
“Now let me hold them”
Using her nails which I could just see in my peripheral vision she held the ends of the hair.
“Now guide your little dick between them and let’s see how that feels for your little soldier to be trapped in my pretty hair”

I offered my length between these glossy strands of hair and as Alison pulled them a little they seemed to caress me in their softness. The sensation was tingly a good and sexy tingle that I couldn’t put into words. 
“There you go, now let me bring you off with my giant hair whilst you lay back in my sexy cleavage. That’s it you just relax and think about how colossal my giant boobs are surrounding your little tiny naked body, that’s nice isn’t it Joe, think about me releasing my boobs and you falling down inside my bra lost forever in the warmth of my tits, my titanic tits. A little spec of a man lost in Alison’s big bra forever”

Alison was managing to masturbate me gently gliding that thick hair above and below my shaft just a little but enough to pull me off and her words just sent my imagination into orbit. My dick spewed its cargo of sticky enjoyment into her hair and onto my thighs and she hardly noticed until I called out for her to stop!
“Finished already?”
She giggled and that hurt my ears with her slight relapse not thinking about the volume of her voice.
“Sorry little guy, now lets clean up your mess”
I watched as she sucked the small mess I had deposited in her hair and then she scooped me up in her fingers to lick my body clean with her tongue. I was saturated in her saliva by this beast of an organ and before I could recover she opened her mouth in an “o” shape before me. I looked into the depths of her wet mouth I wondered if she was going to drop me inside and feared the dark deep recess of her throat that I could just make out way back there. As her lips motioned over me I felt like a little piece of candy waiting to be popped in her mouth never to return. How easy it would have been for her to drop me inside and swallow me whole!

However my fears subsided very rapidly as Alison simply exhaled heated air around me drying my body in no time at all. 
She said to her handiwork 
“Did you enjoy that?”
“I’m speechless……”

With a smile she suddenly glanced at the clock on her car dashboard, we had been a long time.
“Joe, look at the time I had better get you back to Dallas”
“But I’m naked?”
She pondered and then placed me on the top of her steering wheel column as she retrieved a packet of chewing gum. 
“Use this”
Came the offer as half a piece of silver foil was handed to me and instantly I knew what she was suggesting. I fashioned what was close to a pair of silver speedo’s and struggled to rip the excess material away, with a chuckle at my efforts Alison’s hand whisked me up to her mouth and I winced as she used her teeth to clamp down on the spare excess of the gum wrapper and tore it away from newly formed outfit. My heart pounded for a second or two with how close her teeth had come to my body and how they could have taken a chunk out of my mid section if she wasn’t paying such good attention.
“Sorry did I just scare you again? You looked like you nearly peed yourself when my teeth pulled that wrapper”
I was embarrassed at my reaction but she was right of course. Trying to deny it I just smiled and fixed the ragged section of my new garment.
“No, I trust you Alison”
Her expression which I couldn’t miss at my size told me she knew that I wasn’t as cool with it as I pretended to be.ZIMMER 
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by ZIMMER on Wed Oct 17, 2007 6:43 pm 

“Well mister, I think it will be safer to put you in this little pocket right on my top rather than in my bra again, and if you thought my blouse pocket was big on the plane that day then aren’t you in for a surprise”

Lowered carefully into her pocket I sat at the base and it was so large that I could hardly think of my new surroundings as the simple pocket upon a woman’s top, there seemed to be acres of material in all directions and my body I was convinced would have struggled to cause a noticeable bump on the outside.
“Well look at you in my little pocket, I bet that I could carry ten men your size in there”
Alison joked as she turned her attention to driving us back.
The thought of returning to Dallas made me nervous, what would she make of this new size of mine? I had to be practically useless as a boyfriend to her now given that I was probably smaller than her little toe for all I could imagine. 

It wasn’t long before I find out how my girlfriend would react as before I knew it we had arrived and I was soon experiencing the now massive tremors of Alison’s breasts as she walked from the car back to the reception area as I floundered around in the depths of her roomy pocket. 

The powerful voice of Alison boomed above me offering a greeting to Dallas and requesting that she joined her in the ladies toilets. As I heard the mighty doors creak and slam with thunderous noises things settled down as Alison quietly began to brace Dallas for the news about my shrinking.
“Hey Dallas, please don’t speak too loudly as there’s been a bit of a development since this morning and well your boyfriend is quite a bit smaller than when you last clapped eyes on him”
“Oh no”
Dallas expressed with deep concern in her tone and I could also tell the slight change in the depth of her voice even from uttering these two words, she sounded bigger!
“Don’t worry he’s fine but we kind of shrunk out of his little clothes and I had to think of something”
“Where is he? In your cleavage still?”
“Actually I didn’t want to risk crushing him so I popped him in my pocket up here for safe keeping”

Two huge finger nails gently lowered into my world and surrounded me with their presence on either side. I braced myself and allowed Alison to use the pads of those finger tips to pinch my sides as she plucked me from her pocket. As I was removed there was a waiting hand that I was very familiar with ( although not at these new proportions ) that Alison placed me into. There was the beautiful face of my girlfriend with a wide eyed expression relaying her surprise through those fantastic blue eyes of hers and I just offered a simple greeting as I attempted to stand on her palm.
“Hey babe”
“Joe, are you ok?”
“I’m fine just more portable than ever”
My attempt at humor melted much of the concern I could see in her building sized face.
“He’s got to be less than an inch tall?”
Dallas spoke over me looking at Alison for confirmation of her guess
“About half an inch isn’t it incredible Dallas, we must look so dam gigantic to him now”
“Well we were giants before to him but he looks so delicate now, I’m afraid of hurting him accidentally”
“Ladies I am down here you know?”
I called up but they didn’t hear me as they continued to converse.
“You know Dallas I felt the same way that’s why I decided to slip him in my pocket just incase he got squished in my bra, I mean my tits must be the size of wrecking balls to him. Although I have to say the way little Joe here keeps looking at my rack since he became even tinier I think he’d risk going back inside in a heart beat”
They both laughed and rumbled my ears with the rising decibels, for now I couldn’t get their attention to enter into this conversation.
“Well he’s always been obsessed with big breasts that’s why I knew he’d enjoy the chance to get inside another woman’s bra for the day. Its funny Alison but I can remember it wasn’t long ago when I was teasing Joe that it would be really sexy if he ended up shrinking small enough that I could tuck his whole body in my cleavage and now he’s not only smaller than each of my boobs I think that my nipples are even bigger than he is”
“Oh don’t!”
Alison said shocked in an amused manner at Dallas’s naughty observation and then continued
“You really think so?”
“I’m a big girl”
Dallas boasted confident of her endowments and then smiled down at me from way above.
“But I’ll let you know if he measures up”
By now I was a little frustrated at the way they were talking although being compared in stature to my girlfriend’s nipple did invite a lot of interest between my legs, yet however sexy the thought of confronting a “me” sized nipple was it hit home how tiny and insignificant I was in their presence.

When Alison left me literally in my girlfriends hand I was glad to have her attention back and get away from the teasing girly chatter. Dallas moved into one of the toilet stalls and closed the door for some privacy as she sat down holding me below her chin whilst she settled.
“So baby”
She said bringing me to her eye level.
“I hear you have been lusting over another woman’s tits mmm? Impressed by her giant rack?”
Her accusations were directed at me with a firm expression and tone of voice combined with the waggling of a solitary finger. This finger alone was several times my size and I felt a little scared to be scolded by her imagining that just this little finger alone could paddle my backside black and blue! This was so odd as she was the one who allowed me to spend the morning in Alison’s bra.
I felt like cowering in her hand but managed to stand firm and defend myself.
“Wait Dallas, it’s not like that…..”
My plea began but was cut short by my girlfriends face cracking a large smile.
“Only joking tiny don’t look so worried, I know you can’t help checking out women’s boobs especially when their so massive compared to you. Besides I’m not worried about the competition from a pair of small C cups not when I have these to offer”

I was getting used to seeing fractions of giant bodies in my view and not seeing an entire person due to their grand scale and even though I had been in the company of Dallas and stood in her palm for the last five minutes I was not held at the right level or indeed the correct angle to see anything of her impressive bust. Following her comment about Alison’s small breasts I nearly choked and then beaming down at me with the hottest of looks Dallas did what she was best at namely teasing. Lowering her hand my eyes followed down her slender neck and there was a landscape of tanned flesh that rolled into the most astonishing voluptuous curves that a man could possibly imagine!
Her white blouse was stretched taught and dominating my view in all directions as she held me closer towards her heaving bosom.

“I’m guessing by the look on your face you must be staring at a pair of 34 bazillion double E cups!” 
Dallas laughed a little too loudly before she controlled herself and tantalized me by flying my body between two finger nails following along her exposed cleavage as if I was a small aircraft entering a huge valley between those twin mountains.
“They are Incredible……”
Was all I could muster as I was gently turned around and suspended looking right down into the sexy recesses of this boob highway just able to make out the soft lacy pattern of a giant bra in the distance stretching between these awe inspiring curves.
“You never thought these giant boobs of mine would end up so enormous did you?”
I agreed.
“And I’m willing to bet you are smaller than both my nipples now…..shall we find out?”
Her tantalizing question was presented as I watched the top three buttons of her blouse released by her spare hand. Now the full extent of that cleavage was revealed and was way beyond my expectations. Her bra cups, the cups of a thin lacy bra with swirling flowery patterns across their surface looked feminine yet they were colossal as she began to pull one back to expose her areola. 

Her nipple was already erect as I could easily tell by the way it seemed to spring stiffly into place after the cup of her bra material pulled over it. Pointing out with the thickness of an average tree trunk her right nipple was boldly displayed. Carefully Dallas positioned my body so that I was balanced on my back across the width of two of her fingers so that she could easily hold me along side the nipple. As it came closer I was surprised at the detail I could now perceive with my smaller eyes along the shaft of her nipple, the surface didn’t look smooth as I would have suspected and it was so substantial in presence that it was hard to imagine this was a real woman’s nipple and not some giant erotic sculpture. As my body was held parallel to her nipple it overshadowed me I was smaller in all dimensions! Her nipple projected forward longer, much longer than I was tall and this produced a great gleeful smile from Dallas as she realized.
“Just look at this, you are tiny Joe, really tiny compared to my big sexy nipples. How does that make you feel baby to realize that your girlfriend has nipples larger than you are tall, it must so sexy to know that I am so powerful”

Powerful? That was a new one, Dallas had always reveled in her size advantage over me but to express it as power perhaps this was a sign that I was moving beyond her total domination to another stage?
“You have no idea, can I touch it?”
“I’ve a better idea why don’t you sit on it? No better than that why don’t you ride on it?”

With a small giggle that wobbled her mountainous breasts, Dallas lifted me and stripped off the silver wrapper that covered my manhood. I was then placed down on her nipple to straddle it like a horse. I had tried this once in the past but back then I was twice as big if not more and now it was so large in girth that I was only balancing on the top surface and unable to lock my legs around it. 

Just coming into contact with her warm flesh and with the awesome magnitude of that breast behind me it felt so erotic and I was surprised, more amazed that my manhood was rock hard and ready for action once more. 
“Oh you are so darned cute at this size, look at how perfectly you fit on my nipple down there if only I could just fix you in place….”
Dallas began to tease me and I was enjoying the warmth rising through my inner thighs and balls as they rested against this huge fleshy perch that I sat on.
“Dallas, you’d better take me away before I start playing with myself and make a mess”
I shouted up my warning half in jest but Dallas step up her tease as normal urging me on.
“You want to make a little mess on my giant nipple huh? Mmmm sounds fun, but I don’t think you are big enough to make much of a mess well nothing my giant tongue here couldn’t lick off in one go anyway. You feel good down there baby why don’t you lay forward and rub your tiny hands over the front of it?”
I was caressing the end of her sensitive nipple in seconds doing my best to make an impact upon the thick flesh. 

“How’s that big lady?”
With my muscles straining I was trying to make an impact to play with the tip of her nipple but it was more like wrestling.
“Yes, that’s nice but………”
Half way through her answer Dallas plucked me from her nipple and then turned me to face it head on lining up my upper body before its rounded form which now seemed to twitch ever so slightly following my attention so I knew that she was getting more aroused.
“….it would be sexier to push your little face in here and to feel you biting and kissing it”
Immediately she moved me and my face was pressing against her nipple and its softer frontage received my features surrounding my head in her flesh as she held me there. I was engulfed from the shoulders up in end of her nipple attempting to kiss and nuzzle the flesh whilst she held me this way.
“that’s better…..get in there you little beauty….yes……that’s it right there….just so sensitive….so…….”

I was really hitting the spot and the nipple began to gyrate in my face mashing against me as she got excited, it was like a huge firm pillow forcing itself around me and I was in danger of being suffocated. My little arms began to beat at her nipple and this provided further stimulus, Dallas was oblivious to my intention. 
“You little animal that’s so hot to feel you squirming around like that!” 
Dallas breathed in deeply and then thrust herself forward keeping me in place so that the end of her nipple once more consumed my upper body which sounded lovely but I was beginning to feel threatened by the big bull that was her nipple.
“You could never be too small for me….”
Her voice bellowed in my ears as she obviously reaching orgasm. Soon her nipple moved away leaving me red in the face and gasping for air, I watched the building sized tit as it jiggled with her rapid breathing and I sighed with relief. 

Kissing me she stood up and placed me down upon the surface of the wash basin as she adjusted her skirt back into place. I hadn’t even been aware that her skirt was unfastened during our encounter but I soon realized that her fingers must have traveled into her knickers to push her over the edge. Looking down over the tremendous drop from the wash basin I was fascinated at her size it wasn’t every day you see a pair of legs in a skirt that looked miles long, ok that was an exaggeration but to me my girlfriend was really standing now at skyscraper dimensions from the waist down alone. I caught a glimpse of her underwear as her skirt was rising back into place and suddenly she paused. I looked up to see her face smiling down at me from way above.
”You wouldn’t be peeking down my skirt would you?”
I nodded.
“Tell you what little one, if you are a good boy I’ll introduce you tonight to the biggest pussy you will ever stroke”
My mind went numb at her words it was something to see a nipple larger than I was but her pussy would be phenomenal in size and maybe dangerous.

As she was about to put her bra cup back in place I nearly fell off the side of the giant ceramic sink to hear my boss calling.
“Dallas? Are you in there?”
”Yes, Professor”
“Oh, sorry to intrude but the reception desk was empty and I couldn’t see Joe either?”
“He, um left earlier.”
Dallas lifted me in her finger tips and then to my surprise placed me in the net like mass of her bra before she pulled it back in place!

I was gently guided up and into the space around her nipple as the bra cup held me fast. Her blouse was swiftly replaced whilst she continued to converse with her boss.
“Joe, shrunk again. So my sister picked him up a few hours ago, we wanted him to get used to his new size as he was very alarmed by the change”
“I see”
The professor said with a tone of concern. Soon I felt more pressure as the form fitting blouse was smoothed into place. I couldn’t move but nor did I wish to at present this was a nice snug place to be and given my size no one could tell I was there.

Flushing the toilet to pretend she was finishing her business Dallas walked out and I found myself rubbing against her nipple in a nice way, the walk home would be something worth waiting for I told myself.

“How small is he now?”
“Less than half an inch it was quite a shock to us both”
“Really that’s not good news at all for him but it’s interesting to hear….”
I could hear a torrent of water as Dallas pretended to wash her hands and hoped it would cease soon as the Professor continued.
“Have you seen outside this afternoon Dallas?”
”Doesn’t matter, tell Joe to take it easy and when he comes to terms with his size we will make some modifications so that he can work here again.”

That evening when I returned home with Dallas she was slow to remove me from her bra until I ended up kicking her nipple because I was getting too hot and needed some fresh air. Even this action prolonged my stay in what had become a lacy prison because she enjoyed the feeling of me pounding on her flesh. Finally free I told her how she nearly suffocated me with her nipple back at work and similarly when I tried to fight back she misinterpreted my actions as a come on. Hearing this Dallas was upset to think that her actions would have caused me harm and promised to be more careful when handling me in the future. 

That evening we watched television together, I no longer felt safe to be on her shoulder however. This now seemed much too high although the view of her cleavage from up there looked like a mountainside of flesh was ready to catch me and it might have been fun to tumble down once or twice. Given time maybe I would get more of a head for heights. So I ended up sat on her thigh and this proved a problem because Dallas couldn’t hear my voice against the television volume. When Jody came home she nearly flipped to see how small I was and told Dallas that she should inform my mother and Dr Kaysung however I begged them both to hold off for a few days as I really didn’t want the attention.

The professors comments about “seeing the outside” made sense when Dallas carried me upstairs to our bedroom that evening, as the moonlight poured in through the window its light was tinged with a green glow. The anomaly in the sky had increased in mass and was now lighting up the midnight sky. Dallas held me in her fist looking out the window with an odd expression.
“Do you know what that is yet?”
I answered truthfully.
“I don’t like it”
She concluded and shut the blinds taking me to the bedroom where she prepared me a bed fashioned from her finest pair of French knickers.ZIMMER 
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December 2006

Over a month had gone by since my last shrinking episode and I was back at work only under different circumstances, it was too dangerous for me to remain under Dallas’s desk so I worked in a small office on my own high up on a table. Professor Jones had engineered a compact version of the voice activated computer interface so I could manage to continue the research she set me and my display screen was a 3 inch LCD panel which at my size was like a large plasma screen! 
My clothes situation consisted of some custom outfits that Dallas had made for me, we couldn’t find any action figures less than an inch tall and to be honest I was glad because dolls clothes were coarse in their finish and uncomfortable. So now my girlfriend was my private tailor managing to use a magnifying glass and some fine glue to weld the seams of my outfits because stitching was not an option and frankly too hard. Typically she had chosen the material used and it was donated from a black pair of her satin knickers, I tried to protest that it wasn’t appropriate for me to wear in company but had little choice in the matter. To be frank the feeling was great and no one would know that my shiny little tops and trousers used to form part of my girlfriends underwear. Secretly I knew Dallas enjoyed knowing the origins of my clothes and she often teased me with the fact that using one solitary pair of her knickers she had managed to make no less than twenty outfits for me! The only thing I really did miss were shoes as nothing could be made for my size and so I took to wearing sock type creations that I managed to make from off cuts of cotton.

The last day at work for this year signaling our annual Christmas leave was eventful, the Professor allowed staff to drink a little wine at their desks and some of the staff had been encouraged to dress up for fun. Dallas was one of them and I won’t forget that morning when she surprised me in the bedroom….

I was up and getting ready for work quite early and Dallas had been very secretive getting herself dressed and keeping me guessing about what costume she was wearing. To keep me away I was left on her bedside cabinet and stranded there until she decided she was done. But determined as ever I used the flex of her bedside lamp climbing down it like a thick rope in order to reach the floor, I had become quite the mountaineer over the last few weeks and slowly I was managing to cope with the ever increasing heights. When I managed to jump down onto the floor it was one of the first times I had been at this level, in fact since my last shrinking Dallas hadn’t allowed me to be on the floor and insisted upon carrying me everywhere. 

The world was different from down here almost hard to recognize as a world I used to be part of. Luckily Jody had recently replaced the carpets with wooden laminate flooring so I wasn’t wading up to my knees in dense fibre’s. This did however have a downside as my little eyes could pick out the fine particles of dust scattered about where the girls didn’t vacuum so frequently, I also think that was due to me however as the noise plain frightened me, it was like listening to a spacecraft roaring around and I had developed a small phobia about being sucked up inside it!

This small section of the room was like a desert to me and seemed extend so far away to the door of the en-suite bathroom. I knew Dallas would be mad if I went out into the open but I was fed up being told where to stay and had to rebel now and again or I would go mad. I decided for my own safety however to keep to the edge of the skirting board where she wouldn’t normally tread.

Five minutes later and what seemed like quarter of a mile to me and I was half way to the door and wondered if at my new height I could actually pass under it, the gap of light certain looked big enough from this distance. However the closer I came the more I could hear the sounds of the giantess moving beyond. 

Dallas was singing jingle bells and humming parts of its tune she was obviously in the right spirit of the season. As I came closer her footsteps approached the door from the other side and I gasped to see this door swing open feeling a rush of air flow from it that briefly chilled my naked body. I put my back instinctively to the hard wood of the skirting board and waited to see her enter the room. 
Boom! Boom! A pair of gigantic high heels crashed down on the wooden floor with huge tremors that I could feel unsettling me. As she came close my knees buckled and I fell down. The sound was intense but she only took a few steps before stopping and that was long enough for me to admire the view and pick myself back up!

Seeing your girlfriend from this perspective when she was the largest moving thing you had ever laid eyes upon was amazing, she wore a pair of her black knee boots and they rose up so high that I was already impressed at her height before I had even seen the rest of her above those knees!
Dallas wore some fishnet black tights, very sexy ones that outlined the shapely extent of her endless legs rising into a red dress trimmed with white fake fur. Of course this was a “Mrs Christmas” outfit one of those very short and hot red dresses that barely covered her backside and hugged her beautiful figure emphasizing all the curves that men like me appreciated. 

“Was this worth waiting for? Joe?”
Her voice began before questioning my absence.
“Baby where are you?”
I saw a swish of blonde ponytail fly across the air high above and then Dallas caught sight of me as those beautiful blue eyes scanned the floor.
“There you are, what on earth are you doing on the floor? Coming to spy on me huh?”

Turning my way those boots stepped before me and so close that I fell over once again with the shock wave. 
“You really should be more careful, how many times have Jody and I told you not to risk getting under our feet?”
I tried to say something but Dallas I knew couldn’t hear my explanation.
“If I was tiny like you and saw something as huge as me walking around the last place I would be is on the floor, just look how enormous my boots are to you, don’t they frighten a little guy like you?”

This was another lesson where Dallas would intimidate me in order to make sure I would think twice in the future. Backing away from the tip of her boot I tried to see her face but Dallas lifted her left foot and now it was poised over me resting and pivoting on the high heel. What was she playing at?
That leather sole had to be forty feet long or more before it rose up into the arch of her heel and who knows how wide, I didn’t like to stay under it long enough to work out! Moving to the side I watched her lower that foot as I came out into her view once more. 
I protested.
“I’m sorry baby but you need to realize you are in a dangerous world, and as much as I try to treat you as an equal you really have to start doing as you are told. Look up Joe you are in living in a giant world….”
Both her feet closed either side of me and I looked up as those towering boots seemed to enclose the space around me like two huge black juggernauts blocking a small car from escaping.
“….trying to walk on the floor amongst giant women like Jody and I is just plain suicide don’t you understand? It doesn’t matter if we are wearing shoes like this or our bare feet you would pop like a grape underneath us”

“Cut it out Dallas, enough…..!”
This yell came from my lips as I was beginning to loose patience but my girlfriend hadn’t finished with her lesson yet, any argument with a female the size of a mountain was fruitless.
“Joe if that squeaking is you shouting down there I would save your breath because I can hardly hear you. Baby you need to learn that I am for all intents and purposes in charge of you, lets face it I practically own you Joe. I know that you hate being referred to like a toy but you are the size of a toy to me just look at my high heels either side of you and you can see that you are smaller than most toys and just as easy to break. I don’t want to be cruel baby as I love you but if you continue to put yourself at risk I am going to have to impose rules and take charge of you for your own good.”

Backing away from between her two enormous shoes I made for open ground to try and see her face, now I was angry. This had to be stopped. Yes, I was small like a child’s toy but nobody owned me! I was still my own man and no women were going to tell me what I could and couldn’t do, and where I could and couldn’t go! Fuming I struck out and thumped the side of her left shoe which hurt my fist yet Dallas didn’t even notice further infuriating me. As I walked along this shoe following its great length I was about to move beyond it when Dallas slid both her toes inwards and blocked my path. The top of each shoe was far taller than me and smooth so I couldn’t scale these boots but their rounded front ends provided a gap easier for me to climb over. With a small struggle I was now out in the open and walking with my back to Dallas ignoring her presence and trying to communicate by this action to how mad she had made me.

A second or two later her voice boomed.
“Where do you think you are going tiny? I haven’t finished yet. Come back here”
Ignoring her words I aimed for the cabinet and was going to climb up the electrical lead that I had previously descended down, at least at this level she would be less intimidating and easier to converse with. Less intimidating who was I kidding, she would still loom over me with her skyscraper proportions from her waist upwards!

“I said stop!”
Dallas’s voice penetrated my ears like standing next to the base speaker at a music gig and darkness instantly fell over me in the form of a shoe shaped shadow when I still failed to stop. I began to move faster but this shadow expanded as it lowered and effortlessly took away the light of the room. Before I could escape the sole of her shoe it touched down on my head, not hard but firm enough that I began to automatically lower and minimize my height yet it still followed me down until I could no longer walk upright! Now forced upon my hands and knees the sole came gently down until she judged that I was unable to move and effectively pinned down beneath it. She hadn’t injured me, only my pride that I was now held firmly under the sole of my girlfriend’s boot, a boot that dwarfed me in all directions. 

This was her making a point and I felt pretty scared, all she had to do was loose her balance and I would be crushed, I rolled on my back and attempted to push up which seemed instinctive yet so stupid to think that I could possible counter the weight. Her foot alone was enough to flatten me as thin as paper and that message was coming through loud and clear as I squirmed beneath it.

“Remember this moment Joe, a giant girlfriend equals a pair of gigantic female feet and enormous women’s feet require giant sized boots and high heels. Now a tiny weeny little boyfriend is much, much smaller than those boots and heels ……are you starting to get the picture from under there baby or do you want me to tap my toes with this boot?”
How patronizing, how humiliating she was being towards me tonight. Was this a change in her demeanor or just because I had pushed my luck with my independent streak?
Of course I buckled against these incredible odds and screamed up as loudly as I could that I was sorry, so much for me showing her.
“Now that I could hear, that’s using your head baby because you don’t want to see me cross with you.” 
With a small amount of extra pressure she then removed her foot and it was like watching the underside of some large helicopter lifting away and off to the side. I dusted myself off she had made my satin outfit very dusty and I was glad she couldn’t see the frown on my face as I brushed it away. 

The next thing I knew her fingers lifted me into the heavens and my stomach fell away like when you rush upwards in an elevator. Normally Dallas would do this slowly as she knew how I had explained the feeling but today she wasn’t being as considerate. 

Her face was showing an odd expression one of contemplation if I read it well and then a smirk of power I am sure shone through as I was delivered dead opposite her big blue eyes.
“You are ok aren’t you baby?”
“Yeh, thanks”
I snapped and couldn’t help myself.
“Mmmm, well little man you are not out of the woods yet. I want to see some new behavior from you, some giantess respect yes that’s what Jody and I need around here is a cute little guy who knows his place around us big girls. So no more walking on the floor or believe me you will spend a week in the base of these boots here living off my toe jam….and if you need to come down from a table top or dresser or anywhere we decide to leave you then ask one of us to pick you up and carry you. I wouldn’t want to have to have to find my old gerbil cage but if you misbehave you could wind up in the pen for a few days”
Was she joking? A gerbil cage, she was going to imprison me if I didn’t do as I was told? I so wanted to say something firm back to her but held between her fingers so high in the air as I was right now my back bone left me.
“I’m sorry Dallas, you don’t need to threaten me I made a mistake. I just wanted to see you and so that’s why I ended up on the floor……”
Why was I so meek she really had knocked the man out of me.
“Awww I can’t stay mad at you not when your voice is so cute and you look so helpless, I know you wanted to check out my babe-a-clause outfit but don’t worry your little mistake this morning has just convinced me that I wont be giving you a choice today”
“A choice of what?”
She grinned and I was placed on her dresser surface whilst she sat down and fished around for something in her jewelry boxes.
“Take your clothes off tiny”
I questioned knowing she didn’t appear to be in a romantic mood right now and fearing where this was heading. Dallas paused and then loomed over me with her upper body and repeated.
“Take your clothes off tiny and give them to me now”

Suddenly before I could finish her hand was upon me or rather some steady finger tips and she stripped me naked without my consent, not that I could have attempted to tackle those giant fingers in full action. 
“Now that’s better”
Tossing my clothes aside with out a care in the world of where they landed Dallas then continued going through the compartments in her jewelry box until she retrieved some bright green material.
Now she was giggling to herself and I knew that wasn’t good in her present mood.
“You are going to look so Christmassy”
She said with a smile that made me uneasy 

As delicately as her giant digits allowed I was being forcibly dressed into some baggy green trousers and an odd looking top. Some oversized plastic shoes were slipped on my feet and then a hat? Looking back she was grinning from ear to ear and I glanced down to see a large white button on my chest and a pretend belt that was around my waist. 
“Turn around tiny”
She instructed and because I wasn’t tall enough to look into her large mirror above she held a small compact before me which actually offered more than a full sized reflection. I was dressed as an elf and I looked ridiculous. Tossing the hat off my head I was about to get undressed there was no way I would be going to work to be laughed at.
“Put that back on or else tiny”
Dallas waggled a finger way larger than me in my direction and I fearfully complied. Then she pinched me gently between her fingers and her free hand loomed over me with a massive red rocket. No it wasn’t a rocket it was the tip of an enormous tube of red lipstick. 
“Hold still”
Her voice warned and with the uppermost precision I felt the smallest dab of lipstick applied to each of my cheeks in turn. Using the head of a cotton bud which was like the size of a fuzzy boxing glove she then smeared the lipstick on my cheeks and I looked like I had the rosy complexion of a small doll.

“You are too cute for words!”
Her finishing statement bellowed and I pulled the green hat down so it protected my ears. 
“And now for the finishing touch”
I couldn’t believe what I saw as Dallas placed me down temporarily, sifting through her jewelry box out came a small plastic looking figure dressed identical to me except I was a lot more handsome and didn’t have such pointed ears. 
“When Jody was out shopping yesterday she just couldn’t resist buying me these and then I got to thinking of you and what fun it would be to take you to work as part of a set of Christmas earrings”
My voice broke a little as I watched the little figure hoisted up by a small decorate silver chain fastened to his back. Dallas brushed away a few loose strands of her blonde locks tucking them behind her right ear before fixing a clasp into her earlobe and I watched the little elf dangle down to become a comical and seasonal earring! 
“Now it’s your turn tiny, up you go”
The dresser surface fell away as she lifted me from my back by a similar silver chain and I swayed around by her neck as she adjusted the clasp above, I had just become my girlfriend’s earring for the day.

Leaning forward to look in the mirror there I was almost identical if just a bit slimmer than the plastic doll that adorned her other ear. My presence and the sight of me in her reflection made Dallas very happy indeed. 
“Oh Joe you are funny, the girls are going to flip when they find out its you I’m wearing”
“Please, no Dallas. I will be a laughing stock you’ve made me look like an idiot. I don’t want to be one of your earrings especially not in front of all the girls at work”
But as I expected Dallas had made her mind up and what could I do, there was no way that I would remove the jacket and fall, hell that was a long way down.
“Ssssh tiny, I was going to ask you about this just for fun but since your behavior this morning I figure that you don’t deserve to have a choice in the matter. Don’t worry I’ll take the little doll that came out of your clothes and keep him safe so you can come down and do your work later on, but for now you can stay still and enjoy yourself up there”
Standing up Dallas went about her final business of readying herself for the office and I swung around bouncing against her neck on the odd occasion. 
“Cheer up Joe, there are compensations to being my earring for the day”
“Really, like what?”
I moaned and Dallas walked back in front of the hallway mirror so that I could see her face.
“Don’t tell me you haven’t checked the view out from up there? I bet it’s quite an eyeful for a little man”
My eyes dropped and there below was giant woman cleavage at its sexiest, almost entirely displayed by a large scoop neck line with white fake fur trimming the edge of her costume. Hefting these mighty feminine orbs up with her hands they magnified in size and I was practically drooling from my lofty perch high above.
“You see tiny, today won’t be so bad for you after all”
I couldn’t answer as all I could do was try and calculate how deep that was in-between those impressive curvaceous mountains, they jutted out so defiantly and so hugely that my mind was spinning with thoughts of getting in-between them later today.
“And don’t get jealous”
Dallas said snapping me out of my lustful gaze as I picked up on the use of the word jealous.
“Jealous of what?”
“Of my other little passenger and where he’ll be hiding this morning”
Her hand came up from below to show me a second plastic elf and this one was naked having donated my clothes for the day. 
“You see this little one gets to ride in my big bra today”

Watching Dallas slide that little elf figure into her cleavage was so sexy that I was hard in an instant. She purposely took her time to make some space by parting her breasts with her fingers and then slowly slid him down that tantalizingly long line of cleavage until he was released and I watched as he sunk below the surface and out of sight like she was drowning this tiny man in her woman flesh. That little elf was the size of me, in fact he was taller based on his clothes and he was smothered out of sight way down in her sexy figure just the way I would be. My manhood throbbed in approval and heated up the inside of my trouser leg.

I didn’t complain from then on as she decided to take a brisk walk to work and I saw the outside world from such a different perspective. Many giant men’s eyes roamed over my girl as she sauntered by and I couldn’t blame them she was stunning today and looking so hot! When she reached the office reception as normal her card was scanned and she made for her desk and began to log into the computer as normal. For five minutes I watched her clear away emails from a screen that looked as tall as a multistory car park and I think she actually forgot about me until I spoke.
“Hey Dallas it makes me feel kind of sea sick swaying around up her, I nearly barfed when you walked up the steps to the door of the reception. Do you think I could feel something solid under my feet for a while?”
I paused and then added.
“Please babe?”
Dallas’s head jerked a little to the side as she recalled I was there and had actually forgotten me for a second whilst she attended to her duties.
“Sorry babe, just be a good little earring for a few more minutes and make my outfit look fabulous for the girls when they arrive and then you can come down and start work ok?”
Hearing my “but” made my girlfriend shake her head just a little and sent me in a few circles as a lesson not to begin a negative statement and I waited for this merry-go-round to end keeping very quiet.

The first of her office pals to enter reception was Daisy, she was with security and a sweet thirty something woman with dark hair and a nice smile. Daisy was tall and thin and I often called her high tower as a nick name which she took in good jest. Today instead of her normal office code of dress Daisy had also dressed up for fun and was wearing a more conservative version of Dallas’s costume.
“Hey Daisy check out my earrings”
Parading me like some possession before her friends I was dangled close to Daisy who’s eyes nearly bulged out of their sockets to realize it was me.
“Little Joe! Is that you! Oh Dallas you are a card wearing him like an earring and when did he get so tiny? Last time I saw you little guy you were at least two inches tall or maybe three?”
“Oh that was ages ago, and he was far too big back then to be an earring, isn’t he just fab like this?”
“That’s so funny I must tell Sue to come and see him later”

The morning progressed much the same as one by one the giant women from various departments were surprised by seeing me hanging from my girlfriend’s earlobe with lots of comments like “how darling” and “so sweet” and “can I borrow him” which left me feeling like a piece of jewelry more than a boyfriend. 

Like Daisy and Dallas most of the girls and guys had managed to dress up for the day just for fun and whilst everyone worked there was wine and mince pies flowing. I ended up attached to my girlfriend’s ear for the first hour of the morning until she had exhausted showing me off to everyone’s amusement, of course I wanted to protest but I was beginning to learn my lesson.

By the time I was allowed to be removed Dallas was forgetting our morning argument and she was in an altogether better mood. Walking me into the office where my desk was position she unclasped me and having had my legs dangling so high up for such a long time I was finding it hard to walk when she placed me down on the desk top. 
“I guess your little buddy needs to swap clothes with you”
She said and plucked the naked elf from between her breasts to place him at my side, I looked up at his eyes as if meeting him and noted he was indeed taller than me. 
“I bet he’s warm don’t you? He’s been down there for so long”
I could actually sense the plastic had warmed to her body heat and I knew all too well the awesome furnace that could be created between her bosoms.
“He’s not very appreciative either”
I added regarding his lack of manhood and Dallas laughed from above at my observation.
“Well that’s why he would never take your place baby. I love to feel you wriggling about in my cleavage and this little guy must be gay because he wasn’t tempted to explore me at all. Anyway tiny you had better swap clothes I’ve got you a spare suit in my handbag”

I felt a little self conscious about stripping on my open desk even though the office was a small private one so I walked behind the huge high rise of a pencil holder and took off the gaudy green clothes and rubbed the lipstick from my face as best I could. Dallas peered over the desk and took great joy in watching me undress before her fingers removed the clothes.
“Back in a sec Joe I left my bag back in reception”
I said but heard her giant heels tip tapping away to the door and she left me there naked on my desk. I felt very exposed and looked around for something temporarily to cover my embarrassment if someone should enter. But there was little on the desk other than a small note pad, the pen holder with its plastic base, my tiny computer screen and equipment at the far end. 

The door did open and to my surprise it wasn’t Dallas returning in fact it was Cindy the new college student recently hired to help out with general duties during this winter period. I had seen her only three or four times from a distance and although she knew about me we had never really crossed paths formally to be introduced. I peered around the pencil holder keeping close to its plastic cylindrical form in order to shield my body from sight and saw how pretty this girl was in a kind of innocent girl next door type of way.

She obviously hadn’t joined in on the dressing up opportunity as she was wearing some low rider jeans that showed off her fabulous midriff and a tiny dolphin tattoo leaping over her exposed belly button was on display. Her top was noticeably tight and it flowed nicely up and around some noticeable breasts, we’ll to be honest even a pair of A cups stood out to me now, but this girl had a larger pair than that. Her face was natural with no make up and she really didn’t require any, just some bright fashionable lipstick and her short dark hair.
“Where is it?”
Her voice blasted and I held my ears for a second or two. She was searching for something looking under the desk and all around and then she spotted me!
Cindy called and I closed into the back of the pencil holder to cover my naked body.
“Hi, Cindy isn’t it?”
I shouted in order she could hear me for fear she might come closer.
“That’s me, pleased to meet you Joe, I’ve heard a lot about you from the others but I don’t think I’ve seen you properly before, well maybe once when you were stood behind Dallas’s shoe by her desk…... Wow you are tiny aren’t you and cute as button? “

Her voice was kind of higher pitched than I was used to and caused me major pain forcing me again to protect my ears.
“Sorry little dude, does it help if I whisper like this?”
“That’s better thanks”
My reply came as I comforted my ear drums.
“Are you scared of me? I won’t hurt you, you can come out onto the table a bit more and get to know me. I won’t bite, although you look rather tasty close up”
She stifled back a girlish giggle and then I spoke up.
“No it’s not that…..”
I began to say but unexpectedly Cindy lifted up the pencil holder to move it about thirty of my feet away leaving me exposed in more ways than one. With fast reactions I covered my hands across my lower regions but Cindy then spoke loudly forgetting her previous decision to talk softly.
“You’re naked!”
The sound pounded me again and I covered my ears only to realize that my reaction to cup them revealed my nakedness to this young giantess, her eyes widened and a fat smile broke upon her face as I unintentionally flashed her.

“And such a little hunk as well…I would love to have known you when you weren’t so little like this”
Still holding my ears I shouted for her to stop and she complied taking a seat so that she could lower her face closer to me on the table. I covered myself again feeling absolutely stupid and vulnerable to this girl but she seemed very taken with our encounter.
“Sorry I will try to remember about my big voice…. but you put on quite a show just then, your body really is perfect in every tiny detail isn’t it? I used to have a little toy doll like you only it was bigger but the muscles were all the same really tight and….”
“Um thanks, look Cindy. This is embarrassing, I was just waiting for my clothes it’s a long story….look can I help you with something?”
I felt red in the face not that she could probably tell and I was getting more embarrassed as those football sized eyeballs roamed over my nakedness from head to toe.
“You could if you were say five and a half feet taller”
Cindy joked and this didn’t set me at ease but I was glad that she followed her little joke with a proper answer.
“Actually I was trying to look for the box of wine the Professor said she left in this section of the building, she wanted me to break it open and give out one to bottle to each member of staff. I don’t expect you could manage much more than a thimble full of wine though could you?”
Not responding to her pointless question I urged for her to call Dallas.
“Cindy would you mind giving Dallas a nudge she’s coming back with my clothes…a long story…but its rather cold like this”
“Oh of course, you date her don’t you, I mean you and her are an item. It must be really strange to date a guy smaller than your little finger…..or real fun come to think of it.”

This dreamy teenager didn’t seem to be in any hurry to fetch Dallas and I began to look for somewhere to cover up.
“You know I once dated a guy who was three inches shorter than me but if I wore heels he didn’t like me towering over him, do you like that women tower over you?”
“No, I mean well I don’t really have a choice in the matter from down here do I? Listen you couldn’t ……”
”So tell me at your dinky size you must be looking up our skirts all day?”
“Cindy I…”
“You are cold aren’t you? Don’t worry, Ill soon fix that”
Her hand reached across towards me and I was enveloped by her giant fingers until just my arms and shoulders were visible in the fist she made around my body.
I shouted as she hadn’t warned or even asked to touch me and now I was being lifted closer to her face.
“Well isn’t my hand nice and snuggly. You sure fit in it well and you are so light”
“Cindy please put me down I’m not enjoying this….”
“Really, then what’s is that I can feel tapping the inside of my palm, have you grown another little leg?”

Like always my manhood was responding to the situation against my will, her hand was warm and her touch was gentle, her skin smelt great and very fresh with the scent of her perfume probably coming from the wrist. I was looking at her pretty features and a giant chest that was hard to ignore rising and falling in her tight top, my eyes dared to look at the impressions of some braless nipples making themselves known behind it.
“I’m sorry Cindy it’s just that……”
I began to explain my erection but as normal these giantesses always interrupted me.
“…… some pretty young girl has just scooped that hard naked little body of yours up in her big hands and you’ve just been sizing up her generous rack?”
To follow her words she shook her breasts just slightly and they shifted majestically to and fro behind her taut top. It was a generous rack perhaps larger than I first thought and upon a very slim girl, she was at least a large C cup but looking bigger than Alison’s due to the contrast of her slighter frame.
“I wasn’t looking honest”
I defended but she was a tease and smiled broadly.
“Well something produced a reaction down there, and I’m very flattered”

“Flattered about what?”
Dallas stepped into the room and I was relieved yet wishing my hardness to falter for once in its miniature life.
“Oh Hi, Dallas, isn’t it?”
“Yes and that’s my little man you are holding if you don’t mind”
A firm response from Dallas was backed up by her standing close to this young minx and towering over her thanks to those black high heeled boots.
“How do you guys like get it on? There’s such a huge size difference between you?”
Dallas was equally as shocked as I was for this brazen girl to be asking such questions especially as she was caught holding me in a compromising position.
“That’s none of your business, but if you must know Joe may be very small but he knows what to do even with a giant woman”
“We’ve got off on the wrong foot haven’t we? I’m Cindy Lawrence we haven’t really been formally introduced”
I watched the shaking of hands as Dallas produced a fake smile one that I recognized and which said she was tolerating this girl for now.

“Well Cindy it’s nice to meet you but please don’t handle my boyfriend again unless I say you can pick him up”
Inside my head I sighed at Dallas’s words it really did sound like I was her possession, throwing me back to this morning’s conflict.
“Sorry, but he is far too cute to leave lying around especially all in the buff like this. It’s a temptation for any girl like me, I mean he’s so precious, I had to resist the urge to put him in my back pocket and walk off with. You need to be more careful”
“Really, well I am careful and he stays close to me, very close to me”
Dallas took me a little roughly for my liking from Cindy’s hand and then popped me into her yawning cleavage way below the surface line as if to hide me away for good, now I was experiencing what the little plastic elf had and it was all good! 
“Oh well I must be getting on, see you around Dallas and bye Joe if you can hear me in there we must do lunch sometime”ZIMMER 
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As Cindy strolled out Dallas pulled me from her cleavage and shook her head.
“What a little trollop, I’d better keep a good eye on you or she’ll be dropping you into her handbag and taking you home before I blink. And don’t think I didn’t see that pink little needle head rising between your legs it may be small but I’ve got good eye sight.”

Without further mention of Cindy I was soon dressed and allowed to continue with my work. I wasn’t disturbed again for what must have been a solid two hours and I had managed to compile an updated report on the “green space” which was what the phenomenon in the sky was now popularly known as. Sending all the data I scoured from web-sites and reports I emailed them to the professor and then noticed that there was a racket coming from the far rooms beyond the corridor outside.

Looking at a clock on the wall which was to me about eighty feet wide I saw it was time to stop work. The professor wanted a relaxed day and said we could all cease working and enjoy the wine and food for a couple of hours before we left and had our well deserved fortnight Christmas leave. Some of the others must have been partying already as I heard singing and general merriment sounding in the distance like a herd of elephants which were being strangled. I couldn’t get down off of the desk to go and join them Dallas had seen to that by removing anything I was likely to use to shimmy down and off the table, this was a rectangular wooden island and I was stranded from the fun.

So I put them all out of my mind and just sat down on my cushion seat and read more web-sites on my computer until I grew bored of that and just looked out of the window. I could see the fresh snow that was now settling down outside in a rather thick white blanket. There must have been inches laying over the last few hours and at my size it was probably fifteen or twenty feet deep!.

In the distance I could see the other side of the security fences and the outlines of some kids who were using a small toboggan and having a great time going up and down the small hills on the edge of the park. That was something I would never be able to do again, winter sports and pursuits of this nature it was just another world to me now. It would have been fantastic to be mucking about in the snow with Dallas throwing snow balls at each other and reliving our childhood by playing games in the snow, perhaps finding a plastic tray like we used to and having just a blast using it to surf on the white stuff. 

Lost in my own tiny mind I was unaware of a stealthy giantess creeping up behind me despite her size, that was not until her two massive breasts thudded down either side of me like the size of two hot air balloons that had plummeted to the ground. I jumped a little in my cushion chair and fell back caught in the recess between those boobs. 
“Happy Christmas Joe-bug!”
It was Alison and she was wearing some sort of black party style dress which covered me in light material as she squished me in the softness of her breasts. Picking me up she smiled, her hair was in a party style with some tinsel running through it to fix it in place and add decoration. The result was that Alison looked very attractive today, perhaps more so than usual.
“Now what are you doing in here all on your own when the party is going on else where?”
I was pleased to see her and didn’t answer but just smiled. Looking up Alison also took stock of where I had been transfixed and distracted as she’d crept up on me. 
“Looks like they are having a blast on that sledge eh?”
“Yeh, I used to love playing in the snow but well those days are gone now”
My rather solemn reply was greeted with a sympathetic look just as Dallas came into the room luckily at a time when I wasn’t still half surrounded by Alison’s boobs.

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